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heartbroken  gukdoo after bongsoon friendzoned him


who run the world?
cordelia chase

“This has nothing to do with purity. This is all about dominance, buddy. You can bet if someone ordered a male body part for religious sacrifice, the world would be atheist like that.”

theres a tumblr limit on sending asksโ€ฆ thats why i cant message each of you individually!! which i wanted to do!!ย 

for that reason im telling you all at once that ily ๐Ÿ’– and i hope you all have a nice day!!! happy valentines day!!!ย 

halfway through tagging everyone i decided to make it a follow forever lmaoโ€ฆ bc why notโ€ฆ i technically hit another hundred so that can be a reason too

also to all the people that received the message from meโ€ฆ. please dont think im dumbโ€ฆ i genuinely thought it was valentines day yesterdayโ€ฆ. im on my winter break and calendar? i dont know herโ€ฆ time doesnt existโ€ฆ..ย ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿšซโณ

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jeon as your bf;
  • memes
  • cute nerd relationship tbh
  • but memes forever and always
  • video games
  • like during a lazy day off
  • you’d wake up and go sit on the couch
  • and play
  • and when you’d be tired of playing
  • there would be a short pause before you look at each other 
  • “okay just one more”
  • not much pda
  • because he’s a shy guy
  • but when he’d feel someone watching you intensely or being too close
  • he’d protectively hold your hand and bring you closer 
  • and you would look at him with a smirk
  • “you jealous kook ?”
  • and he’d just ignore you and smile as if nothing was wrong
  • okay so first of all when you’d sleep together
  • he’d be most likely shirtless with just some sweatpants on
  • and you would wear his t shirt
  • just because its comfy and smells good and everything
  • sometimes there will be pillowtalks
  • but most of the time he would just hold your hand and you’d both fall asleep soon after
  • when you can’t sleep or had a rough day he would sing or hum you something sweet and soothing to relax you
  • and damn right that would work just fine
  • he would most likely always wake up before you so
  • he would time to time take his time to look at your at peace/asleep form and smile to himself
  • and then a little peck on the forehead before going out and getting ready
  • he would so use nicknames
  • baby
  • love
  • sweetheart
  • his fave skinship would probably be back hugs, or hand holding
  • because it’s cute
  • IN BED
  • at the opposite of all the fics where he appears like a wild boy
  • I personally think it would most of the time be something really sweet and gentle with a lot of feelings and I love you’s
  • he’d be a sleeper tbh like right after he would put some boxers or a sweatpants and take you in his arms before falling asleep
  •  he’d so make you a special playlist
  • with all the songs that makes him think of you
  • his lockscreen would be a cute pic of the both of you holding hands or smth like this
  • and whenever you’d be around him he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling
  • which is one of tthe reason he would be teased by his hyungs
  • “Aigoooo Jungkookie is so in looooove~”
  • and he would just blush and bit his lip while smiling
  • because it’s true
  • he’’d be so in love with you
  • to conclude and kinda resume all this
  • jeon jungkook would be a cute ass boyfriend who would love you with all of is heart
  • even tho he ain’t the best to express his feelings, he would make you understand how much you mean to him
  • and he would do everything to make the relationship last even tho he’s always busy and traveling and stuff
  • because he would truly deeply love you

Admin K

Sucre is like… one of those raver girls but there’s no raves and no other people and no PLUR so she sits in a basement sad and lonely with her pasties and drugs and EDM


There was passion and comfort and need and joy, there was a strength that knew no boundaries, a sense of kindred souls made one, and that whole being far, far greater than the sum of its parts.

– X-Men 2 Novelization, Chris Claremont

RFA + V/Saeran with a self-conscious MC

This is fairly self-indulgent. I’ve always struggled with self-consciousness and feeling like I don’t deserve happiness (lemme tell you guys, divorce does not help this feeling at all) and I know our Mystic family would not be having any of that. So, any fellow self-conscious readers out there, this is for you too. :)

Requests are open.~


  • doesn’t understand
    • “You’re always saying you don’t deserve me…why?”
    • “I just don’t understand what you see in me, Zen…”
  • he doesn’t get it
  • you mean the world to him and he just wants you to see yourself how he sees you?
  • constantly showering you in compliments
  • he’s going to keep doing it until you believe it well…more like forever tbh
  • will always correct you if you say you don’t deserve him or if you say he’s too good to you
  • you got him through the Echo Girl drama, helped him reconnect with family and even befriend Jumin
    • “You changed my life…made it worth something. You’re amazing and I wish you could see that, Princess.”
  • he feels so lucky every day to have you
  • and he won’t give up on trying to make you realize how special you are


  • he’s struggled with a lot of insecurity himself
  • after Rika died, he lost his way and that was no secret to anyone
  • until you came along, he was doing nothing with his life and that caused some lowkey self-hatred
  • but he still struggles to understand why you feel that way
  • you helped him and RFA so much?
  • he is literally willing to die for you?
  • but your first instinct is to blame yourself for things that go wrong
  • you feel a lot of guilt over Yoosung’s eye
  • he is always quick to wrap his arms around you and tell you he loves you
    • “You are amazing and I love you so much. You make me a better man and I regret nothing that happened because it brought us together.” jfc when did he get so grown up
  • lots of daily reminders that he loves you and that you’re amazing


