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I would love a fic about Alec and Magnus interacting/being at Pandemonium

Hey, so… it’s done, but probably not at all how you imagined it, sorry, it did turn out different than expected, but that usually happens… 

Come Closer  ao3

The sounds of his feet pelting along the wet asphalt are ringing in his ear, the smell of rain, blood and ichor in his nose, traces of adrenaline ebbing in a slow hum as he has one goal in mind.

He quickly sheds his gear, scrubs himself down in the shower and grabs the first nice clothes he spots in the closet. He sprays his favorite scent and rushes off to get to the part of the city that’s bustling with life, neon lights and music.

He slips into the building past the queue of people and bouncers who barely acknowledge his appearance, well-acquainted with his standing with the club’s owner.

He’s careful to avoid moving bodies that are all around him, dancing to the beat of the music blasting from every corner. He doesn’t care for the song, the dancing, the drinks. He doesn’t care for anything or anyone, except the tingle starting in his belly, spreading through his entire body, buzzing with anticipation and desire to lay eyes on him.

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Chapter 2

​                                                           Odell​

Sucking my teeth as I looked down at Winter, I tried to move away but she was heavy as hell and her greasy ass hair kept getting in my damn mouth. It was too damn hot in here to be cuddling and shit. All this space in my bed, and she stuck to me like glue.

All that cuddling shit was fake. Nobody goes to sleep like that in real life.

“Winter bruh,” I mumbled as I lightly shook her. If I woke her up too harshly, she’d curse my ass out and it’s too early for that. Her morning breath wasn’t worth it either.

“What damn? I’m tired, leave me alone idiot.” She sucked her teeth as she moved to the other side of the bed. Shit, thank God.

“Put yo hair in a ponytail or sum.” I told her. Winter had hair for days and she always left it all over the place while she slept and the shit was always in my face.

She looked back at me and scrunched up her face. “Odell, if you don’t take yo ass to bed.” She snapped as she shook her head and flipped her hair in my face on purpose.

“Put yo hair in a ponytail or sum.” She mimicked me, attempting to make a deep voice.

Flipping her off while she wasn’t looking, I got up and got my phone off of the charger and went in the restroom to take a piss. As soon as I walked in, I had to step back out to make sure my eyes wasn’t playing tricks on me.

Walking back in, I still saw Jaylen taking a fucking bubble bath while eating some damn grapes. He was bumping R Kelly, too.

“Why do I always catch you doing dumb shit? Why are you here? Why are you in MY tub?” I asked as he jumped from the sound of my voice before chuckling.

“Nah bruh, I seen a bug bout as big as you in my bathroom.” He said as I shook my head.

He swore up and down he was hard, but this nigga was scared of bugs. He’d go crazy whenever he seen one. Even if it was just a fly or ladybug or some shit.

“Whatever, I gotta piss.” I said more likely to myself as I walked out and made my way to Robyn’s bathroom.

When I got to her room, she was sitting up in her bed watching The Call. One of her favorite movies. “Why you not sleep kiddo?” I asked as I sat at the edge of the bed.

She shrugged before stuffing some popcorn in her mouth. “Can’t sleep.. so I’m just eating.” She gave me a small smile. She was always smiling, even when she felt as if she had nothing to smile about.

Rob was somebody I’d literally do anything for. I’d die for her, real talk. She was like a little sister to me and can’t nobody come in between our bond. Having her around just overall makes me a better person. She tries to be positive all the time, and surrounding yourself with people like her helps a lot. I see why everyone likes her.

“My pops asked about you..” I told her as her eyes lit up. My dad was like a father to her also. Both of my parents cared for her as if she was their child, and her parents had did the same for me.

We went to the same after school program, but I ain’t really start talking to her until she moved in the house next my parents’. After that, we started talking to each other at the program and we would always ask to go outside and play together when we got home.

We been best friends ever since.

“Really? What’d he say?”

“He was just saying how he was driving and he seen your face on one of the billboards and that he was proud of you. He also said he was gonna come visit cause his misses you.” I explained while she just cheesed the whole time.

“I miss my old man too. He definitely needs to come.” She smiled as she stared off into space. I noticed that her lip was kinda swollen. She better not have been fucking with ole boy.

“What happened to your lip?” I asked as I gently grabbed her chin and observed her lip. Look like somebody busted it.

“Nothing, I just fell at one of my shoots..”‘she waved me off as I nodded. If it was her ex, I was bound to curse her out but I knew she wouldn’t go back to his ass. She wasn’t dumb.

Plus, I knew she wouldn’t lie to me so if she said she fell, I believe it.

“Yo clumsy ass need to be more careful then. But I was just checking on you, if you need me I’ll be in my room.” I told her as she nodded.

“But, I gotta pee first.” I said quickly as I ran in her bathroom and locked the door. Knowing her, she’d get mad and push me out cause she hated when I used her bathroom.

Once I was done taking a piss, I washed my hands and walked out. She was too busy looking at something on her phone to even notice me.

Noticing a big Afro in the kitchen, I smiled because it was Winter.

“Hey baby.” I got behind her as she turned around and pointed the knife she was using towards me. Damn, I see she gone have one of her infamous attitudes today cause I woke her up.

“Get away from me O.” She pushed me off of she finished chopping up the fruit she was eating. If you knew Winter, you knew she had a BAD fucking attitude. That’s what I’m here for though. Give me a couple of months, that attitude won’t even exist anymore.

I know she was pissed because I was fucking with her sleep, but it was hot as hell. She wanted to sleep in, because she had work today.

If it was up to me, I’d tell her to quit her damn job but I knew that wasn’t an option. She loved being independent, and her parents didn’t spend all that money on her in college for nothing. I know they’d be pissed if she quit. It took time and hard work for her to get to the position she’s in anyways.

I don’t see how she made it through college, cause she never wanted to get up for class. That weak ass alarm never worked. I always had to wake her ass up like a fucking drill sergeant.

“Baby, I’m sorry. Come on, you got a few mo’ minutes.” I apologized as I picked her up bridal style and made my way back towards my room. She didn’t say anything, she just tucked her head in the crook of my neck.

Making sure she was comfortable in the bed, I got back under the covers with her and rocked her back and forth as she smiled. “You a big spoiled ass baby, you know that?” I chuckled as she opened her eyes and quickly kissed me before closing them.

“Shhhh..” she mumbled as she snuggled up to me. Good thing the air was on.

Not even a minute later, the only thing that could be heard in my room was her light snores. They may have been light, but trust me she could sleep through anything.

Gently sliding out of the bed, I made my way to the kitchen to put the fruit that she was cutting into a container. I knew she was gonna take it to work.

