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Happy Birthday Yuri!!

I had written a long thing for Yuri last night but Tumblr kindly deleted it so… a shorter version :-)

Yuri stepped out of the car and stared at the ice rink in front of him. It had been a long time since he had been here, not really having much time to go with Nikolai, their two year old son, and his modelling career. Plus there was the fact that their seven year old daughter, Ekaterina but they called her Katya for short, was terrified of the ice after an incident when she was three.

She slipped and fell really hard that day, even though Yuri and Otabek had a tight grip on her hands. When she had tried getting up she somehow sliced her hand open and, well, that sort of thing sticks with you when you’re three.

But now the entire Altin family was in front of Yuri’s old home rink and he looked over at his husband, confused.

“Are we skating?” He asked, blonde eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

A small smile twitched on Otabek’s lips and he took hold of Katya’s hand as she hopped excitedly out of the car.

“You’ll see.” Was all the dark haired man said and marched forward with Katya in tow, both of her hands clenched around Otabek’s. There was a spring in her step and her long, curly waves of hair bounced with her.

“Beka.” Yuri whined and hoisted Nikolai on to his hip before rushing after him. The two year old was getting heavy, too heavy to pick up but Yuri would revel in the fact that his son was small for as long as he could.

“Yura.” Otabek teased and Yuri just narrowed green eyes at him, hip-checking him when he got close enough. Otabek let out a hearty laugh and opened the door to usher everybody inside.

“Daddy you have to wait out her with Nikolai!” Katya announced as she skipped towards the doors that led to the actual ice. Otabek followed. Yuri pouted.


“It’s a surprise!” She threw her hands up and then disappeared behind the doors.

“Otabek-” But Otabek just winked at him before following their daughter. Usually, Yuri wasn’t one to obey but his daughter’s wrath was a lot scarier than Yakov’s had ever been so he plopped down on one of the benches with Nikolai in his lap. 

“At least you’re still nice to me.” He said and tickled Nikolai’s tummy.

Nikolai laughed, one of the purest sounds Yuri had ever heard and leaned back to look at him. His eyes were almost identical to Otabek’s, with a few specks of green here and there that came from Yuri. He was all smiles, which Yuri had no idea where that came from. He still couldn’t talk much yet, but he could say Daddy, Papa and Katya (more like “Kaya”) and that’s all that mattered.

Yuri couldn’t help but smile back and kiss his forehead, pushing his mop of dirty blonde hair from his eyes. Yuri hated the fact that his hair was going to get darker as he grew older and he fully blamed Otabek.

Yuri waited a few more moment and just as he was getting impatient, he got a text from Otabek saying he could come in.

“Thank God.” Yuri mumbled and stood up, placing Nikolai on the ground so he could walk. Yuri kept a tight grip on him, knowing he would run if he got the chance.

When Yuri entered the rink he immediately stopped, seeing Katya in the middle of the ice, holding tightly to Otabek’s hands. Otabek was smiling down fondly at her, as he always looked at his children like this. 

“Otabek, what…?” Yuri came closer to the edge and sat Nikolai on the ridge, small legs dangling over the ice.

“Surprise, daddy!” Katya said. Yuri could hear the tremble in her voice and knew she was being brave to him. It brought tears to his eyes, honestly.

“We made this for you.” Otabek told him with a soft smile that was alway there, creasing his brown and the lines besides his lips. He pressed play on the remote and an original song blared form the speakers. Otabek and Katya began to move. It may have been a little bit stiff and awkward on Katya’s part but she looked beautiful none the less.

Yuri held one arm tight around Nikolai while his other hand covered his lips, watching them do wide figure eights out on the ice. They went slow to make sure Katya didn’t fall and hurt herself again. But she had a shaky smile on her lips and she was doing amazingly despite this being her second time on the ice.

Otabek watched him lift her effortlessly, her forty-five pounds seemingly nothing to him. Katya’s squeal of delight echoed through the rink and Yuri couldn’t help but laugh with her. The song was only about a minute long but it felt like forever. Yuri was overwhelmed with emotions as he watched father and daughter skate together, something he had only dreamed about since Katya’s accident.

Then it was over and Katya was eager to get off the ice. Otabek skated her over to the rubber part and she immediately plopped down, tugging off the skates and being sure to not tocuh the blade. Then she jumped up and clung to Yuri.

“Happy birthday daddy!” She smiled at him, one front tooth gone, the other halfway grown in. Yuri was ugly crying but he didn’t care, kneeling down to hug his daughter tight.

“Thank you, thank you.” He sniffed and kissed her forehead before standing up, wrapping his arms tight around Otabek, who was still standing in his skates.

“Did you write that?” Yuri asked.

Otabek smiled softly. “Why do you think I’ve been staying late at the school every day?”

“You told me you were giving extra credit.” Yuri shoved him and Otabek laughed, pulling Yuri into a kiss.

“I love you.” Otabek whispered. “Happy birthday Yura.”

