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Sex Worker's Guide: Tool Bag to Keep in your Car

When I go see clients or SD’s, I always carry a small bag with my bare essentials. However, I do keep a much bigger ‘tool bag’ that makes going through multiple clients easier. Generally, I keep this bag in my car or always readily packed so I can just grab it and go.

Hairbrush: Quickly run your brush through your hair 5 minutes before meeting. Well maintained hair instantly makes you look richer.

Big bottle of Body Spritz: The ones you buy at Bath and Bodyworks are great because they’re inexpensive (stock up during their bi-annual sales). I douse myself before every client/SD meet. In fact, I keep a bottle everywhere for convenience.

CONDOMS: Buy in bulk. Always have at least 10 in your “tool bag”.

Vaseline: So useful for aching feet, chapped lips, subtle lube before seeing clients, etc.

Baby wipes/Makeup wipes: Makes redoing makeup between clients that much easier. Great for freshening up down there too. Skip the Target/CVS brands. I can buy massive different scented ones for $3.99 at Marshall’s.

BAG OF COINS: Oh dear Lord, you have no idea how much easier this has made my life. As an escort, parking is a bitch to find in big cities sometimes so always have a bag of change for parking meters.

Chargers for both phones: I keep two sets of chargers for both work phone and personal phone.

An extra set of basic makeup: Just to keep in your car incase you get a last minute call. My duplicate set is filled with cheaper versions of my preferred makeup. That way, if it goes bad due to the heat from inside my car, I won’t care that much about replacing it. Think NYX or ELF.

Panties: Just keep one that’s sexier in your car incase you need it.

Neutral HEELS: I keep a pair of black, 2-3inch heels in my car incase I need to ‘sexify’ whatever outfit I’m wearing.

Earrings: I try to keep one gold and one silver set of earrings. They instantly make any outfit more feminine.

Mints: Altoids are a favorite because they’re potent. I don’t have to worry about discarding it after I’m done.

Ibuprofen: Sometimes you just need it for cramps or an especially rough encounter.
some quick tips for vegans
  • always buy food in bulk, because it’s cheaper + you don’t have to go grocery shopping as often
  • if you can’t get ahold of the packaging label, just don’t eat it. instead, you can bring your own food/snacks everywhere
  • make a shopping list and go grocery shopping as needed 
  • read the ingredients. all the time. especially if you’re eating out/buying food/eating someone else’s food
  • get a rice cooker!!! i swear it’s so easy + fast to make rice and this way u can be super lazy and cook fast and delicious meals (like me)
  • only buy the staples, then make fancier meals out of them. don’t go crazy buying fancy vegan foods, because you will spend a lot of money.
  • for body products/makeup/etc., you could spend more money and buy from the explicitly vegan brands, or you can buy from everyday drugstore brands and just check the labels super thoroughly. it just depends on your budget. 
  • frozen fruits and vegetables!!! they’re cheaper + they last longer
  • almond milk is AH-mazing and every vegan should try it. heck, you should try it even if you’re not vegan almond milk is LIFe
  • trader joe’s has a lot of great vegan foods and it’s wayyyy cheaper than whole foods
  • fruits and vegetables are great for meals/snacks
  • smoothies!!!
  • it’s okay if you can’t afford to go completely vegan. (as in, you can’t buy only vegan clothes/makeup/body products) baby steps. you’ll get there.
  • don’t beat yourself up if you accidentally eat something non-vegan! we’ve all done it, and it’s okay. just be more careful next time!
  • good luck with your vegan journey! it’s a wonderful, life-changing experience, and I encourage you all to try it! ~mel

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What are some of your favorite cheap/drugstore makeup for cosplay(foundation, contouring, eyeliner, etc.)?

Oh boy lets see! These are my favs, and I use them on the daily too!

Rimmel Stay Matte. It’s really opaque, which I love for cosplay, because it gies my complexion a good blank canvas to work on and contour. This goes for their powder too!

Pixi Palatte. I bought this palette cause it has a variation of shades. For dark and blonder hairs. Great for cosplaying mutiples colors.

But if I need to change my brows for a odd hair color, blue, orange, green, I use prismacolors.

NYX Palatte. I use a contouring palette actually. It’s got more variations of shades for more complex looks. Rather than having one shade darker of bronzer.

As a highlighter I use either cheapy wite eyeshadow, or my highlight stick.

BH colors. I bought this cheap ass feild of colors, cause you never know what you need for cosplay. But I always buy BLACK and WHITE in larger, singular pots. The .99$ wet n wild ones.

Fabuliner. I favor FELT Tip eyeliners. But they dry out fast, no matter how fancy. So I always buy a bulk of 4-5 cheap ass ones. They’re all the same honestly, just nice to have a ton on hand. They dont last long so its a waste to buy some 24 dollar one.