  • she also dealt with a lot of insecurity growing up
  • her aunt was not kind
  • so even though she thinks you’re perfect she understands
  • she also gets how it can come in waves
  • how you’re fine one day - maybe even one minute - but not the next
  • and she also knows how far words of encouragement can go i mean look at her
  • she’ll gently grab your shoulders
  • give you a soft smile and warm words
    • “MC, whenever you’re feeling self-conscious…just look at me. Look how far I’ve come.”
    • “I’m not you, Jaehee…I’m just a normal person…”
    • “No, you misunderstand…look at how far I’ve come, and it is all, one hundred percent, because of you. Never forget that.”
  • she believes in  you and knows you can believe in yourself again someday too


  • he’s still pretty new at the whole “emotions” thing
  • so he doesn’t really understand why you’d be self-conscious
  • and thinks it’s utterly ridiculous when you make an offhand comment about not deserving him
    • “If not you, who would deserve me?” you laugh, but he’s being totally serious
  • he realizes his arguments aren’t really convincing you of the truth
  • but how to show you what he already knows?
  • you put up with him figuring out his emotions
  • you didn’t try to escape during his overprotective streak seriously you are an angel
  • and yet you still don’t think you deserve him? how
  • wraps his arms around you
    • “You are the only one who helps me untangle these threads. If you need help untangling your own, I am happy to return the favor.”


  • this boy is no stranger to this kind of thinking
  • he’s constantly taking on too much and shouldering the blame for things not his fault
  • he had wondered why you were so quick to believe he didn’t have feelings for you
  • it took until you made a comment for him to realize you didn’t understand how anyone could have feelings for you
  • he knows how you feel…but doesn’t understand how you could feel it
  • like, you’re perfect to him?
  • he’s been in love with you from the start
  • considering how much he pushed you away at first, he knows it’ll take a lot to convince you how amazing you are
  • and he always regrets his initial reaction to you, how he pushed you away, what if he made it worse?
  • but he’ll never stop trying to show you how perfect you are
    • “You made me realize I deserved love. I’m gonna make sure you realize you deserve it, too.”


  • this cinnamon roll has been through the ringer
  • he gets it
  • all that manipulation from Rika had basically killed his self-esteem
  • she made it his fault: that he didn’t save her, didn’t love her enough
  • and then you came along
  • and you showed him he was worth being happy and that everything he’d been blaming himself for wasn’t his fault
  • literally hurts him whenever you talk down to yourself you can see it on his face
  • the fact that you think you’re not worthy of him kills him tbh
  • he felt that way with Rika and he never wants you to feel what he felt
  • he is always offering gentle words and encouragement but when he realizes you feel the way you do, he does it even more
    • “You have brightened my life, in so many ways. You are the light in my darkness. You are warm and bright and loving and you deserve the world. I hope you’ll allow me to try to give it to you.”


  • he was constantly being told he wasn’t good enough
  • and the praise of his “savior” was very conditional
  • so he fully understands your mindset
  • why you’re constantly putting yourself down casually in conversation
  • why you’re always so eager to please
  • he doesn’t…really have any answers bc he gets like that still too
  • but he hates that you have to go through it as well
  • when you get sef-conscious he will just hold you and tell you you’re wrong
    • “No. You saved me. Even after I tried to trick you. If anything, I don’t deserve you.”
  • it’s simple but it’s how he feels
  • he loves you and he’ll find a way to show you how special you are

funniest dair moments


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ay i colored those Dennis’s from the other day lmao

you know what would be great, since we already know that there’s definitely going to be a wilhelm/noorhelm clip, if we just got that tonight, just get it over with.
and it could be like the same as this one but also the opposite, so like they’d be in bed but it’s night instead of morning and they’re talking about how they’re happy to be together again or wtv. and maybe they even talk about not meeting each other’s parents (or at least moms, noora has probably met willhelm’s dad) to contrast with this one.
and then noora would call William a fuckboy or say that he used to be one, like eva did, and, by the end of this awful penetrators day, we’d all know that noora and eva are only with these assholes because they don’t know that the other one likes her back and they’re scared to confront/admit their feelings for each other out loud

Title: Sugar Sugar

Pairing: 6yr old Junhao

Genre: fluff horendous levels of fluff

Summary: Five year old Minghao and Junhui have a system, one which involves Minghao evading having to eat his vegetables and gain a best-friend

To say that Minghao dislikes vegetables would be a gross understatement; he absolutely abhors eating anything green. He doesnโ€™t believe it when his mom says carrots will help his eyesightโ€”he can see like twenty blocks awayโ€”or that eating them will make him grow big and strong like his dad. So he doesnโ€™t understand why his mom always packs vegetables for his lunch when she makes him suffer with the stupid green things for dinner.

Minghao survived just fine last year in second grade eating snacks and sticky jelly sandwiches so he doesnโ€™t understand why this year it has to be different.