Yuri just smiled and brought him closer, crying happily into his shoulder while Nikolai and Katya tugged on their shirts for attention.

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A Little Bit of Jealousy

Hi guys! This is completely random and short. Hope you enjoy! 

Plot: Hardly anything upsets Y/N as much as when her Harry is being hit on.

Warnings: None, it’s pure fluff. 

The picture of this stunning man smiling wasn’t taken by me.

“Ugh I can’t believe she did that!” 

My fingers shook in anger and the blood flowing through my veins felt as if it was on fire. The skin of my arms was covered in a shiver and I itched to slap someone. Hard. Preferably her, so that stupid grin she had flashed me would fall right off and to her feet. 
I should have known she would make a move. She’d been eyeing him from the moment he’d set foot into the club, her orbs trailing over his body as if he were a piece of meat and I could have sworn she had even licked her lips.
Of course I knew Harry was hot. It was a fact impossible to ignore, but so was me holding his hand tightly and him kissing my cheek every ten minutes.
We were a team. 
I let my keys fall into the small bowl we kept by the door, the small objects making a loud clinking noise, before I continued on stomping into our living room where I kicked off my shoes. Harry followed me through the door and shut it behind himself quietly, his concerned gaze never leaving my frame. 

He couldn’t remember a time where he’d seen me quite as mad as I was right now and though the reason for my displeasure upset him just the same, he couldn’t help but smile a little. Firstly he was relieved my anger wasn’t addressed to him as he hated it when we fought about something, and secondly Harry found himself incapable to ignore the small crease between my brows. He’d admit to me later that said crease would always make him want to make up again, as it was difficult for him to refrain from kissing it.

“I mean,” I began, my voice filled with venom and still not facing him, “she knew I was there, by your side! She has even said “Hi” to me only an hour earlier and then she goes off and does that!” 

My foot knocked away the shoes I had discarded angrily and I groaned in frustration.

“Love, calm down,” Harry spoke gently, stepping closer and sighing when I flinched away from the hand he tried to touch me with. 

My trembling fingers pulled at the sleeves of my coat and I released an angry cry when I couldn’t get the fabric off of me. Harry’s wide eyes looked at me with soft worry, waiting for my consent before he hesitantly reached out to aid me. Once the coat was off, my jewelry followed. I threw the earrings onto our coffee table along with my necklace and the rings decorating my fingers, all except for one. 

“She did this on purpose, Harry,” I accused, looking at him for confirmation, “I told you she had no respect for our relationship and there you go! She wanted to provoke me!”

His pink lips were set into a thin line and he stayed silent, knowing that I would probably jump his throat if he spoke any word for her defense. Harry instead bit his lower lip and eyed me with a gentle gaze. Though I loved his patient nature any other time, right now I wanted for him to jump up and join me in my rage. I wanted him to show a sign, any sign, that he cared, too. His soft curls fell over his forehead and he clenched his hands, resisting the urge to laugh and pull me into his body. 

There was something about me being angry he found endearing. He liked how my cheeks flushed because then, they glowed. He enjoyed to see how wide and sparkly my eyes got, ‘cause only then could he see all the different colors in them. He even liked to hear my voice grow louder, though he had learned during our first months of dating that telling me I was cute when I was angry, only prolonged the argument. Still, he didn’t want me to get too worked up.

“Baby,” Harry hummed soothingly, “it’s alright.” 

“Nothing is alright! She tried to kiss you, good damn it!” 

I stared at him in disbelief. My throat was tight and my eyes shone with fury. How could he stay so calm? I could have burst in anger and it only worsened as Harry appeared to not understand why it was that I had got so mad. In fact, that cheeky bastard was grinning.
His green orbs were shining with wit and cheekiness and a smile stretched over his lips so wide both dimples appeared. Was he actually enjoying this?
My eyes narrowed. 

“Are you seriously okay with this?” 

Harry rolled his eyes. “Of course not.”

“Well it sure sounds like you are!” 

I stared at him and Harry visibly shrunk back a little, realizing only now how truly upset I seemed to be. Yet, he didn’t quite know how to deal with me, how to calm me down. Because in his eyes, nothing happened. 
He had pushed her back when she’d tried to lean in. Though firm, but still gentle, Harry had loosened the grip she’d taken on the collar of his jacket and had taken a step back, telling her that he didn’t desire her touch. 
He hadn’t done anything wrong and hadn’t let anything happen, I’d seen it.
Still, I couldn’t get the image of her close to him out of my head. It tortured me and hurt my head, as it was basically the manifestation of all I feared since the moment I had fallen in love with him. And that he was okay with it, hurt me too.

“S’not true and you know it,” Harry argued. 

“Whatever, Harry.”

