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talk abotu shadow link?

lav answers four swords - always accepting!

I hope you’re ready for a huge amount of writing, because this took me quite a few days! Now I know how @sophinkle​ feels XD 
I also might be bolding the wrong words…
ft. scans by sophinkle, who helped me put this together somewhat - will add in a reblog because I can’t comfortably fit them on the ask. 

And, I know I went off- it took me days - so there will be a TL;DR at the bottom!


Here’s the thing about Shadow Link:

Finally having reread the manga, and after seeing different perspectives on characterizations of the Links and Shadow in the manga, here are my own two cents.
While Ganon was rising in power, he decided to create a reflection of darkness of his nemesis, Link. Thus, Shadow Link was created.
When we first see him, Shadow materializes from the seal Zelda is checking on with the maidens and with Link. Shadow uses his dark powers to capture the maidens and take Princess Zelda to do Ganon’s bidding. It is here that he’s characterized first- as an evil copy, a trickster, bent purely on causing chaos.

While serving underneath Vaati, and as Ganon’s pawn, Shadow Link is given a bit of power - power to use darkness to confuse others, take over armor to attack others, and he is smug about it when he appears for the third time. He mocks the Links, and lies about their father surrendering, all to have power over them. But when Blue calls him weak, or a coward - that’s where he gets really angry. It’s clear that Shadow wants power. He wants to be on top of everyone else; he despises being accused of being weak, and insubstantial. He is very proud, and flaunts what power he has.

Next, he appears to Vio in the Lost Woods. He ‘manipulates’ Vio into joining his side, appealing to his intelligence, and the fact that the other Links will never understand him. What’s the point of telling them anything? They just fight and argue. Eventually you’ll realize that you don’t need them. Only you can see the big picture. The good and the bad. They can’t, and they never will! I want to know what you think. I’ll listen. I want to hear it all - we’re so similar, you and I. Tell me everything.

Why did he even go after Vio? Was he looking for a friend, someone to share his power with? Was it because Ganon and/or Vaati told him to? I think that he thought this idea up on his own - he saw something similar in Vio that he had in himself, and he wanted someone to trust. He was looking for someone who needed him, someone to listen to him, someone he could tell everything. Why?

After that ordeal, he goes to visit Zelda. Once again, he is smug, and crass with Zelda. But she calls him out - Brute! You’re no shadow! More like a faint and twisted echo! Even at his worst Link would never be as crude and rude as you! But then he retaliates - soon you’ll be begging for my attention and my help!

Shadow! wants! attention! he needs attention! and he needs help! Zelda even says - I’m certain you’ll be the one crying for help - and he stomps away because she’s right.

So what did we learn about Shadow from volume 1??
- He’s a copy of Link. A shadow. An evil trickster serving under Vaati, created by Ganon, there to cause chaos.
- He is given power, and uses it. He needs power. And he is very proud. He flaunts it, afraid of being seen as weak - seen as how he reacted when Blue called him so.
- He comes after Vio, seeing how similar they were, and manipulated him, playing on the fact that Vio was more intelligent to the other Links. But I believe he was also sneaking his own reasons in there - Shadow needs someone to know what he thinks. He needs someone to listen. He needs to tell someone everything. He needs people, as proud as he is.
- And he also needs attention, and help, as Zelda points out.

In volume two, Green, Blue, and Red confront Shadow and the ‘evil’ Vio, and Shadow is very clear about who Vio belongs to. Vio just found his true self…he knows who his friends really are!…Think about it. Vio has superior intelligence - praising Vio again - playing nursemaid to you three fools…was never enough for him. Lord Vaati and I have given Vio a chance to reach his full potential. You three were like stones tied around his neck…drowning him in a sea of mediocrity. He shows here that Vio ‘belongs to him; he’s practically clinging to him, and holding that fact over the other Links.

Green challenges Vio to a fight, and while he watches, Shadow is literally rolling on the ground laughing. It is clear to see his sadistic side is showing again - he is a creature of darkness. Vio even mentions this later to Green, when they are all reunited.

