always a step too late


heartbroken  gukdoo after bongsoon friendzoned him

Join me in AU Territory for a few minutes, okay?

a.  So Obi Wan Kenobi basically ends up going, “NOPE. FUCK THIS NOISE.” and decides to raise baby Luke Skywalker himself.

(He’s not a true Jedi anymore; not when he can see all the mistakes he’s made with Anakin in full, excruciating detail.  Not when those closely held values of detachment and denial of emotions have led to fire and death and grief and…

No.  He will not turn.  He might not be a perfect Jedi, but he won’t turn to the Dark Side.)

b.  So he loves Luke with all his heart and baby Luke is basically the teeniest, most adorable ball of sunshine and light and his smiles are a balm on Obi Wan’s broken heart.

c.  Also.  Obi-Wan joins the Rebellion. Because hope doesn’t just lie in Jedi and the Light Side of the Force.   Hope lies in the people who are willing to live and die for their freedom, who are there to resist the Empire and its lies.

d.  Eventually, Obi-Wan finds Rex and Ahsoka and of course, that means baby Luke has more family members who will love him.  Maybe he’s not growing up as royalty the way Leia is, but he is equally treasured and precious to Uncle Rex and Aunt ‘Soka.

(Except Luke calls her Snips - just out of the blue - even though Obi Wan has never told him about this nickname and he doesn’t understand why Aunt ‘Soka suddenly catches him up in her arms and holds him tight tight tight.  He thinks he’s made her sad but Aunt ‘Soka tells him she can be his Aunt Snips and thus, Aunt Snips she became.)

e.  Obi Wan does not want to put the burden of stopping Vader on Luke’s shoulders.  It is monstrously unfair and neither Luke nor Leia should be burdened with the task of repairing their father’s mistakes.  This was Obi-Wan’s failure and it is his job to make it right.

f.  Vader chases after Obi-Wan’s ghost in various Rebel skirmishes - Jedi who mysteriously disappear and escape his finest soldiers,. Imperial shipyards being sabotaged, the best scientists of the Empire making successful defections.  He is always just one step behind, just one moment too late.  Vader’s rage knows no bounds.

(Vader never sees or hears about the child in Obi-Wan’s care.  His heart has already been buried in the royal tombs of Naboo, where Padme Amidala lies in her forever sleep.)

g.  There is a holo of little Luke and little Jyn Erso playing together.  Jyn has not smiled in months as her father and mother have desperately tried to flee the Empire, so that they would not be forced to keep working on its latest monstrosity.  It is Luke who has made her laugh again for the first time as they ran and chased each other.

h.  Luke’s first friend, first crush and his idol is the dashing Cassian Andor.

i.  Obi Wan finds healing and a new outlook/philosophy on the Force when he becomes friends with Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus.  He and Luke make the pilgrimage to the Holy City of Jeddah and while Luke is too young to understand, the ruins of its ancient temple make the child “feel good.”  For Obi-Wan, it is a peace he’s not felt in years. 

j.  Some things are still meant to happen.  Obi-Wan and Vader clash over the years but each duel is inconclusive and both men walk away alive.  It takes years for the Rebel Alliance to gain steam.  Galen Erso still falls into the hands of the Empire.  The pilot Bodhi Rook still defects to the Rebels.  Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor still lead a desperate group to Shariff to retrieve the Death Star plans.

k.  The difference is that Luke Skywalker defies his somewhat overprotective Uncle Ben, having stolen a ship to Shariff to rescue all of his friends.  They barely make it off planet as the Death Star blows up its Imperial base, but Luke’s gotten to be a very good pilot and will spend his downtime happily chatting away with Bodhi Rook.    

l.  Baze spends a few minutes yelling at Chirrut for having the “suicidal tendencies of an Alderaanian lemmingray” before kissing him stupid and it is the first good laugh that Rogue One has, even as they are all safe and sound and alive.

m.  Luke grins even though he knows he’s in deep trouble with Uncle Ben.  There is a transmission from him - Darth Vader is now in hot pursuit of those lost plans and he is chasing after the Tantive IV.  They will all rendezvous with Princess Leia on Tatooine. 

