always breakfast

Steve usually sleeps in on Sunday mornings; it’s the only way to avoid a tense breakfast with his parents, silent save for the scraping of forks against plates.

But then Karen invites him over for breakfast one Sunday and the sounds of playful bickering amongst siblings and Holly giggling at all his silly faces feels…it just feels right.

So Steve starts waking up early every Sunday morning, driving to the Wheeler’s for breakfast and always bringing along a dozen of the family’s favourite donuts from the local bakery.

Many years ago when we took over the show I was like ‘We should go out all night and then go straight to do the Breakfast Show’. I remember being at my house, it was like an after party after the Brits, then another after party, and then I said 'Hey! We can all go to my house!’ And I remember a man being in my kitchen, who I didn’t know, and I said 'Hello!’, and he said 'Hi! Your car’s here to go to Radio 1.’ I said 'It shouldn’t be here until 6.’, and he went 'Yeah. It’s 6:10, you’re on the radio in 20 minutes.’ So I had to get everyone out of my house and bring them into Radio 1. And when we got here there were no producers. So it was me, my friend Emily, my friend Jamie, a cardboard cutout of Robbie Williams, and Harry Styles. And that’s actually what happened.
—  Nick reminiscing about THAT post-Brits show, and deciding they’re gonna do that again this year cause they “didn’t got fired last time, let’s risk it again!”
Good habits to work on

Here are some habits I think we should all have in mind:

  • Drink enough water.
  • Drink more tea, and less coffee.
  • Walk as much as you can every day.
  • Do yoga or some kind of flexibility workout.
  • Go outside as much as you can. 
  • Study in a park if you can.
  • Take your dog for a walk if you have one.
  • Have plants.
  • Eat more fruits and veggies (4 or 5 servings of each, each day, would be best).
  • Reduce or eliminate dairy products.
  • Eat breakfast, always, period.
  • Take algae-based vitamin D supplements if you don’t get at least 15 mins of exposure to sun every day.
  • Sleep around 8 hours every day.
  • Go to sleep and wake up at similar times every day.
  • Drink a glass of water after waking up.
  • Try meditation before even starting your day.
  • Work on your awareness at any time. Pause, breathe, and concentrate on your surroundings. 
  • Don’t blame yourself for the bad things that happen to you.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Watch inspirational videos to get you on the right mood to work.
  • Studying is important, but your health is even more. No all-nighters.
  • Keep your room/appartment clean, for a clear mind.
  • So tidy up also!!
  • Use music to cheer you up if needed.
  • Listen to a good podcast while doing boring chores like laundry or dishes.
  • Be nice to the people around you. You know that someone saying something they shouldn’t, doesn’t mean they mean it.
  • Try volunteering for a good cause.
  • Don’t stress too much, you’ll figure it out.

Eggs are my favorite, so I drew this little Mister Egg Benedict, because it’s always egg benedict time!! 

(also, here’s another little mister egg guy I drew a while ago!)

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I am ALWAYS excited for breakfast the next morning when I go to bed at night but this time I was even more excited because I had prepared overnight oats and I can’t remember the last time I made them!! Topped them with a mango, strawberries, blueberries, walnuts and almond butter and had a cup of coffee with vanilla soy milk on the side :) 

Friends Part 1

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1947

Warnings: Fluffy and angst

Thank you @amrita31199 for beta this for me you are amazing 

credits to the gif owner

You never felt so inadequate in your life, when you left the house for one of Tony’s parties . You felt beautiful in your black strapless dress and high heels.  But as soon as you arrived at the party, you felt your heart being shattered.

You see Bucky with a beautiful blonde in his arms , when he sees you he comes in your direction kissing your cheek and pulling you to a hug “Don’t you look beautiful?” He says staring into your eyes, you smile at him with your best fake smile“Well I tried, apparently not as hard as your date.” You say sounding bitter even if that is the last thing you wanted to be or sound like.

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Prompt: After sending Steve to find something in your room, he finds….compromising pictures meant for Bucky.

Warnings: Implied stuff, NSFW…obviously.

Author’s Note: It is so late and I have a 7:30am math class but this hit me straight in the face and I had to write it.