Covergirl is my favorite cause they have every fucking shade under the sun. I really love the Katy Perry matte ones! The color is nice and vibrant without being too sticky or cheap. And If its too much, I lay it one and dab some off.


Siren Song - 9

“Now go get our ingredients,” Draco commanded Y/N.

The Slytherin girl stared at him blankly. “Are you being serious right now?”

Draco answered her with unrelenting silence.

“Why would I want to help you when I’m competing against you? And also, I’m not doing anything for you if you demand me to do it.” She turned away from Draco and moved to collect the ingredients for the Girding Potion.

Disregarding what she espoused, Draco called after her, expecting her to comply, “Make sure you get my ingredients too, L/N.”

Y/N approached the table at the front of the room where Snape had rounded up the lesson’s necessary items. Gathering what she needed for her potion, she returned to her seat with sticky doxy eggs, pale dragonfly thoraxes, dried flying seahorses, shimmering fairy wings, and more. She lined her ingredients up neatly in front of her cauldron and organized the tools she’d need to prepare the varying components of the potion.

Draco glared at Y/N, “Where’s all my stuff?”

Y/N was aghast, “Did you really expect me to get all this for you?”

“You’re a sad excuse for a Potions partner, you know that?” Draco had almost assumed she would bring him the ingredients he needed to begin, and when she didn’t, he returned to insulting her. “Crabbe and Goyle were far superior. They always went and got everything for me. You’re pathetic.”

She giggled in amusement at his childish rhetoric. “Then you’re spoiled, and I’m not going to further contribute to that tragedy.”

He wasn’t use to being laughed at and it struck a nerve. He spat with derision, “Dirty blood traitor.”

“Clever, aren’t you? Shouldn’t you be hurrying up rather than talking to me? Tick tock, Malfoy.” She shot a snarky grin to her partner. He glared at her before storming off to the front of the room.

Now concentrating on the assignment at hand, Y/N read carefully over the directions that Snape had written on the board. Wanting to make sure that she followed the steps precisely, she didn’t rush her efforts. She had just begun to add the iridescent fairy wings to her cauldron when Draco appeared back at his seat, with his ingredients, visibly annoyed. A stand of his hair fell in his eyes and he pushed it out of the way sourly.

Draco and Y/N continued to work quietly for the next several minutes until the former broke the silence, “You know, it’s not like I’m useless here.”

He had been bothered by Y/N calling him spoiled, and he felt the need to justify himself. “Crabbe and Goyle always went to get everything for the potions because I was the one always doing the bulk of the work. When we worked in groups, I made the potions because it was apparent I was the best at it. Even when we worked alone, I still helped them. It was a tradeoff. And I’m a good friend. An I’m good at making potions. I do quite an actual bit in this class, and they wouldn’t have the grades they do in here without me.”

Her initial reactions was to shoot some saucy remark his way, but she thought better of it. Y/N recognized his defensiveness and eased up being so combative. “Great, I’m happy for you,” she voiced indifferently. “Now leave me alone. I’m trying to win.”

Draco scoffed, “Trying would be the key word, L/N.”

Choosing to ignore this comment, Y/N didn’t provide Draco the gratification of a response. Concentrating instead on the low-bubbling brew in her cauldron, she watched her potion change from a brilliant turquoise to a deep fuchsia. So far, so good.

Y/N, in all honesty, enjoyed and appreciated potion making. Although she preferred subjects like Charms or Defense Against the Darks Arts (magic that appeared more spectacular to her), she felt that there was something methodical and calming about creating a potion. The magic was initially more subtle, but often potent and powerful in the long run. Potions, after all, could revive life or extinguish it, and Y/N respected and appreciated that fact.  

Halfway through the steps that Snape had listed on the board, Y/N, out of the corner of her eye, quickly assessed the progression of Draco’s potion. His potion was a shade darker than her own, and she tensed ever so slightly when she realized that he was now a step ahead of her. How exactly had he managed not only to catch up, but to also surpass her? She frowned in his general direction upon realizing that his work seemed to be accurate and well-crafted.

Faintly frustrated, it was now her turn to interrupt the silence, “What happens if our potions are equally good? If Professor Snape doesn’t make it clear who has the better potion?”

Draco studied Y/N and then looked at her now astonishingly violet potion and smirked, “I suppose the obvious answer is whoever completes the potion first, that person would be the winner.”

