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Do you have any ideas on modern outfits for the main spring awakening character?

I went a bit crazy and thought of headcanons for everyone, hope this helps! (this is btw just how I see the characters and other headcanons are super cool too and I really wanna hear them tbh!)

-tennis skirts
-lots of flower patterns 
-loves harajuku fashion but isn’t allowed to wear it
-matching girlfriend necklace with Ilse
-only wears super old vans that’re already falling apart
-heart shaped sunglasses

-ripped jeans
-leather jackets
-wears earrings 
-always doodles on his shoes
-doesn’t own a sweater that actually fits him
-has lots of buttons and doodles on his backpack 

-button ups paired with sweaters are his brand tbh
-king of skinny jeans seriously get that boy some normal pants his legs must be numb by now

-also ripped jeans
-embroidered jackets 
-fishnet tights 
-dr. martens 
-eyeliner so sharp it could kill a man 

-mostly pastel especially lavender 
-cardigans + dresses

-many frills and lace
-only wears skirts and dresses
-loves lolita fashion but is too shy to wear it 
-flat ballet shoes 
-hair clips 

-definitely has a tongue piercing
-dr. martens 
-bomber jackets 
-doesn’t own a backpack, Ernst always has to carry all his stuff
-crop tops 

-button ups with cute animals and plants 
-wears fake glasses bcus he looks cute with them
-doesn’t own a piece of clothing without doodles on it 
-let’s Moritz draw on his clothes 

-super old converse
-eyeliner game is always on point 
-curly hair 
-septum piercing

-queen of bralettes 
-always has the prettiest nail polish 
-somehow always has flowers in her dr. martens (Martha puts them there)
-tends to steal everyones jackets 

-has an undercut 
-thin framed glasses
-actually buys normal jeans but they and up being ripped anyway 
-jeans jackets 
-always starts the vans/converse discourse 
-double helix piercing 

-only owns band shirts 
-has really cool socks and no one knows where he buys them
-rainbow bracelet 
-never wears jackets. not even when it’s december.

Lend Me Your Jacket

A/N: I know a bunch of people have already written about what Betty and Jughead’s conversation would be after he ran out of the Homecoming dance, but here’s my take on it 

Summary: It’s the morning after the Homecoming dance and Jughead is still upset with Betty after everything that happened, but even through his anger and their fighting, he still remains to be a gentleman

Betty rubbed her bloodshot eyes as she leaned against the outside of the Jones’ trailer, smoothing down her dirt-stained dress with her shaky hands while she watched the sun begin to nudge its way over the tips of the trees, giving way to early signs of morning. Her head snapped up when she heard the door unlock from inside the trailer, watching with hopeful eyes as Jughead stepped out into the chilly morning air, still in his formal attire from the night before just as she was. Jughead barely glanced in her direction before trudging down the path away from the trailer park, and away from the girl who he believed had betrayed him. 

“Jug, please talk to me,” Betty begged, shuffling her feet along the snow-covered dirt road in an effort to keep up with his quick pace. “Let me explain to you why-”

“Go home, Betty,” Jughead shot back, his eyes locked on the path in front of him as he continued forward, completely determined to get as far away from her as possible. “I didn’t want to talk to you last night, and believe it or not that hasn’t changed in the mere eight hours since I last saw you.” 

“That’s not fair, Jughead, you know I would never do anything to hurt you,” Betty reminded him. “So why won’t you let me at least explain my side of the story?”

“You want to talk about fair?” Jughead spat, spinning around to face her for the first time since their fight in the school hallway the night before. “Okay, let’s talk about how my father, who was finally starting to get his life together, got arrested for murder last night even though it’s virtually impossible for me to believe that he could do something like that. That’s not fair. And in case you haven’t figured it out by now, life has been particularly less fair for those of us with the name Forsythe Pendleton Jones so we have that going for us too.” 

“I know it wasn’t your dad,” Betty told him, her eyes pleading with him to believe her as she took a step in his direction. “I know he didn’t do it. I believed you when you told me that in front of your trailer, and I believe you now. I would never lie to you. I would never break your trust like that.”

“But you did lie,” Jughead pointed out, his brows drawing together and contorting his face into a look of hard disappointment. “You didn’t tell me the truth about the Jones/Cooper dinner from hell that I should have known was doomed from the start. That counts as lying in my book.”

“I’m sorry,” Betty breathed, her shoulders dropping forward in defeat and her eyes beginning to prickle with unwanted tears. “I’m so sorry, Jug, I don’t know what else you want me to say. The way I feel about you - it’s making me want to protect you from getting hurt and I sometimes forget that there’s a right and a wrong way to go about things.” 

Betty took a step forward to close the gap between them completely, her hands instinctively flying up to caress his cheeks and to her relief, he didn’t pull away. 

“I was wrong, and I’m sorry,” Betty whispered, her thumb moving gently across his cheek before her hands dropped to her sides and she slowly backed away from him. 

Jughead’s face softened ever-so-slightly when he saw Betty’s hands reach up to rub her own bare arms as a shiver overtook her body in the chilly morning air. 

“You’re cold,” Jughead noticed, his eyes dropping to take in the sleeveless dress that she had worn to the dance and her jacket-less shoulders.

“No, no, I’m fine,” she assured him, but the chattering of her teeth gave her away and Jughead narrowed a pair of skeptical eyes at her. 

“Bets, you think I don’t know you well enough to be able to tell when you’re freezing,” Jughead reminded her, already beginning to shrug his suit jacket off his shoulders and handing it out for her to take. “Here.”

“Jug, you really don’t have to-”

Before she could protest, Jughead was stepping around her to drape the jacket over her delicate frame, his breath tickling the back of her neck as he leaned forward to adjust the fabric around her shoulders. 

“Thanks,” she muttered, pushing her arms through the sleeves and pulling it tightly around her body. 

“It looks better on you anyway,” Jughead admitted, pulling on the collar of his white button-down shirt and undoing the top two buttons. 

“Always the gentleman,” Betty mumbled under her breath, smiling sheepishly up at him as the sun shone all around them, creating a brilliant glow along the perimeter of the trailer park. “Just like your Dad said.” 

“Yeah,” Jughead muttered, his gaze dropping down to the road as he kicked at a pile of snow with his smudged dress shoe. 

“We’re going to clear his name, Juggie,” Betty promised, reaching forward to place a reassuring hand on his elbow. “We’re going to figure out who framed your Dad and how they were the ones who really killed Jason. I promise.”

“Making promises you can’t keep is a dangerous game, Bets,” Jughead told her, not unkindly. “We’ve learned from literature and history books and various reruns of daytime soap operas, that traveling down that path leads you off a cliff of which you can’t return.” 

“I believe in you, just like I told you before everything got all messy and complicated,” Betty assured him, her eyes shining hopefully up at him as he tilted his chin to meet her gaze. “And I believe that together we can do anything. Do you?”