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Marauders Headcanons

  1. James is an amazing cook. His mother began teaching him when he was 8. (He hid this talent for years until Sirius discovered it one Christmas break at the Potter’s)
  2. James and Sirius had regular grappling/wrestling matches. No innuendo. They were just dumb. Peter kept count of who won over the years.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, Remus was not the earliest to rise. Actually the opposite. He was always late to breakfast and/or class.
  4. Sirius, used to having to wake up before his family so he could avoid them better woke up first every day. 
  5. After being introduced to them by Lily, Peter became a huge fan of The Beatles.
  6. Remus and Lily (or on occasion James) had weekly tea with Hagrid.
  7. The one time Remus attempted to play quidditch with the others he broke his nose.
  8. James and Sirius once showed up hungover to transfiguration. Mcgonagall ‘accidentally’ kept loudly dropping things the entire class.
  9. James once fractured his arm during a quidditch match and finished the game before telling anybody.
  10. Sirius stole Lily’s David Bowie poster in fifth year.  
A Letter from You

AN: @whitechocolateperfection Thanks Emily for requesting and advising as always :) and @teen-mendes you know why 

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It’s laying under the flower pot at your front doorstep. There’s a small rock set on the opposite corner, like the pot isn’t heavy enough to keep it down.

Leaning over, you take it from its hiding space, realizing it’s a letter. Your name is written across the white in black ink. The handwriting is familiar. Something you’ve seen in journals and lyrics written quickly on newspaper or paper towels when his phone was too far away. You found parchment in your purse from the small train you took in Amsterdam. The song turned into roses. Who knew one lyrical line would’ve turned into your favorite song.

When the door is unlocked and your bag and keys are on the hook, you take a seat by the window. Your cat is curled up at your feet, stirring in her sleep.

The envelope is sealed, but you don’t go to open it as quickly as you should. The lip feels heavy, straining your shoulders. The breakup is still fresh, too fresh to read his letter. Maybe he wants to get back together.. maybe he’s about to show up with a bouquet of tulips and a single white rose- the only way you’ll accept flowers. Maybe it’s actually from Aaliyah, or an old friend from college. It was your birthday just last month. It could be a forgotten gift and the writer was too embarrassed to give it to you, face to face.

“What am I waiting for?” You ask yourself, knowing the longer you wait the worse the pain in your chest will feel. The words he spoke will never leave. They’re tattooed in your mind..anyone else would’ve found it beautiful, poetic. For you? It was tragic.


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Harry James Potter
  • Always unable to find his glasses in the morning.
  • Never sits while eating breakfast, he always lays down in bed for too long to be on time with anything else.
  • Yet, he always finds time to hop into the shower while his boyfriend is there.
  • He loves his job but doesn’t like being away for too long.
  • Most of the days he would most likely disappear because being the Chosen One is no fun at all.
  • Molly taught him how to knit and cook and he does that when nobody’s looking (Molly swore she’ll never tell anyone).
  • But Draco steals those sweaters and scarfs anyway and boasts about having a talented boyfriend (Harry pretends he doesn’t know).
  • He loves dogs and wants to have one badly (a black one, for some reason).
  • After the war his smile faded, it is more mature and nostalgic.
  • He loves to wear fashionable muggle clothes, the ones that bad boys from his school used to wear.
  • He has whole closet full of ripped jeans and leather jackets.
  • Draco likes them too. Especially on the floor.
  • His life’s a mess. But a good mess.

Lee Byung-Hun and Ethan Hawke discuss how many ideas they had about their Mag7 characters (well, honestly, it’s just Hawke doing the talk and LBH being precious)

x & x

i’m just thinking about taako and angus making ice cream and mags is just…eagerly waiting to try some, waiting for it to churn and begging them to use some magic to make it freeze faster (which for obvs reasons taako is adamantly against) and finally after hours of waiting taako scoops him a bowl and like before taako can even scoop angus one mags has already scarfed it down and waiting for more and angus gets a kick out of it so taako lets it slide..but he does it again so taako flings a scoop at his face and anyway this is how they find out that magnus is allergic to milk as he breaks out in a rash immediately