Once I finished, I put the container in the refrigerator and went into the living room with Jaylen.

“What happened to Peanut?” Jaylen asked referring to Winter. Peanut was a college nickname that everyone gave her because she used to always wear braids that brought out her peanut ass head.

“She was just sleepy..” I chuckled as he shook his head. If you ask me, her attitude getting way better since I came in her life. When we first met, she used to get mad over little ass shit and she hardly ever took her pills. I’d never do anything to jeopardize our relationship, Winter needs me.

“Everyday… I be thinking bout how lonely I am, then I don’t be giving a fuck cause I think about how Winter acts which makes me happy with the fact that I don’t got a girl.” He smiled as he kicked his feet on the table.

“That’s my baby right there… she just need a lil fixing. We all got a lil problem.”

“Nah she got the attitude of an old person.” He said as I laughed. He didn’t know about the disorder she had. She only told me, besides her family.

“Nigga shouldn’t you be using finger paint or some shit? Why you here?” I asked, cause it was early as hell for him to be here.

“Nigga shouldn’t you be catching balls or some shit?” He asked as I flicked him off. The fact that we lost was eating me alive at first. It’s like my heart had been ripped out of my chest.

Soccer was my first love but Football was my everything, and going to the Super Bowl would’ve meant everything to me. It’s all good though, Ima come back 100x harder next season.

“Morning, baby..” I heard Winter’s voice as she walked in and sat on my lap. I noticed that she was already ready for work. She didn’t wear makeup or anything to work, so it didn’t take her that long to get ready.

“Well don’t you look as pretty as ever?” Jaylen joked. He was being sarcastic because she had this stank look on her face and she wasn’t really dressed up. Still beautiful as always.

“Eh, don’t fuck wit me today Jaylen. I won’t hesitate to cut your ass.” She rolled her eyes at him as he put his hands up in defense. The fact that she was serious was funny. “What time you gotta be at work?” I asked, shaking my head.

“10:30.” Checking the time on my phone, it was now 10:15. We were hella late. Morning traffic was gonna be a bitch.

“Fuck, we need to leave now. Did you take your pills?” I knew she didn’t, but I asked anyways to see if she’d lie.

“Baby, ple-” I cut her complaining off. She never wanted to take them. I always gotta be on her ass to take them. It makes me wonder how did she take them before she met me? I remember when I first found out. I had knew something was up, because babygirl attitude used to switch up in a second.


“Shut up talking to me, Odell.” She sat on her bed as she folded her arms. We were in her dorm and we had just came back from a party. She was mad at me because girls kept coming up to me left and right.

“You’re fucking crazy Winter. Earlier we were all cuddly and shit, then you get mad and damn near cut my arm over some shit I couldn’t control! I clearly put them bitches in they place, and you still mad?!”
“I’m not crazy!” She yelled as she took her shoe off and threw it at me. If it wasn’t for my good catching skills, that shit would’ve hit me in the face and we would’ve really had a problem.
“Yes you are! You need some fucking help, psycho!” I spat as I heard sniffles a few seconds later. She gotta be fucking kidding me.. But she ain’t crazy, right? Yea ok..
“Winter, don’t tell me you crying..” I sucked my teeth as I tried my best to hold in my laughter. This girl was hilarious.
“You know what? Just go! You were right, I am a psycho. I don’t fucking need you! Now get your stupid ass out, you fucking piece of shit!” She yelled as she threw a bottle of pills at me. I knew she ain’t mean that shit. She said a lot of harsh shit when she was mad.
Catching the bottle of pills, I noticed that they were prescribed. It was a bottle of Quetiapine. That’s when I instantly started to feel like shit for calling her crazy.
“Winter, I’m s-”
“Shut the fuck up! You weren’t sorry when you were laughing! Go ahead and keep doing it!”

*flashback over*

“Nah Winter you need to take them, cause you gone end up blowing yo whole damn job up if somebody say one wrong thing to you.” I stated as she rolled her eyes. She knew it was true.

“Here.” I said as I handed her the two pills. She snatched them out of my hand before gulping them down with some water.

“I don’t care about you getting mad.” I laughed as she flicked me off. Grabbing her bags for her, we made our way out of the door and into the car. Her job wasn’t too far from my place..

When I pulled up to her job, I stopped in the front so she wouldn’t have to walk that far. All of her coworkers or whatever was staring hard as fuck. “They do this every time I bring you..” I chuckled as she shook her head. Jealous ass hoes.

“I love you baby. Don’t forget to pick me up either.”

“I love you too, and I won’t.” I laughed as I crashed my lips into hers and grabbed her pussy. She was always buggin about me being on time because of this ONE time I was late. I was only late because I was coming from practice. But I don’t even have to worry about that right now.

“Stop Donald Trump, I gotta go.” She smiled as she rushed out of the car. Watching her as she walked in the building, I sucked my teeth at her pants. I didn’t even realize she had those on. I thought I made her burn those. She had on these track pants and her pants made her ass look fat as shit. All them niggas she be training.
Pulling out my phone, I went to my messages to text her.

Me: who told u to wear those peanut head ass girl 😕

Wife❄️: me 😐 big noodle head ass boy

Me: bet don’t be surprised when I fuck u up later

Wife❄️: k daddy 😘

Jaylen always told me I always let her have her way, that’s why she be doing what she wants. He said I been letting her slide since we first met. I don’t see it though.

We met in college. Jaylen didn’t even go to our school, that nigga would just come on campus to mac or sell some shit. He would even sit in class with me sometimes.


“Damn, these girls up here is bad as fuck.” Jaylen mumbled to himself as I chuckled. He was right though. I ain’t here for girls though, I’m here for football.

“You say every girl ba-” I started to say, but my sentence was cut short when somebody decided to knock my head off my shoulders with a damn ball.

Groaning while I held my head, I noticed a girl kneel down in front of me. “Damn, clumsy ass. You hit my brother.” I heard Jaylen say to the girl. She sucked her teeth.

“Jaylen shut the fuck up, it was an accident.” She spat at him, leaving me in shock. She didn’t look like she even cursed.

“Your life was an accident. Yo mom was supposed to swallow you.” He laughed as she ignored him.

“I’m so sorry, are you okay?” She asked as she rubbed the side of my face. Her touch gave me goosebumps.

Opening my eyes a little, I noticed that she was the girl that all the niggas literally wouldn’t shut up about. They literally fantasize over her all the time. I think her name was Snow or something like that.

This was my first time seeing her in person and she looked even better than her pictures. She had long poetic justice braids that flowed down her back, smooth caramel colored skin, juicy pink plump lips, and some big brown eyes. She was beautiful. Made a nigga speechless.