โ€œIs your mom a veterinarian,โ€ Mingyu asks, mouth drawn in disgust as he peers into Minghaoโ€™s lunch box.

Jihoon sighs from across their brightly orange coloured lunch table โ€œItโ€™s vegetarian.โ€

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here’s my late and crappy contribution to the fandom….

anonymous asked:

A lot of people that I've talked to about Anora have not liked her. As far as I've seen, she seems callous and self-serving, and she throws you under the bus if things don't go her way. I mean, like, I'm not trying to be rude to you or discredit your opinion of her (please let me know if it comes off that way) and you say she's loyal and clever and I genuinely want to know how her character's traits translated that way to you???

a lot of ppl dislike anora bc the game sets her up in opposition to alistair on a very superficial basis. like, oh, hEAVEN FORBID she wants to keep her crown as a super capable and supremely talented politician and ruler??!? instead of this 20 y/o kid with no experience who doesn’t want the crown???

you should really check out this post here, where the bioware writers themselves talk about anora. see here:

“Anora wants what’s best for Ferelden, which is honestly, Anora. Anora was raised to be a queen, she understands her people, she understands politics. She is not power-hungry. She is afraid that Alistair will run Ferelden into the ground.”

anora is deeply loyal – to her father, whom she loves dearly (and, as we know, was a great man and, arguably, still is in inquisition [remember threnn, the requisition officer? she was a soldier in loghain’s army and swears fealty to him intensely, saying he saved everyone’s lives after cailan fucked up and the beacon wasn’t lit on time. loghain’s treachery is largely a matter of perspective]). 

you can see her talk about him here, and there’s always this brilliant post as well, lol. anora loves her father very much, and yeah, (as the writer’s post says) she “betrays” you if, unbelievably, you say you want to kill her father. gasp!!! so unreasonable!!!

She betrays you if you rat her out to Cauthrien, if you don’t bother talking to her at Arl Eamon’s estate, and if you say you’re going to kill her dad. All good reasons to betray you, in my opinion.

voila, straight from the writers’ mouths. anora’s not some shifty self-serving bitch – she doesn’t want her father to be killed because she loves him, even though she’s willing to stand against him at the landsmeet when she realizes what he’s done??? and yet anora has to deal with her father being executed, right before her, and even gets sprayed with his blood. what the hell????? that is so fucking fucked up??????

again, anora is not self-serving, not really. she is ambitious, but only because she is (rightfully!!!) confident. she knows she’s the best person to rule ferelden, and she loves ferelden. she loves her country and its people very much, and it’s because of that loyalty and love that she wants to rule, that she doesn’t want to hand power over to this rando 20 y/o kid who likes to play with action figures and has the subtlety and political finesse of a herd of stampeding rhinos. 

i repeat: ”she is not power-hungry. she is afraid that alistair will run ferelden into the ground.” !!!! and!!! good point!!!

as anora says, “i simply believe that i am what this country needs. i will fight for what i believe.” !!!

in fact, this one user summed things up really gr8 about the whole “anora is a bitch” phenomenon here when they said:

Many players have had words to say about Anora. “Bitch” is one. “Scheming bitch” are others, also “scheming, backstabbing, manipulative, selfish, power-hungry bitch”. Arl Eamon even calls her “…spirited”, in tones that make it very clear what he actually means. “Spirited” belongs in that category of Victorian-novel style words, along with “feisty”, and “lively” that means (to paraphrase Rebecca West) “woman who differentiates herself from a doormat”, which is to say, “bitch”. As far as I can see, the whole “bitch” thing is because Anora has the temerity to think she’d make a better ruler than Alistair, and says so.

anora is also hilarious (her playful smirk as she says ”perhaps he will bend over more gracefully than i would” & tHIS INCREDIBLE SASS even though she’s afraid for her life lol my queen!!!) and playful. she giggles and laughs, teases the warden (they can be like “ha ha could i get out of this engagement now if i wanted to?” and she grins and giggles and is all “short of throwing yourself into the archdemon’s jaws? probably not.”)

anora is honest – she tells the warden exactly what she wants, she never tries to double-play them. she’s not callous  – the whole reason she can supposedly “betray the warden” is specifically OUT OF LOVE FOR HER FATHER. the problem is, again, just that players forget that truly well-rounded, fleshed out characters… their world doesn’t revolve around the player. anora’s world is completely crafted by herself and at her own disposal; she’s a queen. she’s not going to kiss the ground the warden walks on for no reason.

she’s completely honest, yeah. she even admits to being nervous about marrying a cousland warden – she’s not cold or distant. somehow the fandom has concoted this very weird perception of anora, that she’s a backstabbing power-hungry ice queen, but it’s not true, not at all.

anora is brilliant. there’s 300+ quotes in-game from people saying she’s a brilliant politician, loved by the people of ferelden, does her job beautifully, with grace, and wants to be queen because she loves her country, too. she wants to protect her people and her country; she loves her country, as she loves her father, and she just wants to do what she thinks is right. as she said, she will fight for what she believes.

when most npcs bend over backwards for the player character, anora refusing to be subdued may make her seem callous and self-serving, but she does what she does out of love. not to serve herself, but to serve her country and her people.