always defying gravity


Jackie Burns sang a wonderful mashup of Wicked, Frozen, and If/Then during the Broadway Princess Party at 54 Below, which included “Let It Go,” “Defying Gravity,” and “Always Starting Over.” (Thank you to whoever took this video!)

Always fearless.

“When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been. But she had wings.” ― Dean Jackson

Photograph by, Ludovic Florent.

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"Don't stop playing with my hair" with Kuroo?? Thx <3

“How does your hair even exist,” you muttered as you ran your hands through Kuroo’s hair. Even though it always had this gravity defying quality to it, you still were surprised every single morning when you woke up next to Kuroo and it seemed to be even worse than before he went to bed.

“If only I knew I might be able to do something about it,” he mumbled, almost asleep with his head lying in your lap. You smiled down at him fondly, he was cute like this, struggling to stay awake while becoming more and more sleepy because of you.

When you thought he fell asleep you reached for your phone but the moment your hands left his hair he muttered, “Don’t stop playing with my hair.”

You chuckled but complied and continued giving your boyfriend your undivided attention.

TWICE REACTION: Their GF being a really clumsy person

Nayeon: She loves your clumsy side because she thinks it’s your charm. And if you get hurt by stumbling on something, she will cover you with kisses.

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Jeongyeon: She laughs a little when you stumble on something and can’t wait to tell other members how you fell or broke something again.

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Mina: She is already so accustomed to your clumsy way that she is not surprised anymore.

Momo: won’t stop laughing everytime you stumble or overthrow something because it’s the funniest thing in the world.

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Sana: She can’t judge you. 

Everybody knows how clumsy Sana is…

 so you’d be a perfect clumsy couple.

Dahyun: You fell on the room’s floor and was sittin, laughing by yourself. How could you be so clumsy? Dahyun went and saw you. She set next to you and asked “Did you fall again?”, you nodded and both of you started to laugh.

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Tzuyu: Being clumsy alone was difficult, dating Tzuyu increases that difficulty. She loves to bump into you while you cook, for example. She is evil maknae, after all.

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Chaeyoung: “Babe, why are you always defying gravity?”

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Jihyo: If you get hurt, she will act like a mother, saying things like “you are always stumbling on things” or “you have to pay attention where you’re walking”.

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Dear Raelyn,
it took me years to love and appreciate you for the things i cannot change. i would spend hours on end trying to think of ways to make you into someone you will never be and i’m sorry for that. i’ve learned to accept that your hair will always expand and defy gravity. i’ve learned to accept that your skin will always be born from the earth and kissed by the sun. after all of those years of telling you i hated you because i was too caught up in what everyone else thought of you, i can finally say i love for who you are. this journey has been crazy. up until 3 years ago, i never thought i’d see the day that i could tell you that i love you without forcing myself. you are worthy. you are more than good enough. you are beautiful. you are light. you are radiant. i love you.

Love Always,

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You're truly welcome 😍 Can you make a cute list about living with Jimin would be like :)?

hi everyone the above user is my love and i hope she likes this~! sorry it took so long dear i am the worst

