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Rfa+v and Saeran reactions to mc breaking her phone or something and she doesn't answer for over a day. Thanks also I really like your blog!

Thank you so much!! 


- At first, when you don’t respond to his ‘Good morning!’ text, he doesn’t try to think much of it. Sometimes you slept in later than him!

- But you ignored his ‘Good afternoon!’ texts…And even sent a call of his to voicemail.

- Panicking, he started messaging Zen a bit.

- Did he forget something? Was he acting really bad? Was he being too clingy??

- After Zen calmed him down just a tad, he told Yoosung that you phone probably died.

- He tries to think that’s the answer, that he didn’t fuck up the only relationship he’s ever been in, but as it gets darker and darker out, with nothing from you, he Panics.

- He’s pacing in his house, trying to get Seven to answer his phone while holding his tears back, when you open the door.

- Before you can even explain your phone’s battery had died, he’s running to you full of apologies and hugging you tight

- When you finally calm him down and finally get through to him he didn’t do anything, he feels embarrassed by how panicked he had gotten, but your sweet kisses help him wash away those feelings


- Jahee probably wouldn’t panic as badly. At least it wouldn’t show.

- She thought you overslept at first, missing any alarms, and that’s why you hadn’t shown for work yet

 - I mean the two of you weren’t living together, so she hadn’t seen you since the cafe closed last night

- She can handle the cafe on her own, with the help of a few employees that were already there, but she is an anxious mess all day. 

- Accidentally bumping into things, nearly dropping cups, almost spilling coffee on herself.

- As the day draws to a close, she’s nearly sweating. She wants to call the police, but she knows Seven would be able to help better.

- She’s just about to hit his contact when she hears her name being called, and when she turns around your arms are instantly around her.

- After explaining you managed to sleep most of the day away, phone dead, her worry turns into small and gentle scolding since it’s apparent you’re overworking yourself.

- She’s so relieved that you’re safe, though you are going to get a small lecture about how to properly take care of yourself.


- He usually has set times to call you through the day. If you don’t answer, you’re quick to shoot him a message when you can to explain why.

- So at first, he doesn’t think much of it. He saw you in bed this morning, and after the rough night the two of you had, you probably were sleeping in a bit.

- But once it hits past noon, and the chef reports that no one answered when he tried to bring food, Jumin is slowly hitting ‘Panic Mode’

- What seals the deal is when he calls Driver Kim to make sure you didn’t go somewhere, and he reports that he’s just driven for Jumin that day

- So after one meeting that was very difficult to focus in, he alerts Jaehee he’s taking a longer break to check up on you

- When he gets to the house and you’re gone, it takes a lot of talking from the RFA members to not call the police.

- Because, lets face it, if he wanted to, he would have the whole area looking for you in seconds.

- So he waits a bit, setting a time for himself to give in and call, while Seven is checking any CCTVs of the place

- But all of that gets interrupted when you come through the doors, a shy smile on your face

- Guess who managed to forget her phone at home when an old friend wanted to hang out?

- Jumin frowns for a bit, but he can’t stay upset or even become close to mad- He just hugs you tight and asks if you can try to remember to bring it with you next time, or at least get Driver Kim to take you somewhere.


- It takes him a while to notice, due to how busy he always is at work. 

- On breaks he’s always sending you a message, full of hearts and possibly a selfie or two

- And you send the same texts back to him, and he’s set for the day!

- But when it hits his last break and there’s still no answer from you, and everyone reports that you haven’t been on the chatroom all day, he Panics.

- He tells his director he has an emergency, and that he has to leave asap

- Thankfully, they were close to being done, so the director let him go without any fuss

- As soon as he’s out, he hightails it to your place, running a few stoplights on his motorcycle.

- Once there, and once he remembers where the spare is, he busts in and calls your name

- No answer and he panics even more, until he sees you sleeping in the bedroom, a basket of used tissues near you

- Oh… He forgot that you mentioned you felt sick yesterday.

- When you sleepily wake up, he calms down and explains why he’s there, and after you weakly laugh, starts shedding his jacket.

- If you’re sick, then you definately need some loving care, right?


- It would be hard for him to panic about the situation.

- When you leave in the morning to run a few errands, he doesn’t think much of it, just assumes you’ll be back later.

- But through the day you’re not even responding to his texts! Not even the funny ones with the best memes.

- Or even his very worried ones

- Once it gets pretty late in the day, he’s looking at CCTVS all over the place trying to locate where you could be

- He’s not really hacking much anymore, but he still has some people after him occasionally.

- He’s so caught up looking for you, that he doesn’t even notice when you eventually come in. You even said hello and he responded!

- Quietly you flick his head, and that pulls him out of it pretty quickly. At first he asks why you hit him, and then remembering you were gone all day, he practically nearly breaks your back with how strong his hug is.

- Eventually you explain you accidentally left your phone home, and that’s why you weren’t responding to his jokes.

- He fusses about losing his touch since he couldn’t locate you on the CCTV, and when you glance you just laugh

- He was looking for yesterday’s date, and that’s when he realized that it was monday, not sunday. 

- You weren’t going to let him live that one down.


- At first when you don’t answer, he just shrugs it off. Sometimes he didn’t have a chance to respond to your texts, it was normal.

- But usually you…did..Around lunchtime. You always asked if he had ate. And if not, then you would suggest going to eat together

- And today he was really hoping to do that…

- But he let it slide, trying not to be too clingy. 

- Then again, he couldn’t let it last all day. When your phone sent him straight to voicemail, he panicked. 

- He checked the CCTV and found out you hadn’t even left the house yet, so he was quick to ‘borrow’ his brother’s car and drive out there himself.

- He spent a bit outside of your door, trying to make sure this was an ‘okay’ thing to do, but eventually he let himself in

-… Only to find you asleep on the couch, phone dead, and a game controller in your hands

- He scoffed a bit, noticing a new game case on the coffee table, and it wasn’t hard to figure out you had another ‘all nighter’ with a game.

- Though, since it was pretty late in the afternoon, he woke you up, lightly scolding you and telling you to get up so the two of you could eat.


- He would try his best to be patient about the whole situation

- He noticed this morning you were gone out of the house, but your phone was left under the pillow

- He needed to be trusting, to not worry. He had this happen several times before you, he could learn to deal with it again

- But he was so anxious the whole day.

- He wanted to send you sweet messages, to ask you how you were doing, if you were having fun

- But your phone at home meant it would be pointless

- But…He could leave sweet messages anyway, right? That wouldn’t be too bad. 

- So every time he worried, every time he noticed how late it was getting, that’s what he did. It didn’t wash away his anxiety completely, but it did help.

-Late at night, when you finally walked in, realizing you left your phone at his place instead of his, you were greeted by a tight hug.

- He was so worried about you, even if he wished he could avoid showing it

- But you just apologized and laughed a bit when he seemed a bit embarrassed.

- After a few more hugs and kisses, you left with your phone in tow, not noticing the cute messages until you got home

- It really did made you smile, and you were quick to send a few of your own.

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that person A gently touching person B's scars but Jeremy kissing Jean's scarred knuckles :)

Here you go! It’s been 87 years, but I’m gonna get through these prompts eventually! I hope you enjoy!

Warnings for some descriptions of scars, abuse in the nest, that sort of thing. Pretty brief though, but just in case.

One would have thought that stepping on the field at all would be the hardest part.

However, Jean had been pulling himself up and out to practice for his entire life. He had done so with broken ribs gingerly self-wrapped, on less than an hour of sleep, with pains he’d rather not think of ever again.

But no, the hard part was this. Looking at his hands, gnarled and ugly, scars overlapping each other and fingers crooked.

He sighed deeply and peeled his gloves off of his hand. Even all these years later, on a pro team, the sight of the cross-hatched scars over his knuckles were hard to bar. They were a variation on pain, with places where Riko had sliced them open and deep marks from where he had been made to-.

He shuddered to avoid thinking about it and sending himself spiraling back there. He shook out the residual ache that always came after a game, exacerbated by the cold. The rest of the team had already left, but he had taken a few minutes to breathe and check himself over since it had been a hard game. He still preferred to check himself for injuries instead of letting the team nurse do it. He showered quickly, not wanting to keep Jeremy waiting any longer than he had to.

He found him leaning against the car door, clearly tired from playing the last quarter, but smiling anyway at the sight of Jean. Jean would never understand that look as long as he lived.

“Ready to go?” he asked, pushing himself away from the door and twirling his keys. Jean nodded and got in the passenger seat.

Later, when they were getting ready for bed, Jean sat on the edge, staring down at his hands. Jeremy paused from crawling under the covers and moved to sit by Jean instead.

“Are they bothering you?” He knew that cold weather made Jean’s hands ache sometimes.

Jean shook his head.

Jeremy took his hand and silently looked for any discomfort from Jean before drawing his hand to his mouth for a kiss on the palm. Jean closed his eyes against the sensation and tried to breathe. When he opened them, Jeremy was playing with his fingers, a soft smile on his face.

Jean finally scoffed, “I’ll never understand what you see in these ugly things anyway.”

Jeremy hummed, knowing better than to directly fight against Jean’s self-loathing.

“I think they’re beautiful,” he said, kissing the pads of his fingers. “I think they’re strong, like you,” a kiss to the middle knuckles, ‘“Strong enough to protect yourself where it matters.”

