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Bleeding Out

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Pairing: Kirk x Reader

Notes: I haven’t posted in a while but wanted to get this out.


To all readers, if you are ever in need of someone to talk to I am always here. My ask box is just a click away, and from there I am more than willing to give out social media details or my phone number so you know you are not alone. I have been through all this hell and back and made it out the other side, I know you can too but you don’t have to face it alone. 

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Talk to Me

part 2

Featuring: Yoongi, You

Warnings: future dd/lg themes

Written by: Admin V

He never would have imagined you would like him. You never would have imagined he would like you. And yet somehow, he became Daddy, and you became his most beautiful, most precious Babygirl.

Originally posted by notjustaphase

Tick, tick, tick.

Yoongi glances over at the clock on his desk, a little round orange thing. The minute hand clicks by relentlessly over and over again, and Yoongi gulps. Rearranges his tie. Jesus, why is it suddenly so hot?

Yoongi shifts in his seat, tries to find a comfortable position. He doesn’t even know why he’s like this, doesn’t know why his heart seems to pound just the tiniest bit faster, doesn’t know why his brain short circuits and his eyes are glued to the clock.

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anonymous asked:

ew, why is lance's dance style so underwhelming and generic?? nice to see thats how much you care him for him lmao, while everyone gets more interesting and captivating dance styles, apparently. i s2g, i always end up bored and clicking away from routines you've chosen for him. keith should be dancing with pidge if anything, since those are always 100x more impressive and in sync :/ yikes

Ew, a nasty ask in our inbox? It’s more likely than you think.

Lance’s dance style is my personal favorite. Lance is a dance ameba. He is 100% a natural. He learns bits and pieces of other dance styles from his friends and other sources. He absorbs them all, easily picking up on the nuances of those styles, and combines them all into a style that’s all his own. He’s the essence of freestyle. He’s the one who can listen to any song at any time and just go with it. He feels it, and he trusts himself to feel it. He pulls out whatever dance moves he wants and he feels comfortable doing so. He doesn’t care if his shit isn’t planned because it’s not. He’s just doing his own thing and he’s enjoying it. He gets bored of the repetition of choreography. He can do it, he’s perfectly capable of it, but left on his own, he prefers to just dance. Which is why he’s better suited for solo performances, and why learning to work with Keith will be such a challenge. Above all, Lance’s dance style is a strange mix of everything and anything, but most of all it’s fun. He has a natural rhythm, confidence, and charisma that just allows him to take what he’s learned and make it his own, giving it that Lance McClain flair that makes it so unique. It’s hard to find a single video that showcases everything he’s capable of because he’s such a multifaceted individual.

If you don’t like the decisions we’ve made regarding this au, guess what? You don’t have to read it. You don’t have to watch the videos provided. Most of all, you don’t have to take the time out of your day to write an unnecessarily negative comment in our inbox. There are a million and five better things to do with your time and ours. Yikes 

Accepting (Demetri Volturi Imagine) NSFW

Word Count: 2896

Characters: Demetri x Reader

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: I dunno…horrible writing maybe..SMUT!! Holy jeez smut!         

Your POV

He came to your room every night, after you had gone to bed. You were always facing away from the door when you heard it click open and closed. You waited to feel the dip in the bed when he sat next to you. When you had first arrived and you were told that you were something called a ‘true mate’, he came to your room and made sure you were safe while you slept, as you were the only human in a castle filled with vampires.

One night you had woken with a start after having a nightmare. You laid back down, trying to calm yourself and fall back asleep, but the images from the dreams kept popping up in your head. That was the first night you felt the dip in the bed. You were still facing away from him when you felt his hand gently rub your back, urging you to rest. From then on, every night when he got there and noticed that you weren’t asleep he would come and sit beside you and rub your back.

As time progressed he got more confident when trying to comfort you. You would feel him go from rubbing your back with his palm to stroking your arms with his fingertips. Sometimes he would even gently stroke your head while you slept and you would wake up to him looking at you lovingly. You would just close your eyes and go back to sleep when that happened. Even though his skin was ice cold, it relaxed you. He relaxed you.

Tonight was the same as always. You felt him sit on the bed, and moments later you felt his hand on your back, and you started to relax, closing your eyes. And then you felt something different. He was lightly caressing the length of your arms when you suddenly felt his lips on your shoulder. Your eyes shot open. His lips slowly made their way up your shoulder towards your neck. Your breath caught in your throat and your heart was going to beat out of your chest. His nose brushed against your ear and you felt his breath on your skin. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked. You thought about it in earnest for a moment before letting out a shaky, “No.” He kissed your ear, and then just under your ear lobe, slowly making his way down your neck. His fingers traced down your arm to your hand and he laced his cold fingers in your warm ones.

He kissed back up to you your ear and he whispered, “Will you accept me as your mate?” Again, your breath caught in your throat. You felt him smirk as he nuzzled your hair. You gulped hard and managed to ask, “How?”

“Hmm,” he started, snaking his arm under your neck and around your shoulder to turn you to face him and pull you close to him. “Let me hold you.” He said as his fingertips tenderly stroked your cheek. You nodded as you let out a shaky breath. He cupped your face and brought you closer to him, noses touching. His gaze went from your eyes to your lips. His thumb rubbed your cheek as he started speaking again, “Let me kiss you.” Another hard gulp, but you didn’t have to deliberate this time. You just nodded. The corner of his mouth lifted in a smirk that in any other circumstance would make you smack him, but right now it only made you want him. He tentatively pressed his lips to yours in a sweet and meaningful kiss. A charge was sent through your entire body when it happened. You could feel it go from your lips to the back of your brain, down your spine and into your fingers and toes.