She nodded, a bit begrudgingly, because she knew his suggestion was legitimate and fair. And then she found her gaze drifting to his smirk. If she lost, kissing Draco Malfoy wouldn’t be the worst thing that had happened to her. If Malfoy in fact decided to pick himself to kiss her… she didn’t know who he’d pick of course. With a bat of her thick lashes, she met his gray stare again. “That’s fine.”

With that affirmation, Y/N turned back to her work. She embraced tunnel vision while brewing her potion, and even though she knew she was behind Draco, she continued to work at her own pace and hoped that her precision and meticulousness would outshine her rival’s dexterity and swiftness (or whatever the hell it was that catapulted him ahead of her). She took her time because she believed in doing things the correct way, the first time (if she could help it). She didn’t like to be wrong (and it was rare that she was).

Focused on creating a flawless Girding Potion and beating Draco, the rest of the classroom and its inhabitants melted away. It wasn’t until her black robed professor appeared next to Draco and began to speak that Y/N realized he was finished.

Snape inspected Draco’s work, checking its color, thickness, and various other attributes.  “Very well done, Mr. Malfoy. I would expect nothing less from you. This is a successful Girding Potion and would most certainly enhance the user’s endurance.”

Draco basked in the professor’s praise and sent Y/N a smug smirk.

“The only way you could improve this potion would be to thicken it up,” Snape went on. “Let it boil just a little bit longer and your potion could be that much stronger. The side effects might last an additional couple of days then. But nonetheless, a splendid example of a Girding Potion. Bottle up your work and you may clean up your area. And please continue to aid Ms. L/N when she needs it.”

“Thank you, Professor, yes, I will.” Draco’s voice brimmed with conceit.

As the greasy haired professor strode away, Y/N pretended that she hadn’t been listening in on Snape’s conversation with his favorite student. She didn’t want to get distracted by Draco’s gloating and make some sort of careless error with her potion.

“Well, L/N, top that.”  

She wanted to ignore him. Her better instincts told her not to respond, but she couldn’t help herself, she felt compelled, “I will, Malfoy, don’t worry.” The banter between them just flowed naturally.

The blonde sneered at the girl and began to clean up his workspace, “Doubt it,” he muttered under his breath.

Twenty minutes ago Y/N had been confident that she would make a better potion than Draco, but now doubt was creeping into her mind. Draco’s potion had been nearly perfect, and Y/N had underestimated his ability.

But then again, she reminded herself, everyone always underestimated her, and her potion was pretty damn close to perfect as well. She was going to win, at least she told herself this.

Y/N was the penultimate student to finish her potion, but she knew her effort afforded her a solid Girding Potion. More than solid: exceptional.

Seeing that she was finished, Snape rounded on Y/N and peered in her cauldron. He grasped the spoon and stirred her potion, inspecting its viscosity and texture. The thick liquid’s hue, one of dirty pollen, was exactly what Y/N had been aiming for. “Well, Ms. L/N, I’m rather impressed with your potion work.” He praised her directly. “Whether or not this creation was a fluke has yet to be seen. However, since you are a Slytherin, I’m certain you will prove your prowess.” Snape shifted his attention to Y/N’s partner, “Mr. Malfoy, take note of the thickness of Ms. L/N’s potion. Slightly thicker than yours, this can be achieved by letting your potion brew longer. This is what you should aim for.”

Draco shot daggers at Y/N. Her eyes flashed triumphantly back at him for she knew Snape’s words were the nail in the coffin of her victory.

“Well done, Ms. L/N. It seems that you and Mr. Malfoy work well together. A talented Slytherin team with a propensity towards potion work. A strong pairing, I believe.” Snape narrowed his eyes, examining his students. Y/N couldn’t tell whether her professor was being sarcastic or not.

“Mr. Malfoy, help Ms. L/N with cleaning up. Good work, the both of you.” Snape left the pair quickly to help a flustered Neville. He was the only one still working on his potion and his cauldron was beginning to billow fetid black smoke, the acrid smell already clinging to the oppressive and heavy dungeon air.

When Snape was out of earshot, Y/N faced Draco Malfoy with a grin spanning from ear to ear. “So I think you own me my wand now.” She held out her empty hand, her open palm facing skyward.

Draco said nothing as he placed the unusual wand in the girl’s hand.  The wood was dark with intricate designs and contrasted against the smooth handle inlaid with glinting mother of pearl.

For the second time today, Y/N L/N had wounded Draco’s pride. His face was hard and stoic, but his eyes shouted indignation.

Indulging in her victory, her wand now back in her possession, Y/N unexpectedly blew Draco a kiss for the second time that day. This time, unlike in Charms, no magic happened.

Draco was surprised at her gesture and furrowed his brow in consternation.

“Thank you,” Y/N spoke sincerely, “for keeping your end of the deal.”

“I’m not a liar.” Draco defended himself.