When Vio “wins”, Shadow praises him more, and takes him inside the Fire Temple to celebrate. He rejoices in the fact that the heroes are ruined, and that he has a friend he can trust. He brings up power again when talking to Vio - Vio, you’ve got potential. Together we could rule the whole world- not just this small mountain. He’s confident that he can seal Vaati again - he wants that power. (I’m being really repetitive aren’t I)

Vio essentially suggests that they overtake Ganon as well so that they can rule the whole world - and again, Shadow, calls him his friend for it. I’m serious, Vio. For the first time, I feel like I have a real friend. Someone I can trust. Shadow and Vio go on to burn Hyrule, and then Shadow says another very important thing- I’ll show them, everyone who taunted me…who called me “just a shadow”! This “shadow” is about to destroy your entire world!
I believe that when he was alive, in the Dark World and under Vaati, the monsters around him always mocked him. This was going on while the Links were travelling around. I also headcanon that Vaati abused him.

Skip ahead. Shadow finds that Vio betrays him- first, that Green is alive, and then the reflection of Vio trying to break the mirror. You can see his nails scratching at the mirror. Anger prompts him to execute Vio. He realizes that Vio has allowed him to see what he wanted to see - he also says that himself. Vio was someone that Shadow needed, but Vio hurt him.

He will never forgive Vio, he declares. I’ll never forgive you! Don’t think this is over! I’m not done yet! Curses! I’ll kill every last one of you!
We don’t see him again until he appears again before Zelda, and this is also where theories get a little spotty.

In short, Ganon forces him out of the Dark Mirror again against his will, begging for forgiveness from Ganon. He doesn’t want to be out- didn’t he just say he would never forgive the Links, or Vio? He just said he wasn’t done yet - so why is he begging to be left alone? Because he’s so hurt, and betrayed. It’s clear to see his pride once again, and how he hates being looked down upon. Shadow is one whole, insecure being, and at that moment, he is powerless.

Something Zelda says next changes him, redeeming him into a ‘hero’. Do you really think the light will hurt you? Don’t you see? You are a Link too. Deep inside, you’re really a hero. Shadow is shown listening to her words - perhaps he’s realizing what she’s really saying - but as he kneels before her, she is taken from him by the dark cloud. Shadow tries to selfishly keep her - I can’t let you take her out of this room! Those are my orders from Lord Ganon!
He desperately tries to save her, perhaps her words changed him- but he can’t, and he’s left looking distraught.

He decides he doesn’t want to be bound to darkness anymore - he is good now- he disguises himself as Vio to help the Links and destroys the Dark Mirror, also sacrificing himself.

A shadow…usually only ever follows its body. It never gets to lead the way. Today I faced the enemy on my own…it felt pretty good. But that still doesn’t make me…part of the body.

This is an important quote. Shadow Link, in origin, could only follow Link. He was ridiculed, never getting to lead the way. Then Ganon gave him a chance to be alive, and he wreaked havoc on Hyrule. But that part of him that had been ridiculed caused insecurities within himself, even with so much power, and in the end, he finally broke free from the thing that had still held him in his livelihood - darkness. His insecurity, however, told him that he still wasn’t a part of Link - just his shadow, which he admits. But before he dies, Green, and the rest of the Links, accept him as a friend. Which, I think, shows that he really is a part of Link.

Vio says: “Shadow Link was never really evil. He only made trouble so that we’d notice him. He was tired of being ignored. He wanted to be with us…to be with his family.“ But what about all the havoc he wreaked? Even when he was noticed by Vio, and Vio was his ‘friend’, he still burned Hyrule. He still wanted to share that with Vio, he still wanted that destructive power, and if he and Vio had managed to rule the world, or maybe Shadow by himself, I believe he still would’ve turned it into a world of darkness. Morals can’t change so easily, even if he was so insecure. Shadow wanted to be free - at first, from Link’s shadow, and then from the darkness. He needed that acknowledgment.
And, after all that, he fades away into nothing.

So what about his change? At heart, he was a creature of darkness that wanted power, but he was also a part of Link that had been so ridiculed that he was insecure. And in the manga, he had a chance to redeem himself. But would his morals change so easily? What would happen if he met the Links post-manga? What would happen to him, and his relationships with them?