My shoulder knocked into his arm when I walked passed him and to the stairs. It was when I reached the door to our bedroom that I heard him follow me and I made a point at leaving the door open upon entering, to let him know that I didn’t want him to sleep on the couch, regardless of tonight’s events. 
Without saying anything, Harry stepped closer to where I stood and began to pull at the zipper of my dress. I shivered when it fell to the floor and pooled around my feet. I mumbled a thanks and went to hang the dress into our wardrobe, but was stopped by two arms wrapping around my waist tightly. 
I sighed. 
Harry’s chin pressed against my jaw before lowering to my shoulder. His lips kissed my skin, coaxing a small sigh from me and he smiled. 

“You know I don’t want her,” Harry whispered, “Couldn’t want anyone, only you. Always.” 

Another kiss followed his gentle words and I could already feel the anger drain from my veins. 

“I know,” I admitted reluctantly. 

He hummed and squeezed me. My own hands found his wrists and I grasped them in need to hold on to something.
He’d stepped back and out of her reach, I reminded myself. Harry had come straight to me and kissed me, making sure she could see. 

“Snogged you to make a point,” he continued into my ear with a laugh, “let you mark my neck for anyone to see. Her included.”

I gasped when he turned his head and into my neck and began to suckle on the skin of my neck, similar to how I had done to him. 
My fingers dug into his wrists. 

“You’re so pretty,” Harry complimented, a kiss to my cheek followed, “the prettiest, actually.” 

“Prettier than her?” I asked quietly, surprised by the insecurity in my tone. 

Harry could hear it too and chuckled, not in a mocking way though. “Of course, darling. Lovelier in any way possible.”

“I hate when someone makes a move on you,” I complained, “especially since she was well aware that you and I are engaged.” 

“Yeah, well. A face like mine can be a blessing as well as a curse.” 

“Oh shut up.” I rolled my eyes, but struggled to keep the smile from forming. 

Sensing the change in my mood, Harry squeezed me once more and let go. Reluctantly I turned around to face him, becoming aware of my lack of clothing when I noticed his eyes dart down for a moment. He quickly locked eyes with me again and smiled warmly. 

“I love you,” he spoke. 

“I love you too, Harry,” I replied without hesitation, “but-”

I was silenced with a kiss and my eyes fell shut instantly at the sensation of his warm mouth on mine. He groaned and kissed me deeper and I whined when his arms circled my waist, bringing my body into his. 

“She doesn’t matter,” Harry breathed against my lips, “No one does. S’only you, Y/N. I promise you needn’t worry. Ever.”

Hope you liked this little blurb. It came completely spontaneously and hasn’t been looked over, so I apologize for any mistakes. 

Rest of what I wrote can be found here:

I’m listening to Christmas music in June because why not and I was thinking of H and had to share this.

I’ve always imagined living with Harry in this small apartment in London for as long as I can remember, and it’s a small and not that modern or fancy but it’s home. But what about on Christmas morning. When you wake up in the morning and the light is coming through the gap in the curtains, with diffused swirls of sun drifting through the air.

The bed would be warm, a contrast with the chilling air from outside the covers. But that would seem like a different world from the one you two are in, wrapped up together in the warmth your body heat has created. One of his legs would be in between yours, with your back to his stomach, and his arm draped over your waist.

You’d wake up before him. It would be so peaceful, I can just picture it, where you could turn around and just see his face, free of any stress, any pressure, just a sleepy young man so vulnerable in front of you. But he’s so beautiful. You could notice all the little details about him. Like the freckles that adorned his cheeks and and crease that always seems to be between his eyebrows, and the way his skin looks in the light.

He’d wake when you started to stroke your finger tips across his skin. You’d start at his arm, following the curve of his shoulder and across his collar bone and up his neck. You’d know he had woken when a little smile crept onto his face, and his legs shifted a little between yours.

He wouldn’t say anything for a moment, just appreciating the two of you together.

“Mornin’” He’d say, voice thick with sleep, his arm pulling you into him. He just be so warm and so cosy, like home. You’d be able to feel his hair tickling against your neck and his hot breaths against your skin.

"Merry Christmas” Would be the first thing you’d whisper to him. The quietness seemed appropriate for the tone of the morning, matching the volume of the soft birds outside and the faint sound of a car every so often.

"Mmm” He’d him. You’d let out a squeal when his finger tightened on your waist and he flipped you around, a little grin gracing his face as he hovered on top of you.

He wouldn’t hesitate to kiss you. Lips brushing yours so lightly, yet they burnt against yours, until you lifted your chin up to connect them together. It was slow and soft, and the kind of kiss you could compare to the drizzle of honey.

His thumb would brush across your cheek when he lifted his hand up to your face and you wouldn’t be able to find any space between you two as you pulled him down by his shoulder blades. You could feel the beat of his heart against your chest and the movement of his back underneath your hands.

When he pulled away, he’d chuckle as your lips followed his as his head moved up.

"Merry Christmas, my love”

Forgiveness (Fred Weasley x reader)

 Some protective ron in there too ;)
  Word count: 1300

             Fred and George watched as you crossed the common room, unknowingly walking into their trap. They were now becoming more and more popular for their pranks, and since everyone knew you as their best friend, they thought that nothing would be better than a prank war around the castle. They hadn’t quite cleared it with you yet, but they were sure that you would be okay with a little prank.