“Yea I’ll be good…” I smiled at her as I gave her a small smile. It’s like we had got lost into each other’s eyes, because we were just staring.

“You gone let her ugly ass slide? Fuck nah.” I heard Jaylen say as the girl sucked her teeth. I wonder how they knew each other. But then again, Jay knew every fucking body.

“What’s your name, sweetie?”

“Odell, and you?”

“Well Odell, I’m Winter and class is about to start soon so I’ll see you around?” She said as she helped me up.

*Flashback over*

“Damn, I miss her already..” I mumbled to myself as I started driving to the Target that was by Winter’s job. It was literally next door.
As I made my way to the freezer with milk, I noticed a girl beside me struggling. She had mocha colored skin, and long purple wavy hair. When she noticed me staring, she looked at me.

“Could you get that milk at the top for me, please?” The girl asked. I hesitated, because I knew Winter wouldn’t even approve of this. She would say something like, Tell that bitch to stand on her fucking tippy toes. I could picture her saying that right now.

I didn’t like her being friendly with other niggas and she didn’t like me being friendly with other bitches. But damn this girl looked like she was struggling. But then again I’ll be mad if Winter helped a nigga with something outside of her job.

“Stand on yo tippy toes.” I told her before walking away. Smiling because I handled it the way Winter would’ve wanted, I gave myself a pat on the back.

When I got home, I opened the door only to hear Robyn blasting Yes by Beyoncé.

“Robyn!” I called out as I got no response. Sucking my teeth, I jogged up to her room to tell her to turn that shit down. I was about to take a well needed nap.

When I opened the door, I didn’t see Rob but I noticed Jaylen sitting on the bed watching Shrek. Weird. I didn’t even know him and Rob talked.

“Why you in here?” I asked as he took his eyes off of the tv. He was scratching his head like he had a bad case of dandruff.

“She wanted me to fix her TV..”

“Oh ight..” I said before making my way to my room. I was about to take this well needed nap, then pack up for this surprise trip I was about to take Winter on. I already talked to her manager, so she good.

I want this trip to be perfect.


Let me have some of yours.“ I told my best friend Quavo. I had only got a salad and that didn’t fill me up. We were at Cheesecake Factory. This was one of our favorite places to eat at. Where we met actually.


My day was going by pretty slow. I had just moved out here and I literally didn’t know anyone. I’m here at my favorite restaurant and I can’t even enjoy it. I’m still adjusting to not having my parents around, and it’s hard. They were all I had besides my friend Odell, but I doubt that he even remembers anything about me.

“You can’t come here lookin’ all sad, wassup wit’ ya?” I heard a male voice say as he slid in the other side of the booth and examined my face. He looked and sounded familiar. I think he was in a group.

“I’m adjusting to my new life and it’s… hard.” I sighed as I stared at my fingers. I always knew I would be on my own soon, but not this soon.

“You gone get used to it. It’ll take time.” He said as he gave me an assuring smile. That’s what I tell myself all the time, but I’m not sure if I believe that.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Let go and let God. Don’t stress about it, mama.

"You seem like you need a friend. Call me whenever you need me, aight?” He said as he stood and handed me a piece of paper. Nodding, I put the paper in my purse.

Looking up at him, he held his arms out and it’s like I fell right into them and started crying. I know he was a stranger, but I’ve been holding these tears in for too long and he actually made me feel comfortable.

Grabbing my purse for me, he walked outside with me while I cried in his chest. I was crying about my parents. I missed them so much.

“It’s gone be aight.” He whispered in my ear as he rubbed my back.

*Flashback over*

That day, we sat in his car until I finished crying. He even took me out afterwards to cheer me up. Quavo’s literally the sweetest guy I know.

We’ve actually tried talking, but just no. It didn’t work out at all, and I don’t even see him like that anymore. He’s not even my type, he stays dogging girls.

“I told you I got the munchies, I ain’t sharing nada.” He said as he dug away in his food. He had got something called Bang chicken and shrimp and it smelled so good.

“You’re mean as hell to me.” I rolled my eyes at him. I was only joking, he treats me like a fucking princess and I love it. He reminds me of how my dad used to treat me. If someone made me mad, he would shut shit down.

“Shut up, you know you my one and only besides ma dukes.” He waved me off.

“Yea I know, just like hearing you say that.” I flipped my hair as he smiled at me and shook his head. The diamonds on his teeth were actually cute on him.

“Aight I’m done.. you ready?” He asked before drinking his water. I guess our waitress had noticed because she came over with our check.

She looked at Qua’s plate and noticed that it was literally licked clean.

“Wow, you were hungry weren’t you?” She asked before giggling. She was really pretty. She had smooth golden brown skin, a fresh blowout with big bouncy curls, and a nice body that her clothes couldn’t hide. I knew Qua was about to get her. I’d be mad if he didnt.

“Hell yea, I was starving. Y'all hit the spot every time I come here.” He laughed as he looked up at her. He started staring at her, and I knew he was feeling her.

“Let me see that.” He said, referring to the notepad she had. She looked at him confusingly as she gave it to him. Writing his number down on it, he slid it back to her and put a hundred dollar bill on the table.

“Keep the change,” he winked at her as we both walked towards the exit. Holding the door open for me, I noticed that it was cold.

“Aye, you coming? Cause my phone dead, and if you change yo mind I can’t come back lil mama.” Quavo asked as he walked to his bright yellow Lambo. Shaking my head no, he scrunched up his face. “Boo, you whore.” He stuck his tongue out at me before getting head first in the car. His long cinnamon stick looking ass always got in the car like that. Looking stupid.

“Call me whenever you get home, aight?” He told me as he let his window down after starting his car. Nodding, he was gone within a second. He must be going to see a hoe. That’s the only time he was ever in a rush to go some where.

He tried to act all tough sometimes, but deep down.. he was really sweet and it was cute. He hated when I told him that.

Realizing that O was out of fucking town, I palmed myself in the head. I was gonna ask him to take me home, but that’s not even an option. Let me see if Qua will answer.

“Please leave your message for..”

I huffed as I tried to call Qua again but it went straight to voicemail. I forgot that his phone was dead before he left. Fuck, I should’ve left with him when he asked.

There was only one person left, and I didn’t wanna call him at all. The last time we talked it didn’t go so well. You know he’s an asshole.

Rolling my eyes as I clicked into the Uber app, I booked a ride. It should be here in about 10 minutes. I really didn’t feel like sitting in the car with a stranger, but I rather do that than walk.

I was knocked out of my thoughts when a car sped up to me honking it’s horn like 5 times until I looked up. What an asshole.