Let’s say that, as most headcanons go, Vio somehow managed to bring Shadow back. A lot of people ship Vidow and believe that everything would be handy-dandy again. Well…

If he did come back, although he may have become good at the last second, and even if he was accepted by the Links, things would still be tense between him and Vio - at least, for a while. It would take Shadow a long time to get used to being friends with them, and it’d definitely still be chaotic. Maybe Vio and Shadow could reconcile, but there’d still be that tension - Vio would feel guilty about what he did, even if it was for an overall good, and Shadow could very well still be angry at him. Even Zelda might have a hard time with how he insulted her and the boy she loved.
And what about the crimes he committed? I’m sure Link would’ve told everyone how his shadow saved Hyrule, but would people believe him after all the chaos and burning Shadow did? Shadow destroyed the castle, 'killed’ people (sending them to the Dark World, so at least taking/destroying their souls), probably actually killed people, and committed arson as well. Despite how good he turned out to be, though Link’s father is probably an understanding man, Shadow at least would have to go through some sort of punishment - community service, castle cleaning?, and at most be imprisoned for a while - maybe not put to death, because of how he saved Hyrule. But that would require a lot of proof, and perhaps trials. But that would be a whole other story. one that i kinda wanna write

Shadow Link was created by Ganon and used for darkness. He is characterized at first as a cruel trickster bent only on causing complete chaos. There is a lot of evidence in the manga that he is a creature of darkness. We can see this in how he carries out Ganon and Vaati’s bidding; how he uses his power to try and destroy the Links, and how he goes to burn towns across Hyrule. He is crude and cruel, and laughs when Vio and Green are fighting. When Vio betrays him, he goes to execute him (but I don’t blame him on that one, to be honest).
However, somewhere in between being created and seeking out Vio, there is evidence that he was mocked by the other dark creatures, causing insecurities in his power and pride. And this is where he is shown to also be a part of Link. If he were really just a monster, he wouldn’t care so much about his status, and he wouldn’t have went out to find someone to share his power with.

He is proud, and flaunts his pride with his power, but he also hates being mocked, and called weak. Again, would a true monster really care, or would they just go on to do their thing? He comes after Vio, seeing how similar they were, and manipulated him, playing on the fact that Vio was more intelligent to the other Links. But I believe he was also sneaking his own reasons in there - Shadow needs someone to know what he thinks. He needs someone to listen. He needs to tell someone everything. He needed someone. And when Zelda slapped him, he got mad when she pointed out that he needed help. He needs attention and validation with his power. That’s not normal for a monster.

When it comes to his redemption, I believe that yes, he chose good at the end - but that post-manga, he would still struggle with darkness, and he might cause more chaos. He might be accepted by the other Links, but he would perhaps still be condemned by Hyrule. And things at the very least would still be tense between him and Vio. He may want to change, but it’s not going to be easy.I guess I just wanted to figure Shadow out, and long story short - he is both bad and good, a paradox, confusion. And he may have chosen good, but it would not be so easy for him to become a hero.

Thanks for asking, reading, and letting me rant! woooh boy (and it was longer too, this is the edited version :P )

Mister Blue Eyes II

Read The First Part Here

Y/n never thought having a soulmate could make somebody feel so complete. Having a soulmate is like a best friend but more, somebody who knows you better than anyone else in the entire world. That one person who makes you a better person, or at least they make you want to be a better person. It’s almost like that one person that inspires you to be better, to become that better person, for them. They are the one person who believed in you when no one else did, someone who will always accept you. And no matter what happens you’ll both always love each other, and nothing could ever change that.

That’s exactly how I felt about Joe and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. Ever since we met everything has changed. Not only in the colors that we see, but also in our daily lives. It’s been exactly about a few months since we met that night in the club and we couldn’t be happier. No we aren’t living together or anything, we’re just happy. That’s the only way I can describe this wonderful feeling.

