You know what fucks me up about Happily? In the chorus, it’s Louis’ voice mixed prominently so I hear him almost shout-singing “I don’t care what people say when we’re together!”

And then it’s Harry mixed prominently so I hear him answering that with “You know I want to be the one to hold you in your sleep.”

They’re singing to each other. And the lyrics Harry writes say “we’re on fire, we’re on fire now” so what does Louis do? Pens a song that says they’re Fireproof. They speak to each other inside of songs and answer each other with new songs and I… I need to lie down for a bit.

It’s so fitting to me that Harry and Louis are the last ones standing. Their “betrayal” will be the grand finale. They are the big guns, the canons at the end of this overture, if you will. And they’re together, always together.

I’m so proud of them. 💙💚