He punctuated this with a kiss to the knuckles spanning the larger part of his hand. “But gentle enough to hold my hand. Make me feel safe.”

Not knowing what to say, Jean ran his thumb across Jeremy’s lips ,until Jeremy grinned and took it in his mouth, kissing it and paying all of his attention to it.

Jean smiled and pulled it away, rolling Jeremy onto his side next to him. “You’re a menace.”

“You love me.”

Jean slowly drew his thumb down Jeremy’s cheek. “I do.”

Jeremy kissed him softly and asked, “Feel better?”

Jean nodded. “Thank you.”

Jeremy responded by grinning and kissing his cheek, right where the scar that ran down his cheek and jaw lay. “We’ll work on that one next.”

Laying in bed, hands entwined with Jeremy’s, he thought to himself that if this was the hard part, he had come pretty far after all.

Slip of the Tongue

Thomas Jefferson x Reader
Prompt: 24"Did I just say that out loud?“
Warnings: Swearing

Your name: submit What is this?

Word Count: 1448


Most people would find the sounds of arguing jarring, uncomfortable and just downright unpleasant. Most people, but not you. Debates were always your thing. From high school all the way through to college, you had always had an interest in the art of persuasion. The facts, the silver tongues and the all so true, never quite addressed the fact that you didn’t have to be right, you just had to be smoother. It was for the quick-witted, well-spoken and unbreaking. God, you love it.

It’s what drew you to live further in the city, near the politicians and the tall government buildings and the vast lecture halls, and it’s what fueled you to your next hobby, which was watching the local politicians at your city hall verbally duke it out with quips and insults, defense against attack and so on.

But this weekly activity had caught you some attention. Unbeknownst to you, you had caught the eye of the politician who you so often watched from the stands. Thomas Jefferson sat in his car and shuffled his papers about, as he readied himself for the coming debate. He was nervous, but not for the reasons you’d think. Jefferson was set to go up against Hamilton in the city hall on the subject of the city’s debt and what was wrong with Hamilton’s financial ideas. It was a very important debate and one that would most definitely decide where his political career would go in from. But that wasn’t why he was nervous.

Every debate he had in that hall, he had been watched by the usual crowd, Madison, Hamilton, Washington, other politicians, a few news reporters and a girl. Without fail, every debate she would be there. She wouldn’t take notes, she wouldn’t talk to anyone around, she just sat and listened and watched. And for the life of him, Thomas couldn’t help but feel nervous under her gaze. It irritates him, he was usually very smooth with ladies but something about her had caught his attention. The way her eyes lit up whenever the debate would peak, how she’d run her hands through her hair and watch him and his opponent battle so intently. It gave him butterflies and he hated it and loved it at the same time. He was always so distracted when she was there. For the sake of his dignity, he hoped that she wouldn’t show up and turn him into a stuttering wreck but also prayed that she would, to see his victory against Hamilton.

Thomas bounced his leg nervously and checked the time, it was well past 11 now, he really needed to get a move on, he didn’t want James getting pissy with him because he was late.

With a quick hand movement, he pulled on the door handle and pushed outwards. The car door swung outwards far enough for him to get out and straight into the stomach of a passerbyer, who was promptly knocked to the floor. Jefferson barely had time to process what had happened before he stumbled out of the car and landed face first into the pavement. He lay there in shock for a few seconds, before the sound of laughter caught his attention. Rolling over to his stomach and pushing himself up Thomas looked around for the source of the laughter, he expected it to be some bystander who had witnessed the accident, but was instead surprised to see the person he’d knocked over, lying flat on her back, a few centimeters away, giggling uncontrollably. Fuck, had she gone into hysterics? Thomas pushed himself to his knees and leaned over her, checking to see if she’d hit her head on the way down.

"I am incredibly sorry Ma'am I-” He began, but cut himself off as he looked at the woman’s face. His stomach dropped, it was the girl. The one who always came to watch him debate, the one he wanted to charm. The one he wanted to make a good impression on. And he had hit her with a car door. Thomas scrambled to his feet and helped her up, apologies falling out of his mouth at the speed of light.
“No, no it’s fine. I should have looked where I was going.” She smiled and brushed herself off. She lifted her gaze to meet his, her face went slack for a second. Had she recognized him?

“You’re Thoma-”
“Are you oka-”
They both spoke at the same time, interrupting each other. Thomas felt his face heat up and mentally slapped himself. The girl bit her lip and looked over at his car.
“Is your car door ok?” She asked as her brows furrowed, she reached out and ran her hand across the side, checking for any dents.
“I uh- yes?” Thomas wasn’t actually sure, he hadn’t taken his eyes off of her since the incident, and quite frankly couldn’t care less if the door was damaged. She nodded at him and gave him another small smile and Thomas felt his heart race. He inwardly cursed himself.
“That’s good. I wouldn’t want to ruin your day right before your debate.” In right. The debate. The really important debate he should be going to. He wanted to say that he should get going, he really needed to prepare what he needed to say but when he opened his mouth that didn’t happen.

“Will you be coming to this one too?” He asked, trying to lean on his car nonchalantly. At least by asking this now, he wouldn’t be surprised by her appearance or absence at the hall.
“Oh, no I’ll be showing up later, I have to pick up lunch for my friends.” She explained and then faltered.
“What do you mean by ‘too’?” Her hands fidgeted with the hem of her shirt. Shit, he sounded creepy.
“I recognized you, you come to the debates every now and then. It’d be hard for me not to notice a pretty face in such a normally boring crowd.” He tried to put on some of his charms but shit he sounded creepy. He felt his stomach drop. Did he really just say that out loud?
“Did I say that out loud?” Thomas wanted to go slam his head into the nearest surface. This was the end. He was sure the girl would sprint off or laugh awkwardly and then make her exit, never to be seen again. But instead, Thomas watched as the girl had to lift a hand to her mouth to stop the laughter trying to escape from her lips.
“Yes. Yes, you did.” She giggled. “You know for someone so well spoken on the debating floor, you’re kind of a dork.” Thomas couldn’t hide the grin that was spreading across his face. A dork. A dork was far better than a creep, that was for sure. Thomas saw an opportunity and with his new found confidence, took it.

“Well if you won’t be coming to the debate, maybe I could get your number to call you later, to tell you how it goes?” He tried, taking out his phone. The girl rolled her eyes and took it, entering her number in his contacts. Thomas took it back and looked at the name.
“Y/N.” He read out softly. You nodded at his response.
“It’s a pretty name for a gorgeous girl.” He smirked. You rolled your eyes and checked the time.
“Yep. A name I’m sure your colleagues will be cursing when they realize I’m the one that made you late for your debate.”

Thomas checked the time, he was 10 minutes late. Swearing loudly he collected everything he needed from his car and shoved it into a bag. He took your hand and gave it a quick kiss and a wink. You blushed heavily and watched him sprint into the distance, going in the wrong direction.
“You’re going the wrong way!” You shouted to him, he swiveled around and waved his hand, changing his trajectory.
“I knew that!” He shouted and ran into a nearby cyclist. It took everything in yourself to not bust out laughing. An older woman nearby gave you a look.
“You know most people wouldn’t have taken his apology, and they especially wouldn’t have let him take their number.” She frowned at you. You shrugged and adjusted your bag strap, watching Thomas try and fail to help the cyclist up.
“I guess I’m not most people.”

All You Can Eat
  • Word Count: 1,963
  • Characters: China x Overweight Reader
  • Theme: Feederism, Feeder, Stuffing

Yao looked himself in the mirror one last time while adjusting his tie, checking over everything to make sure he looked well groomed. Tonight was date night, like every Friday night, and he wanted to look presentable for you. He grabbed his wallet and keys before making his way out the door to his car to drive to your apartment to pick you up, slightly going over the speed limit to reach his destination quicker.

He was always eager on date nights, it was the only time he was able to truly spend quality time with you due to work and college becoming increasingly stressful on you. Realizing the car went into a complete stop, he stepped out and made his way to your door where he knocked softly. Hearing the floor squeaking as your body hurried, causing him to chuckle to himself. You opened the door to reveal your long term boyfriend with a smile plastered on your face.

Upon opening the door he bite his lip as he looked over your entire body. You were wearing that red dress he always liked, mainly because it was tight and showed every roll and chub on your delectable body. “Ready Qīn’ài de?” [1] he asked while holding an arm out for you to grasp.

Nodding eagerly you wrapped your arm around his and walked to his car where he opened the door for you like a gentleman before walking over to the drivers seat. After a long drive, you both finally arrived to a five-star restaurant, one of many Yao owned. Yao led you into the restaurant where he told the waiter his reservation and they led you both in to the VIP area, which was a single room reserved with privacy and your personal buffet on display.

Your eyes scanned over the room, it was usually only used for parties but Yao always insisted that you deserved the best. “Are you hungry, dear?” Yao said smoothly as he led you to the table set for two, pulling out your chair enough for your large body to sit comfortably before pushing you into the table.

He bite his lip at the sight of your round stomach slightly spilling over the table, ready for a stuffing. Honestly, he was surprised how much weight you have gained since you both met. You met Yao at one of the many restaurant chains he owned, where you were ordering food off the menu.

Upon first sight you have caught his attention, and as CEO of the lavish business he immediately offered you a discount and even gave you a bunch of free dishes to take home with you. Ever since that day, he would always give you free food from his restaurant so he makes sure you are being well fed, often insisting you finish the large meals in front of him while you both talked and began to get to know each other better.

