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(i) aphrodite’s all bubblegum pink. long haired doe eyed. lovesick. cheerleader. she believes in love more then she believes in anything else in the whole world. her room is littered with romance novels. she knows the words to every love song ever written. she’s never known love though. the real kind. the heartbreaking soul crushing kind. but there’s a boy who shares the locker next to her. whose always angry his fists balled up in rage but when he looks at her his eyes turn gentle. 

(ii) artemis is the definition of a feminist killjoy. she wears that badge with honour. she is the proud leader of a girl gang. leather jackets and combat boots. she’s all bruised knuckles and sharp words. she’s a child of the night. goddamn you should be afraid of her. 

(iii) persephone’s spends all her free time in her garden. there are flowers on her windowsill. she always smells like roses. she doesn’t have a lot free time. her mother demeter’s a little overbearing. too demanding of perfection. she’s always talking about college applications. always worrying about the future. sometimes persephone feels suffocated by it all. but there’s a boy whose kind and good. a boy who her mother would never approve of.


today was the first time i thought about university and didn’t feel overwhelmed with stress

i’m literally so amazed by all the high schoolers in the studyblr community who take the time to make pretty notes and make studying look so aesthetic bc now i’m in my third year of college and between two majors all my notes are so rushed and there’s no time to rewrite or condense bc i’m so tightly scheduled i barely have time to eat


— SO. so. at first I was annoyed at myself for forgetting one of enya’s oldest tattoo, so thats on me. BUT I also finally figured hey, every time she gets fucked up or generally injured, the skin that heals up wouldnt properly fill in the old color and by this time she’s torn up her arm enough, what would really be left after

have a lil ‘before / middle / after’ bit. the scarring in the middle one is the old stuff she wanted covered up and nothing new

no idea how Ill incorporate this each time I draw her tattoos but uh. yes.

Ridiculous sign update:

Pete literally stopped playing to laugh when he saw us and Patrick squinted through the crowd at us for what felt like 10 minutes before bursting into laughter. They called us out at the end of the show! 

Unpopular Opinion

While I 100% understand if people don’t like Perfect, if it doesn’t fit their expectations for this band, or their personal music tastes, pop music is, in and of itself, a valid and real genre. There are rules to pop music, especially this style, that are inherent across the board, and consistent. It’s certainly not everyone’s taste, but just because a pop song fits the standards for pop music, isn’t enough to render it invalid.

I think that Perfect is a good pop song. It’s fun, it gets stuck in your head, it’s in a good key to sing along. It fits the genre well. That doesn’t mean that’s what we need to desire for One Direction, or that we need to like it, but the song performs well as it is supposed to, and it’s not inherently inferior just because it’s not your genre of choice.


(via  I think that everyone should watch every second of this video