He pulled away from you and looked at you. For the first time since you knew him, he seemed truly nervous. His eyes bore into yours with a certain adoration that you were wholly unfamiliar with. Now it was your turn to hear him gulp just before he said in a whisper, “I truly do love you, Y/N, whether you believe it or not.” It took a moment for your brain to register what he said.

You didn’t believe him. You were so insignificant in his world. A petty little human. Here in the castle you were competing with the likes of Renata, Corin, and Heidi. Oh, how you loved and hated Heidi. You loved her, you wanted to be her. As beautiful and as wanted as she was. When you had first arrived, Renata had told you that before you had come, Demetri had had casual, sexual relationships with herself, and sometimes Corin, but especially with Heidi, and that was why you hated her. You didn’t know if it was true, but just the thought of it made you incredibly jealous and entirely insecure.

So all you could do was smile small a smile at him that was filled with doubt and vulnerability. He looked saddened by your reaction. His hand still on your cheek pulled you closer to him. “I can show you.” He whispered and placed a sweet kiss on your lips before continuing, “Would you let me show you?” You looked into his eyes. His looked into your soul, looking for anything that might warrant his hopeful expression. Your brain and your heart fought mightily inside of you. He’s a player, Y/N! Don’t trust him! Don’t let him use you like this. Your brain exclaimed. Look at how sincere he looks. And you can’t deny how much you want what he’s saying to be true! Your heart yelled back. And so, reluctantly, you nodded.

A look of relief and a smile washed over his face. A smile that no one had ever seen on him before. Excitement, joy, fear, relief, and nervousness were all written there at the same time. He looked over your face as he nervously licked his lips and reached his arm along your back. In one fluid movement he had you underneath him, propping himself up on his elbows. His forehead rested against yours and took an unnecessary breath to collect himself before he pressed his lips to yours again in a passionate kiss followed by another, and another. He got you used to his kiss before he progressed.

You felt his hand move up your thigh, slowly caressing your skin as he went, pushing your night gown up. He paused for a moment before continuing up your stomach, underneath your night gown, cold finger tips gliding up your side before making their way down again. The feeling of him touching you brought a flush to your cheeks and made your heart hammer in your chest. You knew he could hear it because you felt him smile into the next kiss. You wanted this. You could feel that you wanted him both in your heart and in your body. Your hands found their way to his shoulders, grabbing him, pulling him closer to you. This was enough of a sign for him to know that you were okay with what was happening as he continued getting more intimate with his actions.

His lips left yours and he trailed warm kisses down your jaw and your neck. Each time his lips touched your skin you felt a small jolt course through your body, making the ache between your legs yearn for him that much more. As he reached your shoulder you could feel him working your night gown higher and higher, trying to urge it off of you. You breathed unevenly as he paused his ministrations to try to pull the fabric over your head. He gave you a questioning look. His hand came up to brush back the hair that found its way around your face. You felt his concern for you. You knew that if right now you told him to stop, he would. He wouldn’t do anything that you weren’t comfortable with. And just knowing that made you trust him a little bit more. And so, to relay this message, you lifted your torso up off of the bed ever so slightly, so he could pull off your night gown and drop it onto the floor.

His other hand came up to stroke your cheek lovingly. He still hadn’t looked down to see what taking off your night gown had revealed. He kissed your lips sweetly before he whispered to you with a smile, “So beautiful. I hope that one day, you will see yourself as I see you; the goddess that lays before me.” You couldn’t help but let out a breath of astonishment at his words. Usually to you, words were just words. Nothing to take seriously, nothing set in stone. But these words came from Demetri’s heart, they were as everlasting as the sun.

That was when one of his hands trailed down your chest, between your breasts before stopping low on your stomach. His eyes followed, taking in the sight of your body. You held your breath in anticipation; waiting for him to look you over and change his mind. But the expression on his face held nothing but awe and reverence. His head bent down to place a tender kiss to your collar bone, and then slowly worked his way down your body, worshiping every inch of you that he could. He treated you like a delicate flower that might crumble at a too forceful touch. But he still wanted you - all of you, and you wanted him. As his mouth moved lower and lower, your heat ached for him. You couldn’t help but move your hips in discomfort.

He stopped when he reached your underwear. He kissed at the hem of fabric. Each kiss sent a throb of want to your core. He looked up at you as if asking for permission to continue. You let out a raggedy breath before you nodded, pressing your lips together almost feeling embarrassed. He smiled and chuckled quietly at your actions. He came back up to your face and gave you an affectionate kiss, trying to banish your nervousness away. With a quick peck to your forehead, he made his way back down to your underwear, where he hooked his fingers into them and pulled them down your legs. Your body jerked at the feeling of his cold skin running down your legs.

He spread your legs and nestled himself between them, placing kisses on your inner legs, starting at your knees. Your breath caught in your throat at the feeling of his lips. He slowly made his way to your center, where he placed a small kiss on the lips there. You gasped at that and looked down at him. His eyes were already on you. He smiled and shushed you as he sweetly stroked your hip to calm you. “This will feel good, I promise.” He said in a low voice. Just the sound of him made a small fire erupt in your chest and burn down to where you needed him most. You gulped and put your head back down, taking a deep breath.