And laying here on Joe’s couch, cuddled up into his side I couldn’t think of a better feeling to say other than I was just happy. Y/n felt Joe press a soft kiss to her forehead breaking the comfortable silence, “What’re you thinking about love.”

“Just you, how our lives have changed since we met that night in the club.” Y/n softly replied back as she smiled thinking about how they danced all night long, never leaving each other’s arms for a second that night. Even when the club closed hours later they took an uber to Joe’s flat and spent the hours cuddled up in bed just talking about their lives eager to know more about the other.

“I remember the moment when I first realized you were mine. I remember how nervous I was when I first saw you, yet I was so bloody happy. It was the night when I met the love of my life for the first time. How could I not be excited?” Joe spoke against the crown of your head as he leaned his head on top of yours.

“I still can’t believe how cheesy and romantic you can be off camera.” Y/n giggled as Joe placed kisses to her temple to her jaw and finally resting his lips against her cheek. “It’s very adorable you know.”

“M’not adorable.” Joe mumbled against her cheek kissing it a few times.

“Yeah and I’m the queen of England.” She scoffed giggling, but the sound getting caught in her thought as Joe captured her lips in his.

The couple laid on the couch all day laughing and kissing the day away as they watched movie after movie. During the movies it would be hard for the couple to focus whether the movie reminded them of a story in their lives or if an intimate scene came on the couple would look at each other with a glint on their eyes and then they would initiate their own intimate scene. It was only a few hours later when the couple were knocked out of their love induced haze by a doorbell ringing.

“Are you expecting someone?” Y/n asked looking up at her lover seeing the confusion pooling in his blue eyes.

“No, wait here.” He unwrapped his arms from Y/n and swung open the door, barely having any time to react before a tiny body came crashing into his. “Oi, hey Zoe.” Joe laughed as he cradled her tiny body in his arms.

Looking at the tiny body and hearing Joe call her ‘Zoe’, she knew this could only be Joe’s sister. Even though they have been together for quite a few months now, they haven’t actually had the time to meet up. She probably knew as much about Zoe as Zoe knew about her, meaning quite a lot as Joe talked quite a bit about his older sister. Which only made this meeting even more nerve wracking, she knew she has to get Zoe’s approval. And as the couple were just having a lie in, she was wearing Joe’s Sugg Life hoodie and a pair of leggings with her hair up in a messy pony tail.

After Joe and Zoe parted from their hug, Joe went and hugged Alfie, afterwards the trio all turned towards you. Joe had a loving look in his eyes, as Zalfie had curious but happy looks in their eyes.

“Love, this is my sister Zoe and her boyfriend Alfie.” Joe introduced as he reached out and laced his hand in yours bringing you closer to him.

“Hello, it’s nice to finally meet you.” She laughed lightly mainly looking at Zoe s she heard the most about her.

“I know, nice to meet you too. I feel like I already know so much about you.” She laughed as she pulled you in for a friendly hug. “Don’t be shy, if Joe loves you we already love you.”

The two girls pulled apart only for Y/n to get wrapped in another hug, but this time by the taller man with dark hair, known as Alfie. “It’s so nice to put a face to the name.” He laughed.

About an hour later Y/n and Zoe were in the kitchen preparing dinner for the four of the them. “So you’re my brother’s soulmate then? What’s that like.” She teased as we prepared dinner.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but your brother is very romantic and has very cheesy pickup lines.” Y/n laughed thinking back to the very first line he told her.

“Hello love, I believe I’ve been looking for you all of my life.” He gave her an adorable grin and laced their hands together creating a connection to them that neither of them wanted to drop.

“That was quite cheesy, wasn’t it?”

“Was it that bad?”

“No, I actually liked it.” She softly giggled and looked down at their joint hands as he gave hers a squeeze.

“I’m Joe, Joe Sugg.” He shouted trying to be heard over the loud music.

“Y/n Y/L/n.”

“Seems like you’re happy, that he makes you happy.”

“Yeah he does,” Y/n looked over at the boys in the living room seeing Joe laugh at something Alfie said sending a burst of happiness through her at just the sight of her lover.

