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There was passion and comfort and need and joy, there was a strength that knew no boundaries, a sense of kindred souls made one, and that whole being far, far greater than the sum of its parts.

– X-Men 2 Novelization, Chris Claremont

every time i see a black girl unapologetically doing her thing my skin clears up

every time i see an eastern asian girl shutting down the submissive china doll stereotype my day gets a little brighter

every time i see hijabis defending their religion and their self-autonomy the birds start singing

honestly any time women of color do something for the sole purposes of making themselves happy i am in the background supporting them real talk

kuroomata asked:

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what she says: im fine

what she means: honestly why do countries always sing in english tho like languages are so beautiful and listening to songs in less ‘common’/mainstream languages is super refreshing okay, even french is an eurovision official language u dont even have to speak english during the voting, also all european languages are just as official in the eyes of the EU, yet there they go singing in old boring english instead of their own beautiful colourful tongues smfh @ anglocentrism

As my 20th birthday present from Taylor Swift, I’d like it if you released the Bad Blood BTS videos. #thirsty

Hey taylorswift ! It’s my 20th Birthday today and I’m not expecting/asking for a follow, all I want is that you give us the BTS of the Bad Blood video or at least the ones with Karlie in it. Thanks babe, I love you to death!!!! ❤️




[ ] You like golf

[ ] You’re polite and considerate 

[ ] Favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean 

[ ] You’re good at making honey water

 [ ] Always checking up on friends and family for problems

 [ ] Like acting

 [x] Weak with personal talents

 [ ] You’re favorite song from EXO’s album is Angel/Into Your World

 [ ] You like to read on your free time 

[ ] You’re born in May 

 TOTAL: 1/10


[ ] You play the piano well

 [ ] Used to be in a school band 

[x] You’re bright and cheerful 

[x] You like to socialize 

[ ] Fashion style is usually tidily casual

 [ ] Favorite types of movies: SF, fantasy, action 

[ ] You’re into acting 

[x] You can sing very high

 [x] You think eyeliner makes you look feminine 

[x] You’re a hardcore girl group lover 

 TOTAL: 5/10 


 [ ] You can play many instruments 

[ ] You can rap 

[x] You’re a romantic person 

[x] Habit of following rhythms with your hands

 [ ] Bright person with positive personality

 [ ] Passionate about learning and playing different instruments

 [ ] You’re voice is charming

 [x] Laugh out of nowhere

 [ ] You can beatbox 

[ ] Favorite color is black

 TOTAL: 3/10 


[ ] Like to be clean

 [ ] You like to cook

 [ ] You’re a quiet person 

[x] You’re deep on the inside

 [ ] You’re a sharp person

 [x] Habit of humming songs 

[ ] Favorite food: Spaghetti

 [x] You have great English Pronunciation

 [ ] You take/took vocal lessons 

[ ]Style: Casual 

TOTAL: 3/10 


[ ] Dancing machine 

[ ] Dark skin 

[ ] Bossy

 [x] Really good at games

 [x] Can’t express feelings that well 

[ ] Warm-hearted

 [x] Habit of licking/biting lips 

[ ] Likes shirts with characters on it

 [x] You have a dog(s)

