always be here for you

my nayme is Deen
in al the lande
no grayter dood
than bruthr Sam
and wen he falls
but is not ded

i hold his face
i lik his hed

[ oops there’s a sam version

women’s history month is special to me because i’m reminded to show love. more love than usual. i’m reminded to go out of my way to make other women feel beautiful. i go out of my way to make other women feel comfortable. i want other women to know i’m here or there for them. always. you and i will always be one in the same, and for that reasoning alone, i want you to know, i love you.
—  Reyna Biddy
Name Aesthetics!

I’m super bored and want something that will keep me busy for a while, so I’m doing name aesthetics!! You don’t have to follow me but It would be nice if you did want to :)) All you’ve got to do is send in your:

  • name
  • hogwarts house
  • ilvermorny house
  • favourite colour

Also make sure you reblog this post and blacklist #nameaesthetics if you don’t want to see them!

and I’ll be making you an aesthetic that is layout like this:

I hope this works and that everyone sends in an ask, I’ll be posting 2 or maybe three name aesthetics a day (depending on how many I get). Hope everyone enjoys this idea, gets involved and helps spread the word!

Hope you all have a great day and remember … I’m always here to chat all you’ve got to do is hmu with a message!

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你丫上瘾了 - Are You Addicted (Chapter 1-111).pdf

Hi everyone! Sienna here~ Sae has given me permission to use her tumblr account to spread the good news~~ (And the liberty to post inappropriate things LOL).

As our translation of “Are you Addicted” earlier chapters was taken down, we will be sharing the unedited version of chapter 1-111 (sans chapter 2, 3, 4, and 6 since those have not been translated yet) while waiting for the revamped version. (I just realized that it’s almost 500 pages on word after seeing the document LOL)

Please pardon us if there are any mistakes. And please do not repost or re-translate without our permission. As always, thank you for supporting us. So, here you go. Have fun taking a stroll down the memory lane :D Have an addictive day and see you on the next chapters!



Credits and huge thanks to the wonderful @jfmistaken0309 for compiling all the posted chapters. :*

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"babe... is that a giant teddy bear?" with Jongdae please! have a good day/ night <3

Jongdae told you that he would be home before eight. It was nearly midnight and here you were, still laying down on the couch alone. Also it was cold and Jongdae was not there to keep you warm. No kisses for him tonight…

You really wanted to stay awake and see him before you go to sleep but it had been a really busy day for you. You were slowly drifting away to the dreamland when you heard the front door open and close.

“Jongdae?” you mumbled.

“I’m here baby.” he said, walking towards your tired figure on the couch.

He laid down next to you, wrapping his strong arms around you. He peppered your neck with kisses. 

“Stoooop” you moaned. “I should be mad at you but here you are acting cute as always. I hate you.”

“I know you’re mad at me. I’m sorry I didn’t call you, I was really busy in the studio, you know with the new album and shit. I got something for you though.”


“Hmmm, look behind me.” 

“Babe… is that a giant teddy bear?” you pushed Jongdae away from you and run towards the gigantic toy. “Now I have a new cuddling partner, thanks babe!” You dragged the toy to your shared bedroom excitedly.

“What cuddling partner? (Y/N)! What about me! You know I can cuddle better than that stupid toy… Stupid Chanyeol and his stupid ideas. BABE WAIT FOR ME!” he shouted, following you like a lost puppy.

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Can you list some of the best fics featuring mama michonne and Judith??

Hi there anon.  Thanks for the request. Here are some recommendations for you.  As always, if anyone would like to suggest a fic that fits this description, please let us know here @richonnefics.  Thank you.

Chonny and Baby Jude by justaroundtheriverbend

Restless Nights by officerunfriendly

An Act of Love by santiagorocksx3

Mama by qwertysweetea

Little Blessings by @severelybabykryptonite

Richonnefics Admin - SBK

A Message For My Mutuals

Hi, I just want you all to know that if you’re my mutual then I will be by you’re side. If you’re sad, I’m here. If you’re bored, I’m here. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m here. And just know I will always put you before me, I had a friend get hate recently and I was ready to fight. I. Am. Here. For. You. And. I. Will. Protect. You.

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O-Oh, hi there... I'm new around h-here. *She swallows her saliva nervously* I-I'm Tw1st3dd... Nice t-to meet you...?