“You know I’ve never seen him happier. In fact, this is the happiest that he’s ever been. I hope you know that he really does love you, I mean you should hear how much he talks about you. He just won’t shut up sometimes. I even considered hitting the mute button during one of our calls.” She laughed.

“Hey don’t blame me he’s your brother.”

“He’s your boyfriend.”

“Unfortunately,” she spoke causing the girls to go into another fit of laughter.

“So how bad was it?” Joe asked once his sister and her boyfriend left.

“Oh stop it, I loved your sister Joe and Alfie was really fun to hang out with.” Y/n laughed as she though back to the evening and how much fun she had hanging out with the couple.

“Zoe loved you.” Joe spoke and after a minute he spoke again, but much more quieter than the first time. “I love you.”

“What?” Y/n turned towards Joe seeing the blush on his cheeks.

“I love you. Y/n I love you so fucking much it hurts, and I know it might be too soon, but I don’t care. I love you and you deserve to know that, know how much you mean to me.”

“Joe,” you cupped his cheek and smiled when he leaned further into your touch. “I love you too, probably more than you could ever love me.”

“Not true.” He argued kissing your palm causing Y/n to giggle, but the sound getting caught in her throat as Joe crashed his lips to hers silencing any laughter.  

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note (clint)

Send ‘note’ for a goodbye letter


      I’ve written a hundred variations of this letter in my head on the way to different missions, but this is the first time I think I’ll need to write it out on paper. At least that way if I don’t make it out of there, you’ll have something more than my promise to come back.

      If you have this in your hands, if I didn’t get rid of it, I went back on that promise. I’m sorry about that.

      I’m not afraid, Clint. I’ve always accepted the inevitability of my own death. It’s hard not to in our line of work. We’ve been shot, we’ve come out broken and bleeding, but we’ve made it. Somehow, despite all odds, we’ve made it out.

      But we’re not together on this one. And if the worst happens, you can’t blame yourself for it. I didn’t ask you to come. You didn’t know that I was going. I chose this. It’s on me, Clint. It’ll always be on me. It’s not your fault.

      It is not your fault.

      It will never be your fault. One more time: all of this is on me. Blame me. Hate me. Get angry at me.

      I’m worried now that I have more to lose, it’ll only end up backfiring on me. Funny how that works, isn’t it? I’m going to start overthinking every move that I make, and maybe that’s going to be how I go out. If it is, it’ll be worth it. All of this was worth it, even for a short period of time. I hope you feel the same.

      If I don’t make it home, you goddamn owe it to yourself to get through this. People need you. They need someone to make them smile when it’s impossible, they need someone to inspire them and to give them hope when it’s lost. Don’t let me take that from you. Don’t let me take any of the most beautiful parts from you.

      Don’t play the hero, either. Don’t track down who pulled the trigger. It’s not worth risking your life over, and it’s not worth getting blood on your hands for. You’re better than that.

      I won’t know whether or not you’ll do any of what I just asked you to. Блядь, I don’t have the right to ask it of you. If the roles were reversed, I wouldn’t listen. But please, Clint, for me, just try.

      I’ve never been good at saying things out loud. Instead I’ve just assumed that you know them. Just in case, here they are again: I’m proud of you, you give me a reason to fight harder everyday, you make this world seem a little less bleak, you’ve made me a better person.

      You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.

      God, you make the idea of a future seem possible. You even make it seem appealing.

      I’m sorry that you’re not here. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you I was going to do this. I’m sorry that I’m not going to be there to wake up to again.

      Hate me for this. Blame me for it all. Just please, don’t let it destroy you. If it destroys you, none of this will have been worth it. I can’t be the thing that turns you into the person you swore you’d never become.

      You know you’ve always been my hero.

      я люблю тебя,


Shoutout to anybody who has ever found themselves in a doctor’s office/therapy because of their asexuality, whether they chose to go on their own or someone forced them to go.

I’m sorry that the world you live in can make you and others think that you’re sick/broken and need professional help just because you don’t experience sexual attraction. 

You can be perfectly happy and healthy as an ace person. You do not need to be having sex in order to be healthy. You do not need to be in a relationship in order to be healthy. Taking good care of yourself and being at peace with yourself is far healthier than trying to force yourself to conform to someone else’s standards of “normal” and “healthy.”

