always bulbasaur

when i was little i loved to draw a bunch of pokemon playing together!! so i made something inspired by that <33 also i was bored. here is a bunch of pokemon playing on a rainbow slide??????

(do not interact if youre ddlg!!)

I can’t help but relate everything to Merlin, can I … ? 

Merlin and Arthur both start their pokemon training at around the same time. Arthur’s extremely interested in pokemon (and expects to be the world’s best trainer considering that his father is a world renowned breeder and is known best for his expertly raised pokemon that keep his gym completely undefeated). When he meets Merlin, the boy asks him what his starter pokemon is. The usually cocky Pendragon is suddenly bashful as he reveals that his world famous father gave him a shiny magikarp of all things to start off his journey. Merlin, of course, can’t help but laugh a little at him. Flustered, Arthur asks him what his first pokemon was. Merlin then goes on to explain that the only reason he didn’t choose charmander was because his father left him an unimaginable amount of dragon pokemon in his will (passing on the dragonlord gift to him as well). Thus, he chose bulbasaur, having always had an interest in plant pokemon (as well as physic-types but that wasn’t exactly an option now, was it?). 

“Well some of us like to catch pokemon ourselves rather than just pick up daddy’s scraps!” Arthur counters.

“Actually,” Merlin continues, “I’ve already caught six using my bulbasaur!”


I’ve been thinking way too much about this …