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What do you love the most about Erwin?

Dear Anon, I’ve had your ask in my in box for weeks (months?) now, but I haven’t been ignoring it, quite the opposite.  I’ve been hoarding it like treasure. Every so often I take it out and admire it, then I put it back in the box to keep it safe, because it’s precious and to be honest I hardly know where to start with this. However you deserve an answer so let me try.  

Apart from the obvious, ahem, aesthetic appeal, I am in awe of Erwin’s vision. He has an unnerving ability to look past the obvious, the superficial, to see the potential that most people are unwilling to see and don’t even bother looking for. He did it with the Survey Corps, he did it with Levi, with Eren, with Hanji and Historia.  Without Erwin’s vision, without his belief, the Survey Corps would have been decimated long before Shiganshina, the corrupt nobility wouldn’t have been overthrown, Hanji wouldn’t have become the 14th Commander, Historia would never have taken the throne, Levi would have remained a petty criminal in the Underground and Eren would have ended up as so much meat on the autopsy table.  By any measure, that’s an impressive record for just one man. Levi wasn’t wrong when he said that Erwin is gazing up at something he can’t even see.

But vision is something you admire rather than love so the things I love most about Erwin are his self less courage, his humility and his enduring humanity.  

By courage I don’t just mean his unfailing willingness to lead from the front and put himself directly in the line of fire. I mean the courage to make the hard decisions that every military commander has to make, the decisions that send soldiers, comrades and friends to their death; the courage to keep making those decisions over and over and over again, even though every death weighs heavily on his conscience and the guilt keeps dragging him down. Erwin just shoulders the despair and keeps on going, that’s what military commanders do, and its only at the bitter end that we see that toll that it takes on him as a man.

Perhaps the most astonishing thing is that Erwin does all this without the slightest question or complaint.  There is not an arrogant bone in Erwin’s body. He is willing to play the role required of him; to be the monster, the devil, the fraud.  The commander with the heart of stone who sends men to their death without even blinking.  And it’s only when he finally breaks that we see that beneath the implacable façade he is still just a man.  A man who hurts and bleeds like every other man.  A man who underneath it all is still just the child haunted by his father’s death.  

And that’s really what I love most of all about Erwin, after all the war and guilt and sacrifice, he never looses his humanity. Every death touches him, every face is etched in his memory, but he still has the ability to connect to those he loves and respects.  He never looses the capacity to love. Right at the bitter end he is still able to open his heart to Levi and lay it all before him.  And if that’s not a reason to love the man then I don’t know what is.

There is poem that was often quoted in my previous Age of Sail fandom, Kipling’s The Song of the Dead, and though I’m no fan if Kipling, there is a line in it that always makes me think of Erwin

If blood be the price of admiralty,
    Lord God, we have paid in full.

Erwin certainly paid the price in full, but he never lost his humanity, and that dear Anon, is what I love about him the most.


you’re the first person in my life i could actually count on.


The Originals 4x02 | Klaus Watches Hope Sleep

My first heartbreak you ask? I donโ€™t think I ever got over that one. Each day I am learning to accept that that familiar smell will always circle my lungs. The way that laughed looked will forever be traceable in my irisโ€™s. That touch consistently the mold I judge other touches by. My first heartbreak is a tolerable memory that I live through each day.
—  Excerpts of stories @magnolias-and-mimosas will never finish// #203

Tom laid on his back in his black and white suit on the hotel bed while Harrison banged on the bathroom door. His hands were folded across his chest as chuckled at [Y/N] and Harrison’s bickering through the closed door.

“Ease up, mate.” Tom yawned. The only downfall of being invited to events was switching time zones. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up. “We did only give her a three hour heads up.”

Harrison huffed, rolling his eyes while leaning against the opposing wall. “But aren’t girls usually good with last minute things?”

Tom raised a brow, “Um, I think it’s the exact opposite really. Girls always take forever to get ready.” Chucking one of the pillows at him, he laughed. “Even if we left right now, we’d be early.”

“I don’t even care about leaving, I just have to take a piss is all.” Harrison replied with a slight twinge of irritation kissing his words. “I could do so if someone would hurry their arse up!”

“Bloody fucking Hell, Haz.” [Y/N] yanked open the bathroom door, her face in a scowl. “Need to take a fucking whiz, do you? Go for it you little shit.” Her hand gesturing to the toilet.

Harrison stood up straight, his jaw dropping at the sight of his friend. Sure, he had seen her dolled up before but that was the thing. He had seen her in thousand dollar gowns for movie premieres but never like this. Never so simple and breathtaking.

Her hair was loose and wavy instead of pinned back in an intricate way. Her lips were dusted lightly with a soft pink and all he could focus on were her lashes. Not a lick of makeup were touching her lids except mascara and maybe a little dash of nude shimmer. Her cheeks were rosy but that came with her frustration. It was strange to see [Y/N] so dolled down but up at the same time. It was messing with his brain.

“Cat got your tongue, mate?” Tom teased as he stood up to see why Harrison suddenly froze up. As he rounded the wall, he stopped dead in his tracks. “[Y/N], you-you look stunning!” Just like Harrison, Tom was at a loss for words.