It begins.  A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…  


                                 HAPPY late- EASTER!

High school Bun-Bun Prompto has come out to give you some Easter cheer! It’s been so long since I’ve drawn his HS look, that I wanted to give it a go again for this holiday! The little fluff ball loves his holidays! Hope everyone had a good one!

anonymous asked:

How would the chocobros be with a really short S/O? Like 5ft or shorter?

I too am vertically challenged, so I assume they’d treated them very similar to how i’m treated by my tall friends.



“Need some help with that?” Noctis would asked playfully, only to get a sassy little pout in return.

“I’m already up here!” You would replied, already standing on the countertops to get whatever you needed, knowing that the Prince put it up there so he could make fun of you. Despite you only being 5 foot, your Prince Charming stood at a beautiful 5 foot 9.

Making him perfect model height, and the Prince of high reach places. Snagging your chips, you turned back towards your boyfriend already knowing where he was standing, directly underneath you, as you dropped them on his face before starting your journey of climbing down the countertops.

“Aww, I love my tiny sweetie.” Noctis would mockingly coo, as he held your chips above his head, out of your reach, resulting in you bouncing and clinging to him to get them back.

“Noctis give them!”

“Gotta pay the Noct tax.”

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Partners in crime

Aries x Capricorn :
Explosives and brains. This duo will be unstoppable with Aries as the doer and Cap as the thinker. High tech equipment, they mean business. Most notorious of them all, everything will be broadcasted and still they will never be caught

Leo x Scorpio
Crime and seduction. Elegant, sleek and charming, these two will be hiding guns under suits and/or long elegant dresses. They hide their intention with perfumes stronger than revenge and are as timelessly deadly as the poison they’ll use on you

Pisces x Taurus
Strength and flexibility. This pair is inseparable and have a ride or die attitude to themselves and their plots. Will fight to the bitter end, succeed with Taurus strength and Pisces agility. Road trip schemers, they will always be on the run and they love it

Virgo x Aquarius
Genius and madness. Nothing goes better hand in hand. Most extravagant plotters of them all yet no one will understand what they are doing until it’s too late. Always a step ahead of everyone, they would receive a Nobel prize in crime

Gemini x Sagittarius
Adventure and conspiracy. These two will go down in history with their rebellious conspiracy. Yet, their scheme will always be a more of a game, and adventure to them. For them light hearted trickery is a catastrophe to everyone else

Libra x Cancer
Innocence and Evil. They are the devil in angel’s clothing. Will slip by unnoticed with some captivating chit chat and friendly smiles. Their eyes hide the plot well, they are the last anyone would ever suspect. Quick on their feet, good luck to anyone trying to catch them

rosebuds weep requiems

dear Em,

every time the wind blows
I think your arms
will be there when it stops
I think your fingertips
will brush my gusted strands
back into place
I’ll wake up from whatever
this is that I breathe
shaking the hands of my lungs
introducing itself
as life

I don’t think any of this
is real anymore, maybe
I did drive into a tree
maybe I didn’t swerve away
from that semi
maybe I talk about serrated
edges so much because it’s
the last thing I saw
before death propped my head
with a pillow made of daisy
feathers and moon sweat

my anxiety has always pushed me
I wanted to be in eighth grade
until I passed by a high school
I wanted to be a freshmen until
I made eye contact with senior girls
I wanted to be in college until
I was told a piece of paper
would get me anything
take me anywhere
I wanted you
I was happy with my job
until I saw a new car
I was happy with my new car
until I learned how 72 months
and interest rates don’t just
rain on a parade
they wash away evidence
one ever existed

always in a rush
always running, running
running to the next best thing
only to fall short
arriving a step too late
always missing a piece
missing out on things
everyone takes for granted

maybe I did pull that trigger
in seventh grade
maybe I didnt make it
across that highway in college
maybe that friday night ambien buffet
was the last meal I ate

everyone else
got a job and promotion
got a car they could afford
bought a house with
pink and blue bedrooms

my resume is a firing range
my car is a submarine
I sleep on a couch
in the house
I grew up in
the lithium sings lullabies
to lamotrigine
I toast empty glasses
to embarrassment
and set the table for shame

