always dessert

concept: team gai cooking show but none of them know how to make a decent meal  so it always ends in disaster and their good ratings is just because everyone thinks its a satire show making fun of the trope 

Day 2 : Life on Kadara (art) - Business or Pleasure (fic)

1) Sorry for it being dark buuuuut it’s supposed to be. So not sorry?
2) I smooshed the two because the inner monologue repeated in my head when I drew.
3) thanks for reading my drivel.


Someone asked me once, business or pleasure. Things are never that simple. For some, pleasure is doing business and others business is pleasure. Whatever allows me to live another day, is a pleasure. I am sure many will agree with me.

Therefor I make it my business, and business is good.Some may believe, like Sloane, she’d agree I think… It is black or white, no grey area. As simple as eating your all your vegetables before you can have dessert. You laugh, mira, I always eat my dessert first. If I waited, someone may kill me before I get to it. What a waste. a true shame.

Word of the Pathfinder reached us almost immediately. While some may find no pleasure in that, I do. People are too busy watching the right hand to notice what the left hand is doing. They are so worried about what may happen, even the tightest lipped man lets information flow from his lips. Shame really. For them, not me. This is makes business better. I almost hope the Initiative sends the Pathfinder here just for the show.

Fanart Prompts by: @blacksheep33512 and @vorchagirl
Fanfic Props by: @vorchagirl and @joufancyhuh

1. The friends you have at the beginning of the year can completely change by the end of it. People change, and if they aren’t improving your life in some way, it’s okay to drop them.

2. Take many pictures. Don’t let it take over your life, though. You don’t want to look back and see that you only captured your memories with your camera lens and not within your mind and heart.

3. Find your safe place. Whether it be in the arms of a certain person or on the balcony of Barnes and Nobles with a cup of soup, find it and don’t let it go. You can have more than one safe place.

4. Be nice to everyone. You honestly don’t know what skeletons people are hiding in their closets. Everyone has their skeleton. Every person on this earth has something in their life or past worth collapsing on the ground in uncontrollable sobs over.

5. Reading is so important. Highlight the things that you read that you find intriguing. Read a lot, it can only do good things for you.

6. Writing always helps.

7. The girl with anxiety has the deepest thoughts. The autistic boy has the kindest heart, and the schizophrenic has the ability to put a smile on your face in seconds. Do not judge character based on a mental illness.

8. Music has an indescribable ability to connect and heal. Let it do its thing.

9. Her prettiness doesn’t make your prettiness any less pretty.

10. Getting close and letting someone in is scary as hell. You know what else it is? Worth it.

11. The minute you feel your happiness being dictated by someone else, take a break from them.

12. Adventuring is a must. Sunsets always help the soul, showing that endings can be as beautiful as beginnings.

13. Spend more time with your parents doing things they enjoy. Later in life, you’ll be wishing you’d spent more time with them than on your Netflix account.

14. Home is not always a place, but whatever you love with your whole heart. I have many homes, and it’s okay if one home doesn’t feel like home anymore.

15. Making someone smile and feel genuinely happy has the ability to warm your heart from the inside out. No matter how much pain someone is going through, you made them forget about it for a few seconds. Isn’t that something?

16. Feel everything and let it hurt, but don’t go back to what broke you.

17. Don’t let fear hold you back from what you want. The view from the other side is spectacular.

18. Tell people how you feel. Even if you’re scared it’ll burn your life to the ground. You say it loud.

19. You find the most extraordinary things in the most ordinary places.

20. Swollen lips and sweaty “I want you’s” can make you feel again, but I don’t want to feel anything if it means having to sit there feeling like the wind is constantly being knocked out of me when he stops calling back.

21. Sometimes the way you think of someone isn’t the way they actually are.

22. Never underestimate the amount of joy the holiday season can bring you. Try and find ways to feel that way all year long.

23. Timing is never going to be perfect; if you care about something enough, you’ll make the time. It’s all about priorities.