Dark’s eyes lay upon them like a blanket of heat, predatorial possessiveness leaking from his body and striking them like daggers. However, his body remained unmoving as a smile, oddly welcoming, let his fangs peak out against his bottom lip.

“A pleasure, lovely. Don’t be frightened, you’re certainly welcome here. But always know that if you ever attempt to cross me,”

His smile widened.

“I woNT HesITATe tO KIlL YOu.”

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Hey Pilot, it's me theonecalledfish on twitch. I was re-watching your latest livestream (sorry I missed most of it, I was at work) and I saw the part where you had real talk with the crew. I just want to say that as upset and heartbroken I am that you had gone through what you went through, it makes me admire you so much for how generally loving, happy, kind and talented you are. You didn't choose what happened to you but all that you've accomplished now (TBC)

(cont.) Your art, your writing, the videogames, the calendar, the shirt, your commissions and all your other endeavors are things to be proud of and admired. You’re an absolute inspiration and whatever you decide to do for here on out, I hope you always know that you are loved, supported and I hope you find joy and success (whatever form it takes). Take care of yourself.

Pilot: Oh wow… this is… this is really really cool. I was nervous to share my story but did so in the hopes of perhaps helping others. I saw a few people in the chat talking about how they really needed to hear what I had to say, and that made sharing it absolutely worth it. This means the world to me.

For anyone curious, I shared some very personal things in a livestream (available on my channel if you want to find it, I don’t want to share it directly on tumblr myself) and through that shared a series of thoughts on personal definitions of strength, weakness and progress. Since it was spoken live it isnt all as fluid as I might have liked, but the emotion is there and believe it is worth a listen should you have the time. 

We reflected on the value of therapy and the concept of perfect words, so if you believe any of these things are things you might want to hear, I encourage you to find it. 

As for this message itself, thank you. Progress is a long and unending road, but in my experience a very fulfilling one. I owe a lot to the people that have supported me, so thank you :)

The Kissing Booth

It was the day of the annual once a year fair and Abby Griffin and her daughter Clarke had just turned into the already packed parking lot.
  “Wow!” Clarke exclaimed, “looks like the whole towns here.” Looking out the car window at the throng of people milling about the fair grounds.
“Uh huh,” Abby said. “The fairs always been popular here - okay Clarke, if you’re gonna go find your friends I need you to remember to stay with them and meet me over at the picnic tables at noon, do you understand?”

Clarke rolled her eyes, being a typical teenager it always felt Abby was throwing a damper on her fun. “Yes ma'am,” she replied in an annoyed tone pushing the car door open as she spoke. “And hey!” Her mother called after her, Clarke turned around to see Abby smile at her. “Have fun.” The girl smirked back fully intending to have a blast before running off to find her best friends who were over at the Ferris wheel together.

Abby began to roam around herself taking in all the sights and stopping by a booth to get some popcorn to snack on, she looked over to her left and saw something new that she had never seen before at the fair; a kissing booth. She knew what it was, a stand where you couldn’t see the person that kissed you due to vail that separated in the middle of the booth with a hole just big enough for your lips to meet. She stood looking at it and at the people going in to have some secret fun, and wondered why not? It could be worth a try.
 She walked over and got in line, when it was her turn, Abby felt her stomach begin to butterfly with excitement and uncertainty. Was this a good thing? Who would be the one kissing her on the other side? She knelt on the stool next to the hole and said almost shyly, “h-hello?”
 The voice that met hers was manly and kind sounding enough. “Hello, you nervous? ”
Abby laughed to show she was, “I’ve never done this before.
"Neither have I?” The stranger at the other side of the booth said. There was quiet for a moment before Abby blurted out. “Oh, let’s get it over with!”
 "Yeah, let’s.“ The other voice agreed and resting her mouth on the slight dip, Abby waited and closed her eyes. The sensation that she felt next was exquisite. The man, who ever he was, was a good kisser. He was gentle and she breathed in the warmth of his mouth which tasted like peppermint.
   It was a kiss that Abby didn’t want to end but it did and when it was over, her eyes were shining. She felt like she was a young teenager herself again and the thought of her first kiss back then brought a shade of pink to her cheeks. 
  "Was that okay?” Her stranger asked.
“Yes,” Abby breathed softly. “It was perfect.”
“What’s your name?” She asked.
“Marcus Kane.”
“Marcus–” Abby mulled the name over, it was a good name. Handsome too, she thought.
 "I’m Abby Griffin,“ she said.
"It’s nice to meet you, Abby.” Marcus said, she could hear a friendly smile in his voice behind the curtain. “I hope I’ll meet you again sometime. ”
“I hope so too,” Abby said. “Thank you, Marcus.”