Eventually, you both began to date and the pounds began piling on. He never let you go hungry, always bringing different types of food with him either from one the restaurants or cooking the meal himself. Oh, to say his cooking was phenomenal was an understatement. He would cook for you all hours of the day, anything you wanted. When you began to grow out of your largest pants you owned, Yao was always there to worship your lovely body and make love to you just to show how much he adored you.

Shaking out of his daydreaming, he noticed how you hungrily looked over the menu that was bestowed upon you both as he was thinking back to how you both met.  You truly were special, always managing to creep into his mind all hours of the day. “Dear, I am going to order for you this time” he said with a slight smirk tugging the corners of his lips. “O-okay Yao.. nothing too big okay? I’m trying to watch my figure” you said with hesitation.

It was true, you were trying to lose weight, must to the dismay of your Chinese boyfriend. As you finished your sentence, Yao looked shocked at the new found information. “But you are the perfect size, my love! In fact, I think you are getting a bit too thin. Maybe we should work you on a new diet?” he said eagerly, the thought of you growing larger running through his mind and making his pants become tighter.

Without another word, Yao simply called for a waiter and whispered the orders into the waiters ear who eyes grew slightly in shock of the order. Without waiting long, multiple trolleys were rolled in with a variety of dishes placed on the shelves. Your mouth opened in slight shock, did he really just order a buffet for just you two? You knew he was wealthy and only wanted the best, but was this necessary?

The waiters finished setting up the food and beverages then left swiftly, “Ready to eat, dear?” he said with a gleam in his eyes with clear excitement, almost like a child in an amusement park waiting in line for a ride. “Why did you order so much food, Yao?” you asked in curiosity as your (e/c) eyes scanned over the variety of tasty foods. “Simple. I told you I am putting you on a new diet, right? Well, here it is!” he said while he pushed the first food trolley next to your table, taking out plates full of food. Your stomach growled of the aroma of freshly cooked food filling your senses and the room.  

Yao seemed to hear your stomach growl and smiled to himself as he eagerly took out plates of different food. He wanted you to try all the food brought such as pork, duck, beef, and different style noodle dishes placed in large bowls. Scooting his chair next to yours he then took a fork full of meat and brought it up to you, “I’ll even feed you this time!” he said excitingly while bringing the fork closer to your mouth. Unable to say no to your boyfriend, you nodded and opened your mouth to gladly accent the flavorful food.

Bringing a fork full of noodles, he watched you slurp up the tasteful noodles and swallow them. Almost automatically knowing what to do, you just slurped mouthfuls of noodles one after another. Your forearms resting on the table to hold steady and lean closer to the food so you can devour more quickly.

Almost moaning out from the burst of flavor from the dish, you eagerly opened your mouth to accept more fork fulls. Eventually Yao grew tired of the small fork and took the large spoon from one of the pots to gather more food with, he wanted to see your chubby cheeks stuffed to the brim with his countries food!

After finishing one large plate, you still have the entire trolley! Surely he wouldn’t expect you to eat it all, right? Well, your suspicions were confirmed as he took the remaining plates from the trolley and placed it before you on the table. Moving onto the next bowl, he took the spoon and scooped up as much food as it would hold and practically shoved it into your mouth.

He continued this process, not giving you enough time to swallow the delicious food. He did not stop shoving the variety of noodles and chicken into your mouth until your cheeks were puffed out to their full capacity, some juices escaping your dripping down your chin. He licked his lips before his wet tongue lapped up the fluid on your chin, causing you to blush immensely.

Finally thoroughly chewing your food thoroughly and swallowing, you felt stuffed! You leaned back into the chair and groaned from the pressure within your overstuffed stomach. Yao taking notice of your stomach spilling over the table more than before and rubbing gently to soothe you while whispering into your ear, “We only have dessert left, Qīn’ài de”.

While he rubbed your stomach he began to speak, “You know, I learned that the best way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. It’s a very powerful ingredient in a relationship. Many meals and dining out give a chance to truly enjoy one another..” he began while his eyes stared intensely at your ever growing stomach.

After a couple of moments, the waiters came back to retrieve the now empty trolleys to their amazement while bringing in a new trolley filled with sweets and treats. You wasn’t sure if you could eat another bite! But at the same time, feeling so full made you feel so content and gave a warm feeling inside as your stomach was stuffed with hearty foods.

You decided it was time for you to feed yourself so you could set your own pace while Yao got to enjoy his own food, though he did not eat nearly as much as you did. He was a thin guy after all, the whole time you knew him he has never ate too much and always insisted on feeling you half of his plate anyways.

Your chubby fingers took the cheesecake that was placed on the large place, the treat decorated in chocolate drizzle and chunks of chocolate shavings. You nibbled on the chocolate chips to prepare yourself for devouring the cake, making a mental note to save some for Yao.

Taking your finger to scoop up the whipped cream on top, lustfully licking off the creamy substance while looking Yao directly in the eyes so he received your silent message. His breath hitched as he watched your tongue lap up the white substance with your tongue, oh how he wished he could watch you lap up other thick substances.

He rested his elbows on the table with his head in palms while watching in awe as you began to dig into the cheese cake. Your mouth stretching open to allow access to the dessert and swallowing it as soon as it touched your tongue, swallowing mouthful after mouthful.

Yao set a tall glass of heavy cream on the side for you to wash down the food being gulped down your throat, while also adding a nice touch for extra weight gain from the liquid cream. He truly loved watching you feed yourself, it was almost as erotic as watching you touch yourself. However, you found it increasingly difficult lately with your ever growing thighs and stomach.

With one final slice left, a feeling of guilt washed over you as you realized you ate an entire cake! You looked up with tears prickling the sides of your eyes, Yao noticing this immediately springing into action. “What is wrong, my love? Don’t you like the cake? Do you want more?” he bombarded you with questions as his arms wrapped around your body, barely being able to fully envelope around your waist.

“I-it’s not that  Yao… I ate the entire cake! You must think I am a pig..” you sniffled while looking down, afraid to look Yao in the eyes due to embarrassment. Yao simply pulled you closed and hushed you, peppering kisses all over your chubby face while squeezing and pinching your side rolls.

“You’re so perfect..” he mumbled as he placed chaste kisses down your neck while rubbing your bulging round stomach that was full of food now. You groaned from the feeling of Yao’s hands over your soft belly, rubbing in comforting circles to soothe your over stuffed stomach.

“When we get home, why don’t I show you how beautiful you are..” he whispered huskily into your ear, earning a small whimper and blush to dust across your face while your mind ran with ideas of what was to come.

Got7 as police officers:

Jaebum: usually an undercover because he’s got the looks/takes the police car on a cruise when on duty/the first to fall asleep in case meetings

Mark: the single, women officers all have a thing for him, but he never notices and counts them as extremely friendly coworkers who love their job/everyday at work is a good day for him

Jackson: asks too much questions about each case/wants to help catch bad guys but is always given paperwork to do/constantly begs chief to put him in an active unit “please please please please”

Jinyoung: right hand man of the chief/tries to save Jackson from trouble most of the time/has the best stories of catching bad guys

Youngjae: the happiest officer on the job/whenever he pulls a car over for speeding, he never forgets to talk about his dog with pure excitement for a few seconds

Bambam: the officer who adds additional accessories to his uniform to display his pride in serving the community/checks himself out at every glass door before entering

Yugyeom: a newbie on the job/gets pranked too many times at the station that he pulled his gun on accident a couple of times

F.A.C.E. Family reaction to s/o coming home late

France- he would’ve been waiting at the dining room table, eyes locked on the door waiting for the door to fly open. Tapping his fingers he looks over to the clock, which it reads 1:30 A.M. , far after any time they would’ve been home..what If something happened? Was his lover okay? This thoughts where interrupted by the door making a small click and swinging open. Instantly he’d jump to his feet and make his way to the door, to wrap his arms around his s/o. Holding them close only for him to look into their eyes before they ask him what’s going on “Mon dieu..I was so worried.” He mumbles to himself , holding them closer once more, not planning to let go.

Canada- much like France, he would be waiting for his s/o, his eyes never leaving the clock as each minute passes by. Despite him feeling extremely tired and warn out from a busy day he couldn’t bring himself to sleep without him knowing where is loved one is and knowing their okay. Canada would eventually get stir crazy and stand, pacing around the room, picking things up and cleaning up to try and get his mind off his S/O, but the moment he hears the car pull into the driveway he wouldn’t hesitate to have the door wide open and arms open, waiting to lift up his s/o and smother them with love and kisses, telling them Just how worried he’d been all night.

England- probably the complete opposite of France or Canada, not even waiting inside but outside waiting in the driveway for hours, arms crossed across his chest while he looks out into the dark street, waiting to see headlights pull up the street. “Where the hell are you..” He’d mumble to himself, despite looking angry and seeming like a parent about to punish his child for missing curfew he was extremely worried. The moment he saw headlights pull into the driveway he’d get a wave of relief over himself, relived they where home and okay. Yet when they stepped up to him he’d lecture them for being out so late, yet on the inside the couldn’t wait to wrap them in his arms and be with them again.

America- on his feet the every hour he waited, always opening the curtains to see if a car had pulled up to the driveway, or checking the door to see down the street. He’d send them tons of “hey you okay?” Or “when will you be home?” Texts. He’d pace around the room all night, his face lighting up like a child on Christmas morning when he hears the car door slam shut and he instantly opens the door and runs out, lifting them up in his arms “I was so worried” he’d tell them. Making them know he cared about them and making sure they’re okay before finally letting them actually go inside.

