always and foreverrrr

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Have any HC for omegavers Tsukikagehina, with Tsuki and Kageyama both being alphas, and Hinata being an omega


• Tsukki and Kags shove so many of their clothes on him, Hinata doesn’t even own a closet anymore (but he does love being wrapped in their scents all the time)
• everyone’s jealous of Hinata though, because while most omegas will be lucky to not be shared by one Alpha, Hina has TWO loving alphas that are always by his side
• literally the second someone makes Hinata upset, Kags and Tsukki will pick up on his distressed pheromones and be there in a flash, growling and ready to protect their ball of sunshine
• It’s also great for Hinata because he almost never has to face a heat alone, one or both of them will always be there and able to satisfy him
• and cuddles, tons of cuddles! Hinata is so small and easily fits against Tsukishima’s side and on Kageyama’s lap, and they both love carrying him so they can cover his face and neck with kisses

Hey baby!!!🤗
  • Daddy: heyy baby ! -jumps up romping around the bed making a mess of things excitedly-
  • Princess: -smiles widely and giggles- Daddy!! Hehe
  • Daddy: I missed you soooo so much -makes puppy dog eyes at her-
  • Princess: Daddy Daddy I missed you too silly Willy
  • Daddy: -smiles goofily- Silly Lilly!!
  • Princess: Lilly is such a cute name -grins and giggles- I wanna name our child or a pet or something !
  • Daddy: Ohhh babygirl! -smiles and laughs staring into her eyes making a kissy face-
  • Princess: I wuvvv you Daddy. -blushes cheeks turning bright red like cherries-
  • Daddy: and Daddy wuvvvsssss you so very berry berry imma marry you much -closes eyes grinning making more kissy faces-
  • Princess: -giggles and gets all shy-
  • Daddy: always and forever
  • Princess: -sings silly- 'Always and foreverrrr-

Figure Skating AU: Meryl & Charlie on Lifetime (½)

(dedicated to fembotz)