Then he kissed you again, rougher time. You could feel his lips suck you nub gently. It made you grip the sheets. As he continued your heart pounded in your chest harder and harder. Your grip on the sheets tightened with every lick or flick of his tongue. Every suck and kiss made you see stars. You couldn’t help the sounds that came from you. Every moan and guttural cry that came out of your mouth did so of its own accord. The wave of pleasure hit you like a tidal wave. Your body shook as it washed over you. You were out of breath, your throat was dry, and your vision was spotty.

He climbed back up to your face and delicately stroked the top of your head with one hand, the other slid underneath your shoulder to hold you. He placed a kiss to your cheek, and then your forehead, and then one on your lips. You kissed back with a hunger for him that you had always hid within yourself, denied from yourself. You abandoned any hesitations you had had and threw your arms around his neck and hugged him close to you. He pulled back for a moment, as if to make sure that it was in fact you he was with; that he wasn’t stuck in one of his day dreams. When he realized that it was you, and that you were prepared to give yourself to him completely, he smiled from ear to ear and kissed you again, this time with a hint of joy and relief in his movements.

You felt him situate himself between your legs. You lifted your legs enough so that you could squeeze his hips between your thighs. His other hand snaked around your lower back and he gripped you close to him. He lifted you up with him. He sat on his knees on the bed with you held tight to his chest, still kissing you passionately. Your knees rested comfortably on the bed on either side of his legs.

He pulled away to let you catch your breath. You were practically heaving, but you didn’t care. You wanted him so badly. You wanted to be his so badly. You stared into each other’s eyes for a moment. You saw nothing but admiration and devotion towards you in his eyes. He did truly love you. In a way that you knew that as long as you were human, you would never understand. You hoped that one day, when you were changed, that you would understand the look of faithfulness that you saw in him. And so, to show that you wanted nothing more than to be his, and for him to be yours, you pressed your lips to his in the most loving way that you could. He let out an unnecessary sigh and you felt his smile as you kissed him. He squeezed you closer to him as you felt him enter you. He kept filling you deeply with every thrust. Each time, he moved over an area within you that made a jolt of pleasure ripple through you. As he moved, your hands made their way to either side of his face. Your foreheads touched and you could look into each other’s eyes as you both were brought pleasure. Both of your faces contorted as you came closer and closer to orgasm.

“I love you… Y/N,… I love you.” He said, his voice raspy and deep. Your mouth opened to respond, but all that came out was a short, “Ah!” and a gasp. “Demetri!” you managed breathlessly as you felt your core become undone again and the wave of pleasure hit you and flooded your senses. You were gasping for air as the edges of your vision went black and a ringing started in your ears.

Demetri’s POV…sort of (from his perspective more like)

She started going limp in my arms.

“Y/N?!” I called for her. She didn’t respond. He eyes started to close before her head fell onto my shoulder. “Y/N?!” I called again, but her arms had slunk down from around my shoulders to hang lifelessly at her sides. All at once her heartbeat settled and her breathing became steady as I held her there in my arms, tight to my body. I couldn’t help but chuckle at this. How delicate her human body was that she had fainted by me bringing her pleasure.

I placed a loving kiss to her shoulder - not that she would know - as I brought us to lie back down on the bed, me on my back and her on top of me. I ran my fingers through her hair as I waited for her to wake. After a few minutes she started to stir. She groaned and lifted her head and chest off of me.

“What happened?” she asked, the embarrassment evident in her voice.

I cupped my hand at her cheek. “You fainted.” I said bluntly with a smile that I knew I couldn’t hide the smugness behind. She let her forehead fall to my chest as I heard her heartbeat quicken. I laughed warmly at her and used my hand to get her to lift her head. She had the most adorable frown on her face. “It’s alright, love.” She groaned. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

We were still for a few moments, just looking at each other, until my heart dropped into my stomach at a the realization that she still hadn’t said that she had accepted me as her mate yet. I frowned and gently squeezed her tighter to me. Cagily bringing her to rest her forehead against mine, I nervously licked my lips before taking a steadying breath, and then I asked, “So, does this mean you accept me as your mate?”

She smiled and chuckled at me and leaned her face down to place a chaste kiss on my cold lips before nodding. I let out a sigh of relief and wrapped my arms around her. Her head rest in the crook of my neck and gently stroked her hair as she fell asleep in my arms.

Admin Madz:

This imagine was written by one of my beautiful followers and the imagine is great. 

Period Pains

Your on your period and it sucks. Nothing new here. But maybe there is when your two boyfriends, Steve and Bucky, try to figure out what’s wrong.

Stucky x Reader (Steve x Bucky x Reader)

Warnings: talking about periods obviously, awkward Steve and Bucky and lots of fluff!

Word Count: 1846 I swear these just keep getting longer and longer

Title: Period Pains

Notes: SO I’m on my period and it’s a really bad one this time. I wanted some love and couldn’t pick between Steve or Bucky and so I thought, why not both? cue the mexican music

Groaning you rolled over in bed and buried your head in the pillows desperate to block out the light from the opening door.

“You’re still in bed?” came Steve’s disapproving voice as he entered your bedroom leaving the door open. Lifting your head you sent him a death glare. Realising the glare wasn’t playful but serious Steve’s face fell and he immediately came towards you.

“Hey darling,” he cooed his voice much gentler now, “what’s the matter?” He sat on the side of the bed and you could feel his gaze on the back of your head.

“I’m fine. Just lazy.” You lied easily mumbling your answer into the pillow. You were in too much pain to look up at Steve. Steve hummed at your answer clearly not believing you for a second. “What?” You asked fidgeting under his gaze.

“What’s wrong? I know there’s something up because you are many things victoria/n, but lazy is not one of them.” He asked patiently as he placed his hand on your back and rubbed lazy circles.