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living with chim

  • he would be so much fun to live with can you imagine?
  • I would cry
  • I wanna set up this image first though
  • he has an apartment and he used to live with taehyung and then Tae moved out cause he got a girlfriend and chim was like lmao I’m not selling this bad boy too many memories
  • it’s an apartment complex that’s inhabited by mostly young adults so he’s right at home with everyone   
  • the actual apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen and living room too
  • it’s actually fairly spacious and jimin feels more than lonely once taehyung rolls out
  • but then you two end up together and he’s well well guess who’s gonna fill the hole in my heart I mean apartment
  • I think he would be someone who would want to move in with his lover fairly soon
  • he would scope out and kinda hints things at you
  • like you’re sitting for breakfast at the local diner and he kinda has his hands atop yours and he’s smiling all sweetly “so do you wanna do the cooking or me?”
  • and you kinda laugh and smile because what are you talking about??
  • and like other days you’ll be walking in the park, hand in hand and he kinda “don’t worry I don’t use as much hot water as taehyung likes to say”
  • and you start to realize oh my god he’s thinking about moving me in with him oh my god!?!?
  • and he’s honestly just waiting to see if you’re okay with it and once he knows you’re comfortable he sets up the big surprise for you
  • okay so it’s not really a surprise but this is a really big step in your relationship so he wants to make it super special
  • and so he plans this right?? and seokjin gets to help because he’s the mom and he’s the one who can cook for shit
  • actually they all help but
  • like jimin does the face up all fancy and yoongi and hoseok are on flower duty and they get a million red roses
  • and seokjin is helping jimin cook dinner and jimin is getting so stressed like “what if I um mess it up or something what”
  • and jin is like “you’re such a good chef compared to all the other boys it’s okay!! you’re doing amazing she’s gonna die of happiness”
  • and namjoon and taehyung are setting the table with the best plates jimin has and namjoon doesn’t break any
  • and jeongguk is on lookout duty to make sure you don’t come earlier than you’re supposed to
  • and you don’t suspect anything at all like chim is such a romantic that he’s always treating you to things like a fancy dinner… he’s never offered to make it for you, so that’s something new but!!
  • and you dress up all cute and you’re so excited
  • but the boys are so behind schedule and poor jimin is stressing completely out because he wanted to make this so special for you and everything is falling apart on him
  • and he sits on the couch and he cries and all the boys pull him in for a group hug and seokjin and taehyung are especially worried because they know how special he wants to make this
  • and jeongguk is so busy comforting jimin he forgets look out duty
  • and you already have a key to the place and you slip in and nobody notices but suddenly you’re screaming his name and pushing all the boys aside to get to your boyfriend
  • and jimin is like !!! oh man !!! I’m not !!! crying !!!
  • but he sees you all dressed up and he smells the dinner he burnt and looks around at the petals lying on the floor haphazardly and he buries his face in the crook of your neck
  • and it takes a lot of explaining from namjoon who’s trying not to ruin the surprise for you
  • and then seokjin shoos everyone out to give you guys some alone time
  • and jimin is wiping his eyes and your heart is breaking because baby?? what’s wrong??
  • and he kinda smiles a bit “I tried so hard and I don’t even know if you’re gonna say yes”
  • and you kinda “babe what?”
  • and his smile is growing and he realizes it’s not about how he asks but that he asks and he leans in close to whisper in your ear “I want you to move in with me”
  • and obviously you do who wouldn’t move in with this cinnamon bun??
  • okay so time for cute things!!
  • jimin immediately dedicates the second bedroom in the apartment for “future mini chim”
  • and you guys need to go bed shopping because he only has a single bed and there’s no way both of you can fit
  • and he snuggles you every single day he dedicates time to snuggling
  • it’s usually at the end of the day but if he has off you guys will go chill on your bed and cuddle and rub noses and giggle like the whole day
  • there’s a lot of plants in your apartment
  • and you wake up one morning and chim isn’t there and you?? and you shuffle out and he’s singing to every one of the plants to help them grow
  • he tries to get up and cook you breakfast but he loves his morning snuggles so that rarely happens
  • his voice is all scratchy and sappy when he wakes up
  • he likes waking you up with kisses
  • and if he doesn’t wake you up and you wake up on your own, he’s usually singing and he’s staring at you so so lovingly and he gets so flustered whenever you catch him
  • he probably sleeps in his underpants and no shirt tbqh
  • and he never says anything but he would like when you slept in underpants (bra?) too cause he likes feeling his skin on yours in the most innocent of ways like it makes him feel so much more connected to you and so much closer to you on more than just physical terms?
  • like its a level of trust that you two have and once you reach that level of trust he never wants to go back down if that makes sense?
  • he would love to tickle you!! like you’re sitting in your bed, trying to read, and suddenly chim is sitting on your stomach and he’s smirking and before you can try to run he’s tickling your sides and leaning down and kissing your neck and your shoulders and it’s so cute !!
  • precious flower child gives you the entire for your clothes while he crams all his stuff into dressers
  • except one day you’re like chim~?
  • and he’s “yes babe”
  • “where the hell are my favorite panties they’re not here”
  • he’s hoarding them in his own drawer
  • buStED
  • he’s an innocent angel but he’s also a sneaky lil devil when he wants to be
  • like you’ll be taking a shower and he’ll waltz in like “oops didn’t realize you were in there sorry baby”
  • but he like writes cute things in the fog of the mirror and he’ll sing along with you if you haven’t kicked him out
  • like duets and it’s usually musicals like y'all are always singing defying gravity //my all time jam//
  • and he makes sure you have a robe and lots of towels and once you have your clothes on he always offers to do your hair
  • and he dries it and then combs through it and he’s singing popular now like the cutie he is
  • every night you play at least one song on just dance
  • and jimin can be sweet and cute and let you win
  • but a lot of time he goes all out and he’s at five stars within two minutes and you’re still pushing three
  • every time he wins he demands victory kisses
  • he gets seokjin to reach him how to cook so the two of you can start doing more cute couple things
  • he’s not amazing but he’s not bad either and he gets the two of you matching aprons
  • though when you cook half the time is spent looking up recipes and after that you get distracted by videos of cute babies
  • i think he would be all about making your apartment truly yours so you two are always out shopping for decorations and cute accessories for your house
  • he loves all his boys and so he would always ask you if you guys could throw some house parties
  • and he would show off your new cooking skills and his decorating prowess and low key rub in everyone’s faces that you, his cute girlfriend does in fact live with him
  • the place is adorned by pictures of the two of you form memorable dates, or pictures from his concerts in the bedroom
  • his parents send lots of things over for you two
  • they have pictures for you two, and his mom is sending silverware and the family recipes passed down through generations
  • you and chim make an effort os skyping them all the time and you always show them when you redecorate the place
  • you guys hardly ever argue cause he is such a sweetheart that he would do his best to stop that kind of thing from happening
  • but when you do he feels bad less that .4 seconds after it all goes down
  • he smothers you at once he doesn’t wait until you’re calmed down and he doesn’t wait until you’re okay with him again
  • he’s holding you close as soon as you two have stopped screaming and he probably tears up and promises he will never do that ever again and then he plays with your hair and he won’t stop apologizing
  • and you try to be angry but you can’t i mean it’s chim
  • and you laugh and kiss his nose and tell him you forgive him as long as he forgives you
  • and you both end up forgiving each other and watch a movie to calm down
  • he likes movie nights
  • it’s always monday, something to start your week off right
  • he likes action flicks the most, and he loves national treasure for some reason?? (and you guys watch that at least four times a month)
  • and he likes to snuggle and make hot chocolate for the both of you
  • and then carry you to bed when you fall asleep on the couch
  • and when he dozes off he’s always dreaming about you 

“I love this photo of the cast of @dgconcert rehearsing with #StephenSchwartz. What a lovely, talented and special group of people. Missing them!” - @endamarkey (cropped at native resolution from x)

Tfw Helen Dallimore is trying to have a moment with Aaron Tveit, but Aaron Tveit is too busy having a moment with David Harris.

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Defying Gravity
Original Broadway Cast
Defying Gravity

30 day song ChallengeDay 06 - A song that you can always relate to

↳ defying gravity - wicked

i’m through accepting limits
‘cause someone says they’re so
some things i cannot change
too long i’ve been afraid of
losing love i guess i’ve lost
well, if that’s love
it comes at much too high a cost!