There was moment of silence that lingered between them in which everything they had gone through over the past few weeks flashed across his mind. And after every memory, good or bad, made its way down the assembly line, his thoughts always came back to one lingering notion that he could never seem to shake - it had always been, and always will be, Betty Cooper who he could count on to be there for him. No matter what. 

“Yeah, I do,” he whispered, his breath coming out in cloudy spurts in the cold air as his eyes tentatively flicked down to meet her knowing gaze. 

“Alright, then let’s go solve this murder,” Betty declared, gesturing for Jughead to lead the way as she started to pull his jacket off her body by one of the sleeves so she could return it to him. 

“Keep it,” Jughead insisted, grabbing her arm before she could shrug the jacket off completely and adjusting it upright on her shoulders. “It’s a long way back to your house and I know how sensitive you are to the cold so in case we get stuck out in the snow like those people in that movie about the ski lift, I’m not taking any chances.” 

Betty gave him a grateful nod, biting her bottom lip to hide her relieved smile as they began walking side by side back to the Cooper house. She wasn’t naive enough to believe that a jacket alone was meant to symbolize that he had forgiven her for keeping the truth hidden from him, but it was that jacket she would cling to for warmth and hope and any inkling that he might feel the same way about her that she did him, until they were in each other’s arms again. And for now, that was enough for her. 

So one of the captains today works part time for my company and full/part for studios in LA, flying execs, sometimes celebs. He was telling me about the celebs hes flown when he stopped and said “Actually, i have a great story from a buddy of mine that flies for the studios too.” And proceeds to tell me about the time that his friend flew the entire cast of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Apparently they were trying to do that thing where they drank fifty beers on a plane. This flight was from La to New York, and by the time they were passing over the Rockies, Danny Devito had stripped down to nothing but his socks, underwear, and a button-shirt, and he was running up and down the aisle with just the top buttoned.

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Oh My Gosh! just read your mad sweeney fanfic, I'm obsessed. <3 Can I request as well? Possessive/jealous mad sweeney with reader at the bar, waitress!reader is getting bothered by a customer at the bar. Sweeney sees across the bar, takes matters into his own hands. Can be a little smutty?

Oh Anon I fuckin love the idea of possessive Mad Sweeney, so so much. I know this might not be what you were after, but I like the idea of sweet possessive Sweeney just the tiniest bit more than Sweeney who fucks like he fights. Didn’t end up being all that smutty but I couldn’t write anymore, my brain just went blank, and I like making pretty much every smut scene I write different.

It’s a normal night at the bar, you start your shift at 5.30, grinning from ear to ear as you hear a familiar Irish drawl in your ear. You turn around as you tie a knot in your apron, titling your head up to meet Sweeney’s gaze. He grins down at you with a twinkle in his eye, holding a coin out with his tongue. You get up on tip toes, grabbing it gently before you thank him. He leans down to press a kiss on the top of your forehead before he disappears into the crowd.

You grin to yourself as you make your way behind the bar, smiling at customers, greeting the regulars. The bar gets really busy as the night goes on, Sweeney drops past the bar for a drink every hour or so, checking up on you like the worrisome boy you know he is. You go on serving, taking drinks over to tables when another girl starts the later half the shift, taking over bar duty.

You balance the tray on your forearm, navigating through the crowd, twisting through gaps and muttering polite excuse me’s and sorry’s as you squeeze between people. You stop by a table of four or five men, setting the tray down so you could place the new ones on the table, collecting up the old glasses.

One of them slurs a pick up line at you, clearly getting tipsy. You force a polite smile, lifting the tray full of empty shot and pint glasses, heading back to the bar ignoring the catcalling coming from behind you. It wasn’t uncommon for people to get piss drunk while they were out, although catcallers and assholes were far and few in between shifts. But since it was a Friday night, it seemed like all of them were makin’ an appearance.

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Being Schoolmates w/ Suga
  • you walk into class on the first day and choose a random seat
  • Yoongi walks in and sits right next to you
  • and you’re like “there are literally 12 other seats ????”
  • but he misses school one day and you find yourself missing him
  • like, you’ve never even talked to him but you really want him to be there
  • he falls asleep in class
  • like all the time 
  • whenever someone is class says something stupid you find yourself looking at him like “we are surrounded by idiots”
  • and he gives you the same look back 
  • there’s a partner project assigned and you don’t really know anyone in the class but suddenly Yoongi hands you his phone
  • you’re super surprised because the most you guys have done is share looks with each other and now he wants to do a project with you
  • Yoongi being a sassy little shit about it just saying “well how else are we supposed to communicate outside of class? Carrier pigeon?”
  • his uniform is always messy
  • the top button is always undone not that you’re complaining
  • his tie is always stuffed in his backpack
  • like why he even bothers to bring his tie, you literally don’t know
  • he always walks you home from school, he likes you that much
  • his excuse is that you live really close to his favorite restaurant and you’re like “the only ‘restaurant’ I am even remotely close to is McDonalds…”
  • but you always look forward to walking home with him
  • also, you guys never ended up doing that project you two were always too busy making out on his bed so when you had to present Yoongi was like “fuck it I regret nothing” and so the two of you were bullshitting your way through the entire thing
Fanfic Friday: Bold Girl (Sometimes), Chapter 3

For an Anon Tumblr user, who requested Shelagh gets bold in South-Africa (I mean, something must have happened, otherwise we wouldn’t have baby Teddy…)


Patrick was a good man.

Shelagh suspected that there was a part of her that had always known this, even when she was still a nun and called him Doctor Turner. She could never have loved him if he was not so compassionate, so determined, so kind, for without those things, he would not have been Patrick.

There were moments in which she thought: “This is it. I can’t love him more than I do now,” but then one of his comments, a touch of his hand, or a sigh escaping from his lungs showed another layer of empathy that was yet unknown to her, and she fell a little bit more in love with him.

Now, as he sat on the edge of the bed, scribbling away in that unreadable handwriting of his in the slim book he used to make notes, she felt her heart swell. Surely she could not love him more than in this moment, in which he doggedly tried to work out the problems of Hope Clinic?

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Not That Biased

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / JB / Jinyoung 

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2,210

Summary: You work at JYP as an analyst and are assigned to help a group of idols with their new collaboration song. Both Junior and JB are assigned to the project, which is very distracting since you bias Junior. All of this would be fine though - if only that Im Jaebeom weren’t such a pain in your ass.

Originally posted by jinyaung

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anon requested: Bondage with Taehyung and a shit ton of foreplay.

please like, comment/dm/reblog your opinions and feedback for this story! it would mean so much to me :))

» Part Two

Originally posted by bangtanbighit

pairing: taehyungxreader
word count: 3k
warnings: smut;

Seven more fucking minutes was what she told me. I’ve waited in this damned lobby for more than three hours only because the receptionist ‘forgot’ to book in my reservation. Already two hours late for the corporate event, I pounded my nimble fingers against the scratched screen of my phone as I sent the hundredth text message to my superior.

TAE: I’d never imagine the VP to miss such an important event.

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Based on your last post, 73 & 99 please??? I love your writing!

