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Did that whole “Draw ur voltron fav in ur clothes” thing and honestly this was just an excuse to draw Lance in a crop top and Keith in waist-high shorts B’)

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helo there sugar could you rant about the beautiful waffle cone that is ben c thanko

‘beautiful waffle cone’ is a very accurate description of stuart ben tho like there are so many bens and they are so differnet but that szoft lesbian librarian look, top two buttons always undone, just having a general waffle vibe with a hint of wormchins and GIGANTIC mole hands like, he’s always had yaoi paws but when he was a mere twinkle his hands looked enormous!! lets not even mention his gay feet and his character’s gay flat. and his stuart interviews are ughh he lisp was still runnin Wild like here’s him just rambling for 20 minutes non stop, who will stop him??? then ofc the infamous tom hardy interview, where he keeps fucking around with those tweezers (??) who is this man? this mere worm? anyway watch stuart: a life backwards for more quality waffle ben thenks 8~)

Emma Notices Regina’s Button Problem

Regina and Emma fall into a time portal and go back in time to this scene in the Enchanted forest.

Emma:  Regina!  (eyes goggle)  That’s you!

Regina: (rolls her eyes)  Yes, I am well aware.  

Emma:  (mouth agape, appears dazed)  You look… you look… (eyes linger on young Regina’s breasts)… Jeez!  What is going on with your top?  Have you and buttons always had a straining problem?


How has Giroud’s style been influenced by his four years in London? ‘I’ve learned to dress warmer. And I used to leave the top button of my shirts undone, but have learned from English gentlemen to do it up.’

Meanwhile, Frenchman Giroud, whose says he takes it as a compliment that first his hairstyle, and next his luscious beard have been much copied by English audiences, told us his style choices aren’t always embraced by his teammates.

‘I have a Karl Lagerfeld jacket I bought in Montpellier, which is silver and very shiny. The boys tease me and say it looks like the sheets that firefighters or ambulance people give you in an emergency. I’ve only worn it once.’” [x]

michael would be the scary, intimidating slytherin with his hair dyed black and bright green eyes. despite being yelled at by his teachers, he’d always wear his tie loosened and the top few buttons of his shirt unbuttoned. he’d always have a permanent smirk plastered on his lips, especially when his eyes would meet yours, trying to show off with his magic skills. and it would definitely impress you because he was one of the best students at hogwarts, despite his laid back attitude and messy attire. he was the one boy you wouldn’t mind slipping you a love potion, because you didn’t need a potion to fall in love with him.

Good guy gone bad. (Harry styles imagine)

For tiera-a-a-a

Sitting in maths you span your pen around with your fingers. Maths wasn’t exactly your favourite subject, in fact, school didn’t interest you in the slightest. 

Your maths teacher had created a seating plan meaning that you had to sit next to Harry. He was such a fucking bore. His long hair was always tied up in a bun, and his glasses were so geeky it was unreal. He always wore a button up shirt with a sweater over the top and chinos. He was such a geek.

But, the one good thing about sitting next to Harry was this. You could copy off him anytime you wanted. He was too shy to tell you off for it.

Like now, Miss Howe was making you do a 20 question test and you didn’t have a clue, so you nudged Harry in the ribs, an action he was used too. He then moved his answers towards you so you could copy them all down. He was good for some things.

Miss Howe then set you all off on a task that was in the textbooks, how boring. “So Harry” you spoke slowly. “What are you doing this weekend?” you asked. “Just, erm, going out with my friends… to a party” he said whilst scribbling answers down. You couldn’t imagine Harry partying. It just didn’t seem right for him. “I’m going to a party too, i might see you there” you joked.


Now when you told Harry you might see him at the party over the weekend you didn’t think you actually would. So when you walked outside to get some air and caught the curly haired man smoking you were fairly taken aback. “H-Harry, is that you?” you asked in disbelief.

Harry span around on his heels and stared right at you. He was in a short sleeved button up shirt which revealed his large collection of tattoos. His shirt was unbuttoned down his torso and you caught a glimpse of his swallow tattoo. His hair was let down in messy curls and his glasses were none existent. His skinny jeans made his legs look to die for, and he had paired this assemble with tan coloured boots. He looked like a sex god.