I might be reading this all wrong but… 

is jeonghan worried about how his hands/fingers looks?? ?? and joshua trying to cheer him up? ??????

oh baby TT you are beautiful just the way you are TTTT

cr Hi_luvlyJ

You are the only one of yourself
that exists. No matter what, you
cannot be recreated.

Do you understand just how rare you
are? Even diamonds and rare stones
can be made to look and feel the same.

But you? You can never exist again.

So treat yourself as valuable as you are.
Speak of yourself kindly, give yourself
the rest and care you need, surround
yourself with people who understand
just how precious you are.

Even the parts of you that you may 
dislike, like your nose, your hands,
your hair color, your shape, they 
will never exist again; at least not
in the same pattern once you are

So please treasure who you are,
even the things you have trouble
loving when you look in the mirror. 

You are a rarity.

—  You’re more rare and valuable than anything on this earth.

If Strickler and Barbara ever mend, I don’t want them to get married.

I want them to get troll-married: in the dark depths of some obscure forest, complete with a wacky assortment of folk instruments and linked-elbows dancing by the fire, wearing ostentatiously ugly garlands of plants, colorful stones, metals, socks, and random, shiny cooking utensils. They’d take a blood-vow to represent the merging of their lives, which Stricklander must assure Barbara, “is only symbolism”.

It’d be a small but uproarious occasion. Now in college, Jim and Claire would be trying to pick up the ceremonial dance. Blinky would be watching them proudly, and helping himself to the odd cuisine. Draal would be some order of drunk, singing merrily, yet terribly. Eli would be there, starry-eyed and frantically Snapchatting everything he sees, but his iPhone mysteriously can’t record anything in the bounds of the party. Toby and Darci would be sampling the troll concoctions–with hysterical results. Mary would be hanging onto some troll, with zero chance of getting lucky. Steve, now a less obnoxious young man, would leave early, terrified out of his mind.

And NotEnrique would be the spiciest dancer of them all.


for your viewing pleasure, i provide…

caity lotz b-girling like a pro

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Do you still do imagines?? How about how the RFA would react to MC having an anxiety attack at their first RFA party. (Anxiety is HELL)