24. If women used their words to build each other up instead of tearing each other down, our world would change drastically.

25. Recovery can take 2 weeks or 5 years. You aren’t any less of a person if it takes you longer to find a way to let go of what’s hurting your heart.

26. You only need yourself, but having people by your side trying to understand means a lot more than you might think.

27. You find your truest friends in your darkest hours.

28. You can feel the whole world in a month and nothing after 2 years. Time does not define love.

29. Always say yes to dessert.

30. Concerts make life worth living. So does yelling your favorite song along with your best friend in the car with your best friend with hands intertwined. These are things that show you that you don’t need to be on drugs to feel invincible.

31. So does kissing.

—  emmuuhhhhh, 31 Things I’ve Learned Coming Into 2016
Pidge's Garden: The Favorite
  • Mrs. Holt: *looks into Matt's room*
  • Matt's Room: *messy, unmade bed, clothes on the floor*
  • Mrs. Holt: *looks into Pidge's room*
  • Pidge's Room: *messy, unmade bed, clothes and robot parts on the floor*
  • Mrs. Holt: *looks into Shiro's room*
  • Shiro's Room: *immaculate, bed made, window open to let in fresh air*
  • Mrs. Holt: *clasps hands together* Thank you...!
Eat Jin: A Private Viewing (M) // Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by fawnave

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Summary: Tonight, it’s Seokjin’s turn to cook for you. But, while you think dessert is just as simple as some cupcakes with frosting; Seokjin plans to give you an episode or two of Eat Jin like you’ve never seen one before.

Warning: This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a sexual nature. Contains food play. You’ve been warned.

A/N: This scenario was written for the lovely @coppertopging as part of my 10k giveaway prizes ^^ I’m so sorry this took longer than expected my love, but I hope that you’ll enjoy this ;) Thank you for being the amazing person that you are and I love you a lot!

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Confession of a Recovered Runner

I finally feel like I’m at a place where I can fully share my experience. I write this in the hopes of helping those who have shared/are sharing this struggle and to help others not to fall into the same trap. So here it is… 

As a senior in high school, I realized that I was capable of running for a D1 school. I did everything possible to turn that into a reality. I got enough sleep, did yoga every morning, worked hard in practice, did extra strength training, and ate healthy. I wasn’t going overboard; I was simply dedicated.

In hindsight, though, that’s when I started to get sucked into the deep, dark hole that is an ED. I ate very regimented meals and started to completely refuse desserts. I always loved reading novels. I started to love reading nutrition labels. Working at a grocery store didn’t help. While stocking shelves, I would sneak a peek at the calorie content in the products. 120 calories in a slice of whole grain bread?! Maybe I’d just cut out bread from my diet… It was a slippery slope, and I started sliding fast. 

I graduated high school feeling on top of the world. I was SCA President, Valedictorian, and had a scholarship to run at a D1 school in the SEC! (And I hadn’t eaten a piece of bread or a single dessert in 6 months… go me! … Right?) Summer training began and, with the increase of mileage came a decrease in fuel. Run more, eat less became my mantra. I was going to go to college as skinny and fast as possible. Little did I know that skinny did not equate to speed. 

Freshman year came and, boy! was it tough. I was 12 hours from home and had the pressure of a rigorous course load PLUS running. My response? Eat. Even. Less. My thinking was that the less I ate, the skinnier I’d be and the skinnier I was, the faster I’d be. If I ran fast, I’d be happier. WRONG. 

I had a great freshman cross country season, but by the time indoor training rolled around, I was weak. I got injured over Christmas break and that sent me spiraling. I cross trained excessively, lost more weight, and my injury didn’t heal (shocker). When I got back to campus, my trainer noticed how thin I was. So, she sent me to a nutritionist and, eventually, a psychologist. I fought against this, because I was in such a state of denial. I didn’t have an ED! I was just dedicated to the sport! 