Her cheeks flushed, “Thank you,” tucking a chunk of hair behind her ears, “come on guys, it’s not that different from what you’re used to.”

Harrison shook his head, still unable to produce words. Scratching the back of his head, he exchanged looks with Tom. “You look incredible, [Y/N].”

Chewing on her lip, she glanced down at the last minute dress she had snagged from one of the LA shops on her strip. “I don’t know if this will do though.” She smiled at their expressions, Tom and Harrison weren’t the very best at hiding their facial movements. “You two look sharp! This dress is so simple and-”

“-perfect.” Tom responded, shaking his head, still unable to wrap his head around how beautiful she looked. He had gotten the chance to work with [Y/N] on a small film a few years back and built a very on and off again friendship. It wasn’t anything like an on and off again relationship but more or so they’d hang out like crazy and then months would pass by without either of them speaking a word to each other. It was just how it happened to work out.

One would spark up a conversation through text or twitter and the cycle would repeat. Harrison just got to know [Y/N] by default and had a similar style friendship. The only difference was that he’d spam her on a regular basis with funny memes. Tom would just kind of forget until she’d pop up on his instagram feed and the memories of their fun would play in his brain like a movie. 

“I have to agree with Tom on this one, [Y/N].” Harrison grinned as he winked at her. “You’re really hot.” 

Playfully rolling her eyes, she swatted Harrison. “Shut up, you sarcastic asshole.” 

Harrison laughed, “But I’m not being sarcastic this time!”

Rolling them again, she chuckled. “Go take a piss and we will leave, okay?” Shoving Harrison in the bathroom, she closed the door behind her. Looking at Tom, she motioned behind her. “How in the world do you handle all the time?”

“With great difficulty.” 

“I give you props, oh, here let me fix your bow.” She took a step forward, her hands gently readjusting the bow-tie. Her breath hitched in her throat when she finally noticed Tom looking at her. 

“[Y/N],” He started.

“Yes?” She whispered.

“I think we shouldn’t drift apart this time….”

Nodding, “I agree.” 

The Originals s4 ep.2

I am literally lying dead right now as I write this cause this episode was absolutely amaaaaaaaazing!!! Towards the end of it I was crying my eyes out bc of what I had just experienced.

- The opening scene omg hahahaha… The Mikaelsons went on a hunting spree ( literally ) in the woods. Seeing Elijah telling Kol to finish that guy off was amusing af lol. Kol never does anything discretely and we all love him for that. But when conversation went down on how are they going to continue their path Elijah was absolutely clear to it ;)

- The Klamille scenes were a stab in the heart cause it reminded us how important she was to him. Not bc she was someone who Klaus really loved but bc even in his darkest hour she is always his escape. Having those mental converstions not only kept him sane but they helped to become someone better for his family and himself. We sw yet again how you can become a better version of yourself once you have people to belive in you. Plus Leah looked amazing.

- Now to the main theme of the episode. The Mikaelsons coming to save their brother. For me this concept will never get old cause we are constantly reminded how important family is. Freya/Elijah/Rebekah/Kol and Hayley put aside all their second thoughts and hesitations and came together to save the person who kept them alive all these years. The scenes where they were fighting to free him and escape were everything I had hoped for. Freya as the powerful matriarch casting the spell, Elijah as the eldest of the brothers was the one who put himself in the grievest of danger while facing the big enemy, Hayley trying to be the diplomat by making sure that no one dies, Rebekah and Kol teaming up and protecting each other contributed to their brother’s release :’). 

- Klaus , my bae , as soon as was free went straight to his family side to efend them no matter what. The writters have truly made a good job so far with him. They still show us with each episode how Klaus has changed from a selfish hybrid to a protector of this family. I may be playing favorites now but I don’t really care cause he is a changed man who puts his family above all, no matter the cost. 

- Vinvcent is probably going to have some great plotline in this season. Judging from 4x03 promo he and Eva were most likely the ones that brought this evil to NOLA and now he is gonna try and figure out the way to send it back where it came from. I am looking forward to the next episodes where he is going to have to team up with the Mikaelsons lol.

- Aaaaaaand the best for the last: Klaus meeting Hope. Well, not officially since they did not talked to each other but seeing them in the same room was just too much. Do we even remember the last time we saw Klaus so adorably nervous in the show? NO. The way he took that breath in, composed himself and then entered the house was so freaking adorable ^_^ When he and Hayley stood by the door watching their little girl peacefully sleeping my heart exploded with all the feels. One of the most family moments tbh…

Best moments in 4x02:

- Klamille conversations.

- Mikaelsons opening scene hahahaha.

- Rebekah/Kol thank you moment.

- Klebekah, Klelijah  and all the Mikaelsons hugs <3 them all.

- Klayley talk and watching Hope sleeping scene.