“I never said you were,” rolled off Y/N’s tongue. “Now help me clean up like Professor Snape told you to,” she grinned at him, knowing she was testing his patience. Draco Malfoy was an asshole, that fact was still certain. Y/N, however, thoroughly enjoyed taking him down a notch and thought, if she had the chance, that she wouldn’t mind doing it again.

the bachelors react to a farmer they have a crush on (pre-romance) inviting them to sleep over! how would they react to snuggling up and watching an old movie/ pajama parties/ popcorn fights/ sharing a bed? 

Elliot would be obvious as fuck, to be frank. He’s a gentleman, and he has these boundaries he’s set for himself in his head, and this is crossing all of them. He would feel honored to be invited into the farmers home, would compliment their footie pajamas, but would probably draw the line once he was supposed to hurt the one he love- I mean, um, was friends with. The farmer probably invited him over just to see how much they could make him blush in one night, tbh, because if they did their expectations were exceeded. (also please imagine Elliot watching Finding Nemo for the fist time and sobbing into the farmers should while they pat him on the back)

Shane… would not be expecting this kind of party. A whole night of drinking, smoking, petting chicks nabbed from the farmers pen, that would be what he was expecting. Loosely hanging linen pajamas and cuddling close under blankets? He would be.. a little out of his area of expertise. As long as the farmer took it slow, guiding him though the nights activities at his own pace, he might not just bolt for the door. Just face it though, the farmer would never get him to show of his tummy just yet, so he’d have to wear an over-sized hoodie instead of whatever they picked out for him. All in all, he’d hug the farmer pretty close to his chest that night, and you’d gain +1 Shane friendship.

Alex is best friends with Haley, YOU CAN NOT tell me he hasn’t had a sleepover before. He would be pretty confident to start of with, walks in in nothing but a pair of pajama pants and bunny slippers. He is the master of popcorn fights, and abuses his power, tickling definitely follows his supreme victory. The farmer and him would have a ridiculous fake argument over whether they should watch “Tarzan, The Ape Man” or “Howard The Duck” (It would get super heated really quickly until there was a moment of silence and then they’d both just burst into laughter in unison). Once whatever movie they decided on started to play, and the farmer snuggled up, Alex would suddenly got unnaturally quiet. So what if the farmer was leaning on him? Haley always said his bulk made a good pillow! It doesn’t mean anything, right?! This internal dialogue would continue tenfold when they went to sleep that night, Alex not getting any proper shut-eye. (If the farmer wrapped an arm around him in their sleep, that would not help, and Alex would later deny feeling all warm and fuzzy because of it)

 Sebastian would just. Shut. Down. Do I say yes and go? What if I embarrass myself? What if I have a weird dream about them? What if they want to change in the same room? But how do I even say no? If I don’t go they’ll think I’m too unavailable for them or that I don’t like them! What if they think I’m avoiding them! Oh Yoba I need a smoke… In the end Sam would catch on to how he was acting and explain to the farmer how nervous the sleepover was making Seb. The farmer would cancel it because “I forgot that I have to stay up late all week that week in order to catch this rare type of fish…” Sebastian would be happy, the farmer would be happy, everyone’s good.

Sam is the Platonic Man. The Bro. The Dude. Sam’s the best at separating those buddy-buddy moments from all that romance goopy shit. Like you wanna have a sleepover? Sam will carry over all his video games and game systems for you two to use, no hesitation. You wanna popcorn fight? You just got a slice of pizza in your face, deal with it! Cuddle and watch movies? More like cuddle and watch Adam Sandler movies while laughing your asses off at all the dumb jokes. He would even suggest other things, like makeovers or jam sessions or pillow fights. Sam is down. He’s probably suggested sharing a bed. His resolve breaks an inch when he wakes up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and sees the farmer all curled up into his chest because shit he feels something a little bit more.

Harvey would do the one thing he knows how to do in tense social situations; spit medical jargon until the person talking to him gets bored and goes away. The problem is, the farmer doesn't get bored of listening to him, and as the night continues, his monologue gets increasingly faster and faster and his voice raises in pitch. The farmer would try to get him to settle down by watching a movie, but with their arms around his waist, oh Yoba… this man is screwed. He’d end up leaving early because of “work”, leaving the farmer to wonder what exactly they had been doing to make him so uncomfortable and how to avoid doing it again.


genre: smut mainly, fluff if you squint like real hard - no angst for once noice

warnings: there aren’t any warnings tbh but i’ll list the kinks here too: daddy kink, throat fucking, dom!Phil, getting turned on my muscles (?), anal sex, wall fucking, light spanking and i think that’s it 

word count: 3066

A/N: i’m not even sorry for the title (also i kid you not i was listening to hallelujah while writing this okay because i am going to hELL)

Prompt: “Confession: My friend is working out and getting bigger. I can’t help but think about him topping me and pounding me looking at his new muscles.”