(This is the first headcanon I’ve ever done…I hope you guys enjoy these and he sure to request some more! I’d be happy to do them!)

Soulmate AU Part 2

I accidentally posted this to the wrong account at first. Whoops!

Part 1 here

Part 2: Will

Will was the only one of his friends who hadn’t found his soulmate yet. Most of his friends had found theirs years ago, but Will guessed he wasn’t that lucky. It was unusual for someone his age, the ripe old age of twenty-six, to have not found their soulmate already. Will just assumed that his other half was in another country or something, mainly because there was never any writing that appeared on his skin, just drawings. They were incredible, and Will was aching to find the person who created such beautiful art.

That could wait though, well at least till tomorrow because today, Will and his friends were going out to celebrate. Will had just graduated from medical school and he would be starting at his new job in a few weeks. Will checked his hand for probably the millionth time that morning, just to be sure of the restaurant and time. It was then that he noticed the beginnings of a new drawing. Will smiled to himself and continued to get ready. Lou Ellen and Kayla were on their way to pick him up since he didn’t feel like walking.

Will walked out of the door and waited in a patch of sunlight for Lou Ellen and Kayla. Will had always enjoyed the sunlight and his friends would joke that he was like the son of Apollo. A car horn tore Will from his thoughts. He shook his head and jogged over to the car. Once Will was inside, he greeted the two girls up front.

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raechelpapaya  asked:

How would the vice captains propose to their s/o? (I'm absolutely in love with this blog btw, you're doing such an excellent job! Keep up the excellent work!)

Aw why thank you ;A; ♥ these are the only vice captains I know! If anyone sees a vice captain missing, please let me know! ^^

SUGAWARA would definitely make you do a scavenger hunt. It’d start the minute you got into your car, seeing the note that hasn’t been there from the start: ‘Go to the pet store ten blocks down and look for a shih tzu with a red ribbon.’ Once you made it to the pet store and found the puppy, you discovered a note and rose lying beside the shih tzu. ‘Now take the puppy with you, she’s yours to keep. Get back into your car and go the bakery we always go to.’ And the scavenger hunt would go on until you found the last note, directing you to go straight home. You were already high on your happiness during the event, so imagine your excitement when you saw Suga down on one knee and holding out a ring towards you.

“_____, I love you to the moon and back. Will you do me the honor and let me love you for the rest of our lives?”

IWAIZUMI likes to baby you, there’s no doubt about it. When you come home to the apartment that you two shared, tired and exhausted, Iwaizumi would have used that as his chance and offer you a massage. Starting from your lower back, he’d trail his hands upwards and to your shoulder, making it to your left arm. From there, he’d work his way down before he reached your left hand. Taking out the ring from the box and slipping it onto your ring finger, he’d bring your hand up to his mouth and place a kiss on it as he held it tightly.

“_____, will you marry me?” He says, only to find out that your were sound asleep. Blushing a deep shade of red out of embarrassment, he chuckles and kisses your forehead, slipping into bed with you as he held your left hand in his. He couldn’t wait until you see it the next morning.

KAI had planned his proposal for weeks now, even going as far as checking the weather every day to make sure it wouldn’t rain on that specific day. He had asked you out to a picnic that afternoon, preparing the food himself and even picking you up from your place. Now, Kai was always a gentleman, and that fact didn’t change as he held the car door for you, and offered his arm out to you. As you two sat on the blanket, it was when you looked inside the picnic basket that you accidentally found the black box.

“Hey, Nobuyuki, what’s this?” You asked innocently. The color drained from his face as he watched you open it, your eyes widening as he tried to hide his face from embarrassment.

“Well, now that I’ve been found out…_____, will you agree to be my lifelong partner?”

It was quite a surprise when KAMASAKI suggested eating lunch at the same place that you two had your first date. You could tell by the look on his face that he was anxious about something, but you decided to keep quiet about it, not wanting to fluster him any further. You were even more surprised to see that he remembered what you ordered on your first date, and as he rambled on about how awkward the two of you were then, he got down on one knee beside you.

“We’ve come so far since then, and I fall even more in love with you the more we spend more time together. I’m hoping you’ll do me the honor of marrying me.” Now, how can you not say yes to this adorable man?

AKAASHI didn’t think the day he would ask Bokuto for help would come so soon, but it did. Somehow, Bokuto managed to reunite the team for the special event, helping Akaashi plan the best way to propose to you. In the end, they decided to hide in the park’s botanical garden that you two were taking a walk in. Holding his hand, you were oblivious to the loud shuffling and following they were doing behind you guys before Akaashi knelt on one knee. That was their cue to come out, and behind him, the team held boards that read ‘Will you marry me?’ as Akaashi presented the small box with the ring inside. 

“Yes,” you whispered, covering your mouth in shock as you and Akaashi were being bombarded with hugs from the others but mostly by Bokuto

BONUS (I like to think that he’s the vice captain after the third years retire! ^^)

AONE isn’t much of a talker, and he’d use that to his advantage. You wouldn’t even suspect it when he prepares a special candlelit dinner for the two of you, keeping his true intentions behind an expressionless mask as he serves you your favorite foods. Despite the cool facade he has on, he’d be sweating bullets. The soft smile you sent his way and the look of contentment whenever you took a bite of his cooking were enough to make his knees weak. Pushing the small box your way, he’d wait until you opened it and saw the ring and his note inside of it before popping the question itself.

“_____, will you marry me?” There were no need for words as you tackled the 191cm giant to the ground and peppered his face with kisses.

Neighbors Short: Adorn

A/N: This is much longer than I planned for it to be. Hope you like it :)

“Robyn, are you ready for this?” Leandra asked as she started curling Robyn’s lengthened hair with a wand. Robyn shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, “I guess so. I mean I’ve been on dates before. It can’t be that big of a deal.”
“Well….I don’t know. I mean you’ve never been on a date with a man you were already in love with.”
Robyn glared at Leandra’s reflection causing her to chuckle, “I swear I don’t know who’s worse, you or Melissa. Chris is my friend. We are not in a relationship yet, just trying to see where this is going.”
“Hopefully to the bedroom because you girl need some life put back in your pumpum.”
“I don’t know why I’m friends with you.”
“Because I’m me, do you need another reason?”
Robyn rolled her eyes, “Bye Felicia.”
Leandra laughed as she continued styling Robyn’s hair.

“Daddy, are you nervous?” Amber asked as she sat on Chris’s bed. She was now 14 years old, the top of her head almost reaching her father’s shoulders. Chris looked at his eldest daughter by 5 minutes and shook his head, “No, not really.”
“How long has it been since you’ve been on a date?”
“With someone new? 14 years.”
“Do you even know how to date anymore?”
Chris chuckled as he started to put on his tie, “What you trying to say, Amber?”
“I’m just saying Daddy, you’ve been out of commission for as long as I’ve been alive.”
“That doesn’t mean I don’t still got it.”
“I think ‘it’” Amber said with air quotes, “expired.”
“As long as you’re with the right person, it never expires, Ms. Amber.”
“I guess. I just don’t wanna be this old,” Chris raised his eyebrow at his daughter and she chuckled, “I mean older and still dating. It’s just ugh…weird.”
“It’s not weird. A lot of people get my age and are still dating or re-entering the dating world. It’s not that big of a deal.”
“I don’t know. I guess.”
Amber stood up and began to straighten her father’s tie, “Daddy, do you think you’ll get married again?”
“I don’t know. If I meet the right woman, it’s a possibility. Would you like me to get married again?”
“I don’t know. I guess if they make you happy, I wouldn’t mind.”
“What do you think about Ms. Robyn?”
“I like her. She’s pretty and nice. Would you marry her?”
“I don’t know. I’d have to date her first.”
“Isn’t that the point of tonight?”
“Yes Ms. Amber it is.”
“Well she just better be good to you and we won’t have any problems.”
Chris smiled as Amber looked up at him. He hugged her to his chest before placing a kiss in her hair, “If I see this getting serious, you’ll be the first person I let know, ok?”
“Thank you for fixing my tie.”
“You’re welcome.”