A/N: This one could not make up its mind on whether or not it wanted to be smutty. There’s smut mentioned but not described, is where it ended up.

73 & 99: We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here…. We shouldn’t be doing this. 

“Why did I let you drag me here?” If Emma’s a little grumbly, it’s probably because, in Killian’s desire for thrills, he’s dragged her along to a haunted lodge to spend the night. Well, supposedly haunted. Emma doesn’t really believe in any of that shit, and no, she did not just jump when a curtain blowing in the light breeze brushed against her arm.

“Where’s your sense of adventure, Swan?”

“Killian, you dragged us to this abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. They make movies about these kinds of stories, and they don’t exactly have happy endings.”

He gives her a look at that, raising an eyebrow as if to tell her she’s being ridiculous before moving on through to the next room.

Killian is in his glory. He’s practically sprinting through each room, inspecting every nook and cranny that he can in hopes of, she doesn’t know, finding a ghost lurking in a corner looking for a chat? She honestly has no idea anymore. She just wants him to stand still or slow down a little so she can catch up, and if that means that she wants him within arm’s reach, then that’s her business.

“Nothing can happen to us here. It’s just an old building with dusty shelves.”

“Sure. You’re right, nothing bad could ever happen here,” she deadpans, sighing and following as they traipse upstairs.

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  • UI/UX1: Hey,is it good/bad/neutral to use the same wildcard SSL cert on both the prod and dev environments?
  • Eng1: Ideally you'd use two subdomains and create a cert for each.
  • UI/UX1: Ok cool, thanks. Security is always my top priority. After button colors.

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can I request some Equius <> Nepeta? Also I love your art so much and would donate if I could ;;

skay man i understand you cant donate. shhh *pets you*

they are literally the perfect embodiment of what eVERY moirallegiance should be

i mean just look at them

meowrails 5 lyfe

like i always say you can always leave a tip on the donation button on the top of my tumblr page but its also very much okay that you cant

i will however always take more requests

Brett Imagine: Bring him home to the parents

Brett Imagine: Bring him home to the parents

So this was requested, an imagine where you bring Brett home to meet your parents who are actually hunters. I wrote this fairly quick so it might not be that great, but I wanted to post it anyways! I hope you guys enjoy! It seems to be more focused on Brett, but that’s just how I wrote it and I’m sorry. Please let me know if you like and what not!

Brett parks his car on the side of the road near a black mail box with the name (y/l/n) painted across it. He pulls the keys out and checks his reflection in the rear few mirror. His face was looking red and blotchy with a sweat was forming above his left brow. Checking his hair he notices the irises of his eyes turn yellow. With a deep breath he squeezes them shut. 

“Just chill.” Brett says to himself and exits the car. 

He jogs to the front door and waits a second before pressing the door bell. He fiddles with the mass of hair styled upward over his forehead contemplating whether it was too much for the family. His eyes drift to his shoes, a pair black docs with black jeans tucked in, another choice he should have switched with a pair of brown boots and plain blue jeans. His eyes stopped at the black henley and leather jacket. He would have to lose the leather jacket once inside, but the henley would have to be buttoned up a couple of buttons. He knew how much you loved henleys on him and how he would always leave the top buttons undone.

“They are going to think I’m some punk ass kid!” He whispers to himself moving his head left and right, popping his neck to try to release some nerves. He wipes the sweat from his face and hi claws graze his temple. With quiet yelp he flings his eyes down at his hands. 

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I Still Get Jealous

Pairing: Danisnotonfire x reader

Genera: Romance

Word Count: 1290

Prompt: Hey, can you do an imagine when y/n is out with Dan and Phil, and she’s playing with her hair when a guy walks up to her (like a proper player) then Dan gets jealous, and it’s cute and fluffy. Thanks! Xxx

Requested By: anon

Warnings: In this fic, reader dresses on the more… scandalous side.  I’m sorry if you’re more conservative (like me) but that’s just the way I chose to write her.  Also, this kind of went in a different direction… oopse

               Oh how she loved to tease him.  She’d been doing it ever since they met in their senior year of high school. In fact, that’s pretty much how they met.  The two of them were in English class together for the last year of high school. It was quite surprising, being that they were in the same year and had never had a class together before.

               She sat in the seat in front of him.  It was the best kind of torture he could ever imagine. He’d never seen how she dressed when she wasn’t required to wear a uniform.  But he could imagine it was something similar to how she wore her uniforms. While she wore the required clothing, she didn’t wear them in the way they were intended.  Her skirt was worn high and, therefore, short.  And her top two buttons were always undone.  Unless they were outside and it was winder time.  Then just the top one.

               On the last day of their last year of school, the teacher said they could do whatever the students wanted.  She stood up and went over to her friends that were in the class.  Dan sighed and watched her from the corner of his eye.  He’d never see her again.  He’d never get to be alone with her.  To even talk to her. He looked down at his books which he began to put into his backpack.

               “I have a question.”

               Dan looked up to see (Y/N), the exact girl he was just thinking about, with one hand on her hip and the other on his desk. He blinked at her in silence a few times, to which she quirked an eyebrow.  Though his moth was open, no words came out.

               She smirked slightly, “Cat got your tongue?”

               He shook his head and set his bag down, telling himself he couldn’t mess this up.  “W-what’s your question?”

               “Every boy in our year, and then some, has hit on my at least once.” She told him, moving her hand and sitting on his desk. “Every boy, that is, but you.  Why is that?” her head cocked to the side slightly

               Dan shrugged, “It probably has something to do with the fact that boys now a days have no respect for women.” He said, unable to look away from her for even a moment.  “That or I’m just too shy and awkward to say anything to you up until now.”

               “Or maybe it’s a bit of both.” She said with a smile, “I’m (Y/N).”

               From there on, they’d been best friends.  Now, at the age of 24, they lived together with Phil and were successful in many aspects.  But some things had never changed.  Like the way she teased him without even knowing it.  For example, one day at their local frozen yoghurt shop, she was sitting next to him on the booth with Phil across from them.  She was wearing a skirt and her legs were crossed and just barely touching his.  Her index finger was too busy twirling her hair to finish her dessert.

               Phil was in the middle of a story when a man walked up to them.  He was a bit shorter than both Dan and Phil, with dirty blonde hair that reached half way down his neck.  He had brown eyes and a similar pasty skin tone to Phil.  Over all he looked fine.  That is until Dan noticed the swagger as he walked and the smirk on his face.

               He stood next to the table, between her and Phil and cleared his throat.  Looking only at (Y/N), he said “Hey, um, I’m really sorry to interrupt but… I’ve been starring at you for five minutes.  I know that sounds creepy but you’re just so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself.”

               Dan and Phil shot each other a glance.  (Y/N) on the other hand smiled, blushed, and tucked her hair behind her ear.  “O-oh, thank you.” She said happily, “That’s so nice of you.”

               “Not really.” He told her with a shrug, “It’s just the truth.  I’m Ryan by the way.”

               She smiled a bit wider, “(Y/N).”