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I'm sorry but I don't understand what makes the first picture racist would you mind explaining sorry;

the height difference between pharah and mercy really isnt all that big, but a lot of fan art (like the one in that post) exaggerates her features and bulks her up tremendously to the point where her body type looks more like zarya’s. and in comparison, mercy is ALWAYS left super tiny and Pure™ looking. it’s part fetishization and part ‘i can only ever see black women and other dark skinned woc as Intimidating/Rough/Threatening regardless of how the women in question actually look so i will only ever draw them this way while they tower over their pure little white gfs’ 

Opposites Attract

Character: Percival Graves

A/n: Alright! I think I’m improving at this because I’m immensely more pleased at this imagine than the first one I did for Graves.

I sort of used a different aspect of his character that I think he would have but I’m in no way implying that Graves would actually behave like this in movie canon. I just wanted to have a little fun with his character.

Percival Graves had always taken on the bulk of the work ever since being promoted to the Head of the Magical Law Enforcement. And it was entirely his own doing, regardless of his honorable reputation, he always felt the need to prove himself.

This meant lots of late nights in the offices filling out paperwork, attending council meetings and hearings, plus all the feild work cases he was supposed to lead.

So whenever people meet you, one of his closest and oldest friends, they were thoroughly surprised.

You were a highly regarded potions master amoung the northern magical society, even serving as an assistant to the Potions professors at Ilvermorny.

But apart from that, you were an incredibly down to earth and kind person. Some argued even the polar opposite of Graves.

Sure he was stoic and rather intimidating to anyone that looked at him, the two of you worked really well together.

You both attended Ilvermorny in the same year, though you were in different houses, you had majority of your classes together.

After your close friendship during school, you both ended up living in the same apartment building.

At first you tried traveling by floo powder to get to the school whenever you were simply applying for the job, but soon after you were hired and Graves only ever got to see you during the summer and other holidays.

He’d be lying if he said he didn’t think of you often, you were his confidant and he often missed being able to talk to whenever he needed it. Although you both exchanged letters every now and then to see how the other is doing.

One particular night during the summer months whenever you were home, Graves was having a terrible time falling asleep, more so than usual.

He knew that you often worked late into the night, brewing your own potions or mastering new ones you had learned. So he didn’t hesitate to putting on a pair of shoes and traveling up to your floor.

And he was right, you were at your door in no time, smiling as you let him in.

Your apartment was like a whole other world from his. Graves had everything furnished in his usual monochrome theme, even the lamps and art peices that hung on the wall.

But your place was a kaleidoscope of colors, from the red bookcases to the brightly colored chairs at your dining room table that didn’t match each other.

You had green plants and herbs that hung from the ceiling and poured out from every window. And glass jars filed with magical ingrediants for your potions.

You also had a considerable collection of random momentos, such as small animal figurines and crystals that lined almost every surface.

Though Graves didn’t necessarily enjoy the controlled chaos of how you ordered things. He always enjoyed the homely atomosphere at your place over the rather cold tone of his.

“Another sleepless night?” You asked, reaching up and plucking a few green leaves from a particularly draped vine.

“Something like that.” Graves answered, taking off his shoes and looking out your windows.

“Well sit right there, I can have a sleeping draught made for you in a heartbeat.” You told him with a bright smile.

Graves was about to decline, but you had already started to clear off your work space. He pulled one of the wooden stools up next to where you stood, and opted to watch you at your craft.

“Reminds me of our school days.” You thought aloud to him, remembering the countless hours you spent in the potions room, Percival by your side and watching you brew potions and elixirs.

“Yes, I distinctly remember you being the only reason why I managed to ever pass a potions class.” Graves said, handing you the lavender you asked for.

“So tell me, Percy.” You started, crushing up the lavender into the now purple liquid. “What’s keeping you up?”

Graves held back a remark about the awful nickname you had given him, but remembered that he hadn’t seen you in months.

With a heavy sigh he rubbed his eyes. “Work mostly, I have a lot to do in a matter of 24 hours.”

You hummed, waving your wand in a circular motion about the steaming cauldron. “Ever thought of taking a break?”

Graves chuckled. “Department heads don’t really get days off, and if I did manage to get one I’d probaby be called in by 9.”

You laughed, taking a small laddle and pouring it into a glass vile. “I suppose I see your point, Percival Graves takes a day off and MACUSA would fall.”

That stirred another laugh from him. “Yes, I suppose it would.”