Robyn brushed her hands over her dress. The black sleeveless dress with a sweetheart neckline and hemline that ended mid thigh hugged her mature curves like a glove. Her red geometric patterned stilettos gave her a 6-inch boost and splash of color to her monotone attire. Her diamond studs sparkled in her ear as did her diamond tennis bracelet. She grabbed a red jersey fabric clutch, just big enough to hold her keys, lipstick, face wipes, phone and cash then headed downstairs. Leandra smiled as Myra clapped her hands before running over to her mother, “Mommy, you look so pretty.”
“Thank you MyMy. Please be good for Auntie Lele, ok?”
“Yes Mommy.”
“I’ll be back as soon as I can, ok?”
“Uh huh. Have fun?”
“I will Sweetheart.”
Robyn bent down to hug her daughter before kissing her cheek, “I love you.”
“Love you too, Mommy.”
Myra smiled as Robyn smoothed down her loose curly hair, “I’ll go get ready for bed.”
“Ok. Be careful going up the stairs.”
“Uh huh.”
Myra kissed Robyn’s cheek before going up to her room. Robyn turned to Leandra who walked around her slowly before clicking her tongue, “Nice. Now I don’t wanna see you before sunrise, Ms. Robyn.”
“Leandra, I will be back tonight.”
“Looking like that, you better not be or else I’ma have to do a background check on Chris and make sure he ain’t gay.”
Robyn laughed as she shook her head, “I swear I can’t stand you sometimes.”
“You love me but seriously. Here,” Leandra extended her hand and Robyn immediately recognized the key card from one of the more luxurious hotels in the area.
“Seriously Lele?”
“I’m so serious. I got you a room for the night. If y’all don’t fuck, that’s cool but I don’t want you back here until tomorrow afternoon, you need a break and I can handle my niece for a whole day.”
“I can’t believe you.”
“Somebody needs to give you two lovebirds a push in the right direction.”
Robyn shook her head in disbelief as she tucked the key card into her clutch, “I’m gonna kill you.”
“Not until Chris kill that-“ Robyn chuckled as the doorbell ringing cut off Leandra’s statement.
“That should be your boyfriend. See you tomorrow,” Leandra gave Robyn an air kiss before leaving upstairs to tend to Myra. Robyn ran her hands over her dress to remove anything extraneous before going over to the door. She opened it with a smile and Chris’s dimples deepened in his cheeks as he smiled back, “hey you.”
“hey. You look absolutely stunning.”
Robyn blushed, “thank you. You don’t look bad yourself.”
“So you ready to go?”
“I wanted to say hi to Baby Girl first, if she was awake.”
“Leandra’s already putting her to bed.”
“Oh ok.”
“I mean I can take you upstairs to see her if-“ Chris shook his head, “No, it’s ok. I’ll just see her tomorrow. You ready to go?”
“Uh yea.”
Robyn took Chris’s extended hand as he led her over threshold and closed the door behind her. Robyn quickly locked the door then turned back to Chris, “Let’s go.”

Robyn had to hold in her chuckle as they pulled into the parking lot of their destination for the evening. Ironically, it was right across the street from the hotel Leandra booked her room in. Surely it was mere coincidence but it was hilarious as well. Chris turned to Robyn’s amused face, “something funny?”
“I was actually thinking about something Leandra said.”
“Uh oh.”
Robyn chuckled and tapped the back of Chris’s hand, “It wasn’t bad. Inappropriate but not bad.”
“Well if Leandra said it, I’m not too surprised.”
“Tell me about it.”
Chris smiled at her and they just stared at each other for a moment before Robyn cleared her throat, “is there something wrong?”
“No. You just look really pretty tonight.”
“You’re welcome.”
Chris got out and opened up the passenger side door before extending his hand. Robyn grasped it firmly and carefully climbed out of the low slung car. Chris pressed the button to automatically lock the car doors before escorting Robyn inside the restaurant. After checking in with the maitre’d, they were led to a cozy table in the back of the restaurant. Tucked into the back corner, it was illuminated by dim candlelight. The seating rather romantic, Robyn blushed involuntarily as Chris held out her seat to assist her before seating himself.
“So…what you think?”
“I love it. I’ve always wanted to come here but never got a chance to.”
“I’m glad you like it. What would you like to drink?”
“Red wine for me.”
Once the waiter made his way over to them, Chris gave him their drink order and accepted the menus. He handed Robyn one before perusing his own. Settling on a steak with white wine sauce, sautéed broccolini and mashed potatoes, Chris waited as Robyn finished deciding on her order. It was quickly transmitted to the waiter as he returned with their drinks, leaving them in complete silence and privacy. Robyn took a quick sip of her wine as she looked around the restaurant. Everyone looked so familiar with their dinner dates and intimately spoke with barely a breath of space between them. Chris began fiddling with his silverware as he too took notice of the dining room. A basket of bread was brought to the table giving them both an excuse to not speak. The silence was awkward between them. Robyn gingerly swallowed a buttered piece of bread and reached into the basket for another piece when her hand tangled with Chris’s causing them both to laugh, instantly breaking the tension.
“Why are we acting like we don’t know each other?” Robyn said softly.
Chris shrugged his shoulders, “Not entirely sure. This isn’t our usual setting, of course.”
“Of course.”
“I kind of don’t know what to say to you.”
“I thought I was the only one who felt like that.”
Chris chuckled as he wiped his mouth of any food particles, “Let’s pretend we’re sitting on the porch and just go from there.”
“Ok. How was your day today?”
“It was good. I secured a new client today.”
“Really? Congratulations.”
“What do they do?”
“Real estate but most of their money is generational so I’m more helping to manage investments and stuff.”
“That’s really cool. Guess it’s a break from your usual clients.”
“A little bit. They are little bit more relaxed than your usual millionaires.”
Robyn chuckled, “have you ever thought of running your own accounting company?”
“When I first started that was my original goal but then I realized the whole entrepreneur thing wasn’t really my bag at least not in this particular field.”
“Well what field would you like to run your own thing?”
“I’ve always wanted my own art gallery.”
“Yea but not classical stuff like Van Gogh more edgy like Basquiat or some graffiti artists.”
“You know you could still do that.”
“Nah, I don’t think so. The girls are still young, maybe once they go off to college or something. I like the stability.”
“What about you?”
“What about me?”
“Ever wanted to do something other than nursing?”
“Fashion was my thing as a child.”
“Design or?”
“Yea. Have my own line or whatever.”
“I can see a Fenty Design House on a label somewhere.”
Robyn chuckled, “you’re sweet but it’s just a pipe dream. Nothing that’ll ever really happen.”
“You never know. You could always start small. I mean I draw, you can tell me what you want and we can go from there.”
“You’d do that for me?”
“Robyn, I’d do anything you’d ask me to.”
Robyn blushed as she squeezed his hand, “You’re a sweetheart.”
“So how has Myra been?”
“She’s good. She’s excited about next weekend.”
“I’m glad. My mom is too. She’s been begging me to bring Myra back to Virginia for a visit.”
“Good. She should get to see her granddaughter on more than just holidays.”
“Yea. You sure you don’t wanna come, Mama J definitely won’t mind?”
“Nah, this is her bonding time and I don’t wanna interrupt.”
“You know that you coming is not an interruption.”
“Besides that’s time for you and all your girls to bond some more. It’s best if I don’t go.”
“You sure?”
“Ok. Well I really wanted you to come, I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to hide you or exclude from anything.”
“It doesn’t.”
“Ok, I got a week to work on you so we’ll figure something out.”
“Chris, do you ever just take no for an answer?”
“If I did, do you think you’d be on this date with me?”
Robyn pursed her lips in amusement as Chris smirked, “Besides with these dimples, how can anybody honestly tell me no?”
Robyn sighed dreamily, “They are just so adorable.”
“I know, right.
“Modest much?” Robyn replied sarcastically.
“I’m just agreeing with you.”
Chris chuckled before giving Robyn a big smile causing her to smile in return.

“You know, only you would suggest a walk while I have on 6-inch heels that I’ve barely broken in,” Robyn said as she stood at the passenger door of Chris’s car. Chris chuckled as he maneuvered around her to open the door for her and help her get seated. As he climbed in and started the car, he looked to her, “we didn’t even walk yet. Besides where we’re going, you won’t need shoes, Ms. Fetny.”
“Where are we going?”
“You’ll see when we get there.”
Robyn raised her eyebrow at him causing Chris to chuckle, “Just trust me Beautiful, I got this.”

Chris pulled onto the sand and parked his car as close as the law would allow. Robyn stared out the window at the ink black sky, the stars sparkled one by one as her vision spanned the expanse of sky.
“Chris, where are we? I’ve never been to this side of the beach before.”
“It’s a private section. Most people don’t even know it exists.”
“Cool. You sure about this? I don’t wanna get sand all in your car.”
“That’s what they make vacuum cleaners for. Besides I’ll wash your feet before you climb in, if it’ll make you feel better.”
Robyn gave him a bemused look at she unbuckled her seat belt. Chris moved her chair back and leaned over to slide her shoes off her feet then did the same to himself. Exiting the car, his feet barely sank into the firm sand as he walked over to the passenger side of the car. There wasn’t too much wind, just enough to blow Robyn’s hair gently. He entwined their fingers together and started to lead her to the water.
“You know that cliché dating bio, I like taking long walks on the beach?” Robyn said softly.
“Uh huh”
“I never really gave it much credit until now. This is actually really cool.”
“I’m glad you like it. I kind of wanted to try something I’ve never done before.”
“You’ve never done this?”
“Oh no. I’m not the biggest nature fan.”
“Sure could’ve fooled me.”
Chris chuckled, “I just thought it’d be nice to see something like this.”
“It is.”
Robyn and Chris walked in silence for a few moments before stopping. Robyn turned with her back to Chris and leaned back against his chest, “you know, I’m really glad you asked me out.”
“Me too.”
“I was kind of scared that’s why I turned you down at first.”
“Scared? Why?”
“Don’t be mad at me for saying this but I didn’t want to just be a rebound, you know?”
“A rebound? You? Never.”
“I mean that’s easy to say but I know how much you loved your wife and I didn’t want to just feel like a replacement.”
Robyn’s head dipped and Chris turned her body to face him. With a tilt of her chin, Chris kissed her, “If there is one thing I’m sure of, it’s the fact you could never be a rebound. I know it can be a bit confusing considering how our situation came about but I waited a whole year for a reason. I’d never want to play with your heart or feelings and I’d definitely never want to play around with my own. I asked you out because I want to be with you and I want to see where exactly our connection would take us. That has nothing to do with anyone else but me and you, ok?”
Robyn nodded her head before pressing her lips against his for a few moments. She then wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly. Chris kissed her temple and rubbed her back, “You’re beautiful. Wonderful and just the most amazing woman I have ever met. Don’t ever forget that.”
Muffled, Robyn murmured softly, “I won’t”

It was another hour or so before they started making the return walk to Chris’s car. It was like every few steps, Chris was kissing her. Sometimes on the lips, other times on the temple, cheek. Even a few times along her neck and shoulders. Robyn giggled like a teenager on her first date. She felt giddy in a way she hadn’t planned on.