               You had a rough day, on the other hand. After getting yelled at by Snape, sent to detention, and then had a rough fall down some of the stairs on the way up here, you weren’t really in the mood to do anything other than change into your pajamas and sleep.

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My makeup always looks creased or caked around my mouth and nose. I have tried multiple foundations, bb creams, primers, setting powders and setting sprays with varying price ranges. Do you have any tips for me?

if this is happening, you need to exfoliate and moisturize. not only do this, but you need to remain consistent with it. consistency is the key to any skincare routine. it does not matter if you have the best and most expensive skincare line or products, if you only use them once a week or twice a week, consider it a total failure. point blank

  • definitely exfoliate at least 3 times a week to begin with. don’t rub to hard with the exfoliator either. small circles with minimal pressure to get rid of the dead skin.
  • moisturize immediately afterwards and avoid direct sunlight. you’ll have fresh skin on the surface right after you exfoliate and thus making this new skin very sensitive and susceptible to any kind of damage. 
  • also, consider what kind of skin type you have. if you have oily skin– which could be why your makeup is creasing in target areas, consider getting a primer that is made for oily skin. if your skin is dryer– which could also cause creasing, consider a different moisturizer, or perhaps a primer (or even foundation) that has extra moisturizers. 
WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU PART 3 Full Translation


Just a small note; now that I have a physical copy of the novel, I can see that from the contents page, the book is split into sections and within those sections there are smaller sections. So what we thought was ‘chapter 2’ last time was actually just a continuation of the so called ‘chapter 1’, the first section is reports, that’s why after the prologue it says ‘Report 1’ (and I thought it was weird that the second part on the Bleach app didn’t have ‘report 2’ or something when I was writing down the translations but I just assumed it was ‘chapter 2’ anyway), so THIS is the start of report 2, the last two ‘chapters’ were actually report 1 split in half. I’ll rename the title of those posts to Part 1 and Part 2 respectively and will continue to post future translations in parts like the Bleach app does.


Central Shinou Library.

A long period of Ise Nanao’s break was assigned to reading.

Going to the library that had just been rebuilt, there’s no trace of the original building that she’d normally be accustomed to, it feels a little out of place. Nevertheless, whilst turning over pages engulfed in the smell of paper one after the other, she was not concerned with things other than the contents of the books.

Her hand picked up a new book. It was her favourite book she reread many times over. When she turned over the front cover there was an emblem stamped there indicating that it was a book belonging to the 8th division’s library.

(This book, I stamped it…)

Next to the emblem, the name of the person in charge is filled in [Ise Nanao]. It was her clumsy writing from when she was still very young.

A mid-size library was erected in the residential area of each Gotei 13 division respectively. The damage caused by the Great War varied, since the reconstruction efforts focused on and progressed from the locations that were indispensable to daily life, any libraries with damaged sections were left as it is in a state of closure. When they went to inspect the reconstruction sites, the state of affairs hurt Nanao’s heart, she appealed to captain Commander Shunsui Kyouraku about whether the central library alone could be preferentially restored.

Construction began immediately, the books that survived through war damage were gathered from each library, and stored on brand new bookshelves.

(It was not burnt… Good)

Nanao, who was a member of the 8th division from a very early age, immediately after enlistment was entrusted with organising the book collection of the 8th division’s library.

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Yuu never irons his clothes and always wears creased up shirts and pants. Mika, is irritated by this and continually nags Yuu and sometimes forces him to undress and then irons his clothes for him.

Meanwhile Yuu is sulking in the corner like “Mika, I need my clothes now! I’m cold” and when Mika finishes Yuu feels extremely happy because his clothes are warm, hugging Mika to share the warmth.

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HI!! OH WOW, OH MY GOSH YOUR ART IS SO SO SOSOSOSOSOSO A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! You have incredible talent! oh how i envy you... hahaha uhm this is probably gonna sound REALLY weird but y'know when you draw clothes, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHERE TO PUT CREASES/WRINKLES??? I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO PERFECT THE SKILL FOR SUCH A LONG TIME BUT IT NEVER EVER WORKS!! Sorry if i wasted your time *blushes* BUT YEAH YOUR ART IS GREAT *0*

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kagehina + 42? Things you said when you asked me to marry you? :0 (ps you've inspired me to try writing fanfic)


“The sushi is kinda soggy. Gimme your napkin, I’m gonna mop up some of this gunk.”

Kageyama gave Hinata a look over his plate. “Do you always have to be a total moron in public?”

Hinata grabbed Kageyama’s napkin and swept it delicately over each sushi wrap, inspecting them closely. He leaned in, took a sniff, licked at one of them with his tongue, screwed up his face as he considered the taste, then spat into the napkin, folding it away with a satisfied look. He took his chopsticks and popped a sushi roll in his mouth, chewing happily, bright cheeks chubby like a chipmunk’s. His eyes always creased when he did that, smiling and eating at the same time. He looked primly at Kageyama. “Yes,” he said, mouth full, sushi spitting onto the table.