“Now, this should take an hour or so to kick in.” You said, placing it into his hands.

He accepted it, noticing the purple shimmering liquid looked different than the usual drafts he took. “Is this new?”

A broad smile crossed your face. “Yes it is, of my own design.”

Graves smiled, tilting his head back and downing it all quickly. “Well, then I know I’m in good hands.” He said, handing the now empty bottle back to you.

“It was very nice having these chats again, (Y/n).” He said, moving from the stool and making his way to the door. “I hope you have a wonderful evening.”

“Well, hang on a second.” You said, grabbing onto his arm.

The two of you shared a look before you tentatively took your hand off of him and he cleared his throat.

“I’m probably not gonna get to bed tonight anyways. Why don’t you sleep in the guest room and see if a change of atmostphere helps you sleep better?” You offered.

Graves had every intention to decline your offer, but if he was honest he didn’t want to go back to his apartment where he’d be alone and miserable.

“I think I might take you up on that offer.”

You smiled. “It’s down the hall and the second brown door on the right.”

Graves nodded. “Goodnight then.”

“Nighty night, Percy.”

Graves spent a lot less nights at his own apartment after that.

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@ciil‘s hella(aa) attractive OC, Noah.

New Journey

So I got a job… AS A FIT COACH. I’ve always wanted to be, but never thought I could do it. It’s incredible and I’m learning so much.
I’ve been working out too at KoKo Fit club the past week. I don’t see any results but today I randomly took some photos of myself in the mirror to get some motivation and to just own up to what I look like and I feel like there might be some progress.
I’ll post a couple.
I’ve also been eatting 10x healthier than the last few months. More veggies, fruit, whole grains, and water/tea.
So hopefully in a month I’ll take some more photos and feel more confident
Koko fit tailors programs to help you weight train along with cardio interval training.
I’ve always feared getting too bulk or big rather than slim BUT they have a burn program that helps you lose weight and get in shape. I figured I have NOTHING to lose except weight so why not.

May 26, 2017
Cipher Family AU: Della

Full Name: Della (Surrex) Cipher

Last Recorded Age: 42 years old

Power Level: Maiden

Power Seal Located: Right Pupil

Personality Traits: Kind, Quiet, Caring, Reclusive, Submissive

Likes: Buck, Bill, Will, Bell, knitting, sewing, nature, piano music, and wild flowers

Dislikes: Buck’s temper, yelling, her children in distress, and…herself


Bill: her youngest baby, with his weak prowess in magic she always tried to gage his interests to distract him. She taught him how to play the piano because of his fascination in her own playing and let him have her old polaroid camera and he became obsessed with springing out to take photos of her and his siblings. She always found his energy and spunk adorable.

Will: the oldest of her children (by only a few hours but still), he always got the bulk of her attention due to his sensitive nature. He was like a glass doll to her, always handled with care by her, even if Buck then shattered him and Della was forced to pick up the pieces. She often kept him company at night to make sure he slept well, knowing he particularly enjoyed her lullabies. Some nights she never wanted to leave him.

Bell: her precious middle child. She regretting not being able to spend more time with her while she was occupied with her brothers. Even if she had little time with her she always tried to help her feel as pretty as she wanted and taught her to sew, which at this point she’s excelled at, far beyond where Della was in skill. She still loves her little princess to death.

Buck: her one true love. He used to be such a sweet thing. Hopefully one day he can treat the children like he treats her, without the…bruises…and blood…

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Film did make me wonder, as I do occasionally, especially when confronted with History: Who the fuck am I? I’ve never felt like I really belonged anywhere, but that also means I can settle pretty much anywhere.

I was always told that the bulk of the family had barely moved from where they live now for centuries, but the slightest amount of digging actually indicates that we are basically incapable of staying where we were born and this is total bollocks.

My parents, who have moved a total of about 300 yards, are a bit of an anomaly. Even I’ve moved 250 miles away, and I just bought this house but my feet are itching. The parents are making noises about coming up here as soon as Vera’s dead (and she’s not my gran, and I’m not clear how she was related to my gran), they seem to have rooted there only because it was made convenient. Before I left and Vera got ill, they were talking about moving to Spain, so maybe they’re not that anomalous after all.

It’s feasible for a family to have been there centuries, because it was a doomsday village. Maybe a few strands of my ancestry were very rooted there, but it looks a lot like there’s much more of it that wasn’t.

My grandad (who came to the UK for WW2, knocked up my granny and so was kinda obliged to stay) was Canadian, because he was born after they arrived. His sister, I discovered by pouring quite a bit of scotch into her when I was about 12, was bitter about the fact that she never got Canadian citizenship, she was always considered Polish because she was born “on the way”. Where from? Why? It seems pretty obvious they were running from something, but I’ve no real idea what. Grandad Fred (who we found out when he died was actually Albert) came back into the room then and she shut up. She only ever visited once, and I hardly ever got to talk to her on the phone even.