You releases a long sigh and decided that you might as well tell him, he and Bucky will have to know eventually. You’ve been in a polyamorous relationship with the two of them for a few months now but this was the worst period you’d had by far in that time frame.

You rolled over and looked up at Steve feeling immensely lucky that you had him and Bucky. “I woke up this morning and went to the toilet. I realised I was covered in blood and then promptly started cramping. I cleaned up, got changed into fresh PJ’s and went straight back to bed. I’m really not up to doing anything today, sorry Steve.”

You released a long sigh and stared up at Steve apologetically. In response Steve leapt up off the bed and started pacing. His face was a mix of emotions, worry, panic, love, fear, they were all there. You were about to ask him what was wrong when he beat you to it.

“What happened? Were you attacked? Who did this? Have you put pressure on the wound?” Steve fired questions at you at a rapid pace, barely pausing for breath and most definitely not giving you enough time to answer. Bucky entered the room to find Steve pacing and when he heard Steve’s panicked tone he first ran to Steve and then you.

“What’s wrong. What’s happened?” He questioned his face dark.

Before Steve could respond you burst out laughing, the situation was just too funny. Your laughter promptly fell to groans as your cramps took hold and you curled up into yourself. Both men were staring at you with looks of utter confusion on their faces.

“I wasn’t attacked,” you finally managed to get out, “I’m fine. I’m used to it. Gosh,” you added after a pause, “I know you were born and raised in the 40s but did you really live that sheltered a life?” You were about to laugh again when your cramps hit you like a brick wall so instead you groaned and hid under the covers. Because of that you didn’t see the look of utter terror on Bucky’s face nor Steve’s confused glances. From the fragments of conversation he had overheard when entering the room Bucky was able to piece together exactly what was happening. He swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he did so.

“Are you, um, talking about the, uh, women’s monthly thing?” He asked mortified.

“Yes Bucky love, I am.” You mumbled back, your head poking out of the covers, and you could see them having one of their silent conversations. Soon you felt the bed buckle as both men sat on either side of you.

“What’s wrong doll?” Bucky asked

“Yeah, what can we do to help.” Steve added.

Your cramps had eased up a bit, enough for you to sit up, and you looked at both of your boys.

“I might as well explain everything,” you said with a sigh, “you did choose to date a girl.” Both men shrugged at this and Steve added, “and we wouldn’t change it for the world.” Bucky hummed in agreement and you smiled as you began. This would be amusing if you weren’t in so much pain.

“Once a month to punish them for not falling pregnant the woman’s body, specifically the uterus, tries to kill itself. It contracts in order to expel the blood being stored for the baby and so a woman bleeds. A lot. Because the muscles cramp you can get pain in different places. Some get it on their lower stomach, I get it in my lower back. If it’s really bad you feel like you’re gonna throw up. Depending on who you are depends on how bad it is and luckily for me not only is mine super long and super heavy but it’s super painful as well. It’s called a period. Any questions.” You added at the end playfully.

You looked between your boys and were surprised at how well they were taking this. Slowly after some consideration Steve eventually asked, “how do you fix it?”

You tried to smile at him but it turned into a grimace. “You don’t honey, you just have to let it run its course.” You leaned back into the bed and curled up again the pain making it difficult to think straight.

“Surely there’s something you can do about it?” Bucky asked his and Steve’s face mirrors of worry.

“You can,” you mumbled back still in a ball, “I stupidly took panadol this morning instead of nurofen so it’s made no difference. I’ve still got two hours until I can take another.” You stopped taking then and the boys took it as their cue to stop asking questions.

You lay there in silence for a while with your boys sitting beside you. Soon you realised that Bucky was typing something in on his phone. It wasn’t the clicking noises that gave it away though, Bucky always has his phone on silent. No, it was how you heard the string of mumbled curses that always came when he tried to use his metal hand to type. Steve leaned over you to get a better look at what he was typing and you could have sworn you heard him say “language.”  Soon you felt the bed dip and heard rather than saw Bucky get up and leave the room.

Steve shifted as well and you groaned at the movement and then cried out as two strong calloused hands picked you up by the waist as sat you on his lap.

“Woah! Steve, what are you doing.” You asked attempting to turn in his grip.

“Stop moving, just relax.” Was all he said. Too tired to argue you accepted whatever he was trying to do. Moving your hips gently Steve positioned you so your back was pressed flush against his chest. Ever since the serum Steve had run hot and soon his warmth was seeping into your back easing the cramping. Sighing in relief you leant further into Steve nestling your head into his neck. Smiling down at you Steve placed a gentle kiss on your forehead.

“Taking all the credit are we Steve?” accused Bucky as he reentered the room.

Steve smirked up at his boyfriend earning himself an eye roll. “I’m just getting her comfortable.” Steve answered with a shrug. You picked your head up and saw Bucky had brought a hot water bottle and a cup of tea with him.

“Here doll.” He said gently as he pulled back the covers and laid the bottle over your stomach. He readjusted the covers and gave you your cup of tea. Steve moved over slightly allowing Bucky to sit next to the two of you and Steve and Bucky shared another look before nodding and moving towards you.

Steve reached around you and started massaging your stomach and Bucky started massaging your shoulders. You released a long groan and took a sip of your tea. When they eventually stopped massaging and you’d drunk most of your tea you whispered into the silence of the room.

“Thank you. I love you both so much.”

Steve carefully tilted your chin upwards bringing his lips to yours and gave you a long loving kiss. With a shove on the shoulder from Bucky he finally pulled back and Bucky’s lips took his place. Both kisses were so full of love you were once again left in a state of wonderment of how on earth you’d gotten even one of these men, let alone both. Bucky pulled back and looked at you until Steve grabbed him by the jaw for a kiss as well.