I shouldn’t be here
I shouldn’t have stayed in Austin
I shouldn’t write about you
in the ways that I do
I should write to you
in the ways I wish to

it’s funny how you learn to be a man
from situations where you weren’t one
how you learn to be a parent
when you hear a father berating
his child next to him for asking
too many questions
the empty chair next to you
is the only answer that matters
I only learned the pronunciations
of love in its lip sync absence

maybe I’ll die staring into
your faded blue eyes
with ollie holding my hand
maybe I’ll have last words
that will be remembered
instead of fogging sunrise windows
maybe I’ll die in a room
without pictures
or skies to float in
or hands to let go
maybe my last words
will be my last thought
as I slip away alone
just another paragraph
under a name
no one wants to eulogize

I’m still running, running
running but I fall everytime
I feel the wind blowing
hoping one day

you’ll catch me


Seventeen Minghao Zombie Apocalypse AU: “Apocalypse!”

@ariatheangel asked : Can you do a The8/Minghao story? 

Well, I hope I can do a Minghao story ;) hehe - anyways!! Here you go lovely Hope you like it!! Requests are open! You can make the HERE!

This is a four part au! Just because I wanted to write more! <3 

Theme: Zombie apocalypse au! Okay angsty, and also mentions death *so if you’re triggered don’t read on*

Words: 1055

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious! own gif!!*

14:47 p.m. Cherrywood Apartments - Rear Car Park

Watching your friend Alex pace back and forth, back and forth, between the lines of the parking spaces had become Minghao’s past time. In this moment, Minghao was simply waiting for Alex to become something wholly abnormal any other day. But, today was different. It was apocalypse day. And right now watching Alex was far more entertaining than Minghao and Y/N had previously anticipated. 

Minghao could hear the frustration burning through the heavy thump of Alex’s distraught feet hitting the ground. Except, Minghao wasn’t concentrating on that. He was too busy listening to your breathing, slightly fast, a sharp intake and exhale as you watched. You on the other hand were too focused on the slight tick of the watch upon your wrist, counting down the minutes before Alex would be one of them. The living dead. 

“We’re wasting out time,” Minghao finally interrupted covering your watch with his hand. “He’s going to end up one of them…”

Your eyes were what shut him up. The painful look they threw at him was evidence that you were not giving up on Alex. Even though Alex’s lips were taut, eyes blackened, the baseball cap drooping over his decaying face as the paleness started to wash over his skin. His veins protruded from his arm thumping blood around for the last time. 

Minghao watched you, the way you caught your breath as you focused on the blood still dripping down Alex’s neck. Teeth marks piercing through skin, tearing at flesh, a wound that should have left Alex dead. Minghao wasn’t scared of Alex. He was scared of what Alex would become, the wounds evidence. So, Minghao simply wanted to get you out of here. 

“Y/N we don’t know what’s going to happen when he turns! We need to get out of here…” Minghao panicked still holding onto your arm as he tried to drag you away. “We have to get to the gates before 9 a.m. tomorrow how is standing here…” 

You however shook you head. Eyes fixated on the boy ahead. “No. I made a promise Minghao." 

"A stupid promise!!” Minghao barked in response, crossing his arms over his chest. “What if he kills us once he turns hmm?" 

"Then we die, aren’t those the words you used once?” you mumbled quietly under your breath, taking one more look up at Alex.

“Can you both stop talking about me like I’m not here!!” Alex whined still in pace. Backwards and forwards.

Minghao leaned back against the bonnet of the car, grabbing his coffee cup and taking one short sip. “Ugh, this takes like shit.”