 [ ] You know ballet

 TOTAL: 4/10


[ ] You have a lisp

 [ ] You’re the youngest amongst your friends 

[ ] You love to cry

 [ ] Habit of sticking tongue out 

[x] Shy at first, lively when well-known

 [x] Can’t stay still

 [ ] You’re not scheming/manipulative

 [ ] You like to dress neat

 [x]You like sushi and meat 

[ ] You like colors black and white

 TOTAL: 3/10 


[x] You have a chubby face 

[ ] You’re strong

 [ ] You’re clean and neat

 [x] You want a huggable person

 [x] You like ballads the most 

[ ] People mistake you as Chinese

 [ ] You have a cute grin

 [ ] Your favorite song from their album is MAMA

 [x] You have cute nicknames 

[x] You make a lot of cute/funny gestures 

TOTAL: 5/10


[x] Mistaken that you’re younger than you really are 

[x]Easy going

 [ ] Don’t like it when people are on your bed

 [ ] Rubik Cube genius

 [x] Like simple clothes

 [ ] Favorite sport is soccer 

[x] Very lazy 

[x] Catch colds easily 

[x] Natural curly hair 

[ ] Scared of heights 

TOTAL: 6/10


[ ] Tallest amongst your friends 

[ ] Like reading inspirational books 

[ ] Very social

 [ ] You sleep talk

 [ ] Can do magic tricks

 [ ] Naive

 [ ] Obedient 

[x] Favorite song from their mini album is What Is Love 

[ ] Fashion King/Queen 

[x] You know more than one language

 TOTAL: 2/10


[ ] You can play more than one instrument

 [x] An all-rounder 

[x] Naughty 

[x] Funny at times

 [x] Forgetful 

[ ] Can cook very well 

[ ] Slow reaction 

[ ] Training maniac 

[x] Like eating junk food 

[ ] You can’t keep a secret 

TOTAL: 5/10 


[x] Specialty is singing high notes

 [ ] You give an impression of gentleness 

[x] You like to wear simple clothes

 [ ] You have a powerful voice

 [ ] You can play the piano

 [ ] Gentle 

[ ] You have a soft laugh 

[x] You’re a bit shy

 [x] Born in September

 [x] Favorite song from their album is MACHINE 

TOTAL: 5/10 


 [x] Likes to take care of their body

 [ ] Knows wushu

 [ ] Likes to take long walks on the beach

 [ ] Likes cats

 [ ] Likes drinking Starbucks Coffee

 [ ] Conservative person 

[x] Sensitive 

[x] Like Western Food 

[ ] Favorite color is blue 

[ ] Full of aegyo

 TOTAL: 3/10

So i guess im more like Lu Han(6) 

But tied with Baekhyun(5), Xiumin(5), Chen(5), and Lay(5)

Im Tagging: luhando, kpopruinseverything, xlh420, and monsieur-dyoo

thats only 4 but oh well im tired

emichama asked:

I'm super desperate to read this, so could you write a jerza fanfic where Jellal leaves Erza cakes on her doorstep from "anonymous"? Feel free to do whatever you please with that, but I would rather read this than write it, and your fanfictions are perfection ;u; (I'm still crying bc of your Forever and Always nalu fanfiction tbh)

MORE CUTE OMG GUYS IVE GOTTEN LIKE NO ANGST LATELY YOUVE SEEN HOW HORRIBLE MY CUTE WRITING IS WHY DO YOU KEEP ASKING FOR IT? Welp, I tried my best, here it is. Some cute Jerza (this is also the first time I’ve written Jerza, bear with me)

‘I heard you had a big meeting today! Here, maybe this will help with the stress!

- Anonymous’

Again. Another day she opened her door, and a small strawberry cake sat at her doorstep. She paused, smiling at the note in her hands. After a moment, she leaned down, taking out a pen, like she always did, and writing on the back:

'Thank you, Anon.’

Before leaving it on the step for him to find it. It was always gone when she came back. She scooped up the little cake, opening it as she stepped off the porch of her little house. Her smile grew wider as she saw the shining strawberries that were left exposed as she peeled off the wrapper.

She plucked off one of the sweet berries and popped it into her mouth with a content smile. This had been going on for a couple of months now, on and off. At first, she had been a little creeped out about the strange person that seemed to know so much about her. After a while, though, the little strawberries taunted her too much and she gave into the Anon, eating the cakes as they were given to her.

She had tried, several times, to find this 'Anonymous.’ One night, she even tried to stay up all night, sitting by her window and waiting for him to come. But by the time the sun came up, and she was well more than exhausted, she gave up and got dressed for work.