Your beautiful moment was interrupted by FRIDAY with an announcement.

“Captain Rogers. Sergeant Barnes. You are required in the gym for training.”

“Tell the others we can’t make it. Personal issues. I’m sure they’ll understand.” asked Bucky as he smiled down at you and Steve.

“Oh and FRIDAY?” asked Steve, “we are not to be bother for the rest of the day.”

“Understood,” came the AI’s simple reply and you were again left in silence.

“So doll,” said Bucky breaking the silence, “wanna have a movie day?”

“But don’t you two have..” Steve cut you off with another kiss and when he pulled back he said, “you’re in pain, we’re gonna stay right here with you.”

Your face split into a huge grin a you started crying. “Women also get very emotional on their periods.” You added as an afterthought between sobs.

“We know.” Said Bucky getting up to set up the TV.

“How?” You asked confused. You’d only just explained the whole concept to them.

Steve chuckled behind you and you felt the vibrations through his chest. “Bucky googled it.” He whispered in your ear causing you to giggle.

“Yes I did.” Replied the soldier matter of factly, his super soldier hearing coming into play. “And I have no shame in that.”

“It was quite helpful,” Steve added, “told us all about what to do.”

“It did. Very helpful. It explained it all, in way too much detail, but it said panadol was good, so was heat to relax the muscles and chocolate. It stressed the use of chocolate.”

You giggled at that. Even more so when Steve asked,

“I thought you said chocolate was good for dementors victoria?”

“They are Steve. But they’re also really good for periods.” You answered still laughing at how seriously he asked the question. Bucky laughed with you, a deep belly laugh that caused Steve’s ears to turn red. You leaned back on Steve and closed your eyes. With a nudge from Steve you opened your eyes to see Bucky standing over you with a chocolate bar and your favourite movie in his hands.

“Shall we start with this one first?” he asked and you nodded yes in reply.

Watching Bucky set it all up you released a contented sigh. Maybe this period won’t be too bad after all.

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nightly pre-game broom prep 

not done but postin anyway

Baby Girl

Prompts -  “I’m your daughter”, “Well, this is where I live”, “Who gave you that black eye?!”

Relationship: Family & Lover

Character: Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim


Gifs/Pics: Found on Google.


“Who gave you that black eye?!” Bruce said as I took off my cowl, showing the shiner I got from some gang member.

“Some gang member.” I now watched as Bruce paced back and forth. As Dick handed me an ice packet for my eye.

“I told you to stay in the cave!” Bruce said as Dick started to check out my other wounds.

“Well, this is where I live, and I’m your daughter. So do you really think I was going to stay home and play will my dolls.” Dick chuckled light.

“Do you even have dolls anymore?” Dick asked before he started to clean my cuts.

“Son of a-No I don’t.” Just then the noise of vehicles filled the cave. Looking over my shoulder I saw Jason and Tim walking over to us.

“Welcome back you two,” I said with a smile.

“Well look who got a black eye sweetheart,” Jason said leaning against the bed I was on. “You make them pay?”

“Is that a question that needs an answer?” I smiled as Jason ruffled my hair.

“Atta girl,” I smiled noticing Tim checking me over.

“Tim I’m fine really. Few cuts, black eyes, bruises here and there. Nothing new.”

“Ok if you sure. But I thoug-” Tim was cut off by Bruce’s voice.

“You’re grounded.” We all stopped and looked at him.

“Who?” Jason asked.

“Y/N,” Bruce said.

“What! No fair!”

“You were told to stay in the cave and you didn’t.”

“Jason left the cave when he was your sidekick and you didn’t ground him!”

“That was different.”


“Because he-”

“Because he’s a male! Right!?” A heavy silence filled the cave.

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I’m Back - Finn Bálor One-Shot

Request: Can I get some Finn Balor Fluff - with him returning and saving the reader from Seth and making sure that she is okay? - requested by: @sherrybirkingirl

A/N: Thanks for requesting! I enjoyed writing this! ^.^

Summary: Finn’s back after recovery and he’s better than ever. That is until he catches Seth stirring up trouble with the girl he claims as his very own.

Warnings: Yelling, violence, fluff towards the end


You walked through the backstage area, watching as the divas and superstars were being interviewed. A small smile was on your face. You were in a pretty good mood, mostly because your boyfriend, Finn, was finally making his return tonight after being out for six months due to the shoulder injury he received at SummersSlam facing Seth Rollins.

Everyone looked at you, each flashing you a warm grin. Being Finn’s girlfriend, many were fond of you. They thought you were the sweetest person and definitely thought you were strong when you stepped away from the WWE to help take care of Finn.

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Angeles (Finale)

Part Fifteen: Stay Forever
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 3070
Warnings: None.

A/N: There’s an interview in this part, and instead of a lot of “he said, she said”, I put the interviewer’s questions in bold, and the couple’s answers in regular text. It is supposed to be an in-person interview, though. Hope it isn’t too confusing! Additionally, I cannot believe I’m wrapping up this story! It is definitely one of my favorite things I have ever written and I hope you all have enjoyed it as well!


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There’s Always My Place

Brushing away a stray tear, Y/N clicks open her contacts, sitting on the nearby bench. She clicks on Jack’s name, lifting the phone to her ear as she wraps an arm around herself, trying to fight the chilly night air.