Chris unlocked the doors and sat Robyn down in the passenger seat while he dug around in his trunk. Coming back to her banishing a few bottles of water, he kneeled in the sand in front of her.
“Wait a minute Chris, you were serious?”
“As a heart attack. Left foot please?”
Robyn placed her pedicured left foot in Chris’s hand. He carefully opened a bottle of water and began rinsing the sand off her foot. Robyn giggled and tugged back a little as his hand brushed along the bottom of her foot, “Why you keep moving, Robs?”
“I’m ticklish, Babe.”
Chris smirked at the endearment then chuckled as Robyn’s face flushed red, “Sorry, I didn’t-“
“I don’t have a problem with you calling me Babe, Robyn.”
“I know, it’s just a little early to be- well you know.”
“It’s natural and you’re comfortable, don’t worry about it.”
Chris pecked her lips then returned to rinsing off her feet. Using a spare towel, he dried her left foot and set it down in the car. Robyn extended her right foot for him to repeat the gesture. As he finished, he placed a soft kiss on her ankle then stood up. Robyn wasn’t a big fan of being dramatic but the urge to squeal in delight was strong. She held her composure as Chris climbed into the driver’s side of the car. He quickly brushed off the bottom of his socks before setting his feet insdie and closing the door. He turned to face Robyn, “It’s about 11. You wanna call it a night or you have something else you’d like to do?”

Robyn’s mind immediately went to the key car she had in her clutch. Just because they went to the hotel room didn’t automatically mean they had to have sex. Chris was a gentleman and she wasn’t ready to end the night just yet. She sighed deeply, “Don’t think me presumptuous especially because this isn’t my fault.”
“What’s up?”
“Leandra got us a room at the Four Seasons. I was thinking we could get a couple drinks, hang out a little bit before going home.”
“Why would I think you presumptuous?”
“I just don’t want you think I planned on us sleeping together or anything like that.”
“Because you have a hotel key? Of course not besides we both have children at home, not exactly ideal for an adult nightcap, don’t you think?”
“True enough.”
“Do you wanna go to the hotel because you look a little unsure?”
“I wanna go, I just don’t wanna make you uncomfortable.”
Chris smiled slowly, “come here.”
Robyn moved a little closer as he leaned over the console and Chris kissed her softly, “Nothing will happen that we don’t both agree with. Whenever you’re ready to go, I will gladly drive you home.”
Robyn smiled, “Ok then let’s go.”
Chris nodded his head in agreement and started driving to the hotel.

Robyn’s mouth was agape as they walked inside the hotel. She squeezed Chris’s hand as they walked, causing him to chuckle, “You must’ve always wanted to come here?”
“More like come back. I was here once before for an associate’s wedding, I just never had a reason to come back.”
“Not even a mini stay-cation?”
“No. It just never made sense to me to get a hotel when I live like an hour away besides all the money I saved for vacations was used to go back home to Barbados.”
“Your whole family is still there?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Seems like it’s a beautiful place.”
“It is. Very lax place, I’d think you’d like it.”
“I’ll have to visit one day.”
“Just let me know and I may just show you around.”
Chris smiled as he led Robyn to the posh bar in the back of the hotel lobby. Diamond chandeliers hung all over the place as mid-tempo and slow-tempo music played in the background. It was lound enough to hear but not to obstruct conversation. Chris pulled out a bar stool and helped Robyn sit down before taking a seat himself, “what would you like to drink?”
“A mango margarita please?”
“Frozen or not?”
Chris nodded his head and gestured for the bartender, quickly ordering their drinks, he paid for them and slid Robyn’s margarita in front of her. She gently tapped her glass against his, “to a perfect ending of a great date.”
“To a perfect ending of a great date,” Chris repeated before taking a sip of his drink.

“Chrisss…” Robyn slurred slightly as she leaned on his shoulder.
“Yes Sweetheart?” Chris said with a low chuckle. He was surprised it took Robyn this long to get drunk, after 5 shots of Patron, 3 margaritas and some Don Julio, he figured she’d be fucked up.
“I think I’m drunk. Not throw up drunk but tipsy drunk. Like honest drunk when your filter doesn’t work anymore but not honest drunk where I try and fuck you in the elevator. Or like wobbly but don’t fall down drunk. Or pulling my clothes off because I’m super hot drunk. I think I’m just tipsy drunk.”
Chris couldn’t help but laugh at her random conversation. She had been spouting non-sensical things since her fourth shot of Patron. It was actually kind of cute to watch, she kind of had this freeness about her that was very adorable. Like a young child who just found a new best friend and wanted to share all they knew about the world in one breath.
“Yes Sweetheart?”
“Are we gonna have sex tonight because I don’t think I bought any condoms with me?”
Chris laughed, “No Robyn, we aren’t having sex. For one, you are drunk and two, it’s not time for that.”
“Ok. Chrisss….”
“Yes Sweetheart?”
“Where are we going?”
“Upstairs to your room.”
“My room? Is Myra here I don’t want her to see me like this.”
“No Myra isn’t here. She’s at home with Leandra, me and you are at the Four Seasons hotel.”
“Oh. So why aren’t we having sex then?”
“Sweetheart, you need to get some sleep.”
“But I don’t wanna go to sleep. It’s still early.”
“It’s going on 2 am, Robyn.”
“So….club closed. Time for the after party.”
“Robyn, it’s just you and me, there is no after party.”
“I mean you could drop the pants and we can start one.”
“Robyn, I just-“ Chris had no words as he took the key card out of Robyn’s clutch and opened the door. The room was very clean and beautiful. Chris kicked the door closed behind him and led Robyn to the living room.
“Robyn, can you get to the bedroom on your own or do you need my help?”
“Nope,” Robyn said with a giggle, “I got it.”
She started humming and laughing to herself as she carefully stepped out of her shoes and walked in the direction of the bedroom. Chris set her clutch, the key card and his belongings on the counter of the kitchen. He found a room service menu and thought it was best to have them deliver some aspirin, water, juice and something for Robyn to eat in case she threw up tonight. As he waited for them, he went to the bedroom. It was really quiet and he hoped Robyn hadn’t passed out or anything. As he pushed open the door, he saw her standing in front of the bed attempting to remove her dress but was clearly having some issues. He chuckled, “You need some help, Robyn?”
“Yup,” she giggled again, “I think I’m drunker than I thought. Can’t find the zipper.”
“That’s because there is no zipper, Sweetheart.”
“Oh!” Robyn exclaimed as she tapped herself on the forehead. Chris moved behind her, “Just lift your arms up and I’ll pull the dress over your head.”
Robyn raised her arms and Chris tugged the dress over her head. As a courtesy he tried not to look but there was unfortunately a mirror in the corner of the room giving him a perfect peripheral view of Robyn’s body. To his surprise, she was almost completely naked save her lace g-string that didn’t really cover much.
“Ummm….Wow,” Chris murmured and Robyn giggled in response, “Chrisss….”
“I think someone’s at the door.”
Chris shook his head to clear his mind, “It’s probably room service. Uh, you go ahead and get comfortable, I’ll get the door.”
He dropped her dress onto a nearby chair and rushed out of the bedroom. That unmistakable ache in his loins started up and he could feel his dick hardening against his leg. No man should get that hard, that quick just from looking. It’s just not like him. He gathered the items he ordered from room service and placed them in the fridge of the kitchen. He started to go back to the bedroom but stopped himself midway. It was not a good idea to go in there not with his dick as hard as it is. Not while Robyn was still naked and probably drunkily prancing around the room.

A few minutes of concentrated mediation, Chris felt ready enough to simply bid her goodnight. The closer he got to the slightly opened door, he kept hearing this noises. Maybe she had turned the TV on but fallen asleep. He pushed open the door and Robyn was laying on top of the covers, still in just her underwear, her attention intent on whatever was on the TV.
“FUUUUCCCKK!!” a voice moaned into the room. Chris furrowed his brow as he could see both of Robyn’s hands and knew it wasn’t her so he moved further into the room. He chuckled to himself, Robyn was watching a porn. This could not be happening to him right now.
“Robyn? Sweetheart?”
She turned towards his voice and the look on her face made his dick start rising again. He clamored to move his hands in front of his crotch as he moved further into the room, “Robyn? What are you watching?”
“I don’t know. This was the last channel it was on,” she tilted her head at the TV, “looks interesting.”
“Robyn, that’s a porn.”
“Oh ok.”
She simply shrugged her shoulders as Chris sat on the edge of the bed, “may I have the remote please?”
She handed it to him and Chris luckily caught it without looking directly at her but no good was that because of the damned mirror angled perfectly at her. She just looked absolutely perfect and ready for anything right about now. Chris clicked off the TV, leaving them partially in the dark as some moonlight was creeping into the room through the window, “Robyn, you need to get some sleep. We have to leave in the morning.”
“Ok but you gotta come lay down with me.”
“I don’t know if that’s a-“
“I’m not taking no for an answer,” Robyn yawned as she patted the spot next to her on the bed. Chris cast his eyes down as now she was sitting on her knees. Her breasts sitting high on her chest, jeweled rings pierced her nipples as an intricate tattoo marked the skin right underneath her breastbone. This was all becoming too much.
“Sweetheart, maybe I should-“
“Maybe you should stop looking down while you’re talking to me and just come here. The liquor is starting to wear off, I’m not drunk anymore. Tipsy maybe but not drunk.”
“This still isn’t-“ Chris paused as he felt the bed dip in front of him and for the life of him, he couldn’t prevent himself from looking. Robyn was kneeling directly in front of him, her breasts at his eye-level. God, she was beautiful.