               Dan thought he was going to throw up.  Something about this guy, he knew he had to get (Y/N) away from him or punches would be thrown.  Taking his phone out, Dan cleared his throat and gave Ryan a clearly insincere smile.  “I’m really sorry to interrupt,” he said, moving his gaze to (Y/N), “We have to go home. Apparently you ordered something and you need to sign for it.”

               “Oh, uh, okay.” She said, standing and collecting her things together before looking at the man, “I’m so sorry.”

               He smiled at her, a sight that made Dan nauseous.  “It’s alright.  I can give you my number if you want, and you can text me when you get home.”

               “Absolutely!” (Y/N) took out her phone and handed it to him without a worry in the world.  Dan crossed his arms as he waited for him to give the phone back so he could rush her out of there.  As soon as the phone was in her hand, Dan uncrossed his arms and grabbed her arm, tugging her towards the door.

               “Dan, what are you doing?” she asked him, glancing at Phil for an answer, but he just shrugged.

               In the apartment, (Y/N) followed an angry Dan to his bedroom.  By the time she got there, he was pacing back and forth, running his hands through his hair. She walked in and he tore of his jacket and threw it on the bed.

                “What the hell Dan?” she half yelled at him.

               His body turned to face her, but his face was facing the other way.  “Give me your phone.” He said

               “Have you gone mad?” she asked him, “Why do you want my phone?”

               “To delete that guys number.” He said angrily, “He won’t do anything but hurt you.”

               (Y/N) crossed her arms and quirked an eyebrow at him, “Are you kidding me?”

               Dan looked at her, “Do I look like I’m kidding?”

               She laughed, “You’re mental.” She told him, “You’re absolutely insane.  You can tell he’s going to hurt me by looking at him for one minute?”

               “Yeah, I can actually.” He shouted


               “Because I know what it looks like when a guy is in love, okay?!” he turned so his back was to her so she wouldn’t be able to see the blush that was rising to his cheeks.  “And I know what it looks like when a guy just wants to get in a girls pants. Trust me, he’s not in love.”

               She stepped closer to him, “I’m guessing you know this from personal experience, then?  You know exactly what it looks like when someone’s in love with me?”

               “Yes I do!” Dan yelled, putting his hands over his face which was red with both anger and embarrassment

               “How?!” she yelled back

               He turned towards her, grabbing her by the shoulders and bending down until he was eye level with her “Because I’m in love with you!”

               Before he could even think about his, he crashed his lips against hers.  He was so angry at her, for being so blind.  About Dan and about Ryan.  But he was still so in love with her that he didn’t care why he packed up the courage to actually kiss her.  The feeling of her lips was heaven without her responding.  So when her hands cupped his cheeks and her lips began to move in sync with his, he felt as if he was on cloud nine.  

               When it came time for them to breathe again, she pulled away from him and smiled a bit.  “Fine.  I’ll delete his number.”

some autistic dale cooper thoughts

  • meditation as a coping mechanism for dealing with over stimulation
  • highly sensitive to taste and texture and smell etc (food is a major coping thing for him)
  • can’t wear uncollared shirts and always keeps them buttoned to the top
  • coming to a town where people accept him 
  • trying to build himself a home there
  • dealing with Windom (keep in mind this was a person he loved and trusted) systematically destroying his safe places (the sheriff’s office, the diner, his hotel room)
  • Going into his room and smelling tobacco and mud and pine all these things he used to associate with comfort now horrifically intruding on his last safe space

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Hi there. I noticed you have button bouquets on your blog that you made. Just wondering, did you use spherical florist foam to make these? I'm looking to make some for my own wedding and just not sure where to start! Thanks :) xx

Hey hey!

I did make them, all of them, because I went DIY crazy for this wedding.

It’s been about 2 years since then so my memory is hazy on the exact steps. My mother in law figured out how to do them. Shout out to Anita Mom! (She also made my dress.)
I did not use florist foam to form the half dome. I think I toyed with the idea but ended up just making MORE cheapo button flowers to fill in the gaps. (THESE SUCKERS ARE HEAVY.)

First I found as many buttons as i could, with the help of family and friends.
I bought packs and pack of cheap buttons to make filler flowers and back the nice buttons. A big problem was finding a lot of yellow buttons in bulk (which is why the maid of honors bouquet is more orange than yellow.) Also a big problem was finding off white buttons. White you can find all over the place, off-white is was proving difficult. I ended up buying some peach colored buttons that I thought looked awesome and mixed them in with creme, off-white and a few white. I also bought a few more expensive cute buttons and even brooches and rings that I gutted for bouquets. (My Mother in Law found a bunch of the pretty pearl and rhinestone ones for me. She is a godsend.)

Next you organize your buttons. I made organized stacks of potential flower sets. Mixing it up every so often. (Pretty buttons always went on top.)

One you have stacks then you need wire! We figured out the exact length we wanted, added a bit more length to compensate for the twist, measured that length, double that length and then cut the piece. Then keep cutting until you go crazy. I went through lots of wire. Silver for the bridesmaids, copper and gold for me.
A trick to make the wire cutting less annoying was I took the measurement of the length of the stem and cut out a thick cardboard, the wrapped the wire around the cardboard until it was gone. Then I cut ONE SIDE and bam. Tons of wire in a few quick snips.

You thread the wire through the stack of buttons, and then down, even out the wire ends, and twist. (You can kinda see the twisty wire here.) Your hands will go numb after a while.

You can see the lack of foam here. Just tons and tons of wire.

I organized the bouquet in a glass cup until I liked the look of everything. Then I wrapped some wire around to keep it in place. To hide all of this I glued floral ribbon very tightly around the wire. (First on the bottom to cover up the sharp wires and then around the bulk of the stems to create a good handle and to keep everything together.

Mine is wrapped in cheap ribbon and then wrapped in a silk fabric. :)

Doodle a small, quick example because sometimes words fail me.

Good luck! Let me know if you need any more info. I think this covers it. XD

p.s. the bridesmaids (with the exception of the Maid of Honor) all made their dresses, aren’t they adorable?

Night On Your Lips

Everything is low lights and pulsing music, bass heavy beats are vibrating through you. You’re warm from the alcohol in your system, but your skin is cool to the touch, damp with sweat from dancing most of the night.

Harry’s hand lingers on your back while you lean over the bar to order your last shots for the night, passing him his with a smile.

“Last dance?” he says, holding up the small glass.

“Last dance,” you reply, downing the shot and discarding the glass on the bar.

You grab Harry’s hand and pull him with you back to the dancefloor. He almost misses the bar as he tries to leave his shot glass behind, but he makes it, laughing at your haste to join the crowd of club-goers. The beat picks up as the in house DJ announces that these will be the last couple of songs before closing and everyone cheers.

The lights get dimmer, colorful strobes flash around you, and the place goes wild. You can’t help how close your body gets to Harry, not that you mind of course, and neither does he. He holds you against him, swings his hips in time with the music and watches as you do the same.

You spin around in his arms, lean back when you feel his lips on your neck, swaying to the beat. His hand slides down your hip and stops just below your navel, fingers moving over your dress, searching for a zipper.