“Why, hello there gorgeous.” Her best friend answers, and Y/N can’t help the small smile. “What did I do to earn this pleasure of a phone call?” Jack asks, talking over the background noises of what she’s sure is the boys being rowdy as usual.

“I can’t call to say hello?” She questions, resting her chin on her hand, elbow digging into her leg.

“Not when you are supposed to be having the lovely evening you have planned for you and that boyfriend of yours.” She can hear the eye roll in his voice, but can’t bring herself to scold him, not after the night she was having.

“Well, the evening didn’t go as planned…” Y/N trails off, feeling the tears build up in her eyes again.

“What happened? Are you okay?”

“Not really.”

“Where are you? I’m coming to get you.”

She rattles off where she is and hangs up, letting the tears spill over and down her cheeks while she waits for Jack.

Ten minutes later, he jumps out of Conor’s car, moving forward to wrap his arms around her in a hug.

“What did he do? I’ll kill him. I swear.”

“No, don’t do that.” She hiccups, pulling back to shake her head. “We just…broke up. I guess things haven’t been right for a while. I just hoped tonight would magically fix things.”

Jack’s face softens as she talks, Conor and Joe appearing from the car as well.

“That’s really shit. Sorry, Y/N.” Conor frowns over at her.

“It’s fine,” She shrugs, wiping her face quickly. “Just, one problem.”

All three boys look at her, waiting for her to continue.

“I kind of have no where to live right now.” Y/N looked at Jack hopefully.

“I told you not to move in with him..” He shook his head. “And you know I’d have you come stay with us in a heartbeat. But there’s just no room right now. We have Oli crashing while his place is getting work done, and Anna is visiting as well. We’re full up.”

Her face falls at that, her mind racing as to where she can stay at such a short notice.

“There’s always my place.” Joe finally speaks, his hands in the pocket of his jumper.

The Maynard brothers and Y/N look over at him while he shrugs.

“I have lots of room. You can stay as long as you need.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude…”

“Y/N, just say yes.” Joe smiles over at her.

“Thank you.” She stands and wraps her arms around him in a hug. “You have no idea what this means.”

“My pleasure.” He replies, hugging her back.

“Well, if you’re housing my best friend..there’s some rules that need to be set.” Jack throws an arm over Joe’s shoulder after they pull apart, walking a little ways away, face serious as they talk.

“What is he doing?” Y/N laughs, looking at Conor, who just shakes his head.

“You know how protective Jack is of you. Probably telling Joe to watch himself.”

“What does he think is going to happen? Joe is just giving me somewhere to live!”

“We know that.” Conor says, turning to head back towards the car. “But in Jack’s mind, well, you’re single now. And so is Joe.”

“Oh my gods!” She groans, rolling her eyes. “He is such an idiot.”

“Nah,” Conor smirks as he opens his door. “I give it a few months before you two get together.” He climbs into the car, leaving a spluttering Y/N as Jack and Joe walk back over.

Part 2

Surprise Proposal

Author’s Note: hey this is for the anon from the other day, hope you see it and like it :^)

Fic Description: You and Calum have been best friends since you were 5, one day he invites your family round and proposes.


You and Calum had been best friends for a while, ever since you were 5 in fact. You’d met in school and just clicked straight away. You were thankful, you always had a hard time making friends but he was always there for you, and you him.

People had often commented on how close you were and asked if you’d thought about dating but honestly, you hadn’t. You were best friends, nothing more, and that was how you liked it.

“Hey I invited your family round for dinner” Calum says one day when you’re at his playing fifa.

“Sure, when?”

“Tonight, I hope that’s ok”

“Yeah that’s fine, here?”

“Yeah, I can cook don’t worry”

“Thanks, why?”

“No reason, it’s just nice to get together”

“Yeah and I haven’t seen them for a while” You agree.


At 5 Calum goes to start making dinner, leaving you messing around on your phone. Your family arrive at half past so you go to let them in.

“Hey” You say.

“Hi darling” Your mum says.

“Thanks for coming”

“Of course, we haven’t seen you for ages”

“No, well do come in”

You lead them all inside and get them sat around the table, Calum hears the noise and comes out with the food.

“Just help yourselves” He says before sitting next to you.

“So how are things?” Your dad asks.

“Pretty good yeah, I told you I got the promotion”

“You did, I’m so proud of you”


“And Calum? What about you?”

You listen to them talking for a while, it was nice to have them all round. They lived miles away so you didn’t get to see them that often.

“I can wash up” You say after dinner.

“Sure” Calum says “But first, I have something I want to ask you”


Safe to say you’re surprised when he gets down on one knee. You weren’t even dating for god’s sake!

“(y/n), you’re my best friend. I want to spend my life with you, will you marry me?”

You have to think how to speak “Yes! Of course”

“Thank you” He says as all your family cheer. He puts the ring on your finger

“Now kiss!” One of your cousins shouts

Calum winks before kissing you deeply.

“I’ve wanted to do that for ages” He says.



“I honestly had no idea”

“I kept it quiet”

“You really did”

You show your family out sometime after, you show them to the door before walking back into the living room.

anonymous asked:

Hey it's the SuperMega fan anon here again. I LOVE SuperMega I've been a big supporter of these two since the very beginning (like back in the Cyndago & KWP days) and they know that, in fact they have actually mentioned my username in a podcast (number 7 to be exact). I listen to their podcasts both on YouTube AND on the podcast app, (which is basically iTunes but whatever lol) the guys are doing wonderfully doing their own thing and are great additions to Game Grumps.