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Heart Hacked (Tony Stark x OC)

A/N: I have no idea where this came from but I thought it was fluffy and cute and worth posting. It’s a Tony Stark fic but takes place when he’s in Grad School and I’ll just let you read the rest. Let me know what you think!


Originally posted by ohmy80s

I walked into the school library for the third time that week. I knew he would be on duty, he worked from 3-5 every afternoon. Tony Stark, the cute little nerdy graduate student who most would deem too young for me. From what I had heard he was a certified genius, and I believed it as soon as I had met him. When I had first met Tony I genuinely did have a computer virus. Of course, me being a computer science major, could have fixed it myself but I had been feeling particularly lazy that day.

We had enjoyed pleasant conversation, discussing everything from rock music to the Kardashians. I really enjoyed spending time with Tony but I didn’t want to bug him. So I did what any semi-awkward computer nerd would do, bugged my own computer as an excuse to see him.

I sauntered over to the IT desk, diseased laptop in hand. It was getting difficult to program viruses challenging enough to actually puzzle Tony, but I considered it as practice for future uses. Not that I planned on bugging peoples computers but it was nice to know I could, in a hundred different ways.

I walked up to Tony’s desk and cleared my throat, thrusting my computer in his face. Tony rolled his eyes in a joking manner when he looked up from his screen and saw me.

“Ahh Olivia, I’d say what a surprise but honestly I’m not surprised at all. What did you do this time?”

“I don’t really know Tony. I was just browsing the web and something just happened. Blue screen of death an a bunch of other weird stuff.”

“Are you sure you’re a CompSci major?” he asked incredulously as he took the laptop out of my hands.

I took a seat beside him not leaving much space between us, I was getting bold wasn’t I? He was typing a simple code, trying to search for any of the common stuff, trojans and what not. That made me smile, I knew it wouldn’t work. He squinted when he realized the problem wouldn’t be that easy to fix.

“So, whats wrong with it?” I asked in a pseudo confused voice.

“I don’t really know. Honestly how do you get so many viruses? This is like the third time this week you’ve been here.”

“So, you’ve been counting?” I asked, messing with him. It worked. His typing faltered for a second and he was starting to blush.

“No. No I haven’t. Nope.” he replied too hastily to be convincing.

He got back to work. Muttering to himself, typing in another algorithm that I knew would lead him to another dead end. He let out a frustrated sigh when he realized he had been wrong again.

The more I visited Tony, the bolder I had become. This little game was enjoyable but I was beginning to question Tony’s genius status because it didn’t seem like he had realized that this was my weird way of flirting. I chalked up to the fact that he probably hadn’t been given the time of day by college girls since he was kind of a pariah to the underclassman. Being a genius and skipping multiple grades would do that to a person’s social status. Or he could just not be into me, that could be a possibility as well.

I bent over him, resting my chin on his shoulder, to be able to see the screen of course. The close proximity to Tony had nothing to do with it. I saw his eyes flick over to me briefly, the blush on his face deepening slightly.

“So, what exactly were you doing to get this terrible virus?” Tony asked as he typed.

“I was trying to hack this Night Elf Jerk’s BattleNet account and steal all his gold. But it isn’t my fault, he wouldn’t stop following me around. ”

Technically that was kind of true. The weird online stalker had been bugging you, and you had been stealing all his gold when you decided it was time to get to work on another virus, to bug you’re favorite IT Guy.

Tony laughed, an amazing sound you had been accustomed to for the past couple weeks. “So the Night Elf bested you huh?”

I sighed, “Yes unfortunately. I hate the Alliance.”

Tony laughed again, the sound warmed my insides. “I agree, the Horde is much better.”  

We became silent, Tony because he was engrossed in his coding, and me because I was studying him as he typed. He would always get this adorable crease between his eyebrows when he was concentrating hard. He would mutter to himself as he worked and cursed under his breath when he would hit a dead in. I smiled and sat back watching the man work.

Tony Stark did not get distracted easily. He prided himself on his intense ability to focus on any task. But there was one thing—rather one person—who could make his brain become a jumble of mush, Olivia Nelson, or Olive as he annoyingly liked to call her.

At first he had thought nothing of it when she had come to see him the first couple of times. He knew viruses were pretty common and that was the only purpose for her visits. But then she began to show up more frequently, computer in hand. He found it odd, that a girl who was supposedly a Computer Science major would have so many computer issues but he wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth. He enjoyed spending time with her, however brief that time was.

During their little meetings he had learned many things about her, some she had told him, some he had deduced. From their discussions he had learned that she was a junior, that she didn’t care for reality tv, she was a big nerd; a huge fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek. He had also learned the hard way that she got severely pissed when people tried to compare the two or say one was better than the other.

