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(i) aphrodite’s all bubblegum pink. long haired doe eyed. lovesick. cheerleader. she believes in love more then she believes in anything else in the whole world. her room is littered with romance novels. she knows the words to every love song ever written. she’s never known love though. the real kind. the heartbreaking soul crushing kind. but there’s a boy who shares the locker next to her. whose always angry his fists balled up in rage but when he looks at her his eyes turn gentle. 

(ii) artemis is the definition of a feminist killjoy. she wears that badge with honour. she is the proud leader of a girl gang. leather jackets and combat boots. she’s all bruised knuckles and sharp words. she’s a child of the night. goddamn you should be afraid of her. 

(iii) persephone’s spends all her free time in her garden. there are flowers on her windowsill. she always smells like roses. she doesn’t have a lot free time. her mother demeter’s a little overbearing. too demanding of perfection. she’s always talking about college applications. always worrying about the future. sometimes persephone feels suffocated by it all. but there’s a boy whose kind and good. a boy who her mother would never approve of.


One day y'all will understand what the American Civil Liberties Union does and how law and Constitutional rights work. But apparently today is not that day.

I participated in a Q and A session with Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher. I wanted to ask them something, really just to talk to them. These were women I greatly admired, being out and unfeminine and hilarious. Someone before me mentioned the lack of lesbian bars and I decided to go up and ask them, “What we should do to find each other?” I mentioned the hostility towards lesbian specific events and Cameron said,

“At the exclusion of other queers?”

and my heart broke a little. that wanting to be with other women like me, wanting to feel less isolated in my experience, was and is automatically about alienating other groups.

I wished I could have said. i don’t feel any guarantee​ that other “queers” don’t harbor homophobic and misogynistic ideas about me, even if they’re coded in progressive language. that trying to be inclusive to everyone erases and neglects the most vulnerable. that I got groped by three different men at “Tuesgayz” and saw another stand right next to two women kissing staring hungrily. but all I did was stutter something about not withholding resources just wanting to meet up, idk I was nervous.

she went on to talk about how gay men are content to drink and be a finite community within themselves. but her community in LA included everyone else. Rhea said I should hold events and see who comes and have conversations about identity as it evolves. how her conception of her own gender is evolving.

i just felt sad. I felt such a connection to this lesbian couple, I felt like I recognized them. but when I said “I want to have a lesbian community” they frowned at me. im so tired of getting shit on for having boundaries. for not being accessible to anyone who asks. for being expected to tend to other before my own.


La République nous appelle
Sachons vaincre ou sachons périr
Un Français doit vivre pour elle
Pour elle un Français doit mourir

hc;, MJ is still close to Mrs.Walker, the librarian she met around 9 years old. She recommended her a series of books and MJ was hooked.  While her own taste in books has developed and strayed from Mrs.Walker’s, MJ still reads anything she’ll suggest. MJ also helps out in the children’s literacy program and tutoring.
My computer instantly killed this tab-decluttering Tamagotchi Chrome extension
By Chaim Gartenberg

For those of you out there who for some reason want to have fewer tabs