Ahhh! Salutations, comrade! Now, I know who to consult since I’m one of those people who is far from spectacular at YouTuber trivia (not a stab at myself…I think?).

iTunes had always been a click away for me, but, I read the comments occasionally on their YouTube version. Loved Cyndago and Kids W/ Problems, so, the transition, while not seamless, remained satisfactory, since they still seem to love what they do. 

Also, I think I’ll listen back, but, I remember a few distinct names. Not sure who’s on what, though.

I digress. Thank you!

“Don’t rewrite someone’s work how YOU would have written it. That isn’t editing. Editing is bringing out the best of the story in line with the author’s voice, tone and goal.” - Amanda Pillar 

I have seen too many non-professional people who fancy themselves to be editors (and a couple of pro editors) fail at this very thing. Not to mention editors confusing ‘editing advice’ with ‘emotionally abusing a writer.’ If your editor - after you get back rewrites and notes - makes you feel like you want to write less, sweat bullets over the idea of writing, stress out about writing ‘right’ or feel like the process of creating is becoming only more and more painful over time, ditch them, and ditch them fast. Not everyone gets notes they like (that is the point of editing, after all), but you always have the right to reject anything that doesn’t click, and you should always walk away from a collaboration with an editor feeling stronger, not weaker.

I’m very fortunate that I got to interact with professional, lauded editors of great projects at university, and then later on in life as I pursued varied professional projects. All in all, I’ve probably met about 20-30 editors over the years, and I’ve learned much, including what a good editor won’t do to you or your work. I’ve had the privilege to work with professional editors on different published works (from poetry, to short stories, and now onto novels - some award winning and nominated) and I know how this process is supposed to go. I’ve seen too many authors and authors-who-don’t-know-better get crushed by people who believe they know best for a story and really don’t. 

Remember - You always have the right to ask for a new editor at a publishing house if your visions don’t mesh (and they won’t always). You always have the right to pull your work from an editor if they are destroying your work (it does happen, and I’ve recently seen one publisher in particular begin to fall apart because of this). A relationship with an editor should be collaborative. The editor needs to be consummately respectful of the author’s concept of style, execution. Ultimately an editor is there to assist a writer in the writer’s own work, not sneak their own voice and style into someone else’s work. The latter is not making a work stronger, but making it into something twisted. The true collaboration is when two people come together to make the original story shine in the way the author always intended it to, and the editor knows exactly what to bring to make that happen. 

An editor who insists brutality is key is not a professional. They go against most codes of ethics in many editing organisations in the world. An editor who uses abusive language is not a professional. An editor who tells you ‘this is how real editing is’ when they aren’t a member of an Editing Society and do not have an Editing Degree and don’t have any published books behind them is grandstanding. They are also lying to you about what the editing industry is like. Don’t believe me? Ask an editor affiliated with a Society with multiple published books behind them. An editor who is proud of their ability to be brutal above and beyond respecting the author’s voice, is an editor who enjoys the feeling of being right (whether or not they are) above respecting your creative work and passion.

If you tried to write the equivalent of a rose quartz, and your editor insists you need to be writing the equivalent of a smokey quartz - do yourself a favour, get the fuck out. 

Petition for Dan and Phil to put closed captions on

Hi phandom!

As some of you know, Youtube has automatic closed captions that don’t work quite well especially for people with accents such as Dan (danisnotonfire) and Phil (amazingphil). This causes many Youtubers to turn off their closed captions instead of making their own which takes additional time after filming, editing and uploading a video. I understand that this takes time but I would like more Youtubers to take that extra step to help deaf and hard of hearing fans. I, myself am not deaf but I do work closely with kids with special needs and I think that all people should be able to enjoy these amazing videos. Dan and Phil inspire me everyday to be myself and they are always just a click away when I’m down. I want others to be inspired by these great creators no matter if they have perfect hearing or need a little help hearing so please sign this petition. When I saw Tyler Oakley’s video ( about how he was turning on closed captioning, I was so overjoyed that he was helping the deaf community and I want that same feeling for my two favorite youtubers Dan and Phil so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign this so that Youtube can grow as a community, step by step and if Dan and Phil are reading this I would just like to say that I love you guys and it would mean so much to me if you do this.


TAG DAN AND PHIL @danisnotonfire @amazingphil

what i like about each sign :-)

(this is coming from a cancer sun, scorpio moon & libra rising!! @bbyblueastrology)

aries: you guys are such wonderful and passionate people. you’re so fun to be around, super friendly and easy to talk to. it seems like when i’m with an aries, we’re always laughing about something stupid. you always seem like you want the best for other people which is so sweet. your courage and determination will get you far and your spontaneous energy draws people to you. never stop being a fun & beautiful lil bundle of life!!

taurus: you guys are so down to earth and sweet. your stubbornness just shows that you care about things and it’s endearing. you give the best hugs and i always feel comfortable opening up to you because you’re great listeners and you give very stable advice. you always make me laugh, usually without even trying.

gemini: geminis are honestly some of the coolest people to get to know. you’re so complex and well-rounded, it feels like there’s always more to learn about you. you’re hilarious and very intelligent. you’re great communicators and amazing friends. you’re always willing to help those you care about with anything. you always look at things from a unique perspective and you want everything to be fair and justified.

cancer: being a cancer myself, i’ve noticed that i connect with other cancers instantly. thank you guys for understanding me, caring for me and always being there to hug me!!

leo: leos are such genuine people. you’re easy to befriend and easy to talk to. i feel like i always get along with you guys right away. you’re very generous and fun to be around. i always have a great time when i’m with a leo because you’re always up for anything and you just want to have fun!! i’m always laughing and smiling when i’m around you guys and i even feel like you bring out the more carefree side of me that’s a bit more hidden, so thank you for that.