Our surname, according to a bit of googling, seems most likely to be German Jewish. I pretty much always got shut down hard when I tried to ask about family history, but Grandad once said Canadian Immigration changed it from something else, he didn’t know what because that was before he was born. Dad said he thought his grandparents - who he of course never met - were Ukrainian. I’m not sure where that came from, I never heard Grandad say so. It looks like the Ukraine was a mess around the time they would have been heading that way (I’m guessing the date from their ages), and it borders Poland, so maybe that’s right, but I don’t know. It could just be Dad guessing.

I’ve never even seen a photo of my great grandparents, but Grandad was fairly dark. Granny was pasty as anything, but even my Dad’s darker than Oscar. His mates in the tandoori had him work behind the bar in there one night after he came back from holiday with a tan and was darker than them.

And then there’s Granny’s family. She was the only one of her family who lived locally by the time I came along, and I have no clue where any of her relations actually lived. It was far enough away that I never entirely believed they existed. I don’t even have real names, they all went by nicknames.

I take more after Mum’s side of the family anyway. And even there, things are a bit muddy. A friend commented on how much I look like the one photo of a great-great-grandmother. Who apparently came from Scotland after her husband died (translation: woman arrived from a long way away with a child and no husband, so possibly actually not married at all) and she seemed to have a tendency to take in orphans, so maybe that wasn’t her kid either. And, during ww2 it came out that she spoke German - not a usual skill for a scottish household servant.

The one time I tried to prod a genealogy web site and pulled on the few threads available to me, they broke pretty quickly. Records of who people’s parents were weren’t available, and in some cases, I couldn’t find any records of them that actually matched the information I was given.

So it seems it’s a question I’ll never have an answer to beyond “standard English Mongrel”.

A Soft Place To Land: Vigilante Au (chatesquenoirist)

“Here, get inside.” 

The scraping of the metal bars against the door was the only noise as the pair stood by, silent. She hadn’t known him long; maybe a couple of months now? Time seemed to stop meaning so much, when every time they stuck their necks out they nearly ended up dead. She had learned to trust him wholeheartedly… to an extent. 

She had never seen him without his helmet on. He didn’t want to reveal too much about himself; she didn’t either, apparent by the oil covered red rag that obscured her face. She usually wouldn’t suggest to spend the night with him, but this was an exception. They had just been run nearly out of town by a group of hitmen, and escaping them proved to be quite the difficulty. She suffered a couple of good hits and slashes, but like always, he took the bulk of the damage. She would never understand why he kept throwing himself into these situations. By the time they were far enough away, it was nearly daybreak. They couldn’t go back to town like this, and they needed a place to rest: That’s where her hideout came into play. 

From the outside, it was just another abandoned storage container on the side of the road. On the inside, it was actually a pretty cozy hideaway. A couple of blankets on top of a mattress of pillows served as the bed, which she had used a couple times now. There was a small cooler of food and wines that she had taken from home, and a first aid kit for when she really hurt herself. 

“There isn’t a lot of light, but it’ll work.” Once they were both inside, she slid the door closed and locked the latch. Darkness swallowed the pair, and Marinette lead her partner by the hand to the bed. “How bad did they get you?”