He would never forget that day where they had been asked to quite down by library staff as she ranted about how ‘Star Wars and Star Trek were completely different, one about exploration, the other about galactic war. And how could anyone ever compare the two?!’. He was crying he was laughing so hard, seeing her glare at him through his watery eyes was only icing on the metaphorical cake.

He also knew some things that she hadn’t told him. That from the state of her worn out converse and recycled wardrobe that she was probably here on scholarship. That she was probably ambidextrous based on the way she would use his mouse with either hand with no difficulty. That she had trouble keeping her hands still, based on how she would chip off her nail polish as he worked, but always had a fresh coat the next day. Most of the time she wore a shade of hot rod red that secretly drove him crazy; he had always loved red but he had begun to love it more because it was permanently painted on her fingers.  

The most important thing Tony knew was that he had a huge crush on Olivia. One that would never be reciprocated. No one wanted to date the weird kid genius, and despite how nice she was, he was sure that she would never think of him as more than the friendly IT guy that she chatted with.

Tony sighed and blinked rapidly, trying to clear his thoughts. Thinking about the girl sitting beside him was not going to help him solve this virus problem.

“So Olive,” he smiled as he saw her roll her eyes at his nickname. He loved pushing her buttons. “You ever thought about maybe investing in a virus protection program? They do exist I know.”

He frowned when he saw the sad frown on her face.

“Am I bothering you Tony? I can leave, come back after your shift, get someone else to fix it.”

“What? No. I love seeing you, you’re the highlight of my day.” he said hurriedly, trying to undo the damage he had caused.

She laughed at him. “Wow you are so easy to troll, it’s not even that fun.”

Tony rolled his eyes at her and turned back to the computer in front of him.

“And why would I buy Virus Protection Tony? That’s what you’re for.”

Tony tried not to show her how that statement had made his heart soar. He tried to hide his grin by bending down over the laptop screen.

“So Tony, I don’t think you’re as smart as you think you are.” she said, rolling her chair close enough to his that she could place her feet in his lap. He tried to ignore the fact that there was a new hole in her shoes that hadn’t been there last week. He had been trying to figure out how he could give her a pair of new shoes without offending her when he reregistered what she had just said to him.

“Excuse me? I’m Tony Anthony Stark, and I know everything.” he quipped back, getting that little smirk that he always had when bragging about himself.

“Mhmm sure you do genius boy, but there is one thing you haven’t figured out yet.”

“If you’re talking about the virus Olive, I’m pretty sure I’ve almost figured it out, process of elimination.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about you narcissist.” she replied jokingly. “I’m talking about the fact that I clearly have a thing for you and you’re oblivious to it.”

Tony’s fingers stopped typing as soon as the words left her mouth. She was messing with him again, playing some prank. There was no way an amazing girl like Olivia liked him. No way he’d get that lucky.

Tony guessed that she had seen the look on his face because she removed her feet from his lap and put a hand on his shoulder. But apparently she took it as rejection rather than disbelief.

“If you don’t feel the same then that’s totally okay. We can still be friends if you want. I’d like that. But honestly I’m just getting tired of bugging my own computer just to come see you. I figured it’d just be easier on both of us if i finally told you.”

He swiveled to look at her now, a smile lighting up his face.

“Okay, now you’re smiling at me all crazy and I’m kinda confused on where you stand on this whole ‘me being into you’ thing.” she said puzzled.

“You like me,” Tony teased, “You wanna date me, and make out with me, and cuddle me, and have cute rom-com moments with me.”

Olivia rolled her eyes at him, something she felt like she would be doing quite often. “Oh quit teasing me you ass. Like you don’t like me too. You would have told me to stop coming when you work forever ago if you didn’t like me.” she said smiling.

“Huh, true.” Tony replied as he shut her laptop. “So I think we should move this to a different, more fitting local.”

“What?” she asked.

“This is no longer a ‘Tony fix my computer visit’. Tony concluded. “This is a ‘Tony fix my computer date. And since it’s a date there should be food, maybe some booze.” He said the last sentence with a wink.

“Tony you’re not even 21.”

“Yes, but you’re 26. And what are girlfriends for if to not buy their 20 year old boyfriends booze?”
Olivia laughed at his antics. No one could make her smile like he could. “Yeah Tony not gonna happen, and who said I was your girlfriend, hmm?”

He stood and dragged her with him as he walked towards the library’s exit. “Oh whatever honey, it’s way too late to play that game now. You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.”

“God help me.” She said but she gripped Tony’s hand in hers and leaned into him as they walked through campus.

“You’re gonna be the death of me aren’t you?” she asked jokingly.

“I totally am. But I promise you, you’re gonna love every minute of it.” he wiggled his eyebrows at her suggestively.

She laughed again, a sound Tony would never get tired of hearing. Tony had no idea what was going to happen now, but he knew one thing, he had gotten lucky having a girl like her be into him. And that he was definitely buying her a new pair of shoes.