Scrunching up my face, I grabbed my purse and made my way into the “You bout slow as hell Grandma.” He rudely greeted me.

“If I recall, I don’t think I asked for your two cents.” I rolled my eyes as I put on my seatbelt. This nigga was driving pretty reckless.

“Oh but I gave them to you, so shut up.” He retorted back. I really wasn’t in the mood for an argument but he was pushing it.

“You shut up, you’re supposed to be focusing on the road anyway, piece of shit. You ain’t getting paid to ta-”

“Blahhhhhh.” He cut me off and I swear to god I wanted to just clock him in the fucking face. I hated when people cut me off, that was so rude.

The guy took his hat off, and I swear I was about to get out the car when I realized who it was. I should’ve fucking known. Who else always has this funky ass attitude?

“Jaylen?” I asked with attitude. He looked over at me before sucking his teeth and scratching through his curls.

“Aw shit. I should’ve known it was your lil trifling ass.” He said as he scrunched up his face. He grabbed a bag of Lays, and opened them before smacking loudly.

“Can you stop smacking? What are you, a cow?”

“Robyn, I’m not fucking playing. If I gotta tell your ass to shut up one more fucking time. I ain’t in the mood, aight? So sit the fuck back and shut the fuck up. You not gone like it if I gotta tell ya ass again foreal, so try me if you want to.” He said aggressively as he pulled over. Not even gonna lie, that shit was kind of sexy. He’s lucky or else I would’ve cursed him out.

For the rest of the ride, it was quiet until Qua text me.

Qua🐭: answer yo fone lil girl 😪

Me: u never called lil boy

Qua🐭: oh shit, well you made it home yet?

Me: no but I’m in the car buddy

Qua🐭: wit who 😑 don’t get fucked up Robyn

Me: geesh O’s homeboy, Jaylen.

Qua🐭: oh ok be careful 💪🏽😘 I love u

Me: gotcha 😘 love u too

Putting my phone away in my purse, I noticed that he had pulled up in a shopping center. Why is he trying me? I just wanted to go home and lay in bed.

“You hungry?” He asked as he pulled into the Raising Canes drive thru. Didn’t he just tell me to shut up?

“Didn’t you just tell me to shut the fuck up?” I asked as he looked at me with a blank face.

“Aight, starve then. I truly don’t give a fuck.” He shrugged as he was about to pull up to the window. I swear my fucking stomach was empty as hell, but fuck him. My stomach was in my ass. But my mouth was watering at the smell of the food..

“Ok! I am!” I confessed as he chuckled. I hate him.

“Yea thought so, lil greedy ass.” He shook his head as I flipped him off.

“Just get me the same thing you got.” I told him as he nodded. Once he ordered my food along with his, he drove up to the window to pay.

“Where yo money?” He asked as I looked at him like he was crazy. He couldn’t be serious. Shaking my head, I grabbed my wallet and started to look for my card. I hated carrying cash.

“Taking too long.” He huffed as he pulled a 20 from his pocket. Well excuse me, bitch.

Once we got the food, he started going to the direction of our destination. I couldn’t wait to get out the car with his punk ass.

“To go alllllll the way.” I sung to the R Kelly that was playing on the radio. While I was singing, I noticed that he kept staring at me.

“Focus on the road.” I rolled my eyes, because I hated when people stared at me. It was one of my biggest pet peeves. It made me uncomfortable.

As he chuckled, he then started shaking his head. By now, we were both singing the song and I noticed that he could actually sing. Really good at that.

I would compliment him, but knowing him, he probably wouldn’t even say thank you.

Once he parked, I silently thanked God because grabbing my stuff and leaving. I wasn’t gonna pay him for that bullshit ass car ride neither. “Um Rob, since you was such in a rush.. your little toy fell out your purse.” I heard Jaylen say. Furrowing my eyebrows as I looked at him, he was pointing to the passenger seat.

My pink dildo that I bought a while back was lying there. Oh God, why was it even in my purse? Someone set me up. “Don’t tell anyone about this.” I told him as I quickly threw it in my purse and walked away quickly.

He had his dumb smirk on his face and I don’t know why. He was probably gonna tell everybody.

Once I got in the house, I cursed to myself realizing that I was alone. I guess I’d just have to sleep with the TV on and with my door locked.


Someone kept beating on the door, and it was pissing me off. They were about to see my bad side foreal.

Sucking my teeth as I got out of bed, I swung the door open without looking to see who was there first. “Jaylen, I swear to God.” I close my eyes and counted to ten. I didn’t play about my sleep at all, and I knew he only came here for bullshit.

“Damn, nigga can’t come see you?” He smacked his lips. He was acting as if this was just in the middle of the day.

“Not at 2 in the morning!” I groaned as he started mugging me. He shut the door behind him and went to go lay on the couch.

“You supposed to have my back at all times. I came here cause I couldn’t sleep..” he said as he grabbed my small SpongeBob blanket. I’ve been having that blanket since I was younger. I don’t let anyone use it either, so he’s lucky.

“Jaylen, I’m not Odell.”

“Obviously. My nigga wouldn’t do me like this.” He flicked me off as he got comfortable on the couch. He know his ass was too long for my blanket.

“Well how bout you go call him?” I suggested as he started to stare at me for a while, making me uncomfortable.

“Why you ain’t got no man?” He asked as I rolled my eyes. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that..

“Cause I don’t got time for one.” I told the truth. The last time I had a boyfriend was in High School and I got played. Nobody has time to be going back down the road again.

“What you do foreal though?” He asked as I scrunched up my face. He be the main one that gets an attitude when I ask him questions. Why he so happy and energetic now?

“Handle business.”

“I know that line, you can’t play me. I sold dope before, too.” He smirked. Boy was he wrong. I’d never do that after seeing what my dad went through.

“Good for you.” I smiled as I sat next to him and got under the blanket. It was always hella cold in here.

“How exactly did ya parents die?” He asked as I opened my eyes. He’s catching me off guard with these questions.

“Long story..” I sighed as he looked at me waiting for me to go on.

“Well.. my daddy never really had a real job so of course he was a drug dealer. My mother didn’t like that at all, but she loved him. She gave up everything to be with him. Her family disowned her because of him, so she literally had no one but him. He stayed loyal to her and always made sure she was straight. She never had to worry about anything. Fast forward a few years after they had me, he ended up going to jail because he got set up by the dudes that always had beef with him. He ended up doing 8 years. It was supposed to be 10, but they let him off early. I’m guessing when he had finally got out, he ended up killing the dudes who snitched and that started a big war. We stayed in the house all the time. I couldn’t even go to school sometimes, because it was that serious.” I explained as I stopped to put my head in my hands. The story was about to get real.