“We’re in an apocalypse Minghao, I’m sorry the coffee isn’t five star but we’ve got something worse to deal with.” 

Except that was when the scream stilled them both. Alex dropped to the ground. Foam pouring from his lips as his body started to convulse. The virus spreading. Slipping and pumping through his veins. He was changing. 

Minghao took one long breath in before taking his long legs on a trip towards Alex. He was going to do what he knew you could not. “I’m sorry Alex…” Minghao started but he was too late. 

The roar that emitted from Alex’s deadened body shook Minghao. So much so he stumbled back, unable to move quick enough. “Minghao!!” he heard you scream but it was too late. 

You were always one step behind. One step too late.

But, Alex wasn’t after Minghao. That zombified being didn’t even acknowledge Minghao’s existence as it hurried towards you. Teeth barred. A growl reverberating through each dead muscle in its body and before Minghao could even react you were on the ground.

“Get the fuck off!!” Minghao suddenly bellowed, running closer about to shoot the gun. Except you were in the way. What if I hit…The snap of a trigger was quickly replaced by the booming gunshot. Blood, blackened with the virus sprayed all over you. 

“Y/N!” Minghao cried as he heard you squeal ever so slightly, pushing the body off you. 

You were shaking. Your fingers trembling a line straight up your arms, your knees weak as you took one look at him. “Tha…a…nk…s” you stammered, your voice catching and breaking. 

He felt his heart break as you screamed ever so slightly wiping the blood from your face, the tears streaming. Your whole body shook, as the panic overtook you. Except Minghao wasn’t focused on that. He was staring at the tear in your skin. 

The bite mark he didn’t want to acknowledge, but there it was. Bloody. The skin already starting to decay. “Y/N…” he managed, reaching forward but he stopped. In your eyes he could see the pain. 

“He bit me…he bit me…he bit…” you repeated over and over again, and each time your voice became even more hysteric. “I’m going to be one of them…Minghao…what…what do we do? I’m going to die…”

Minghao couldn’t speak. He didn’t understand how everything had gone so quickly. How he didn’t stop Alex…how he couldn’t stop this from happening to you. “I’m sorry Y/N,” he managed, his hands clinging to his hair. “I’m so sorry…”

You tried to catch your breath but the blood on your fingers was just a reminder. Already you felt the cold air drift all over your body. Everything felt so cold. “It’s okay,”  you exhaled, wiping your tears with some form of acceptance. “Okay. It’ll be okay.” 

Minghao knew you weren’t fine. Especially when you looked at your watch. On your lips Minghao caught you counting the minutes. “The virus took Alex in twenty four hours…I’ll help you get to the gate…” 

“Y/N?” Minghao managed grabbing your wrist as you were about to get in the car. “Y/N stop…”

“We need to get moving, if you want to make it to quarantine.” You gave him one curt nod before peeling your arm slowly away. 

Minghao didn’t want to get in the car, it felt wrong accepting your fate. All of it felt like a dream. Yet, he wasn’t waking up. “But, if we get there and you change…they’ll shoot you.”

As you opened the car door he heard the small choked sentence on your lips. His best friend. And, right now, the one who would lead him home. “Some people are just worth it Minghao. Now get in.” 


-signs- I’ve taught Min a bit, but no one else seems to know. It’s a bit frustrating, since I’ve only met one other person who seems to know sign around here. It was a surprise, really.


No matter how hard I try, I can’t make myself exercise in the morning. The call of my bed is too strong. So I always find myself finishing steps after work.

Lately, I’ve been waiting until the sun goes down so I can walk in the dark silence around my neighborhood. Alone. Sometimes I walk just enough to hit my goal. Sometimes I walk far longer to let the thoughts run through my head.

If rage walking is a thing, that’s what I did tonight. I walked for miles in a loop around around my neighborhood, my mind racing.

And I cried. I cried because today for the first time in my entire work career I was made to feel less than because I am a woman. I cried because I’m left to face the hard times alone. I cried because I’m an adult who does not have it together.