The Witness Rests

Stained class in the window
late last burst of the sun
drizzles scarlet frosting in the flaws,
See a sorrowful gaze falling
upon a three piece suit in mourner’s black
hung from the back of a pale grey door,
the tailor fitted it for him
but the cloth always creased wrong
whenever he tried to wear it,

Lines trace the topography
of a face that tried dignity
but found it wanting
the quiet grace of expectant patience
refused to rest properly
upon his features,
He knows all too well
that he is lacking in the tenacity
to pursue the comforting conformity
that others wish to see when they see him
which is why nobody sees him anymore,
His eyes are disquieting
in their openness and intensity
because he can’t stop looking
and when he looks he sees

The shadows and the light,
blackness and the pure shining
of life folding and flowing all around
through lines and angles
a great energy encompassing
connecting and uniting,
And the denial that turns
to fear and anger and confusion
because some are compelled
to try to be more,
equality is abhorrent
they loathe the commonalities
but he knows as they know
that there is but the one
always and forever before and beyond
which is not reliant on acceptance
or acknowledgement,
which is not reliant on anything
because it simply is

See the sunlight fade
over the face of the failure
who never failed at all
because the questions asked
have no true answer

dragapacacorn-deactivated201511  asked:

Hey toasty, I'm working for expressions for my art. I've gotten the tricks for a lot of them down, but I just can't get anger or fury. Could you give me a few pointers?

tbh expressions like this are my lifeblood because there are so many different ways for it to come across.  is it vengeful fury? petty fury? frustrated fury? ANGUISHED FURY???

If you’re not super duper angry the creases don’t always go all the way from the nose to the mouth, but there’ll usually be kind of tightening around the nose and upper lip.  def. check out your own face in the mirror or browse google for “angry faces”.

anonymous asked:

i love the way you draw xander. he just looks so tired, like he should go rest before he passes out i swear

Yesss, I enjoy how I draw Xander too! In canon his brow is furrowed 99.9% of the time so he’s got creases always present. I like giving him little eyebags or stress lines ‘cause taking into account all that responsibility he has, it’s got to visibly weigh on him.

Avengers Preference: Favorite Thing

Tony: Hands

As a guy who works on machines and tech quite a lot, Tony can appreciate a nice pair of hands when he sees them. He likes to take hold of yours when he can, often walking around a room and dragging you with him, just to keep the contact. He likes the feeling of lazily interlaced fingers, your palms and his fitting together like perfect puzzle pieces. And he’s such a sucker for when you cradle his cheek in your hand; he feels like you’ve paused the whole world and it’s just the two of you in endless space. Tony never slows down for anything, but the second you’ve got a hand on him, he’ll drop everything for you.

Thor: Lips, smile.

Thor smiles a lot; the guy has a heart of gold and is precious and adorable and there’s nothing he loves more than seeing you smile too. It feels like a reflection of him, but so much lovelier. Sometimes it’ll be a small tilt of your lips, or a fleeting smirk and Thor will melt, softly pressing his lips to yours with an even bigger smile curling on his face. He likes when you smile with all your teeth the most; a giant infallible grin to match his own. It makes him feel special to see those kinds of smiles, because you don’t give the out often, and Thor doesn’t take any expression of yours for granted.

Bucky: Chest

Bucky’s absolute favorite thing to do is just lay down with you, his head resting on your chest as he listens to you talk, your fingers lost in his hair. He can hear your heart beat in his ear, and he feels every vibration when you chuckle or hum. He cradles his right hand around your back and keeps his left hand placed over your heart, his metal hand feeling the immense warmth there. Whenever Bucky comes home from missions he lifts you up when he hugs you, so his head can rest on your collarbone, eyes closed and content. He likes to be able to feel that you’re really there and you’re all human, and it reminds him that he’s human too.

Peter: Shoulders

Peter is very expressive with his body because he can’t often get the words out of his mouth. He tends to gravitate towards your shoulders, because they’re so close and so easy to reach. He often takes you by them, whether he’s steering you out of the room nervously, or he’s running his hands over your shoulders in comfort. Peter takes this habit in his extreme emotions as well; When he’s excited he’ll hug you tightly, and then hold you at arms’ length by your shoulders to see all of you, a bright smile on his face. Unfortunately, he also has done this when he’s upset, roughly grabbing your shoulders to convey a message of urgency, staring at you with wide eyes and speaking in a rushed tone. Peter likes to rest his head on your shoulder as well, smiling up at you and you rest your head on top of his, the two of you happy just with one another’s presence.