“Damn..” I heard Jaylen mumble.


Christmas Day

Knocking on my parents’ door, I waited until they told me I could come in. You never knew what you were gonna see walking into their room. “Rob you can come in, we ain’t doin’ nothing.” I heard my dad laugh causing me to playfully roll my eyes.

I wanted to make them feel special today so for starters, I made them a big breakfast. They could eat for days. “Robyn, you didn’t have to..” my mom gasped as she sat up in the bed. She had on her silk Versace robe, a fresh face, and her natural hair was slicked back into a poofy ponytail. She was so beautiful, she didnt even need makeup. She was 33, but she ain’t look a day over 25 I swear. My daddy was a really lucky man.

My mom was one of those cool yet strict moms. If that makes sense. She’s literally my best friend. She was so warm hearted and welcoming. She was honestly kind to everyone unless you pissed her off. That was a whole different story.

“Yes you did, a nigga starving. What you whip up?” He sat up, rubbing his hands like Birdman. This guy..

My daddy was a straight clown. He was always cracking jokes or talking about somebody. Of course everyone knew who he was and he was well respected. Everyone knew he was about his business. He may joke around a lot, but he didn’t play when it came to his money or his family. Even though I don’t like what he does, I can’t even deny that he takes good care of us. He tries to spend as much time with us as he can, and he always makes sure we’re straight.

“Not no crack.” I joked as he sucked his teeth.

“I love you daddy.” I smiled innocently as I brought the tray of food to them. My dad immediately dug in.

“Kasey, save some for me.” My mom shook her head as my dad mugged her. He hated when she called him by his real name. He lets her slide sometimes.

“Come chill wit us before you open ya shit.” My dad said as he moved over and made a space between him and my mom.

There was a new Benz outside, and I knew it was mines cause I had been begging them to buy me a car. I was just gonna pretend like I didn’t know, anyways.

Smiling, I climbed in between them before turning on the TV. Shrek was playing, and I cheesed because this was one of our favorite movies.

“I love you guys..” I told them as I pulled them into a group hug. The movie had went on commercial and they were about done with their food.

“We love you too baby girl.” My mom assured me as she pinched my nose.

“Ay, since the year is about to be over.. I decided to quit this trap shit. Shit’s been getting hella dangerous lately, and I’d deadass be a fucking idiot to still put y'all through that. We done been through a lot and I love both of y'all, and I just want us all to be safe.” He confessed as a smile spread across my face. The fact that he was finally quitting was big. He had been saying he was gonna quit for years.

“Baby, I’m so glad you’ve made that decision, because I have a surprise too.” My mom said, flashing her pearly whites.

“What is it?” He asked, as I looked at her confusingly. My mom was crazy with surprises, so I wonder what it was too. I wouldn’t be surprised if she said she bought a giraffe.

A few seconds later, my mom untied her robe and revealed her mini baby bump. “Dawg, I knew you was pregnant! I didn’t say nuffin’ cause I thought you was just gaining weight!” My dad jumped up excitedly. My dad and I had been on my mother’s ass about having another baby. I was just as excitedly as him. I’ve been dying to have another sibling. I get lonely around here sometimes.

Just as I thought I could celebrate with them, some men busted through the room with mask and started bussing with no hesitation. As many times as they were shooting, you would’ve thought it was the Fourth of July. I just knew someone was dead. Now I see why my dad always kept a gun with him at all times. He even took it with him just to go use the bathroom sometimes.

I couldn’t move. I was traumatized. “Rob, watch out!” I heard my Dad yell as he jumped on top of me. A few seconds later, the gunshots stopped and I heard the men rush out of the house.

“Daddy,” I mumbled as I struggled to get from under him. When I realized he didn’t reply, I quickly got up and realized that he had been shot to death. He was bleeding like crazy.

“Daddy please!” I shook him as tears were streaming down my cheeks. He couldn’t die on me.. he couldn’t..

“Mommy!” I yelled out realizing that I didn’t hear her angelic voice. She was coughing uncontrollably as she held onto her stomach, which was covered in bullet holes. “Mommy, please stay up! I’m gonna get some help!” I cried as her eyes started to get lower. It’s like she was trying to talk, but she couldn’t.

Quickly grabbing my dad’s phone off the nightstand, I dialed 911.

*Flashback Over*

“Damn.. I bet you took that hard.”

“I did. My parents were literally all I had besides Odell. I couldn’t stand to be there anymore and I didn’t want to be put in foster care so I just left. I felt really bad for not telling O, but I just had to leave. They didn’t deserve that at all.. My mother was so sweet and she literally wouldn’t hurt a fly. My dad may have did some fucked up shit to people, but he was really trying to turn his life around..” I sighed, getting in my feelings a little. I think about my parents everyday. They’d be so proud of me right now. They didn’t even get to see me graduate..

“I’m sure Odell understood..” he grabbed my hand.

“Yea.. now it’s your turn since you made me bring up such a dark memory.”

“Aight.. uhh,” he started off as he sighed before clearing his throat.

“I was hardheaded as shit during my teen years. I used to get into all kinds of trouble, because I wanted to fit in so bad. Looking back on that shit, I really regret it.” He laughed as he shook his head.

“Anyways.. I had gotten suspended for fighting for like the 100th time so my mom was pretty pissed about that. There was this bomb ass party coming up that everybody was going to, and I wanted to go but she said I couldn’t cause she was tired of letting me slide whenever I got in trouble. Me being the hard head kid I was, I snuck out. In the middle of the party, she kept calling me so I just turned my phone off cause I didn’t feel like hearing her yell at me.” He explained as I looked up to see tears falling down his cheeks. Rubbing his back, he continued.

“So the party ends, I was about to go home with my ex. As we driving to her house, my pops was calling me nonstop, so I finally answered. I thought he was gone fuss at me, but I just heard him balling his eyes out and he never cries so I knew some shit was up. As he telling me everything, we still in the car and I seen a shit load of ambulances and cops on the freeway. I get out the car and see that’s it’s my fucking mom..”

“She died stressing over me Rob.. she was always there for me. She never let me down.. yet I was always being a fucking dumbass. I always let her down, constantly getting in trouble. If I would’ve just stayed home like she asked, she’d still be here. My dad said she was on the phone with him crying because she couldn’t find me and he heard her crash and everything.. I still feel like a dick til this day.” He sobbed as he layed his head on my chest.

“Jaylen.. in life we do some things that we wish we hadn’t done. Some things we wish we could replay a million times, but we learn from those things.” I assured him. I know what I said wouldn’t stop the way he was feeling, but I still wanted him to know that.