One day, though, I completely broke down. I confessed it all to the psychologist, but, more importantly, I confessed it to myself. There was absolutely nothing healthy about what I was doing. And I wasn’t happy at all. In fact, I had hit the lowest point in my life. All joy had left my being. Life had simply become survival until the next run and the next sleep. My brain was consumed with thoughts of food (and how I could eat less of it, despite how much I craved it). I put on a happy face for those around me, but inside I was broken. And my body was breaking. 

I made a list of all the bad habits I had formed– everything from avoiding even the crust of a piece of bread to spitting out food into a napkin when people weren’t looking. I would go out to dinner with friends, but lie about having eaten beforehand. I would look at recipes for cookies and cakes, but could never fathom baking them. Pizza? Oh, man, I just wanted pizza. No way would I touch that, though. No. Way. 

I slipped into a deep depression and was ready to give it all up and crawl home. I was no longer Molly. I didn’t know who I was. 

Finally, with the help of my family, my two best friends, and lots and lots of prayer, I started to regain my former happiness. Despite still being injured, the sweet spring air and the promise of summer enlivened me. I stayed out later, became a bit more spontaneous, and, under the watchful eye of the nutritionist, started to put on some weight. 

That was a battle, though. I would call my Dad every morning while drinking the specially made protein shakes (with a scarily unknown amount of calories), so he could talk me through it. He wouldn’t hang up until I had promised him that I had finished the entire shake. I remember shaking in the grocery store as I forced myself to buy the whole grain waffles that I promised my nutritionist and psychologist I would buy. I had to call my parents while eating them slowly, one morsel at a time. Then, I cried because the guilt of those carbs was too much to bear. 

My Mom visited for my birthday and, by then, I had started to improve a bit more. We had a wonderful day bouncing around downtown, shopping, going to the art museum, and talking and laughing uncontrollably as we always used to do together. When she suggested grabbing a sandwich for lunch, I hesitated slightly, but obliged. I didn’t want to ruin our perfect day. And that was a turning point for me. I sat with my mom in the March sun and ate an absolutely delicious sandwich. And I didn’t wilt away. The sky didn’t fall. The world did not stop spinning. I ate a sandwich, and it was tasty, and I was happily full, and my Mom and I were having a lovely day. I was alive again. 

That summer, at home, I learned how to eat Sunday morning pancakes with my family again. I learned how to get froyo at 11 PM with my best friend again. I learned how to not plan out every second of every day. I learned how to fuel the happy life I so desperately wanted to live.

Sophomore year wasn’t a walk in the park. I still struggled to accept the body God had given me. Especially in the world of college running, there are always girls walking around that are taller, more slender, and more toned. But I reminded myself every day that I was blessed with two legs that could carry me over many, many beautiful miles and I had to respect my body by fueling it to do so. My controlling tendencies still crept up every now and then. I still checked calories and refused desserts most of the time. But, little by little, I was healing. 

This year has been even more of a shift for me. I transferred schools and met a guy who has showed me that running is not everything. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent weekend mornings cooking huge brunches with him (even on rest days!) or how many times I’ve baked cookies with him (and eaten several myself!). I eat peanut butter out of the jar, enjoy midnight snacks, and go out for pizza. I’ve never been happier, I’ve never been healthier, and guess what else… I’ve never been faster! 

This past season was my best one yet. I PR’d in the mile, the 3K, the 5K, and the 10K and qualified for Regionals! Apparently, the deal is not that skinnier equals faster. STRONGER equals faster. HEALTHIER equals faster. HAPPIER equals faster. I don’t know my weight, I don’t know how many calories I’ve eaten in a day, and I don’t care. All I know is that I fuel myself, I’m loving the miles, and way more importantly, I’m loving life. 

