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Clean Me, Daddy | 30.03.17
  • Phil: "Why aren't you cleaning us?" said Candice. Oh...
  • Dan: Excuse me?
  • Phil: Last time I did a live show, I accidentally ordered 300 cleaning wipes.
  • Dan: I know. I've seen them.
  • Phil: So, you can have the honour of cleaning them.
  • Dan: Excuse me?
  • Phil: The webcam. It's a bit grubby, so you know give them a clean. Give them a wipe. Someone just said "clean me, daddy".
  • Dan holds the cleaning wipe with regret. Phil burst out laughing and Dan starts speaking in a high pitched voice.
  • Dan: Yeah, I read that too. What is this?
  • Phil: It wasn't this weird when I did it!
  • Dan: There's a section of your live show where...
  • Phil: No, it's not a section!
  • Dan: ... you clean them?
  • Phil: No, I'm just saying we're slightly blurry and they'd like to see us in 1080pHD quality.
  • Dan: No, you planned this. It's a section where you clean the audience. Now everyone is saying "clean me".
  • Phil: They liked it. Just do it! I'll make the sound effect.
  • Dan: There's dozen of tens of thousands of people saying "clean me" right now.
  • Phil: Dan, clean them. Clean them!
  • Dan: Jesus Christ.
  • Phil: Do it! It's what you signed up to do.
  • Dan suppressing a regretful chuckle, Phil grinning so damn wide.
  • Dan: Oh my God, stop! The chat! Frick. Even the YouTube comments are going to be ruined. Oh, whatever you fricking..
  • Dan wipes the webcam while Phil makes the sound effect.
  • Phil: That's the noise of the cleaning wipe. Look how clear we are now though. My pores are here.
  • Dan: And yet, I feel dirty.

keith birthday week
day two: birthday!

some of my favourite keith scenes/quotes

8th Female and Youngest Member-BTS

(for anon)


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-is your older brother.

-looks after you the most.

-hates when you wear revealing outfits and jokes (but is serious) on stage by putting his jacket on you.

-protects you always when the other boys are messing with you.

-is always concerned about you when there are big crowds at an airport and makes sure he’s behind you and holding your bag.

-everyone, including the boys, love the brother/sister relationship you have.


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-biggest soft spot is for you.

-you two didn’t quite get along at first but are unbelievably close now.

-talks to you like he’s your dad alot.

-is the one who’s always making sure you’ve eaten and drunk enough during meals and gives you a hard time if he feels you haven’t.

-doesn’t get annoyed as easily with you.

-is proud of you day by day.


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-you two have the most ADORABLE relationship.

-always playing and messing around with eachother the most.

-boys get upset at him when he pulls pranks on you but laugh when you pull them right back.

-literally all smiles when you two are standing together.

-boys hate when you two are together cause that’s when you’re both at your loudest.

-fans love how much you both play on stage together.

-loves to make you happy by saying you’re the best dancer of the group (although everyone knows the truth)

-you wouldn’t know what you would do without him.


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-is the only one who treats you like an adult.

-cares for you a lot and is always looking out for you especially during concerts.

-always mentions you during V-Lives cause he considers you a sister.

-very concerned with your health during concerts and practices and always brings an extra water bottle and snack with him specifically for you.

-is the one to tell you to slow down when he feels you’re practicing too much or too hard.

-you always go to him for advice and he happily gives it.

-an amazing relationship you two have.


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-ya’ll have the hottest tempers of the group.

-the boys sometimes purposely instigate a fight between the two of you cause they find it hilarious when you argue.

-the fans love it when you have playful dance competitions on stage.

-enjoys the fact that you’re slightly smaller than him.

-is only okay with you going into his bed at night after you’ve had a bad dream.

-buys you the most gifts.

-hates it the most when you get any sort of hate from anyone cause he can’t stand seeing you upset.

-is secretly jealous that people consider you the most adorable member.


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-ya’ll coordinate outfits on stage for fun sometimes.

-doesn’t like when you’re wearing too much make up cause he wants you to have “health filled skin”.

-does little older brother things like making you hold his hand when you guys cross the street and feeding you when you’re tired at times.

-you’re his shopping buddy.

-buys you the expensive gifts.

-secretly wishes you and him had the playful relationship instead of you and hoseok.

-you’re always on his side when arguing with yoongi.


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- loves loves LOVES that you’re the youngest.

-sort of had a crush on you at first but considers you a sister now.

-only likes being called “oppa” by you.

-constantly teasing and messing with you about being the baby but you don’t mind.

-sometimes gets jealous that you’re treated so much and so well by the other boys.

-you always stand beside him when you’re nervous on stage or in front of a big crowd for some reason cause he makes you feel the most at ease.

-would never let anyone mess with you ever.

Mass Effect: Romancing Kaidan
  • Kaidan: *flirts by accident*
  • Shep: You're adorable i approve
  • *LATER*
  • Kaidan: *flirts??? ?? ?*
  • Shep: Yes absolutely I demand more of this
  • Kaidan: I like you I think? And I thought I detected some interest from you too?
  • Shep: When do you want to have the wedding?
  • Kaidan: I'm going to flirt with you in an obscure way in case you don't feel the same even though you already showed your interest multiple times. I like to leave all options open just in case :)
  • Shep: Have you not been paying attention lets fuck
  • Kaidan: Ok
Dating Kai/Jongin

-Always telling you that you’re beautiful and perfect 

-  Spending lots of time playing and walking the pups

- Having the honor of watching Jongin practice dancing because it’s a beautiful sight 

- Chicken would be a staple in your meals with him but you still won’t admit to him that you think fried chicken is absolutely delicious

- Setting his laugh as your ringtone because it’s the most adorable sound in the world

- Lovemaking would be sensual 

- The two of you were close friends before one day he finally asked you out

- He took you ice skating for your first date which included lots of falls and laughs

- You were telling him about your day until he suddenly gently kissed you for the first time because he thought you looked too kissable 

- The first “i love you” was shouted after the first fight which was quickly forgotten 

- Your first time with him would be on your one year anniversary together 

- Cuddling together while watching tv and Kai laying soft kisses everywhere

 -Fights over his occasional moodiness but he would always apologize first with chocolates and sincereness

- Being very protective but not possessive of you

- In the mornings, you try to drag him out of bed but he’ll just pull you closer and sleepily mutter “Just a bit longer”

- Wearing his clothes and having his scent envelop you when you miss him because he’s on tour

- Watching him blush and pout when his noonas tells embarrassing stories about his childhood

- Shyly but firmly holding your hand in public

- Going on dates that involved animals like the aquarium, the zoo, the nearby petting zoo, and etc

- His members always teasing the two of you for being so adorable together

- But you’re not always going to be his girlfriend because one day he’ll ask you to be his wife. 

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