Nodding, he started to speak again as he wiped his tears. Wrapping my arms around him, he was now between my legs. “Don’t fucking tell anybody you seen me cry.” He sniffled causing me to chuckle. This was like the second time I seen him cry.

“You got it.”

“Thanks.. for everything.” He looked up at me smiling.

“You’re welcome, meany.” I smiled as I embraced his tall ass in a hug. “You gone make me rip them pants off you..” he said as he gripped my ass in hands. Slapping them away, I chuckled at him. I had on those spandex pants that every guy loved.

“Yo big ass ears come in handy, you a good listener.” He somewhat complimented as I laughed.

Crashing his lips into mine, I wanted to pull away but the other part of me was saying Bitch hop on that dick.

His hands were roaming around my body, and I didn’t even stop him. I was too into this. I was gonna stop him if he got too carried away though. My virgin ass would fuck around and get his hopes up kissing for 2 hours.

My thoughts were broken when I felt him slide his hand in panties. He started massaging my clit while he sucked on my neck, and I couldn’t help but moan. Just when things were about to get juicy, I didn’t want this to go any further so I stopped him.

“Damn Rob, what’s wrong?” He asked as I ignored him. I could hence the attitude in his voice but I don’t care. I know he didn’t think I was about to let him hit.

Getting up from my bed, I looked in my swim suit drawer and grabbed a one piece. I wanted to get in the jacuzzi out back. “Wanna join?” I asked Jaylen as he looked up from his phone to me.

“No, think Ima go home..” he said as he looked back down at his phone. What a typical fuckboy.. Didn’t get what he wanted, so now he’s salty.

Shrugging my shoulders, I grabbed my beats pill and made my way to the jacuzzi. Wanting to listen to some old R&B, I opened the Spotify app and clicked on Keyshia Cole and Monica’s Trust.

Smiling once everything was complete, I stepped in the jacuzzi and relaxed. My body was so tense and this felt so soothing.

Feeling some arms wrap around my waist, I rolled my eyes because I knew it was Jaylen. “What?” I asked as I sighed.

“Shut up..” he mumbled as I scrunched up my face.

“I-I’m s-sorry- I can’t do this.” He sighed as he attempted to apologize. I could tell he wasn’t used to apologizing, and it was funny but sad.

“Just say it Jaylen, it’s not as hard as you’re making it.”

“I’m… sorry for what just happened, aight? I ain’t mean to be a bitch about it.” He admitted as I smiled because I knew he was trying and that was the best he could come up with.

“I have to teach you a lot..” I laughed as a smile slowly crept on his face.


Setting my phone down on the shelf in the shower, I started to read the comments that were on my live. I hardly get on ig, but when I heard you could go live now I decided to try this shit out. I don’t be having shit else to do.

“How’d you get your hair so curly?” I read one of the comments. Sucking my teeth, I scrunched up my face afterwards. I hated when hoes asked dumb questions. That’s like asking, “How’d you get your shirt so clean?” Bitch, the washer.

“Water, dumb ass.” I said as laughing emojis started appearing all in the comments.

I was playing music from my business phone, and when my song came on I couldn’t help but to dance. I guess I had got a little carried away because my personal phone that I was recording wit had fell and my dick was all in the camera. I started to panic, but then realized that it was already too late so I didn’t give a fuck no more.

As I picked up my phone, all I seen in the comments were the eye emojis. “Issa dick.” I laughed before ending the live. Now there was gonna be thousands of screenshots in my tags. This why I don’t fuck wit ig now.

Just as I stepped out the shower, my phone went off indicating that I had a message. I checked my lock screen and realized it was Robyn.

Robyn🌸: you just love showing your private parts don’t u 🙄

Me: wym 🤔

Robyn🌸: boy all I see down my TL is screenshots of your vienna

Me: oh, that? Don’t mind me 😌

I seen her typing for a longtime, but then she stopped so I just assumed she was busy.

Since she was taking too long to reply, I debated on sending another text. I wasn’t the type that was scared to double text. I text in multiple sentences anyways.

Me: come over

I sent the message and tossed my phone on my bed. After making sure my hygiene was taken care of, I slid on some basketball shorts not bothering to put on a shirt. It was too hot for a shirt.

I went in the kitchen to grab a snack, and that’s when I heard my front door open then close. I peeked around the corner only to see Rob.

“Girl you scared me..” I laughed

“Good, you need to start locking your door.” She said as she locked the door for me. I hated locked doors.

“Where ya car at shawty?” I chuckled realizing that I ain’t seen her in her car since the day I first met her. She was always riding with O or Winter some where.

“It’s fucked, it won’t start.” She shrugged. I don’t know why her dumb ass just didn’t take it to the shop.

“I can fix it.” I blurted out. Well, my uncle taught me a lil shit about cars so everything should work out fine. I know what I’m doing. I think..

“Really?” She gasped as a smile spreaded across her face.

“Yeaaa..” I gave her an assuring smile.


“Jaylen!” I heard shawty yell from outside. She was yelling like I stabbed her or some shit. She ain’t have to do allat, she scared the shit out of me.

“What did you do to my car?!” She yelled out as I looked down at my feet before scratching my head. I didn’t even know how to fix cars, I was just being nice. Every nigga knows how to fix a car though, right?

“Huh? I fixed it like you wanted me to..” I played dumb. It’s like her car started falling apart.

“Jaylen!! If you don’t fix this, I swear!” She scrunched up her lips as she threatened me, while I held in my laughter.

“It’s not funny! My parents gave me this car for Christmas before they died!” She yelled as she stormed off. Immediately, my grin turned into a frown. Now I felt like a straight dick.

“Fuck.” I mumbled to myself as I ran after her. It looked like she was going back to her and O’s place. Once I got there, the door was unlocked so I went in. There she was, lying down on the couch.

“Rob..” I called out as she ignored me. Sighing, I made my way over to her and kneeled down beside the couch.

“Robyn, I’m sorry.” I apologized as she just stared at the ceiling. I could tell she wanted to slap the shit out of me, because her little nostrils were flaring. I didn’t blame her, cause let a motherfucker destroy some shit my mom gave me, they’d be dead.

“Robbbbbbb!” I sang as I hovered over and started tickling her. She wasn’t even fighting back, she was just staring at the ceiling. Realizing that she wanted her space, I just took that as my que to leave.

Going back to my place, I turned on some music so that I could finish my painting.

“Even when your hustling days are gone..” I sang to myself as brought of my cans of paint. Everybody that knew me, knew this was my fucking shit. That song is the damn truth.