Not all days are bad, but a good portion of today was. Tomorrow will be better because tomorrow always is.

cat and mouse | naruto

prompt: AU. Punk Naruto is frequently in trouble and the police are familiar with him. Hinata’s parents are cops. But he really likes her so …

pairing: Naruto | Hinata

notes: Sorry I haven’t been writing too many fics lately, I’m on kind of a hiatus. School work is drowning me, so here’s a present. (Okay, so I didn’t do exactly what the prompt was suggesting, can’t win ‘em all.)

notess: There’s also a small amount of touchy-feely in this one. Just a warning. 

He always ran from him. As fast as he could. As long as he could. And somehow he always managed to get away from Hiashi Hyuuga’s grasp. The old man was always two steps behind, never close enough or just too late. It was almost like a game of cat and mouse. But the cheese he was stealing was far better. It was the finest brand he had ever tasted. 

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where Ygritte is a servant at Winterfell (inspired by this fic, although this is only based on the basic idea)

Couldn’t sleep last night? I saw you wandering around the courtyard. She looks curious, cocks her head to the side, and Jon avoids her penetrating gaze, drops his eyes to his boots instead.

Why else would I be up? he asks, watching the hem of her skirts kiss the dusty ground as she takes a step closer. She’s always been a little too close, and lately, it makes his heart speed up and his palms go clammy.

Who knows what you’re up to. Half the time I don’t know what’s going on in that head of yours, Jon Snow. She laughs, and he can’t help but stare at her face, perhaps a little too long. But her eyes are too magnificently blue, and her smile too pretty too miss.

Why were you up then? he shoots back, and he does not miss the way her fingers start to nervously fiddle with the stack of cloths she is carrying.

I’ll tell you that some other time. And then she’s off through the door and across the yard, disappearing in the crowd.

capfalc was asking what Steve’s Halloween costume might be. This was an accident. 

It’s not like Steve is avoiding the rest of the Avengers, not really. He spends time with Natasha, and Clint, when he and Sam happen to be in roughly the same vicinity. But Stark gave him a high-tech telephone and never called, and he and Dr. Banner hadn’t exchanged more than a handshake and a kind smile, and Thor is gone, back to his home world where gods are the norm rather than exceptions.

(he gets emails from Pepper every two months though, containing various combinations of military abbreviations all amounting to the same thing: Everything is under control)

He and Sam are too busy for mostly anything else, really, running a wild goose chase around the country, following a flash of metal in a store front window and ransacked HYDRA hideouts, always just a breath too late, always just a step behind.

So it’s a coincidence that they end up in California right about the end of October, chasing a trail long since gone cold. The handwritten invitation finds them at a motel they’ve been camping at for three days now, pitch black envelope and no return address.

“Is it a bomb?” Sam asks, when he comes in with their lunches and finds Steve fiddling with the envelope.

“No. It’s probably Stark.” Steve sighs, pulling the bags closer when Sam dumps them on the bed.

“So, it might be,” Sam grins. “Go on then. Open it.”

Steve cuts it open with one of Sam’s daggers and reads it out loud between bites of his sandwich.

Superheroes of the world,” it reads, “you’ve been summoned to converge upon Stark castle this fine Halloween, the festivities set to start at 8 p.m. Costumes mandatory, and I don’t mean work clothes. Come join us, it’ll be spooky!” It’s signed with “Lord Stark of Ironfell”.

Underneath, in small, even letters, there’s Pepper’s note. “Please come. It’ll make him much easier to deal with. There won’t be many people there.”

And Steve can imagine several places he would rather be on the 31st of October than in Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion, dressed in fancy dress, but Sam makes an offhand comment about loving Halloween and “would Clint choke on his drink if Sam went as a sexy angel?”, and Steve finds himself picking out props at a local costume store.

Halloween comes quickly and Steve finds himself in front of the mirror, contemplating his reflection. He’s drawn scarring on his face in black pencil, carefully tracing the random patterns on his skin, and he hopes that Bruce won’t be offended by the barely there tint of green on his face.