She knew Chris was nervous and trying to be a gentleman and as much as she admonished the thought of them having sex tonight, she found that she was actually hoping they would. Her liquor had started to wear off after the cold air of the room hit her body once Chris helped her take off her dress. For over two years now she kept her libido in check. First they were just friends and Chris was still married. Then she wanted to give him time to properly get over his ex-wife. Now they were just going around in circles like virginal teenagers afraid of going too far. But at this moment, she wanted to go too far.

She took Chris’s hand in hers and placed his palm on her exposed hip. The awe on his face as he stared up at her made her wanna whimper out loud. Just a look made her feel like the sexiest woman in the world. He went to pull back but she didn’t let him. Taking his other hand, she splayed it on her lower back, teetering along the dip between her back and the rise of her ass. His hands were strong, warm and oddly comfortable on her skin.
“Robyn, we shouldn’t-“ she placed her fingertips on his lips, “Shh…no more talking. Just do what you feel and let’s take it from there.”
She felt like she had been shocked as Chris caressed her skin. This electricity ran through her body as he kissed the skin of her belly, taut from genes and moderate exercise. As his lips roamed the plane of her body, she sighed softly as she ran her fingers through his curly mane. The curls evidence of his Native American heritage were the perfect anchor for her ministrations.

Chris peeled her underwear off her body, just before laying her down on the bed. He wasn’t sure what exactly Robyn was expecting but he prayed she didn’t come to her senses after it was too late. After all this time, he finally got to see the shapely body that moved under her uniform and tasteful clothing. He had never seen anything so exquisite in his life. Trust, before marriage, he had seen a lot more than people would’ve thought but Robyn was in a league all her own. He stroked the skin of her legs and upper thighs as he kneeled to her feet. Robyn propped herself up on her elbows as Chris massaged the skin of her feet then moved onto her ankles, placing soft kisses along the way.

She didn’t know what to call this. Were they about to have sex? Make love? Fuck? She wasn’t sure but she had never been in a position like this. Chris had this look in his eye that read of pure admiration as he trailed his tongue, hands and lips along the silky smooth expanse of her skin. She felt her lady parts tremble as her legs were bent at the knee and moved apart. Cold air made her shiver but Chris’s kisses made her do it more. He worked slowly but thoroughly. Each touch deliberate and sensual but not sexual if that made any sense.

Chris stared at her womanly center and licked his lips. Robyn’s whole body tasted like some kind of tropical dessert, just sweet and fruity but somehow he knew the pure essence of it lay right in the center of her body. Pulling off his t-shirt, Chris was now topless as he meandered his fingers along the skin of her pussy. Robyn arched off the bed at his touch. Chris gently and slowly moved his fingers along the lips of her center. He teased the barbell of jewelry that pierced the skin above her clit and watched as her juices flowed from her canal. He had never seen someone with that area of their body pierced before and never would’ve guessed Robyn the type. He took a deep breath as he spread her open and dived headfirst.
“CHRIS!” Robyn exclaimed as he claimed her pussy without warning. He had been moving slowly, teasing her bit by bit before shocking her body with an immediate orgasm. Lord, this man had a set of lips on him.

Chris could’ve sworn he saw the stars and rainbows in his eyes as he tasted Robyn. It was like she was just a walking candy shop, every part of her was sweet. Slurping her up was the only way to describe what exactly he was doing because after her first orgasm, they just kept coming like rushing waterfalls. If he was to drown in her, that would be the perfect way to go.

Robyn’s chest moved rapidly as she tried to catch her breath. Chris hovered over her with a gentle smile, touching her upper body with the bare tip of his fingertips, “you ok?” She couldn’t speak for a few moments so she nodded her head in response. Chris leaned forward and pecked her lips, “we can stop here if you want.”
There was no way she was gonna go this far and not go all the way. She had a curiosity that needed to be fed and she knew exactly who could do it. She smoothed her hands over Chris’s chest before splaying them across his back, pulling his body to hers. Her breath slowed to normal as Chris wiped tear drops from her face. He had never been with a woman so orgasmic that she cried. This was a first.
In a gentle whisper, Robyn murmured against his lips, “we have to do this right.”
“I have condoms in my wallet.”
“Go get them.”
Chris kissed her softly before leaving the room to get his wallet. Robyn’s center was still tingling, her hands wandered down to pat the sensation away but soon she was playing in her own wetness. 4 years of celibacy was coming back to haunt her as she toyed with her piercing, stroked her own clit and moaned in the darkness of the room.

Chris came back in and just stood in the doorway, watching as she pleasured herself almost uncontrollably. The slightly frantic movements of her fingers sliding in and out of her made him smile, it was clear she was just as horny and wanted this just as much as he did. That was all the reassurance he needed that this moment was right. He walked back over to her slowly, her eyes were closed and her hips were rotating with the movements of her fingers. Her moans were soft and kittenlike, almost akin to a purr. Her hair was wild about her shoulders and a light sheen of sweat was covering her skin making it seem like she was shining in the moonlight. Chris removed his pants then his boxers before climbing back into the bed. Not one to stop a crowning moment, he simply pushed one of his fingers inside of her as she did the same with her own fingers and she gasped at the depth. Curving his finger, he touched the spongy area beneath her pelvic bone causing her legs to tremble and her back to arch. Just a couple of strokes and she soaked the sheets beneath them with a soft whimper. Chris licked her juices off his finger before he moved to roll the condom on his hardened member. Robyn’s eyes glowed in the darkness as she opened them to stare at Chris. Her lips moved but no sound came out as she reached down between them to grab his dick in her hands. It was rigid and thick, almost as wide as her wrist. It was lengthy as well, she almost wished she had a ruler to measure it. With her anticipation came a tinge of fear, how was he gonna fit?

Chris moved into an angled position as he moved a pillow beneath Robyn’s pelvis, “I’m gonna go slow. I don’t wanna hurt you, ok?” Robyn simply nodded her head as she gripped the sheets to brace herself for what she knew was coming. Chris entered her at a 45 degree angle with just the tip. Robyn sucked in a breath at the stinging she felt. She was well lubricated but her body wasn’t accustomed to anything this big.
“Fuck,” she moaned as Chris started to slide in a few more inches. She had to fight to keep her legs open, them immediately wanting to shut around the large intruder but at same time she wanted him to keep moving. Chris shifted then slid in a few more inches, it felt like his tip kissed the mouth of her womb. The tightness was almost pleasurably suffocating, “Damn it, Robyn.”
“Oh God, Don’t stop. Just keep- fuck!”
Chris slid the final inches inside her until he reached the bottom and he just stopped. Not one stroke, he just wanted to marinate in her depths. Robyn’s nails dug into his back as her body attempted to adjust to it’s new visitor. Chris kissed her forehead, around her cheeks, the tip of her nose, her neck and her shoulders. He moved softly and gently, he didn’t want her to be uncomfortable for too much longer but he knew a little more was coming before she would adjust to him better. Each tiny stroke gave her taste of the pleasure Chris could give her. Each push downward, her pelvis met trying to keep as much as it could. As the stinging subsided, Robyn bit the lobe of Chris’s ear and instructed him to go harder and deeper than he ever had.

Clear that her body would be sore in the morning, Robyn didn’t care as Chris exited and entered her like a professional. Like he had written the manual on how to please her, hitting every spot at just the right angle. Making sure to rub against her clit with every stroke. Teasing her piercing with tip every chance he could. She didn’t know what to call this but whatever it was, was the best she had ever had.

“Turn over.” Chris murmured gruffly as he situated Robyn on all fours. Grabbing her hair like a pair of horse reins, he kissed and nibbled on the back of her neck, “Bend all the way over. Chest to the bed.”
Robyn did as she was told as Chris slid back into her pussy with an enormous amount of control. She moaned, he felt so much larger from the back than she expected. Almost like she was stuffed with his dick but God help her if it didn’t feel so good. Using her hair to control their speed, Chris stroked her in the doggy style position until the sheets felt like someone had poured a bucket of water on them. Her cum dripped down their thighs, mixing into their sweat increasing the strong air of sex in the room.
“Oh Dear God,” Robyn moaned as Chris began to slam into her. The movement slick and smooth. She knew he was coming, she felt it in how his legs trembled behind her. In how his hands gripped her hair tighter. She wanted him to spill all over her skin but she knew better than to request such a thing. Surely for their first time she didn’t want to freak him out.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Chris mumbled between gritted teeth. His strokes more forceful, his grip on her hair even tighter than before, he felt the orgasm start at his toes and work its way through his body until he couldn’t control it any longer. He bust into the condom but became concerned as his cum overflowed from Robyn’s pussy. He knew there was no way for him to get her pregnant but he had never came like that in his life.