Shaking the can of paint a little harder, I groaned realizing that there was no more left. I swear, it’s like as soon as I buy paint it’s literally gone like the same day. I could paint for hours nonstop.

I didn’t have to eat, go take a piss, check my phone, none of that. Just painting. Okay well, I did have to stop and eat here and there but you get the point.

Painting was like my first love. It never disappoints me. I used to paint with my mama all the time. Whenever I’m feeling some type of way, painting stops that. It’s like all my feelings and problems go away. Shit, I block out the whole damn world.

After praying with ole girl for the past few weeks, I just felt really inspired I guess. When I’m inspired, nobody could tell me shit. I just let my paintings do the talking.

Just when I was about fuck it up on this painting, my phone started ringing. Sucking my teeth, I picked it up and seen Robyn’s name.

“Hey, you coming thru tonight?” I smiled through the phone, remembering what she said the last time she was here. She said the next time she came, we could do something different. Usually, she’d come to my crib and she’d just get me to express how I felt and put it in a prayer. A nigga was actually looking forward to this shit.  Ever since shawty been helping me, it’s like I’m starting to have a more positive attitude. And that’s…. good I guess?

“Sorry Jaylen, I forgot to tell you I’m going out tonight.” She apologized as I felt like I was being slapped in the face. This why I don’t get too comfortable with people. This is exactly fucking why.

“Oh.. Ight.” I replied, not really interested in this phone call anymore. Hoe wasting my data.

“Yea, maybe n-” she stared to say as I hung up. Maybe next time my ass. She got me fucked up. I’m not a fucking second choice bitch, I’m Jaylen.

This why a nigga got major trust issues now like seriously. I had no problem wit ole girl going out partying or whatever. Dat ain’t my fucking business. She could go get a train ran on her for all I care.

I’m mad because SHE told me, “Hey Jaylen, I think this is pretty dope what we’ve been doing but how about we just chill on Saturday? Like hang out.. you deserve it.” Like why would you volunteer to do something if you know you not gone do it? That’s that shit I be talkin bout.

Then the fact that some clients of mine asked wanted me to paint today, and I told them I couldn’t just because I wanted to chill wit her. Fuck around and lost thousands of dollars messing around with her ass. Possibly millions.

You know what? Fuck her. I don’t know why I got my bitch ass hopes up anyways. I’m used to shit like this. And people wonder why I act the way I do.. Fuck outta here.

I feel like choking a squirrel right now.


It was Sunday afternoon and I’ve yet to still hear from O’s mad ass. I would go over but I didn’t wanna see Robyn. Oh well, I’ll just pretend her ass is Casper.

As I opened my door, I seen Robyn getting off the elevator in a soaked red dress with her makeup running down her face. She also had parts of her dress ripped. She made eye contact with me and I could see the anger in her eyes. She threw her wet purse at me.

“Do I look like a fucking trash can to you, you fucking wet dog?!” I snapped as she pushed past me and stopped in front of O’s door before going in.

“O!” I called out but didn’t get an answer.

Walking towards the back to his room, the door was closed and I heard Jam by Kevin Gates blaring which let me know Winter was in there. He ain’t never close his door, his pussy ass was too scary.

“O!” I yelled louder as I knocked on the door.

“What?!” I heard him yell behind the door. It sounded like he was sleep so I just left him alone. I had left my pineapple over here anyways, so let me go cut it up while I got it.

As I got done cutting up the pineapple, I took a few pieces with me in the living room. When I got in there, I noticed Rob sitting on the couch watching Tarzan. She looked refreshed like she just got out of the shower and washed her face.

She noticed I was looking at her, so she looked up at me before rolling her eyes.

“Why you play me like that?” I asked as I plopped down on the couch next her. Why she have to be so damn pretty? She looked like a pretty parrot. Which was a good thing..

“Like what?” Her soft, innocent voice filled the room. She knew what she was doing. She sounded like Isabella from Phineas and Ferb. I could never yell at her ass.

“Come on Rob, you know my trust issues fucked up and you stood me up when I was really looking forward to chillin’ wit yo ass.” I stated while staring at her.

“Jaylen,” she started off but she paused to sigh. “I’m really sorry for that, I had forgot that I made plans with someone else before I told you that. I’ll make it up to you.” She attempted to apologize. That weak ass apology..

“Don’t even worry bout it. Why would I set myself up for you to play me again?” I mumbled as I pulled the blunt I had rolled earlier from behind me ear. I set myself up by even talking to her.

“Give me that. You always smoking or drinking Hennessy.” She said, snatching the blunt out of my hand. You can get killed for shit like that.

“Cause when I use it, ion feel shit and that’s how I like it. I ain’t feeling all this sensitive shit I been on lately.” I explained as I ate a piece of pineapple.

“No.. were not gonna use it tonight. We’re gonna talk.” She said making me think about the last time she was here. I got her to smoke with me, and it was her first time. Shit was hilarious.

“We ain’t got nothin’ to talk about. You played me and that was that.” I spat as she sighed stressfully.

“We can talk about that car you were supposed to buy me..” she said as I looked over at her remembering that I had bought her a car. I just didn’t tell her yet, cause she had pissed me off.

“Follow me.” I told her as I got up and grabbed the keys to the new car. Once we got on the elevator, I looked at her and noticed how confused she look.

“Close your big ass eyes.” I told her as I led her outside towards the parking lot. Once we reached her new form of transportation, I told her that she could open her eyes.

“Really, you bought me a bike?” She said as her smile fell. I knew she was pissed.

“Yea, it goes real fast.” I stated as she reached her hand back to slap me before I caught it. I knew she was about to slap the dog shit outta me.

“I’m fucking wit you, this you right here.” I laughed at her as I led her to her new 2017 Range Rover Evoque. She been doing something special for me, so it was only right for me to do this.

“SHUT UP!” She screamed as she felt around the car in excitement. She was jumping up and down like a little kid.

“I ain’t say nothing shawty..” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

“Omg Jaylen! How do I repay you?!” She asked as she embraced me in a big hug. Pussy.. I thought to myself.

“Ain’t no repaying shawty, you helped me out with my problems so this just a gift.” I smiled down at her as she took the keys and got in the car.

“I’ll drive it later, my feet are hurting but thank you so much!” She said as she started jumping to give me kisses on the cheek.

Dodging all of them, I started to walk back up to my place as she followed. I knew she was happy as shit.

“Damn, my hair getting crazy.” I mumbled to myself as I twisted some of the curls in my mini fro. I didn’t know how to feel about this yet. I ain’t never grew my hair out this much.

“It’s cute on you.” I heard her say as she walked in the bathroom to grab some lotion.

I had something she could use that lotion for..