You see, you had always had a slight crush on Harry, but you never wanted to tell anybody. Besides, he didn’t seem interested in girls. All he cared about was studying.

“Yes, its me” he spoke, taking you out of your trance. He then took a drag from his cigarette and exhaled out in front of your face causing you to cough. “Sorry love” he spoke taking a step back. “It’s fine” you replied.

“You look so… so” “Different?” he finished the sentence off for you causing you to nod. “Yeah, i dont really dress like this for school, my parents would kill me.”

“You don’t speak either” you replied causing him to shrug. “The nicotine gives me a buzz, i dont know? Plus, people generally laugh if i do speak so i just tend to not bother babe” he replied whilst taking a final drag.  Babe, he just called you babe. You nodded cautiously.

He then threw his cigarette onto the floor and stubbed it out with his shoe. “Are you coming back inside so i can get you a drink?” he asked. “Sure” you replied following his lead back inside and towards the bar.

“What would you like?” he asked. “Erm, vodka and orange please” “Can i have a vodka and orange and a coke please?” he asked the barman. “Not drinking?” you asked. “No, my parents would kill me if i came home drunk. They dont like me looking like this really” he replied whilst paying the barman. “Why whats wrong with it? I think you look good” you smiled. “Thanks” he laughed. “No, they think it makes me look rough. They think i cant look like this yet still be academic.” “But your really clever. And it doesn’t matter that you look like this” you spoke confused. “Try telling them that” he passed you your drink.

“So how come you dont come to school dressed like this” you asked skeptical. “Because if i did people would suddenly start sucking up to me. Girls would suddenly be interested all because my image has changed. And i don’t mean you because you have always been nice to me which i’m grateful for” he smiled. “I do copy your work though” i giggled. “I dont mind” he laughed back.

“You could tutor me if you like. I am pretty bad at maths” you winked. “Oh really. And where would i tutor you? My mum and dad would go mad if i brought a girl back” he replied whilst sipping his drink. “You could come to mine. My parents are always away on business trips.” “Fine, i’ll tutor you” he sighed then smirked at me causing me to smirk back.


“There’s a lot of girls eyeing you up Harry” you spoke whilst sipping your drink. “Well its a shame i’m only interested in one of them” the tall figure huskily whispered down your ear, causing shivers to make their way down your spine.

“Really. Who’s that?” you asked, playing along with his little game. “You” he replied whilst kissing and sucking at your neck creating a feeling that was causing you to go weak at the knees. You grabbed onto the bar steadying yourself. “Harry” you breathed. “Yes kitten” he continued to leave marks on your body. “We cant do this here” you whispered. “Well where can we go baby” he asked.

You had a free house due to your parents being away so you hungrily pulled him towards the exit of the club. “Someones eager” he laughed. “It’s your fault’ you whined whilst clambering into a taxi, and action which portrayed the desperation that evolved both of you.

You shouted your address to the driver, but it all came out in a jumbled mess due to the spell which harry had cast upon you. God you wanted him so badly. This side to him was turning you on. His hand hungrily ran up your thigh whilst you fidgeted in the back of the taxi, desperately wanting to take things further however, you knew this was impossible due to the drivers eyes being fixated on his rear view mirror.

“What has gotten into you Mr styles?” you asked and looked at him. “I’m always like this, just only few people know” he laughed whilst sucking at your neck once again. You were in for a long night.


Walking into maths class on Monday morning you felt nervous. You had buttoned up your shirt in order to hide the evidence of yours and Harry’s weekend events. Sitting down next to Harry you stared straight at the whiteboard.

Moments later you felt a cold hand on your thigh under the hem of your dress. This caused you to gasp and look at Harry. Your eyes connected with your green ones before he leaned in and whispered in your ear. “We on for our tutoring session tonight?” he asked. You gulped and nodded in response. “Good” he replied before removing his hand from your thigh and beginning the work that was set on the board.

Maths class just got a little bit more interesting.

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