God has blessed each and every one of us with not only a beautiful soul, but also a beautiful body. It is our duty to ensure that our bodies stay healthy so that our souls can be joyful. An ED is a thief. It steals that health and, therefore, that happiness by telling us that we have to go against nature and hurt our physical bodies in order to achieve our dreams. An ED is a liar. Don’t listen to it. You are called to live a life of strength, of freedom, of joy. Fuel that life. Love that life. Live that life. 

2p America Romance Headcannons

·Doll and babe are his go to nicknames for his s/o

·Baseball games are the perfect date

·Loves cuddling but will totally grope his s/o during it.

·Very protective, like if someone looks at them the wrong way Allen’s gonna flip his shit.

·Definitely has a WW 2 motorcycle. He rarely rides it though

·Will kill for his s/o cause he’s a fucking psychopath.

·Get a tattoo that reminds him of his s/o. Japan probably does it.

·PDA isn’t a problem with him. He loves showing everyone who his s/o belongs to.

·Likes fruit salad and always makes it for dessert.

·Likes going to drive in movies theaters.

·Kisses his s/o cheek every morning when he leaves and every night when he come home.

·Loves 50’s attire. Also loves 50’d themed diners.

·Totally​ acts like one of the guys in Footloose, but can also turn into a jack ass real quick.

So now that Isak and Even have their own place, Even tries to do these little things he likes to call “Dinner party Tuesdays” (he wanted to call it Eat Even’s Buffet Mondays but Isak said a very strong Nei to thaaaat) 

So every fortnight Even does this thing where he sends the girl squad, boy squad and the kollektivet a cute little “you have been cordially invited…” text message with the menu for the nights feast. 

He then goes all out, spending most of the day cooking a big delicious meal for his friends, while getting Isak to peel potatoes, set the table and help organise the music playlist. 

Once everyone arrives Even does a big show and dance of “dinner is served” and of course “I now would like to present our dessert for this evening which I would like to call Amour de isak” 

and then everyone groans and someone is just like

“Even it’s chocolate cake”

while Eskild turns up his nose and waves his hand in the air in annoyance “You always name your desserts after Isak, I am starting to think you like him more than us.” 

Even mocks offence every time while claiming “nei! never” 

they then all eat and talk about their lives and bond as a big family, bringing all the squads together, giving them all a chance to bond and see each other. It makes Even so happy and Isak just spends the whole evening admiring his boyfriend as he fusses over the food and introduces silly little dinner games for everyone to play. 

Even is literally the mum of the super squad and I love it.

A successful novel should erase the boundary-line between writer and reader, so they can unite.
When that happens, the novel becomes a part of life – the main course, not the dessert.
A successful novel should interrupt the reader’s life, make him or her miss appointments, skip meals, forget to walk the dog.
In the best novels, the writer’s imagination becomes the reader’s reality. It glows, incandescent and furious.
—  Stephen King, preface to The Lord Of The Flies

Thank you, Yana Toboso for putting such a wonderful character into your manga. Agni was so kind and thoughtful, and I loved and still love how much effort he put in so that Soma was happy. I loved how he made Soma Indian desserts and always thought about what would be best for Soma. He was so cute and silly, but he still had powers that rivaled those of Sebastian. I really think Agni is one of my favorite characters of all time. I am sad about Chapter 127, but looking back, I’m so thankful that Agni was in Kuroshitsuji.


    Harold freaking out and running to find Nurse Offstill because some little asshole stuck a chewed, full pack of bubble gum in his hair. Harold takes great pride in his hair, and he’s jumping up and down begging for her to fix it. 

    So Offstill scrubs vegetable oil in his hair, and slowly, while Harold’s fidgeting, she gets the gum out in clumps, dumping it in the trash, before rinsing the oil out of Harold’s hair. It’s soft and shiny thanks to her, and Harold couldn’t be more grateful. 

    Offstill questions Krupp about what happened to the no gum rule, and she gets laughter after Krupp hears about what happened to Harold’s hair. Though the universe has something in store for him, as he has to order a new toupee beccause the same kid flicked a wad of gum into his old one.