- All the fighting and spell casting as well…

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hi! i really need some easy co being awesome squad in modern times headcanon. do you have some? pretty please.

alright modern times awesome squad includes

  • Lipton basically is the mom friend this is canon forever and always and nothing can change this fact ever and the boys are always up to some shenanigans that always resulted in them being locked up.
  • I mean, Lip doesn’t know how it happened and honestly the less he knows the better but Webster being arrested alongside Hoobler and Christenson are really something surprising because they are the good boys but apparently good boys help each other out by vandalising the aquarium’s billboard about sharks show.
  • and apart from that, Lip also has to make sure that George and Perco don’t end up having alcohol poisoning after a night out drinking their weight so he always ends up spending his Saturday making sure these drunkards are properly taken care of by making them chicken soup and sometime Ron would come help him by eyebrowing the boys to drink 2L of water.
  • Buck totally organizes weekend activities for them; sometimes it’s friendly baseball game that turns into fistyfight between Lieb and Bill, sometimes Buck drags them to go hiking which resulted in Muck, Malark, and Penk getting lost because they went off the trail so there’s that one memorable search and rescue mission that everyone politely doesn’t discuss about.
  • Nix and Dick hosting dinner night every month so the boys chip in money to buy stuff to do proper cook-out and Ron is always the grill master with Chuck and Tab as his assistants.
  • Toye and Babe hosting poker night which instead of betting money, they bet for the loser to do the most ridiculous things ever for example that one time when Babe lost and George dared him to tell Roe that he has a crush on the Doc which Babe did so now he and Gene are happily dating so thanks George.
  • whenever there is Trouble, the boys always discuss on which parental unit they will go to ask help from and unanimously they appointed Tab to go talk to Dick and Nix while Chuck is always the go to man when they want Ron and Lip to know about something.
  • if they are too scared to tell the two primary parental unit, the boys will always end up going to Bull and Johnny because yes, while Johnny will glare them to death, Bull will always help them
    out because Bull is their mountain dad.
  • also Gene specifically has different bandaids for the guys for example Web gets sharks bandaid, while Lieb gets Superman bandaid, and Babe gets Ariel bandaid and Bill and Perco receive Garfield bandaid because the cat loves lasagna.
  • the guys make it their mission to woo Kitty much to Harry’s annoyance lmao like if they go out club hopping, they always end up stealing Kitty away to dance while Harry is fuming and pouting by the bar with Ron laughing at him.
  • every Wednesday is movie night at one of the boys’ place and you can see them cramming inside Lieb and Web’s small living room with George throwing popcorn at Muck who has his mouth open to catch it and Toye snuggling George closer and Babe and Gene and Bill cuddling Web’s huge shark plushie and Ron and Lip are at the patio, just necking and keeping their eyes at the boys and when the opening of Jaws is played every one groans and throws popcorns at Webster.
Under Your Warmth

He didn’t know if it was the romantic atmosphere of Altissia.

Or if it was her, shining under the candid lights of the street lamps. Or the way her eyes took in the beauty of the town around them.

The way her hand gave him a comforting warm inside his own.

The knowledge that her heart belonged to him, and even more important, that his heart was all hers.

Before he knew it, his hand was reaching to hold her chin, slowly turning her face towards his, eyes never leaving hers while drawing close. His lips, slightly parted, seemed to seek cover hers completely in a profound kiss.

He hoped she could feel it. That’s his lips could convey it.

All of the deep running feelings he had for her.

His need to have her always by his side, his desire to drown in that instant forever, his gratitude for sharing her life with him…

Before he could get carried away, he parted from her lips. They where in public after all.

Opening his eyes, Noctis was welcomed with the image of his beloved Luna, eyes closed and lips rossy, still in a daze not unlike his after kissing him.

It was all enough to make him lean in again, shyness and social decorum be dammed.

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Shinnosuke, the 5th Yurakutei Kikuhiko

The first time I saw Shinnosuke without glasses, I thought he really look like Sukeroku!

But then, the more I look at him, there’s something strange about his face… There’s this weird nostalgic feeling coming from that smile.

And when he’s finally on stage, I was like….

Those eyes… Yeah, he really look like him, moreover, he is indeed the new Yurakutei Kikuhiko.

It’s not that I forced you to believe Higuchi’s speculation earlier in the episode, but it can’t be denied that there is a part of Kikuhiko inside him, not just his personality or gestures, but like…. The dead rakugo master’s blood runs inside him. Yeah, even thought this is truly the grand finale of the previous Kikuhiko’s story, there will always be a new Kikuhiko, his name will live on forever, and Shinnosuke’s journey as the new Kikuhiko is just about to begin now.

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I feel like Lumiere and Plumette should get more love, from writers and artists, because there is hardly any out there and that makes me sad :(

Same here, they are my OTP and I will love them forever and always.  How does a writer portray such a beautiful couple and not mess it up, though?  It’s really, really hard.  However, let me direct you to a few other places.  I know that @unnervingservants runs a roleplay blog about the servants of the castle (and they are VERY good at it).

I also read this fanfic earlier (thank god it’s not finished yet) called “Needing So Much More Than Dusting” by @aquitainequeen and it’s about Plumette and Lumiere’s relationship after the curse has been broken.  It’s so on point and beautiful.

@spectral-musette also draws the coolest charcoal drawings, a few of which are Lumiere and Plumette ones.

Hopefully one day I will write some stuff about them too, but for now, I hoped I helped!