Ghostbusters head cannons
•every time a girl hands Holtzmann her phone for her number, Holtz puts the ghost emoji next to it and says “who ya gonna call”
•Growing up Holtz became obsessed with Buffy because of Willow and Terra and every Friday she likes to rewatch old episodes with anyone who will watch them with her.
•All of the Ghostbusters live in the fire house, taking up the old rooms firemen would sleep in for their shifts.
•Holtz always makes a mess no matter what she does, leaving Erin to clean up after her.
•Erin quietly tries to organize Holtz’s stuff in hopes she won’t notice and start doing it too.
•Holtz picks up on what Erin is doing and starts organizing her things just to see the smile on Erin’s face.
•Every Halloween they decorate the fire station as a haunted house to scare little kids.
•Erin let’s Kevin pass out the candy and mini cans of Pringles because it makes him extremely happy to see their smiles.
•Holtz loves cats and tries her hardest to convince Abby to let them get one.
•Without Abby’s permission, Holtz starts feeding stray cats in the alley.
•The cats start to follow Holtz around everywhere she goes.
•Erin starts naming the cats and giving them background stories.
•Patty’s not the biggest fan of the cats and sides with Abby in getting rid of them but loves that they make Holtz happy.
•In hopes to lose the cats, Abby and Patty suggest they get a dog instead.
•After over hearing their talk about a dog, Kevin brings Mike in and hides him in Abby’s room, in hopes to surprise her.
•When Holtz is happy she sings what she’s doing and gets affectionate with everyone.
•Holtz overly flirts with Erin to watch her squirm and blush.
•After a few months, of busting, the group starts to collect a following of little girls who look up to them called “the ghost girls”.
•Every once in a while letters from little girls will come in the mail and get pinned on their walls.
•Patty starts her own mini library and finds a cork board to pin up articles and strange deaths.
•Abby starts a web series where she talks about what they’ve been up to and the science behind the Ghostbusters.
•Abby brings on each Buster as a guest and acts like she’s never met them.
•Holtz tends to lick things as a way to show that they are hers.
•Erin collects mugs, ting bow ties, and items with ghosts on them.
•Holtz quickly catches on to Erin’s collecting and sometimes gives her a random mug just to see Erin’s face light up.
•Holtz and Patty are amazing gifters and always know what the others want.
•While Abby and Erin always give lame gifts.
•Holtz loves Abby and Erin’s lame gifts because she knows they were at least thinking of her.
•After several nights sleeping in her lab, Holtz finds a gross couch to sleep on and moves it to the second floor, so she doesn’t have to walk to her room at night.
•Patty’s library ends up growing so big that it takes up half of the second floor, despite Holtz’s complaining.
•The girls put aside one day every month, no matter the weather, to sit on the roof and watch the stars together.
•None of the Ghostbusters have time to cook, so Kevin volunteers to do the job and ends up finding a passion for cooking.
•All of the girls make time to go grocery shopping together, just to spend time together.
•Holtz always buys Pringles in bulk out of fear that she’ll run out.

AKB48 Oshimen (Takamina) part 3

—Here are some moments that prove Takamina’s self-sacrifice, protection and support for other members: During their first episode in AKB 1じ59ふん! when the Bad Boys charged into the studio with a motorbike and literally chased the girls with it, she was the only one who carried Acchan’s life-size cutout (she was absent due to drama-filming) and even moved it in front of her body when the Bad Boys chased her, indicating that she would let the bike hit her first than the cutout that had the face of her best friend. 

                                 Takamina protecting ‘Acchan’

—And then in one of AKBingo Dokkiri episodes, Yuu-chan was an accomplice of the prank and pretended to break Sata’s precious guitar and put the blame on Takamina. Takamina’s response was she admitted she did it and even apologized for it.

                       Takamina sacrifices herself for Yuu-chan                                                  (notice how troubled Yuu-chan’s expression) —Before being selected as a captain, she was already contributing a lot to the group. She always patrolled around during breaks to make sure everyone was okay and ready to the point she missed her own rest. In one of their rehearsals, she helped Sato Amina and Acchan in remembering dance steps.

                      “Is everyone okay?” Takamina’s thoughts

                                              “Like this…”

—Despite losing in the first round in a Janken Taikai, she went and congratulated her junior Uchida Mayumi by hugging her for winning the tournament.

                        Forget about her loss and focus on others

—As being shown in one of their documentaries, during in backstage Takamina is seen patting Akimoto Sayaka (Sayaka)’s head to calm her down, passing tissues to a crying member and then hugs a crying Sashihara Rino (Sasshi).

                         Mentally and physically supportive Takamina

—Itano Tomomi (Tomochin) and two of their juniors, Shimada Haruka (Hacchan) and Ichikawa Miori (Miorin) from 9th generation, confessed that whenever they have any performances and Takamina is away, she would send them mails that tell them to do their best and have fun even if they screw up.

                                Takamina’s words of encouragement

—Takajo Aki (Aki-cha) has the same route with Takamina so they always go home together and one time they stopped by to buy a drink (Aki-cha was thirsty) and Takamina went ahead to buy her own drink but when she returned she brought a drink that Aki-cha always drinks and praises her for her hard work.

                              Takamina, the Ikemen (Ideal guy)

—According to Kasai Tomomi (Tomo-mi), Takamina is always the one who bulk their spirits up. A perfect example is when they lost in 2010’s Record Awards, Takamina expressed she was frustrated they lost but cheered everyone up and encouraged them to do better so they could come back next year.

            The phrase 'give up doesn’t exist in Takamina’s dictionary

—In one of AKBingo’s races, when Mayuyu cried because she lost and wished to prove everyone who underestimated her to be wrong, Takamina tried to comfort her by hugging her with a monkey suit, but then got pushed away because she was creepy.

          Poor Takamina attempts to cheer Mayuyu up but fails (lol)

To be continued in part 4... (Part 2)