You feel his laughter against your neck and then his mouth is at your ear. “I forgot you weren’t wearing pants.”

You throw your head back with laughter and turn so you’re facing him again.

“Good thing I’m not, you’re getting a little handsy there,” you joke, squeezing his face in between your thumb and fingers.

He tries to smile through your grip and you laugh at the silly outcome, leaning up to kiss him. His arms snake tighter around your waist and your grip on him loosens so he can kiss you fully, your lips crashing together while the crowd around you buzzes.

You forget about everything around you, it feels like those scenes in the movies where everything blurs except for the couple in love. Harry deepens the kiss, bends you backwards and you smile against his lips, flattening your hand against his chest to stop him.

“Harry, there’s people,” you slur, skin flushed and lips tingling.

Harry smirks when he looks over your shoulder and spots a few people watching with blank stares. “I don’t care,” he says, taking a deep breath, “They can watch,” he adds against your ear, turning so he can kiss you again.

You hook your arm around his neck to keep yourself balanced and he kisses you so hard, so desperately. He tastes like the coconut flavored rum you’d downed before, like the strawberry gum he always chews, and something else, something that’s just him.

The music is over before you stop kissing and you laugh in his arms when you realize it’s gotten much quieter. Everyone is clearing out, paying tabs, finishing off what’s left of their drinks.

Your arms drop from around his neck and wrap around his waist as he walks you out, your chin on his chest as you move backwards to the street. The noise of outside fills your ears, and still the only thing you can focus on in Harry. You tilt your head back and pucker your lips and he smiles down at you, leaning lower to kiss you.

He digs into his back pocket to pull out his phone and dials the first cab company number that pops up when he searches. You ignore the fact that you’re standing in the middle of the sidewalk with him and kiss at the skin visible under his shirt, the top buttons undone like always.

“Hi, yeah I’m at uh-“

He looks behind you to find street names, but can’t quite make out the signs, smirking when you move higher, kissing the hollow of his neck.

“Yeah, I need a cab at Fabric,” he says, clearing his throat into the speaker when he feels your tongue on his skin.

You smirk when he speaks again, emitting a little moan from his lips when you suck on his neck. “Mhm, thahhh- that’s the one,” he replies to the person on the other line.

“10 minutes? A- alright, thank you.”

You nip at the skin of his neck and kiss the spot you’ve been marking. He throws his head back and sighs when your teeth graze his chest, tongue flicking out to have a taste. He’s flustered, his cheeks reddened and his skin warm.

“Ba- babe,“ he stutters, but you shush him with a kiss, tongue slipping into his mouth and curling around his.

He wraps his arms around you, let his hand rub down your back so he can grab your bottom. You giggle against his mouth, forcing you to stop kissing him for a moment.

“Why don’t you two get a room?” someone yells over their shoulder as they pass you by.

Harry calls out after them, hand raised in the air apologetically. “Sorry, mate!” he exclaims with a laugh, looking back at you.

You both crack up, holding onto each other to keep steady. You only kiss him again once your laughter dies down, leaning into him and biting at his lower lip. You start to lock lips again, mouths moving languidly together under the cover of his hands on either side of your face, but he hears tires close behind you and draws slowly away from you, peering over your head.

“Cab’s here, love.”

You nod your head once and let him grab your hand, fingers locking together. He opens the door and you slide in, muttering “Always the gentleman,” with a smile. Harry chuckles at you just as the driver asks where you’re going.

Harry answers as he slides in and thanks the driver. You can barely wait for him to settle back against his seat before you’ve climbed on top of him, knees bent on either side of him, dress hiked up a little. You brush his hair back over his shoulder so you can kiss his neck, mouth at his skin a little.

“Y/N, the driver,” Harry mumbles, lips parting as he sighs, your lips brushing over his as you lean over to suck on the other side of his neck.

“He’s on the phone,” you dismiss, kissing Harry’s lips again.

Harry forgets anyway, gets too caught up in you to care. His hands squeeze your hips and he kisses you deeply, tongue swirling with yours. You grind against his lap, hands in his hair while one of his own slips under your dress, fingers digging softly into your thigh.

You tilt your head away to kiss his neck again, tasting the salty sweetness of the sweat on his skin. You lick a stripe along his neck, nip at his flesh and kiss him more, sucking a mark into his skin and topping it with a kiss when you’re pleased with the reddened spot.

He guides you to turn back to him so he can kiss you, lips catching on yours. He bites at your lower lip, tugs at it before he kisses you again. The car makes a sudden sharp turn, the driver honking at another cab, and you almost fall off Harry. You laugh as you steady yourself again, shoving him playfully when he laughs too, tilting his head back joyfully.

“Hey, hey,” you slur, shaking your head at him. “You wanna laugh at me or are you gonna kiss me, hm?”

“Both, in a perfect world.”

“Pick one,” you mutter breathlessly against his mouth.

“Okay,” he breathes, locking his lips with yours, his smile fading against your mouth.

You lose each other in tongue and teeth and hands and balancing in the shaky car. The cab comes to a sudden halt and the driver eyes you both in his rearview, shaking his head. He calls out how much you owe and you slide off Harry, fixing yourself as best you can as Harry claps the man on the shoulder and passes him the money.

“Thank you, have a good night,” Harry tells him, smiling that adorably sexy lopsided smile.

You climb out of the cab with Harry, placing your hand in his when he extends his arm to you. You latch onto him again, wrapping yourself around him and kissing his jaw as he calls out to the cab to drive safe. He quickly takes you back into his arms, stumbles with you up the steps to your apartment. You barely make it through your door when you start unbuttoning Harry’s shirt, thankful that the first few were already undone.

You kick off your shoes, smile into Harry’s kiss when his arm tightens around you, hips against his and your body bent back slightly. You keep your arm hooked around his neck, your free hand pushing his shirt off his shoulders.

You break apart for a moment and he pulls his sheer button down the rest of the way off, dropping it behind him. His hands find you again and he tugs at your dress, whining against your neck that he wants it off. You pull it down and wiggle out of the fabric, stepping out of the dress when it pools around your feet.

You fumble with the button on Harry’s jeans, tug at the zipper till they loosen around his hips. You trace your finger on the skin above the band of his underwear, kissing his chest and neck, his lips when he gets impatient. You leave clothes strewn about your room, his shirt, his jeans, and your dress all messily decorating the floor.

You forget about your bed momentarily, too lost in each other’s kisses and your hands exploring newly uncovered skin to move from where you stand in the middle of the room. Harry gets more impatient though, more needy. He pulls at your bra straps and unclasps the back with a little difficulty, smirking when you giggle against his lips. He forces you backwards then till your legs hit the side of the bedframe, gently pushing you back and climbing on top of you.

He kisses from your lips to your neck, then your chest, dragging his parted lips over your breasts. You arch underneath him, let your fingers twist into his curls when he licks a stripe down your body, letting his tongue dip into your navel.