/// Yes, I do still do imagines and I’m always accepting! And trust me I feel that, I have anxiety too. ///
•MC has been hyping herself up for a week for this party
•This is fine it’s going to be fine, you get to meet the other members of the RFA. It’s going to be good!
•But when MC gets there it’s worse than she expected
•There’s so many people
•She feels stuck, she can’t find any members of the RFA,
•She’s afraid and doesn’t know what to do, all these guests around her that she invited but not one familiar face
•But then she gets a tap on the shoulder
•"MC Hiya- oh?“
•oh my goodness
•she’s crying
•is it me oMg
•"what’s wrong? Are you hurt? What is it?”
•yoosung notices people are starting to look at you so he comes and brings you to a seat
•MC stutters out “I can’t- I can’t breath I’m sorry I can’t”
•why is she apologizing??
•"it’s okay! It’s okay, everything is okay! You’re safe! I’m going to protect you!“
•yoosung is holding your hand and whispering to you
•he tries making jokes to make you feel better
•it helps tbh
•he gets anxious but he’s never had an anxiety attack
•but he helped so much
•you’re calming down
•"I’m so sorry yoosung it’s just there were so many p-”
•*yoosung pulls you into an embrace*
•"it’s okay, everything’s okay. I’m so glad to have you here.“
•zen had met you and was sitting with you but had to go the bathroom, but when he comes back you’re eyes are wide open and you look like you can’t breathe
•"Haha MC no need to worry I’m bac-”
•you run off
•you don’t want him to see you like this
•but zen realizes what he’s said and runs after you
•"zen stop, go away. I don’t want you seeing me like this"
•"MC. you’re perfect, in every way. I just want to help, it’s going to be okay.“
•he brings you to another part where it’s less people and hugs you and begins stroking your hair
•you had told him about your anxiety before
•he doesn’t care who sees you together, he knows he has to be there for you and honestly doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.
•he’s steadily stroking your hair, whispering to you that everything will be alright, you’re perfect, you’re beautiful, sweet little things that he’s been waiting to tell you since he first met you.
•zen knows how worthless people can feel sometimes, he wants you to know you’re not worthless.
•you’re his world
•Jumin was speaking on stage and mentioned your name, saying how wonderful it’s been having you help out with the RFA.
•But once he points you out, people keep looking at you.
•You hear people talking about you, “is that his girlfriend?” “Who is she?”
•you hate all the unwanted attention
•you get up and rush away into the bathroom
•jumin notices and gets really worried
• in his head he’s only thinking the worst possible things that could be happening to you
•he excuses himself off the stage and goes after you
•he goes right into the bathroom and says “MC? Are you in here?”
•"jumin you can’t be in here!“
•"I’m sorry I- I was worried about you. Are you okay?”
•the other girls that were in the bathroom leave
•you can’t help but smile a little bit, jumin ran right into the girls bathroom.
•*you leave the stall you were sitting in and go out and hug him*
•he notices you were crying, and he hugs you even tighter
•you had told him about your anxiety order before
•"I’m so sorry, I forgot. I didn’t mean to get those people to look at you, I didn’t want to h-“
•you put your finger on his lip to shush him
•people think he’s emotionless but he cares so much
•he’s so sweet
• "I’m sorry I ran off Jumin, I was just afraid.”
• “It’s okay, everything’s okay now. But may we please leave the girl’s room?”
•okay u big doof
•You had been meeting people at the door with her
•A big group had come at once
•You’re trying to meet all of them, but they’re all talking so much.
•all at once
•?!??? Why tho??
•"jaehee I need to go”
•"what’s wrong, why?“
•"jaehee I’m sorry”
•You ran inside and run into a broom closet.
•jaehee gets yoosung to greet people at the door and she goes after you immediately
•jaehee struggled with anxiety too believe it or not
•she is running around trying desperately to find you as fast as she can
•she sees a broom closet door open
•she goes in, and crouches on the ground next to you
•you’re shaking
• “Jaehee I’m sorry it might sound stupid but I just can’t do this. I’m sorry. I can’t. I’m not good enough for the RFA, I’m crying because of a small group of people how can I be good enough for the RFA you all des-”
• “MC. I’m sorry but, that’s not true. This party wouldn’t be happening without you. You’ve helped all of us so much. And you know what? I’m going to be here for you to.”
•jaehee walks you through some breathing exercises
•she has you focus on her
•jaehee is the mom friend to the max
•she helps you stop crying and goes to the bathroom with you to help touch up your makeup
•He had been trying to get to you but he noticed that a lot of the guests had been going up to you to try talking to you.
•wow that’s a lot
•he noticed you starting to get overwhelmed
•everyone was talking to you at once
•??????? Why are they bothering MC
•he can tell that you’re overwhelmed but you can’t get out.
•707 holds your hand and brings you to a small empty room off of the main ballroom floor.
•"hey, are you okay?“ He asks you
•you shake your head
•you’re still shaking, you’re not able to handle that many people coming at you at once.
•he knows what to do, he’s captain depression and anxiety
•"Come, MC, sit on the floor with me.”
•*he has you sit on the floor criss cross apple sauce and he is on his knees behind you.*
•*he starts stroking a finger down the bridge of your nose, and down your face.*
•"7 what’re yo-“
•"deep breaths MC, I got this.”
•*you breath in while he strokes down and breath out when he lifts up his finger to bring it to the top of your head*
•707 understands
•defender of justice, God, 707, to the rescue for his baby


character moodboard: fox mulder

i have lived with a fragile faith built on vague memories from an experience that i could neither prove nor explain. when i was 12, my sister was taken from me, taken from our home by a force that i came to believe was extraterrestrial. this belief sustained me, fueling a quest for truths that were as elusive as the memory itself. to believe as passionately as i did was not without sacrifice, but i always accepted the risks - to my career, my reputation, my relationships, to life itself.