always and foreverrrr

Hey baby!!!🤗
  • Daddy: heyy baby ! -jumps up romping around the bed making a mess of things excitedly-
  • Princess: -smiles widely and giggles- Daddy!! Hehe
  • Daddy: I missed you soooo so much -makes puppy dog eyes at her-
  • Princess: Daddy Daddy I missed you too silly Willy
  • Daddy: -smiles goofily- Silly Lilly!!
  • Princess: Lilly is such a cute name -grins and giggles- I wanna name our child or a pet or something !
  • Daddy: Ohhh babygirl! -smiles and laughs staring into her eyes making a kissy face-
  • Princess: I wuvvv you Daddy. -blushes cheeks turning bright red like cherries-
  • Daddy: and Daddy wuvvvsssss you so very berry berry imma marry you much -closes eyes grinning making more kissy faces-
  • Princess: -giggles and gets all shy-
  • Daddy: always and forever
  • Princess: -sings silly- 'Always and foreverrrr-