He moves lower, pulls at your underwear with his teeth when he glances up at you. He raises his eyebrows in question and you can barely manage a nod, too desperate for him to go on. He smirks at you, his eyes never leaving your face as he drags the lacy fabric down your legs. You kick them off when you feel them around your ankles and sigh at his touch.

He nudges his nose against your inner thigh, nips at the soft flesh softly. You let him hook your leg over his shoulder, biting your lip back when he rubs his nose against you again, kisses your lower set of lips and blows a breath there.

He starts slowly, giving you a lazy lick, tasting, teasing when he does it a second time. You watch him when he repeats the motion, flicking his tongue over your clit now. He parts his mouth against you, sucks gently and you whimper underneath him, drawing his gaze again.

His eyes sparkle with want, with drunken lust and you swear you could orgasm just looking at him. He holds your stare when he does it again and circles his tongue around the sensitive area, up and down, up and down, sucking and then starting over. You fall back again, arched slightly off the bed, your fingers tightening in his hair.

He doesn’t rush, just lets his tongue linger against you. He moves so painfully slowly till you beg for it. “Please, Harry,” you moan, your stomach tight.

He licks again, flattens his tongue and tastes the wetness that’s building in between your thighs. He hums through the motion, the feeling vibrating softly against you, leaving you aching for more. He moves a little faster now though, doesn’t take any breaks for you to beg for it, to watch you squirm.

He just goes, licks and sucks, eats you like he’s starving. Your body rolls underneath him as you try to hold back, your skin warm and your heart racing. You can’t help how his name leaves your lips so breathlessly when he slides two fingers into you, his tongue working your clit.

He watches your body’s reactions, sighs against you when your fingers pull at his hair. You curse under your breath, your whole body tightening when he goes faster, sucking as his fingers pump in and out.

“Ha- Harry, stop, stop, I’m gonna-“

You can barely finish the words, but he slows down, draws his fingers out and makes sure you’re watching when he sucks on them. You pant underneath him, sighing happily when he kisses his way back up your body, taking his time to cover every inch of you with kisses.

“We have condoms?” he mumbles against your neck, sucking at your skin as your hand cradles him there.

“I think so.”

“We better,” he adds, pecking your lips before sitting up to check the bedside table.

“Yes!” he exclaims, pumping his fist into the air. “One left!”

You laugh at his excitement and pull him back down to kiss you again, hand on the back of his head to keep him close. He gives in to it, but only for a moment before he lifts himself off you to get his boxers off. He tears the condom package open with his teeth, rolls it on to his hardened length and settles down beside you, pulling you on top of him.

You hold yourself off him as he adjusts himself, slowly sinking back down onto his length. Your head lolls back as he fills you from underneath, your hands settling on his chest. You roll your hips against his, too eager to start slow. You lean down and your lips catch against his before you find his neck, kissing him there and then on his chest.

His hands tighten on your hips while you ride him, his teeth scraping over his lower lip as he watches you. He watches how your skin gets slick with sweat, how your mouth stays parted, how your breasts bounce with your movements.

Your skin burns under his gaze, but you love how he watches you, the dreamy look he gets in his eyes when he does.

“You’re amazing,” he breathes, dropping his hand from your side to cup your chin, drag his thumb over your lower lip.

You bite the tip of his thumb, watches as he bites his lip again. He lifts his hips off the bed to meet yours and you grind against him harder. He guides you to slow down though, brings you down to meet his lips again. He kisses you with so much warmth, so much passion and impatience, and it leaves you breathless.

He rolls you over so he’s on top then, readjusting himself between your thighs and sliding into you. You mewl at the contact, at how good it feels when he pushes so deep into you, growling into your neck.

“You feel so good,” he says, voice rough and raspy with the effort of his thrusts.

He finds your lips again, his mouth moving against yours, lips bumping together and coming apart as he pounds into you. You hum against his lips, the sound bleeding into a moan when he goes deeper. You scratch at his shoulders, pull at his hair, beg for him so the words fall against his lips. He bites at your lower lip, kisses you wherever he can reach as his thrusts get harder, a little faster.

Your legs quiver around him, your body gets tight again. He can feel it, can feel the tension building in you.

“Go ahead, love,” he urges you, kissing your jaw in between his words, “come for me.”

You moan his name against his lips, beg him to go “harder, Harry, please,” and he does, he gives you everything and leaves you senseless.

You hit your climax and cling tightly to him, curling against his body. He hits his just after, both of you in a euphoric, sex driven daze for a moment before you come down from the temporary high.

Your bodies relax, your heart rates slow down, and Harry pulls away from you, gets rid of his condom and practically falls back onto the bed with you. You giggle when he cuddles up to you and watch a sleepy smile tug at the corners of his lips. You both pull at the covers underneath you, tiredly lifting your bottoms off the mattress to cover yourselves properly.

Harry rests his head on your chest, sighs when you start to play with his hair, scratch soothingly at his scalp. You’re both still a little drunk, much more than a little tired. You long for him to lean up and kiss you again and he does after a little while of comfortable silence. You share tongues and soft little moans till your eyes feel like they won’t open again.

“You still taste like rum,” you observe, wiggling underneath the covers to get comfortable.

“Mm, m’sorry, but it’s good, yeah?”

“S’okay,” you say, your words interrupted by a yawn.

Harry smiles at your sleepy figure, your lips parted and your legs tangled with his.

“Good night, babe.”

“Night, Harry.”

Zootopia Fan-story ENTRY 9 Tumblr- Lonewolfwriter

Note: Thanks for the patience…Enjoy!

Nick arrived at the ZPD at 12:03pm he stood stunned at the front, scared to enter, when he felt a soft paw glide up his back, He knew the touch all too well and it sent a shock and shudder up his spine, he turned rigidly, his fur instantly sweaty.

Judy stood behind him rubbing her foot into the ground timidly, her big violet eyes unable to look up at him “Hi, Nick” she choked out as confidently as possible.

Nick stared blankly for a moment, a smile was about to spread across his face, the weather was brisk and reminded him of all the other days him and Judy had met at the front of the ZPD before work, grasping their coffee or lunch, it felt blissful, but it was merely the taste of a sweet memory, a memory that soon got flooded with the image of Jack smirking and pulling up his zipper exiting the apartment of Judy.

Nick smile turned sourly to a scald “What do you want? Huh?” he growled.

Judy reached her paw out and laid it on his arm, her touch like velvet, kind and gentle. Nick withdrew it almost immediately.

“Get your paws off me Hopps” hissed Nick  

Judy’s eyes went moist as she fought back tears, “yes Nick” she complied.

The tension was electric and before either could stifle out a conversation, a throat was cleared. “Again with the throat clearing” thought Nick Grinding his jaw.

He turned to see Jack holding two coffees, holding two coffees like Nick used to, one paw outstretched towards Judy.

Judy looked up at Nick, who looked back down on her, his eyes questioning “Well! You gunna get your coffee?” he gestured with his head.