They lie on the couch, having slipped off the bed due to the soaked sheets. Chris’s fingertips swirled over the skin of her hip as she slept cuddled to his body. Sure this had been a new date and the first time they had sex but he knew something else was in play as he stared down at Robyn’s sleeping face. He was in love with her and he wasn’t gonna ever let her go.

Fic: Family Values (1/14)

Family Values

Summary: Blaine’s parents are away from home a lot. Which he’s never really thought of as a problem, until now. 

Notes: Diverges from canon during and after 4x22. Because I started writing it before Cory Monteith’s death, Finn is still alive in this story, but is mentioned only in passing.

With many thanks to wowbright and damnpene and Yahtzee for beta reading, and Punk for help with videogames, like always.

- - - - 

The day Blaine Anderson’s life changed forever started like any normal Tuesday. Wake up, get ready for the day, and text his parents good morning. Heading to school now!They didn’t respond, but that wasn’t unusual either. They were less insistent on it this year, now that he was eighteen. 

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anonymous asked:

Hiii can I prompt you? Sterek please: "we just had a fight and I said something I shouldn't have said and I got a call from a stranger saying you were in a car accident fuck please be alright" with stiles is the one having the accident thanks bb

Derek paces the apartment waiting for Stiles to come back.

He’d stormed off well over two hours ago and the middle of what had been shaping up to be their nastiest fight ever.

Derek’s still not sure if he wants him to come home so he can yell at him more or so that they can work things out.

But either way he wants him home.

He knows if it takes much longer he’s going to wear a path into the floor with his incessant pacing.

His phone rings and he picks up without looking at the caller ID.

“Stiles?” he asks hopefully.

“Mr. Hale?” the female voice questions.

“This is he.”

“Mr. Hale, you should sit down,” the lady says calmly.

Derek doesn’t think he’ll need to, but he listens anyway and sinks into the couch.

“What is it?”

“You are listed as the emergency contact for Stiles Stilinski.”

Derek lets out a sharp breath at that. He had no idea Stiles had changed that. Stiles has been his contact for years, long before they even got together, but that was mostly for logical reasons.

This isn’t. At all.

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Friends with benefits

Pietro x reader

Warning: swearing

Prompt: slightly, the movie, friends with benefits (if you havent seen, it i highly suggest it)

N/A: this is a long one so grab your popcorn and enjoy. Also all the wonderful pj pants mentioned are all ones i actually own, just a fun fact for ya. 

Part 2- 


I’ve always been told purples my color, not like Barney purple, but lilac purple. So it’s ironic that that same color is the one that comes out of fingers. That’s the only reason SHIELD wants me, no not because of the purple vapor, because of its abilities. I have never really told anyone about my gift, only my dad, who also happens to be a well known SHIELD agent. As some as he found out he was on the phone with Nick Fury. I had wished he would have given me time to adjust, if he would have maybe I wouldnt have ran. I needed to find myself, as clitché as that may sound, and becoming an asset to SHIELD wasnt going to help. I moved in with my grandma who lived two states over and had no contact with my father. I never explained why I randomly had shown up but she didnt question it, only opened her doors for me. I was always thankful for the fact she probably just assumed my dad had scared me off, she always did hate him even, when he was married to my mom.

My grandma was very low tech, not even have so much as a house phone. So I took online classes, at the library, and focused on working with my powers and combat skills. My grandma never noticed, she was too busy knitting or scrapbooking about her dog.

After I got my powers under control I decided to join society again with a high school diploma and powers stronger than ever under my belt. I started locally, stopping thiefs and small town gangs. I also helped farmers with their fields and grow fruit and veggies for soup kitchens. I somehow worked my way onto SHIELDS Radar, maybe it was somewhat intentional.

Nick didnt even ask me to come, he only send plane tickets and enough money for a cab to the airport with a post it note stating someone will be there to pick me up. Of course I took the somewhat offer, not hesitant to pack my bags and leave the boring town. It is only a two hour flight so I pack a book and my music and am on my way.


I look around for someone that looks as if they’re here for me. I see white hair jumping around, chasing something, but he was so fast the wind he made only pushed the paper farther away. I run over to him, my speed matching his, scaring him a tad. I notice the sign he is chasing has my name on it, I pick up the page , holding it to my chest.

“You’re Y/N?” His accent is thick and very cool, almost soothing. My name rolls off his tongue beautifully.

“In the flesh.” He nods, slightly smirking while checking me out, probably looking at my mint green panda pyjama pants. I ignore it and head to grab my bag. He tries to take to carry himself. I use my super strength, not allowing my grip to budge. He sighs and walks in the direction I’m guessing is where the car is. He opens the door of the all black SUV for me, I have never experienced such gentlemen ways before. Grandma always said thats how Grandpa was, her eyes would light up because of the memories, it was always very sweet.


Third person P.O.V

“We have a new recruit coming, she is probably the most dangerous of us all.” Nat speaks up, catching everyones attention, they all look uneasy. Bruce the worst of them all.

“Worse then Banner?” Nat slowly nods answering Tonys question.

“NO ONE IS MIGHTIER THAN ME. I AM A GOD.” Thor says, unnecessarily loud. Nat looks down at her feet as Steve is lost in thought.

“Do you honestly not remember when greeny whipped Loki, who is also a god, like a rag doll?” Bruce looks ashamed at himself even if he cant control what he does it that form.

“Nick thought it would be best if she was here with us. I happen to agree with him. Just make sure she feels welcomed and she is to train with each of us. Each day someone else. They are already working on new schedules.” Nat is interrupted by she phone beeping, it was Pietro. “They will be here in 15 minutes.”


“I have to ask, why is Nick so obsessed with you? He hasnt quit talking about you since you appeared.” His blue eyes are focused on the road, one hand tightly gripped on the steering wheel.

“Im guessing its an ego thing, if Im being honest. Hes known about me since I was 13 but I went into hiding. I needed to work on my powers, being thrown into SHIELD wouldnt help me at all. So, I suppose when he found me again, he needed me to join.” I shrug, putting my feet on the dash, stretching my muscles that are still tired from the plane ride.

“You must be something else if he’s this anxious to get his hands on you.” I chuckle at his words. I wish I wasn’t.

“You have no idea.”


“You must be Y/N!” Tony Stark cheers while shaking my hand, theres a falseness to his tone. I focus my powers so I can get into his head, the only down side is he will know what I’m doing, my eyes will turn purple. It was a dead give away.

‘Stark, be nice. You have to. Nat said she was more dangerous than Banner. Watch yourself.’ His thoughts said

Wow, how sweet. I already have a reputation. Tony looks startled, this causes Steve to step forward.

“Nice to meet you Y/N.” He says genuinely, it was a nice change from Tonys Demeanor. He shakes my hand and I smile at him which he returns. This continues with Nat, Bruce, Sam, Scott, Wanda, and Thor, whom was probably one of my favorites. Although they were all great, A smile never left my face. That hasnt happened in a while. Pietro quickly takes my bags to my room, I follow him at his same speed.

“How did you?” He looks confused, yet intrigued. I shrug and run around quickly, unpacking my bags in minutes.

“I’ll race you to the common room.” I smirk, he did too. He counts us off and I run as fast I can. Down the hall around a corner. Pietro and I neck and neck until he trips over the rug.

“Wow, I didnt think you would be falling for me this soon.” I smirk, helping him up. He smiles at me and the team is laughing behind us.

“I hate to interrupt but Nat never told us your, ah, qualifications. I was thinking maybe for dramatic effect.” Tonys attitude was bearable but It still rubbed me the wrong way, I think I may have been his tone. Though, He was decently entertaining.

“I doubt my shitty qualifications are to your standards Mr. Stark. I’m probably just a little farm girl compared to you or anyone else in the room.” I was trying to downplay it, not that Im full of myself because of my gift, I just remember Tonys thoughts and decide to have some fun with it. Nat laughs at my statement and at Tonys eye roll, I smile at her which she returns while also cocking her perfectly arched eyebrow. I sigh and wave at Nat telling her just to tell him and everyone else.

“Y/N is from Brooklyn, Her father was Nicks right hand man. Her mother was killed when she was two because of her fathers position, which also led to his death a few years ago. She discovered her powers at age 13, thats when he dad told Nick and he wanted her to join SHIELD. She then ran away to her Grandmas, from there working on controlling her powers and getting her high school diploma. After 6 years she started to use her powers to help with thiefs and gangs in her community, leading us into now. The newest Avenger. She has the power to mimick other powers.” Nat spills my file, the part about my dad stings. Yeah, I knew about it but I was too caught up in school and training to grieve. It was easier to ignore it. Still is.

“So you can steal powers?” Tony questions.

“No, I can mimic them. Stealing would mean I keep them. I can only hold certain powers for a little bit. Some longer than others. It helps if someone near has the power I’m trying to get.” Everyone looks somewhat confused. I can feel Wanda in my head, searching around.

“So, could you mimic me?” Bruce says nervously, probably hoping the answer is no.

“Id have to try to know for sure, which Id rather not, but probably.”

“I don’t believe you. You probably just have speed like me.” Pietro spoke up.

“She’s telling the truth.” Wanda sticks up for me. I smile at her thankfully.

“Prove it.”