“Steve?” Sam calls out from the other side of the door, “Are you ready?”

Steve nods to himself in the mirror, then exits the bathroom. Sam’s smile, emphasized with sparkling glitter, loses some of its shine. He takes the few steps forward to press one of the bolts on Steve’s neck firmer into the skin.

“Frankenstein, huh?” he asks.

“Frankenstein’s monster, actually. People always get those two confused.” Steve says, leaning a little into the touch.

Sam doesn’t say anything further, just squeezes Steve’s shoulder once, before breaking away to gather his stuff.

Steve knows that Sam is silent because he understands, had probably grown up with seeing pictures of Steve before his miraculous transformation; pale, skinny and asthmatic. The Walking Dead, he’d heard a doctor say to a nurse once, while in the throes of yet another fever. Those days are long gone now; he barely even gets a cold these days, much less an asthma attack.

And yet sometimes he wakes up at some freakish hour of the morning and stumbles into the bathroom only to do a double take at his reflection, because he remembers being Steve Rogers, several feet smaller and several pounds lighter. 

Sometimes, he traces the skin of his face, the planes of his body with an artist’s eye, catalogs proportion and color and the shift of muscles under unmarked skin. Sometimes, he closes his eyes and sees the pride on Dr. Erskine’s face, the wonder on Stark’s, and tries to see himself as more than a picture in an art textbook.

Because, maybe everything good in him didn’t come from a bottle, but a lot did. And maybe sometimes he wonders how many things he can still afford to call his own.

A feather from one of Sam’s wings brushes against his neck while they’re pressed close together in the elevator. It’s soft and it tickles, and Sam smells like glitter and pumpkin spice cookies. Steve smiles.

[[ @ectoholtzmann liked for some teen angst bullshit ]]

Do you wanna hear a joke?

It’s what the kids at school always said right before targeting Erin again. Taunting her with the knowledge that there was nothing she could do about any of it, that no one would believe her anyway. That the joke in question was her, and her life, and everything she believed in.

Or thought she believed in, at least. Apparently she had been labeled as crazy. ‘Schizophrenia’, her therapist had said. ‘Attention-seeking’, her parents had heard. ‘Crazy’, the general opinion seemed to be.

It was a lonely childhood, Erin keeping her head down and working her way through high school, hoping things would change when they got to college.

(Spoiler alert: They didn’t)

She kept quiet. She tried to conform. She smiled at her parents and politely apologized each time she came back with grades that just barely weren’t enough to excel. She was in the top 10% of her year, sure, but she didn’t stand out. She wasn’t extraordinary. She wasn’t the one people were after begging her to come work for them, to be a part of something. She was always just one step behind, it seemed. Just a second too late, just a little too slow, just a little too ordinary.

(A little too crazy, maybe, but they never said that out loud).

Her self-destructive tendencies had reached an all-time high, not that she had anyone who cared. Her parents had just accused her of pulling another hopeless prank trying to get people to pay attention to her last time her behaviour had ended her up in the hospital. They hadn’t visited. Erin hadn’t been surprised. She wasn’t even entirely sure why she still bothered, wandering around the MIT campus late at night in yet another vague and pointless attempt to clear her head. To maybe get her mind in order in a more healthy way. It never worked, anyway.

Speaking of jokes...

At least it appeared she wasn’t the only one out tonight, despite the freezing November weather. If Erin had been up for social interactions, she may have actually walked up to talk to the blonde. 

(That was a lie. Erin didn’t have the guts for that. She only ever approached people if they were drunk, she was drunk, and she was expecting to have an opportunity to fuck her problems away. But at least the thought would have been there, this time)

Instead, she simply let her legs dangle off the ledge of the small wall surrounding the main park-like area on campus, the one most favoured by students during exam season, giving the young woman little more than a small wave in acknowledgement. She’d get up at some point. Later, maybe. If she found the energy again.