Judy huffed before doing a 90 degree turn and waltzing over to Jack their paws touching as she grabbed the coffee, but as she grabbed it he pulled it in closer, pulling it from her grasp, Judy confused reached out further and further, moving closer and closer until she was almost face to face with Jack, who leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips, for only a moment catching her by surprise, Jacks eyes again locking with Nick, who instead of being hurt by the action, smirked back at Jack, making Jack raise an eyebrow in confusion, Nicks reaction catching him off guard.

“Do you mind? You may be out of uniform but you are still at work, keep the fondling out of work” roared Bogo making both the Rabbits jump, as he strode passed them shaking his head at Judy then shooting Jack a stern look. Jack simply coughing into his paw and looking to the side like nothing happened.

Judy rolled her eyes “I can’t win” she thought to her self

“Hello Nick” greeted Bogo pleasantly as he passed.

“Hello Captain” Nick replied with a half hearted salute.

Jack shook off the embarrassment and darted straight for the ZPD, making sure to nudge pass Nick on the way, and Nick had to take a breath to make sure he didn’t get zapped.

Judy however stopped at his side.

“Nick I…”

“Do you love him?” asked Nick brazenly. His eyes on Jack

Judy choked a moment “I think… I don’t know Nick…I” she stuttered.

“HAY!” shouted a voice; interrupting and saving Judy “Stop badgering my client Miss Hopps!” barked Finnick flicking his paw in a dismissive way, his ears flowing high in the midday breeze. Finnick got to Nick side, grabbing his sleeve and walking him towards the ZPD leaving Judy standing alone.  

“Let’s get this over with, you’re wasting my weekend” Expressed Finnick poking fun.

Nick looked down to Finnick, “Hay Finnick, this meeting may get a little exciting, can I count on you?”

Finnick was quiet for a moment “ah, heck Nick whacha gunna do?” he complained.

Nick just raised an eyebrow “Finnick?” he pressed.

Finnick sighed, hooking his little claw around his tie and loosening it from his neck “you’re like a brother Nick” he moaned defeated.

“adda boy!” smirked Nick. Nick took a deep breath preparing himself, he was done, he couldn’t prove himself any other way, and so he knew there was one last thing he could do to get his partner back.

As Nick entered the ZPD everything went quiet, but he was used to it, “what’s the worst that could happen? They would talk about me? Who cares?” He thought everyone was murmuring and Nick kept his eye poised to the ground until he felt two arms envelope him in a hug, locking Nicks muzzle between their chests, he knew the scent and smiled hugging back.

“Nick, how are you buddy?” hooted Fangmyer letting go and throwing fake playful punches at him.

Nick felt a smile cross his face, Fangmyer had been a good friend when Nick was a cop and even know, under investigation, under scrutiny. He still treated Nick like a friend first.

“I’ve been better…” admitted Nick glumly.

Fangmyer placed his paw on Nicks shoulder looking him dead in the eye, and pointing a paw at him “Hay, keep your chin up, I still got the coffee orders in the morning for when you return, my treat this time” he explained tapping Nick twice playfully.

Nick understood what Fangmyer meant, he remembered their last stake out together Nick had bought coffee for them both, even after shouting Fangmyer a night at the bar the previous night.

“Come on Fangmyer, this paperwork aint gonna sort itself” droned Fangmyer’s partner.

“Nick I gotta go!” he stated flicking his thumb over his shoulder toward his office, “but you stay strong buddy, I’ll see ya soon” he winked at Nick before running off with his partner.

Nick chuckled to himself, a warm feeling in his heart, he felt suddenly less lonely. His thoughts suddenly interrupted.


“JACK!” shouted Bogo! From above grabbing Nick’s attention, Jack looking up unamused.

“My office NOW!” he barked pointing a hoof demandingly.

Jack began leisurely making his way up toward Bogo, suave as always, his top button undone.

“I guess we will get started” exclaimed Judy who had made her way to Nicks side to watch Jack getting called up.


Jack reached Bogo’s office and took a step in saluting “yes si-“

“Save it Jack” growled Bogo “I warned you to stay away from Nick!”

“Sir I don’t have any idea, what you could possibly mean!” he lied through his teeth.

“Really?” quizzed Bogo rhetorically, “because she seems to think differently!” he accused pointing to the corner of his office, Jacks blind spot, where there were three seats, two of which were empty and the last one sat a Hippo with big hoop earrings, she looked exhausted, obviously coming down to the station straight after pulling an all night shift at bar.

“Ma’am is this the rabbit that had come in to your bar unwelcomed and without a permit?” Bogo asked.

“Yeah, dats the bunny” she confirmed looking Jack up and down in disgust.

“-and what would you say this officers attitude was like?” pressed Bogo

“Well I wouldn’t call it very by-da-book if you ask me” she scoffed

Jack held a smile, but one of contempt. “Sir, I was merely doing my duties as a detective of the ZPD, I made sure that Nick wasn’t getting himself into any more trouble than he was in, why, I was looking out for him to say the least!” jack expressed with a tilt of his head and a theatrical drop of his ears.

Pricilla shook her head and pointed at him “You sir, are despicable and a bigot, nottin more”

Jack shone her a grim smile

“Watch it” warned Bogo, seeing Jacks sarcasm.

“Miss-“Began Bogo gesturing to the door

“No, no miss just Pricilla sweetie” she corrected

“oh-Pricilla” re-began Bogo, walking around from his desk and opening the door for her “Thank you for your time”.

Pricilla was on her way out when she stopped reaching into her purse “oh by da way sugar can you give this to Nicky for me?” she asked handing Bogo a business card with her name and number on it “he’ll know who it is” she said with a wink and smile “if he needs anything I’ll be glad to help”.

Bogo took the card placing it in his chest pocket and smiled dismissing her politely.

Bogo shut the door after Pricilla had left.

“you’re this close savage” he gestured a small gap between his hoof.

Jack stormed over to him “This close to what?” he spat defiantly raising his ear as if asking Bogo to repeat himself.

Bogo snorted in fury “Watch it Savage”.

“Bogo…. chief, what law did I break?” asked Savage innocently.

Bogo suddenly smirked “I’m so glad you asked” he stated picking a remote off his desk and turning on the television, a repeat of the early News replaying, with a mug shot of Nick.

“The ZPD and the officers of such don’t take kindly to officers who go to the media”

Savage who was a little taken off guard, smoothed his stunned expression “That’s a mighty dangerous allegation you have their Bogo” he stated folding his arms and tapping his foot.

Bogo just nodded in agreeance “you’re right, I have no proof it was you…” he turned away at the end of his sentence and Jack went to excuse himself when Bogo raised a hoof.

“But…I wonder if you would be able to convince Judy…if she saw this?” he turned smug Jacks paw was on the door and he froze.

“leave the fox alone Savage, last chance”.

Jack threw his paw from the door handle turning in fury “I’m trying to protect the innocent!” he shouted

“Nick is an innocent!” fired back Bogo.

Jack twisted his neck, his agitation coming to the surface.