Lunchtime came and Clarke remarked how bright her mothers eyes were. Abby blushed, how could she tell her daughter about kissing a complete stranger in a kissing booth?

coming out sentence starters.

“ i need to tell you something… ”
“ oh hunny, that’s great, i’m glad you decided to tell me. ”
“ well, i kind of already knew but i’m glad it’s validated now. ”
“ awh, come here and give me a hug! i always knew it! ”
“ listen, i’m here with you through whatever. ”
“ i’ll never leave your side, nothing could make me think leave. ”
“ that’s okay, i’m in love with you, not your gender. ”
“ i’m here to support you all the way. ”
“ well, that’s great! we should through you a coming out party! ”
“ you’re always accepted here, regardless of anything. ”
“ i’m so happy you’ve came out, i don’t want you to hide who you are. ”
“ you shouldn’t have ever felt like you had to hide that from me. ”
“ well, that doesnt change anything here but i’m glad you told me. ”
“ i’m so proud of you! you deserve to live freely. ”
“ don’t worry, i’m not here to judge you. ”
“ i would never judge you for something you can’t help. ”
“ well, you’re always welcome here and have my full support. ”
“ and i don’t love you any less for it. ”
“ if anything, i love you even more for taking such a big step in being open about it. ”
“ you can always tell me anything, i’m here for you, through whatever. ”
“ you deserve happiness and love, regardless who it’s with. ”
“ well, i’m glad you finally told me. ”
“ i don’t see you any differently and i’m still proud of you. ”
“ this is great, i mean it, now you don’t have to hide it anymore! ”
“ and i will always be here to tell you that i am glad and so proud. ”
“ you should have told me sooner, you know i wouldn’t look at you like that. ”
“ you could have told me sooner, you know. either way, i am glad and proud. ”
“ this is the proudest moment, you always have the best courage. ”
“ i am so proud for you to have told me. ”
“ you have a full support system right here. ”
“ i wouldn’t ever turn my back on you, especially with this. ”
“ i’m here for when you need me the most. ”
“ come here and give me a hug! before i cry! i am so proud of you! ”
“ i’m just sad because you’ve grown up so much but happy for you to tell me the truth. ”
“ awh, hunny, that’s wonderful. you deserve to be happy with whoever you want. ”
“ i couldn’t be anymore happy and proud of you right now. ”
“ you’ve made me the proudest person today, you’re courage and bravery is beautiful. ”
“ i am right here with you, even if others aren’t, i am. ”
“ oh, well this is good news! this isn’t bad news at all, i was worried for a moment. ”
“ hun, i’m super happy for you but you had me so worried for a moment. ”
“ i think it’s beautiful and i am very happy you’re truthful with it. ”
“ you did a great, big thing today and i want you to be happy about it. ”
“ you are never going to be looked at differently in this house. ”
“ family sticks together, through everything, always. ”
“ you know, you could have came out with it sooner, it was a little obvious. ”
“ well, i always knew. i was just waiting for you to come to me with it. ”
“ i know, i was waiting on to come around with it. i knew you’d do it when you were ready. ”

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( No matter what you chose to do Nelly i support you! I only wish the best for you! Stay safe please and i hope you find something that will make you smile cuz darn it you deserve to smile! Now pick me up cuz i am smol and want to hug you! *wiggles tiny paws at* )

HHHhh- you’re so precious and cute quq *picks you up and hugs you tight* I’m so happy to hear this.. thank you.. sooo much.. and seriously you guys are the ones who makes me smile ;;w;; always here.. You’re awesome!~

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Have you guys ever gotten in one of those moods that’s just sort of raw & open? Like I feel like I want to share deep secrets and thoughts with someone.
I get these moods often & I usually write when I’m in the moment but for some reason I feel like I should open this moment up for all of you.

I get a lot of personal messages on here and I’m always more than happy to be here for every single one of you at any point in your life or mine.
So, I just want you guys to know that you are free to ask any questions you have or about anything at all on any topic or you can message me about anything you want or are going through or just to talk and get your mind off things.

I just want you all to know I’m here for you guys and I may not always be the most mentally stable person in the world but I’m here ♥️