virgo: you guys are so ambitious!! you’re also easy going and you always just go with the flow. you’re super sweet and nice to everyone and SO helpful. i can’t even count the number of times a virgo has helped me out with something. you also have an interesting way of thinking and the way you view the world is beautiful. i really appreciate your insightfulness and generosity!!

libra: you’re so peaceful and accepting, i feel like i can always trust you. you’re also really nice and you have a lot of charm so people are just drawn to you. you’re the type of person people want to be friends with!! you’re very easy going and balanced! you always make me slow down and feel a bit more calm and relaxed which i really appreciate. you have a nice sense of humor and you’re also extremely sincere and genuine.

scorpio: nobody ever says much about scorpios sense of humor but i think you guys are some of the funniest people i know. you’re wild and unpredictable sometimes which makes spending time with you fun!! your emotional intensity is intriguing and your curiosity is endearing. you’re also really smart and highly capable of accomplishing anything you put your mind to!

sagittarius: you’re so energetic, curious & optimistic. you always lift me up and give me hope even on the worst of days. you handle change well and you’re super well rounded and adaptable. you make the best out of every situation. you have big hearts and you’re super generous, you truly are givers! you go out of your way to do nice things for others.

capricorn: you guys have so much self control and you’re so hard working and responsible, i really admire that. you guys are great friends. you’re very stable and balanced and you always seem to keep things in check. you’re down to earth and surprisingly patient!! i always get along with you guys and appreciate your realistic views.

aquarius: you’re very unique and embrace individuality. you’re friendly and likable, i always seem to click with you guys right away. you’re highly intellectual and a deep thinker, making every conversation interesting. you have a way of making those you care for feel special. your rebellious nature is exciting and your creativity makes you even more captivating. never stop being the fun and original lil aquarius you are!!

pisces: you’re so compassionate and caring, you make everyone feel loved and important. your sensitivity makes you more understanding of others and you bring joy to everyone around you. you’re so imaginative and expressive. i always want to know what you’re thinking about because it seems like you constantly have a lot on your mind. and when you do speak, i never feel like i’m wasting my time talking to you. everything you say is significant and i genuinely enjoy being around you.


Two photographers meet because they run out of muses.




anyway, happy sehun day!! and i hope ya’ll enjoy this scenario.

1k + 30 words exactly. and i may or may not make photographer! sehun a thing.

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andtheotherstars  asked:

I'm just curious - do you believe in soulmates? And if so, do you think soulmates can be different types or do you think being soulmates requires both to be the same type?

First, what is a soulmate?

Definition: a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

I do think soulmates exist, both as romantic partners and just friends. But I’m not positive there is only ONE soulmate out there for each person; I think there are many, and we simply don’t always FIND them. I also don’t think you have to wind up romantically involved WITH your soulmate because I think soulmate is entirely distinct from romance. It can go hand in hand with falling in love, but it doesn’t automatically indicate romantic attraction.

Do I think soulmates can be different types? Absolutely. In fact, in some ways, that’s better.


Well, think about it. You have flaws. You have shortcomings. You have weaknesses. Another type does not have those same flaws, shortcomings, or weaknesses built into their cognition, so a soulmate of a different type is going to be good for you as an individual – they will help you see things you might not otherwise see, and grow in ways you might not otherwise grow. And you will do the same for them.

That being said, I DO think it’s possible to make a friendship or romance with a person of your own type work. I also think it’s possible to find a ‘soulmate’ in your own type. But in those instances you’ll have to either both commit to growth as individuals of that type and make a serious effort to work on those shortcomings or befriend other people who can stretch you in the ways you need to be stretched.

Recently, I read something in a biography about Sir Thomas More that really struck me – his assertion that it is not wrong to have different friends to discuss different things with, instead of expecting one person to fill all those mental and emotional needs. His marriage worked because he had different friends to discuss his different areas of interest with, so that his wife did not have to try and match his intellect in all his different areas of interest. He was never disappointed that she did not take an interest in certain of his areas of interest because he had other people to discuss them with; he could therefore come home at night and enjoy her company free from WISHING she shared his interest in whatever caught his fancy at the time.

“Soulmate” can build up impossible expectations in our minds that real people can struggle to live up to; if you remove that burden of expectation, it’s much easier to find and maintain all kinds of relationships. If I can discuss writing with Friend A, philosophy with Friend B, movies or books with Friend C, religion with Friend D, and can go out and do wacky things with friend E, I feel fulfilled and can search for my soulmate without expecting them to be able to do A-D. If they CAN do all those things, I have hit the jackpot – but if they cannot, that does not mean we are not soulmates. “Soulmate” means “ideally suited,” not “a clone of oneself.”

One minor ad-on: soulmates are not always visible right from the start. You may not click with someone right away but discover later on that you have fallen into a delightful, comfortable groove together. Soulmates should not be judged by mere sparks or attraction but how comfortably you associate with one another.

- Charity

And All the Kids Cried Out

Submitted by: themightygladerss & xjpoox

Description: “I came for the Werecoyote, I came for the Banshee, the Dark Kitsune, the Beta with anger issues, I came for Void Stiles.  That’s the pack I want, it doesn’t include Scott.” 

Theo makes good on his promise and goes to great lengths to get the pack he wants. Though his pack seems complete Theo underestimates the evil dwelling within it as an old enemy returns to Beacon Hills. AU based on The Suicide Squad. 

Rating: T

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Action, Canon Divergence

Part 1 of the Control series

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