“Who asked you? Big head.” I joked as she rolled her eyes. Something I was gone make her stop doing, cause I hated that shit. I found it disrespectful.

“I just lost my damn appetite..” She mumbled to herself furrowing her eyebrows. Just as I was about to say something, she was bent over throwing up all over the floor in no time.

“ROB!” I screamed at her. Not on my fucking floor dawg. I just got these floors done, I swear it took everything in me not to strangle her ass.

“I’m sorry, I’ll clean it up right now.” She said before coughing over the toilet. In no time, her face started turning red. Sighing, I walked over to her and held her hair up for her while she continued to throw up.

“You sick?” I asked as I felt her forehead. Her forehead was mad hot. “Go lay down, you got a fever.” I cleared my throat as I thought of how I was gone clean this shit up. I hated the sight of vomit.

Getting out some cleaning spray, I got out some paper towels and cleaned up the mess while holding my nose. Once I was done, I went over the spot with a disinfectant wipe just to be more clean.

Trashing everything, I washed my hands and looked in the medicine cabinet to see if I had anything for Rob. Only thing I thought would help was Benadryl so I grabbed that.

“Here.” I told her as I sat beside her on the bed and grabbed my water bottle that was on the night stand.

“Ew, I don’t know where your mouth been Jaylen.” She scrunched up her face, making me laugh.

“My mouth don’t be no where I don’t kiss these hoes.” I stated truthfully. What kind of nigga would I be if I went around here kissing these bitches? That’s unsanitary.

Hesitating, she took the pills and drank from the water bottle anyway. “Thanks.” She mumbled as she wiped her mouth.

It’s weird as hell doing all this nice shit.. but I think I could get used to it.

5shadesofcool  asked:

i love love love the idea of barista!tom!!!!! like he would always dance while making a drink. bumping into co-workers and spilling shit all the time. he would always try to come up with his own drinks and they all come out terrible. whenever you come in to get coffee, he tries to talk to you for as long as possible. he puts hearts & smiley faces on your cup and always has to see your reaction to what's on the cup (which is always a goofy smile which causes him to goofy smile) 💓💓💓

becca my heart!1!1!! once again, you have put me in my feels

AU!Tom Week… 5k Celebration!

title: One-Ply Promises

rating: t

pairing: Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia

summary: Of all of the stupid shit Lucy has done while drunk, entering a contract with a demon probably takes the cake. The icing on said cake, however, is the fact that neither of the two know what the terms of the contract are. Until they figure it out, Lucy is stuck living with a demon who doesn’t really understand the concept of keeping a low profile.

chapter four: Patience is a Virtue

Prev: i, ii, iii

ffn link

Monday rolls around and Lucy swears the day is going slowly just to spite her. Her third, and final, class of the day is one of her core psych courses and her notes are a mess by the end of it, so she decides to go and grab an extra large black coffee with a quad shot of espresso because if she feels like she’s dying, she may as well stick her other foot through the door and see if caffeine overdoses are entirely possible.

Death is the least of her problems. Lucy is ready to look death in the eye and break his nose if it means she doesn’t have to find a way to drag her horned, scaly, pink-haired demon to Professor Geer’s office without the entire campus noticing the horns. Or the hair. Or him in general.

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EXO Reacting to when their girlfriend is pregnant with their baby.

Hope you like it hun, and yes it does make sense xx

Kai - When Kai found out you were pregnant with his child he so nervous about it because he didn’t want you or the baby to get hurt so he would always be there for you and end up skipping a lot of rehearsals just to look after you.

Sehun - When you told Sehun you were pregnant he was shocked, you guys have only been dating for 2 years but he wasn’t going to leave you, he would be there for you at all cost.

Chen - Chen found the pregnancy in your bathroom bin, he walked out a looked at you in a weird way, when you saw the test in his hands you nearly burst into tears saying how sorry you were but he didn’t care he was thrilled because even though you guys weren’t married he still wanted a son or daughter.  

Suho - Suho the $ugar daddy he is, he would buy everything just to make feel comfortable, he would buy all the food, all the pregnancy tablets you need. Suho couldn’t be there for you 24/7 but he always called to check up on you and see if you okay. 

Chanyeol - Chan came home one day to find you in the bathroom crying, he asked whats wrong sounding really concerned, you told him that you were pregnant and how you weren’t ready for a family. He pulled you into his arms and kissed your temple saying how everything will be okay and that he was there for you and when you were pregnant he would treat you like a queen. 

Luhan - Luhan wasn’t ready for a child, neither were you and you guys always used protection and you were on the pill and when he found out he actually thought it was someone else’s because you were always so quite about it. When you got a test and you found out it was his and told him he was more relived and apologies were thrown at you left and right .

Kris - Kris always wanted a child but you didn’t at all, you weren’t ready one bit, you said to him that you wanted to put the child up for adoption and when you said that Kris cried and told you that he wanted this child more then anything in the world. He would always talk your son/daughter saying how much he love him/her and that he was going to be the greatest dad in the world, you changed your mind and decided to keep the baby.

Tao - Tao was over the moon when he found out that you were pregnant, but he was so annoying constant calls to see you were alright, always nagging you if you wanted anything, it was nice of him to do that but most times you wanted to be left alone. 

D.O - D.O understood you, if you wanted to be left alone he would, if you wanted food he would get it for you, and when you had massive mood swings he would just stand there listening to you shout at him but wouldn’t take any offence to it. 

Baekhyun -  He would be a little joker, he would make pregnant jokes and always touch your baby bump, he was an annoying little shit but you loved it and glad you were carrying his child. 

Xiumin - Xiumin would be so good to you and too the baby, he talk to your son/daughter, read it books, sing to you and too the baby. He would buy you food or cuddle you when you are upset or in pain, just be a good daddy. 

plaguefuckers-deactivated201704  asked:

honestly im like, not sure this really ? is what u have asked but , do you have any hcs abt krav ? specifically like, theoretical interactions with tres horny boys and the npcs on the moon base. like, i feel like krav becoming angos weird gay skeleton uncle is a rich vein that we need to tap into, u kno


taako is introducing his new beau to his BoB family, and on the way to the artificer’s chambers to show kravitz That Guy I Told You About Who Always Falls For My Shit, they bump into little ango in the hallway

who of course looks terrified, but kravitz shakes his hand and compliments his suit, because the truth is taako’s told kravitz all about angus and how he’s really coming along in his magic lessons (all taako’s doing of course), and he’s like the smartest person he knows of any age (because he hangs out with a bunch of bumblefucks)- krav sees through all the backhandedness and knows taako cares about this kid so he’s nice to him, even if youth sorta makes him anxious, being a zomboy and all