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-If I told you that earlier….. none of this would’ve happened….. right?

“I love you too” comic… (I’m not creative with names alright… *sniff*)

Guess who’s back with some… ermmm… kind of Poth comic I think….


Fell!Goth and Goth belongs to @nekophy

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any poi and/or sherlock bbc ships?

i don’t have any major ships on either shows that triggered that classic visceral, obsessive surge, anon, that’s why they didn’t make the short list. but the dynamics (romantic and/or otherwise) i found most intriguing & rewarding on those 2 are:

harold/john, harold/grace, harold/machine, harold/nathan, root/shaw, harold/root, harold/shaw, carter/john, harold/john/shaw/fusco/bear, harold/elias/john

sherlock/john, sherlock/molly, john/mary, sherlock/john/mary, and the holmes family in its entirety.

There are many beautiful lessons that Undertale teaches us, but there is one lesson that has struck me time after time.

Monsters have been trapped Underground for, what we can speculate, over a millennia. More than a thousand years of being trapped under a mountain, with limited space, with the threat of overpopulation looming over everyone’s heads every day.

But despite these circumstances…

No one ever loses hope.

Everyone holds onto their dreams.

Because even if things are hard…

They always hope for a better future.

They never give up.

They never, ever give in.

And all these things really spoke to me.

Because I think we’ve all been trapped in the Underground at one point in our lives.

I know life is difficult sometimes.

But sunlight is always within your reach.

Never give up on your dreams, no matter what.

I know you can do it, whatever it is.

Stay the course.

Because as long as you have the determination…

Nothing can stop you.


The future of horror games.
SadSquare Studio’s Visage takes a lot from Silent Hills’ P.T which can only mean good things, while Lunar Software’s Routine takes place in a moon base that reminded me of Soma + Sci-fi with horror is always a good combination. Really looking forward to play these horror experiences.
(Credit to SadSquare Studios and Lunar Software)

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  • who holds the umbrella when it rains: sTEFAN, listen if she forgets her umbrella he deadass takes his shirt off for her
  • who is the grumpiest in the morning: stefan, elena always pulls him but you know her and bed isnt a good combination to get him up.
  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt: BOTH
  • who plays pranks on the other: imo elena 
  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa: 
  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other: stefan, elena is his beloved
  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep: suprisingly elena
  • who says ‘I love you’ first: [if it were up to me they would say it at the same time then just look all shy and cutesy these dorks agh i hate them] 

send me a pairing 

I love Max so much. He’s so damn adorable. Although most of the time he would get pissed off, he always have a soft spot inside. He and Undertale are a good combination.

Though I know the whole route for the Pacifist Run and Genocide Run, I would still take time to watch the whole walkthrough again when Max plays it.

He really does great voice acting for each of the characters especially Papyrus, one of my favourite characters.
What’s your favourite character? Mine would be the skelebros(yep, that’s what I called Sans and Papyrus, those two are sibling goals)

Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom’s RPG about dragons and shit, proved that combining video games and romance isn’t always a good idea … especially if the developers don’t know what romance actually entails. What started as a perfectly innocent attempt to bring love into the game ended with thousands of players helplessly seeing their characters molested near a campfire.

Dragon’s Dogma had the rare ability of allowing you to “romance” any character in the game by doing things like giving them gifts or drawing your sword in front of them (in real life, that usually gets you arrested). However, due to a glitch in the system, the only requirement for raising someone’s “romance level” was talking to them – meaning the game would unilaterally decide that whoever you talked to the most must be your lover, whether you liked it or not. So, upon reaching the crucial part of the game where you have to fight a dragon that has kidnapped your beloved, many players were surprised to find out that their beloved was … the guy who runs the inn. Or the old shopkeeper. Or even the mustachioed midget in the jester suit you kept talking to because you were stoned and his voice seemed amusing.

Naturally, after you rescue them from the dragon, that person you talked to a bunch of times wants to give you a reward. A sexual reward. This leads to the aforementioned molestation by firelight.

And all through that, the players could do nothing to stop what was happening to their character, while simultaneously refusing to look away in case some vital game-related information was dropped in the middle of the lovemaking session. Bear in mind that at no point does the game indicate that there’s a romance blossoming between you and a complete stranger – even players who actively pursued romances with different characters ended up with random dudes. At the end of the game, there's another romantic scene where your character wakes up on a beach and your unwitting lover runs to your arms.

6 Hilarious Video Game Glitches You Have to See to Believe


“I had platinum blonde hair and people used to call me ‘tow-head’, I hated that and dreamed of having golden hair… until I saw (Harlow), so beautiful and with platinum blonde hair like mine.” - Marilyn Monroe 

“This girl (Monroe) had something I hadn’t seen since silent pictures. She had a kind of fantastic beauty like Gloria Swanson and she radiated sex like Jean Harlow. She didn’t need a soundtrack to tell her story.” - Leon Shamroy 

“I’ve always liked blondes. And they’re a good combination for me on screen - some of my most successful pictures were opposite blondes: Jean Harlow, Lana Turner, Grace Kelly. Actually there are remarkable physical similarities between Harlow and Monroe, and both made their mark on comedy. But Harlow was always very relaxed; she made no effort to be funny - and often didn’t know she was. This girl is high-strung, and she worries more - about her lines, her appearance, her performance. She’s constantly trying to improve as an actress. I’m convinced that in this picture, Marilyn shows depth that will make people stop thinking of her as just a ‘sexpot’.” - Clark Gable

“I hope they don’t do that to me when I’m gone.” - a comment reportedly from Marilyn Monroe on Jean Harlow after reading an innacurrate screenplay for a biopic

“…not so much by wit, as by her deep sympathy for that actress’ (Harlow) tragic life.” - Arthur Miller on why he believes Marilyn Monroe posed as Jean Harlow for her ‘idols’ sitting with photographer Richard Avedon in 1958

“I thought, this girl (Monroe) will be another Harlow! Her natural beauty plus her inferiority complex gave her a look of mystery… and she got sex on a piece of film like Jean Harlow.” - Leon Shamroy

“I kept thinking of her (Harlow), rolling over the facts of her life in my mind, it was kind of spooky, and sometimes I thought, am I making this happen? But I don’t think so. We just seemed to have the same spirit or something, I don’t know. I kept wondering if I’d die young like her, too.” - Marilyn Monroe to Milton Greene on the similarities between herself and Jean Harlow

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Happy Bucky's 100th Birthday!!!!! In lieu of a birthday present in honour of Buckaroo, have a Marvel Would You Rather!! Would you rather feed Bucky an entire cake for his birthday with you in charge, or with him leading? (sorry I tried to think to an alternative to cake, but I got nothin 😂)

DARLING! I am so late responding to this, because I was out of town last weekend and then had a bunch of craziness thrown at me when I got home, BUT DONT WORRY. I have considered your question very carefully. :)

Look, bottom line, cake and Bucky is always a good combination, so there’s no wrong answer here. I am submissive-ish with a mouthy streak in real life, so my knee jerk reaction is to say I want him to be in charge, but…god, there’s something really nice about shoving birthday cake in someone’s face, isn’t there? Particularly if the someone wants to A) eat cake and B) have you tell them to eat cake.

So I’m gonna go with me being in charge here. Bucky totally deserves to be forcefully-fed love cake.


• “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’.”
— Muhammad Ali

• “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”
— Nelson Mandela

• “We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.”
— Martin Luther King Jr.

• “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”
— Malcolm X

• “If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?”
— Steve Jobs