She had yawned through it all, resulting to coffee to pull her through the day. She rubbed her eyes, reached out and opened the front door..

And on her step was a little strawberry cake.

So she had given up on meeting the Anon, even though she still hoped to see him everyday.

So today as she bit into another sweet berry, she couldn’t help but think of the spring festival that was tonight, and how she was about the only one in town without a date.

And how.. Just maybe this 'Anon’ guy would take her. So, even though she was late to work, she spun around and raced the couple of blocks home where she left the note. To her surprise, she didn’t just see the little slip of paper on her step, but a very familiar man sitting there with it in between his fingers. He had a soft smile on, and his bright blue hair met the breeze just softly. His cheeks were dusted with a heavenly pink, like Angels had touch his cheeks and left their mark. He looked incredibly innocent and stunning in the soft autumn light. The note was held so delicately in his hands, you would think he was holding a sheet of glass.

After a moment, he pocketed the small paper, his eyes shutting in contempt for a moment before he rose to his feet, turning around and leaving another note on the step of my house.

Atop a little strawberry cake.

Then, he turned to walk away, and saw her there. His eyes widened, his face flushed a deep pink, and he stood paralyzed as he stared into her eyes.

She felt the same way.

“Y-you-” Her finger hung in the air as she pointed at him. She didn’t know what to say, this man had always been such a mystery to her. She thought of him like the Tooth-fairy or Santa Clause. Now.. Seeing him, all the scenes she had thought up in her head for this moment slipped away. They both just stood there, completely shocked and frozen in the moment, their faces flushed unnaturally red in embarrassment, “I-it was you?”

He looked around for a moment, shock and confusion fueling his actions, before sprinting in the opposite direction. She contemplated chasing him, but was too frozen by shock to do anything but stand there. Hours may have passed before she finally moved. She blinked, taking a step forward towards her front door, leaning down and picking up the note.

'I love you, Scarlet

-You know’


She should have known from the second he got so flustered. She should have known from the strange blue hair and soft eyes. She should have known from the first strawberry cake, because there was no one else in the world who knew me so well.

She smiled softly, shaking off the embarrassment that had been clogging her thoughts, and flipped over the note, writing:

“Then meet me at 7 at the Summer festival, stalker”

Then she picked up my second strawberry cake, popping a berry into my mouth as she headed back to work with a date and a smile on her face.

loudmouthgem asked:

♛ (be as analytic as you want to, i need helpful crit ;u; And you're a greally good Garnet so..)

my opinion on;

character in general: I’ve had so many feelings about Amethyst; all of them good. I can see her situation and how unwanted she tends to feel sometimes. She has a very special place in my heart.
how they play them: You do a wonderful job characterizing her. I do see differences between how you go about situations and how I think canon Amethyst would do it, but it works so well. There’s never a compliant and it’s refreshing to see those differences. I follow a lot of Amethysts and you tend to stick out a lot in a positive way. I love how you portray her.

the mun: You’re a giant sweetie and I really enjoy our little chats in the tags.

do i;

follow them: YES
rp with them: ALWAYS
want to rp with them: FOREVER TBH
ship their character with mine: Gamethyst is very dear to my heart. I LOVE HEIGHT DIFFERENCES 

what is my;

overall opinion:

calmafmalc asked:

What's a habit that you don't like on guys? (Ship question)

when they don’t stick to their promises or when they’re super arrogant

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auzpicious replied to your post:if by that tubasa lapidot drawing u are suggesting…

heck yeah! Although. Considering what a total mindfuck the final arc of Tsubasa is, the au might be better off just sticking to the beginning bits (although multiple timlines/clones are Always a fun time tbh)

hahaha yeah no it took forever and a ton of reading to barely understand where the heck its plot was going (congrats on your overly complicated storyline clamp) and i still don’t get it kinda so yeah, i just really like and would stick to the dimension hopping aspect cause it’d ALSO be an excuse to put lapis and peridot in different outfits which is 100% my jam