“Jack, you are a fine officer, why are you doing this to yourself? You may very well lose your badge if you keep this up…” threatened Bogo

“you know why…” blared Jack pointing his paw straight at Bogo his eyes wide and crazed “do you have any leads? is it even him or am I living in fear for no reason? Vergil Thumpfoot, Steven hare, Ryan Goodfur!” He cried out the names counting them on his left hand with his right index finger.

Bogo was suddenly lost for words, he knew what Jack asked but he didn’t know how to reply, he knew the stories, he knew why Nick should have stayed away from this debacle.

“I didn’t think so, now if you don’t mind I have a felon to keep a leash on” he finished flinging Bogos office door open and slamming it behind him.

“STAY AWAY FROM NICK OUTSIDE OF WORK SAVAGE!” shouted Bogo through the closed door, with no response, before sitting in his seat and putting his goliath head in his hoofs and shaking his head.

Judy sat in the interrogation room with Nick across from her. “so uhhh…” she began lifting up a fold of paper on a clip board “-have you tried for any jobs?” she asked, reading the questions on the sheet in front of her.

“Why don’t you ask your boyfriend?” hissed Nick, getting a quick jolt.

Judy sighed at his accusation before continuing “Have you broken the zone laws since the … you know… you got the” Judy trailed off unable to finish the question

“What you mean before you had this strapped to me?” Nick accused grabbing the collar and flicking it in her direction “You know, after I shot you” he added with sarcasm.

Judy’s small paws were slowly becoming fists. “Have you been in contact with any shady characters in the last few days?”

“Only Finnick, which I guess counts since he’s a fox, huh? You gunna muzzle him?” baited Nick

Judy slammed her paw on the desk “God dammit Nick, I’m just doing my job!”

Nick smiled pleased with her reaction before leaning in “Your job was to protect the weak and vulnerable to protect and serve, to help those in need” Nick grabbed his collar and held it out to her “tell me something Carrots” it was the first time Nick had called her that since the whole ordeal and it made her heart sink deep, “Is this what your job is meant to look like? Huh? You doing your job well?”

Judy blinked several time unable to look at the collar that choked Nick

“huh, didn’t think so, perhaps you would have helped everyone if you had just stayed in bunny burrow”.

“Nick, don’t make this hard, this hurts me”.

Nicks eyes widened and he got an instant shock “what?” he gasped in disbelief.

“I mean you know…I” Judy began trying to backtrack

“Finnick get out!” spat Nick cutting off Judy’s sentence.

Finnick looked to Judy, who wore a nervous poker face, then to Nick who was frowning deeply, but Finnick saw passed the frown, there was something else. He slowly got off his seat and headed for the door. As he went out the door Jack was about three steps away from the room and snarled at Finnick who returned it in kind.

As Finnick last hair left the Door and Jacks foot was about to enter, Nick exploded into a dash grabbing a seat and slamming the door, turning the lock shut and using the back of the chair against the handle so the door could not be opened and in the same swift movement had pulled Judy from her chair pinning her against the wall, holding one of her arms over her head, alas in his speed he had missed her other arm, they were muzzle to nose and their breath intertwined as Nick breathed heavily. It was electric and Judy was in near tears of fear, or anxiety or both, then Nick felt the all too familiar feeling of a gun barrel pressed comfortably under his chin, her free hand and most dominant able to grab it and withdraw it the moment Nick had pinned her.

Jack saw Nicks sudden move and went for the door, he pulled on the handle, it was locked tight, he shoulder-charged it to no avail

His anger turning to Finnick “What’s going on here fox” he asked Finnick, who was lost for words unsure about what was actually happening.


“Don’t make me hurt you Nick” threatened Judy pulling the hammed back on her sidearm.

“YOU THINK THIS HURTS YOU? you think everything that has happened hurts you?” his eyes looked down to point to her gun “You think that will hurt me?” panted Nick into Judy’s ear, his eyes moistening, the door slamming frantically beside him caught his attention for only a moment when he made eye contact with Jack, who was threatening him to open the door, before turning back to Judy, the more important of the two in this decisive moment.

He pushed his lips into hers she was stunned at first, but then it is as if they melted into one. It was passionate, fire and ice, wind and rain, sun and heat all at once. Nick’s fur became rigid on his neck, a small zap passing between the two’s lips and Judy could feel her feet pushing her on her tip toes to push into it harder.

“Stop Nick” pleaded Judy half-heartedly, the gun in her grip was firm and tucked tightly under his chin.

“No” spoke Nick from the side of his mouth, his lips refusing to leave hers; two magnets stuck together as one, and unlike Jack, Nick didn’t look over her shoulder to watch Jack in pain, his kiss was whole hearted and true and his focus was on Judy.

“Nick don’t make…. hmm…don’t make me…. hurt…”

Hopps’ eyes were shut tight and the gun in her paw slowly lowered away from his chin, before she dropped it on the ground, she wanted to pull away, and at the same time wanted it to last forever, this can’t be happening she thought to herself.

Nick let go of her arm his paws now falling to her face holding her cheeks tight as they kissed passionately the other grasping her ears tight and pulling her in. Her tiny paws making it to the small of his back, her cheeks were tear soaked “why Nick?” she cried from the side of her mouth

Nick pulled away slowly both their breathing was in sync, their hearts flogging from their chests.

“Why Nick?” is all Judy could muster, gently banging her cupped fists on his chest.

“Carrots, you dumb bunny” he sighed with glazed eyes, kissing her right on the forehead to sooth her, “I would never hurt you in a million years”

Jack was shaking, his attempts to break the door down were in vain, his eyes suddenly widened and the same look that overtook him so often became prominent on his face, as if he were a machine being programmed, he reached for his holster unbuckling his firearm and raised it firm in two paws towards Nick through the glass of the interrogation room.

“What the hell, Savage are you crazy!” spat Finnick jumping and grabbing his arm and after a short scuffle Jack simply side kicked Finnick in the chops sending him crashing on his back with a bloody mouth

“NICK!” cried Finnick

“Nick Wilde is attacking officer Hopps” stated Jack in monotone as if trying to convince himself of the action he was about to take, lifting the gun and taking aim.

The room went in slow motion, Nick didn’t see Jack holding his firearm and didn’t hear the scuffle between Jack and Finnick, He was too lost in Judy’s violet eyes, in this unmistakable moment of bliss, and she in his emerald green eyes as she clung to his T-shirt crying and apologising over and over.

Then Nick heard the all but faint noise of Finnick shouting his name, his head turned to the door to see what the commotion was and he saw Jack, eyes like an animal on night howler, his finger hugging the trigger. As their eyes met Nick’s eyes widened at the sight, his grip on Judy tightened and he threw his shoulder forward to make sure he was protecting her completely.

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. BANG! Echoed the crack of a gun through the halls of the ZPD.

Yogscast Dating Sim

Finally complete!

In this version, you will be able to date the Hat boys (and also a very special other character ohoho).

You can download it here off of google drive!

Just click the download button at the top of the screen!

As always please try to keep the yogscast tag unflooded with screenshots and instead use the tag #yogscast dating sim !

Thanks and I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions regarding it, please feel free to ask!