Natasha: Neck

This isn’t surprising, considering that Nat’s deadliest move is to wrap her thighs around someone’s neck, but that isn’t the case with you. Natasha loves to nuzzle her nose into your neck and hear you give a high pitched laugh as she tickles you. Your neck is your weak spot, knowledge that Natasha uses to her advantage in every situation she can. She wants to remote and you aren’t giving? She croons a finger under your jaw and down your neck, and instantly you spasm, the remote flying straight into her hands. If she’s feeling upset she’ll just go to you silently, burying her head in your neck, staring at your collarbone for what feels like eternity. Natasha is also a huge flirt, and often times will press a kiss on your neck in front of everyone, just so that they’re clear that she has you wrapped around her finger. You’re often the recipient of teasing when you walk into the common room with hickies on your neck, but Natasha just smiles, placing a soft kiss on an existing bruise and mumbles ‘sorry’ even though you know she isn’t.

Wanda: Nose

This only came about because you were so adamant about Wanda’s nose that she decided to return the favor. It became a game after that; Wanda would tap your nose whenever you stared off into space, gaining your attention easily. You asked “What was that,” with a smile and Wanda just did it again. Whenever she sees you smile she takes her forehead to yours and gives you an eskimo kiss, something that makes the entire team coo with affection. Wanda also tends to kiss your nose whenever you scrunch it, finding the way you look adorable and can’t help but want to be closer to you. You return the sentiment, saying “it looks much cuter on you,” but she disagrees, always turning the focus back to you.

Steve: Eyes

Steve is a person who always speaks his mind, but you aren’t. You like to observe, and he can see that reflected in your eyes. Steve had always found that what you’re really thinking can be found there. He always keeps eye contact with you, watching instead of listening so he can call your bluff if he needs to. He also just really loves your eyes in general-the intense color in them and how it changes depending on where you are. Steve also notes how you watch him—your eyes always crease in the corners and the expression in them softens, and he gets so wrapped up in them that you have to turn away from him to break his trance. “Sorry, Doll. Your eyes are just so captivating.” “Was a that a pun, Steve Rogers?”

Sam: Legs

Sam is very appreciative of a good pair of legs, and honey you’ve got the best. He’s always pushing for you to run with him, just because he loves seeing them in action: the strides they take, the control and just the way they look, if he’s being perfectly honest. After a long day of beating up villains, he likes to stretch out on the couch with your legs in his lap, the two of you doing something mindless and just indulging in personal time. He, like Natasha is a huge flirt, sometimes just standing and watching when you climb up on a counter to reach something high above you. “Sam, why didn’t you just go get it, you’re taller than me?” “But then I would miss this amazing view, baby.”

Clint: Hair

Clint loves anything you do with your hair, because for the longest time he only ever saw it in a ponytail or a stiff bun. Then one day you walked into the kitchen with the wildest bedhead and he went ballistic, fawning over how good it looked while you mumbled a low “thanks”. Ever since then he’s been obsessed, asking if he could braid it or style it in the morning. For a while you told him no, but then you cracked. Clint was ecstatic and you were doubtful, but he surprised you. Clint is so gentle when handling your hair, his touches feather light and delicate, as though he might break you. He’s also weirdly good at braiding, but he’ll never tell you how he became that way. Clint’s absolute favorite, though, is running his hands through your hair during every hug, going from your scalp to your ends carefully, burying his nose in it. He feels like you’re a part of him in that moment and he smiles, cherishing the feeling.

(psst, let me know if you guys want an nsfw version)

Lost and Found | 5 |

Summary:  We could meet a thousand different ways in a thousand different times but I’ll always know I’ll find you. NaruHina AU drabbles.

Title: With a Dash of Sugar
Pairing: NaruHina
Prompt: ‘I write a bad pick up line on your cup every time I’m your barista’ AU
Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |
AN: I saw this prompt and honestly how could I pass it up? The research I did for this was hands down the most fun I’ve had for any fic. Also trying something a little different in terms of writing style. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!
(Also on

Hinata’s standing in line, three people to the cashier, and fidgeting with her bag. She’s coaching herself into taking even breaths. She has ten minutes until her work starts and she’s definitely going to be late but that’s not why she’s nervous. Her heart’s jumping and her fingers can’t stay still because-

“Hey again! Medium green tea latte, as usual?”

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How to draw clothes?

Haha I would like to know, too! I’m still learning how to draw clothes - mainly the fabric folds trip me up a lot. Really the best way is to fold cloth you have lying around and just draw it. Also take photo reference or look in the mirror and draw what you see. A general tip is that creases/lines always spread out from areas of tension in the fabric ! 

If you want some more inspiration, check out this link here. The tutorials are really helpful!

Cardboard Props (Astrid’s Axe)~ Tutorial Tuesday!

Hey everybody! Welcome to this new series I’m starting. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I make various parts of my cosplays and puppets and I figured it was about time I shared my techniques with you guys!

So to start it off, I’ll be showing you how I make most of my props. It’s cheap, simple, and lightweight.

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anonymous asked:

tbh i've been following your blog for a while an your ask replies are just a full crease i always piss myself reading them,, also what bands do you like outside of kpop? (if any)

I like to think I’m funny tbh💁🏼😂
And I’m a huge oldies fan so the Eagles, Europe, Rolling Stones etc. I also really like the 1975 and the bad suns. And the kooks, them too