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Let’s Talk about Snowy

This ended up really long but I have a lot of feelings about Snowy and the story we know nothing about. This is for @des-zimbits because she prompted the headcanon about Snowy I wrote earlier and encouraged me to write this. The people I’ve met in this fandom are incredible, and I’m so thankful to all of you because you’ve gotten me writing again?? 

So Snowy (his actual god given name is Kyle Brown, thank you very much) started out as a forward on his rink rats league on Vancouver Island, where he grew up with two older sisters and a mom and dad who fought a lot but were fundamentally happy. Mom taught school, dad played casual hockey, oldest sister played college hockey and middle sister curled. Their family was always on the ice and Kyle loved it. Sometime around the age of 9 coach shoved a goalie bucket on his head, strapped leg pads onto him, handed him a blocker and a glove and said “Son, you’re the best skater I have. You’re gonna play goalie.”

And thus, Goalie Snowy was born.

He played seriously through the levels and was drafted in the Bantam by the Vancouver Giants, which was a dream come true for a kid from the Island. He’d always dreamed of being a Canuck, and a Giant was a good place to start. His parents ended up moving from the Island to Vancouver so he could live at home, which he did for the two years he spent as the Giants backup goalie before he was dealt to Spokane, who needed a new number one. 

Kyle Brown was that number one.

He made goalie of the year for the WHL, he played three seasons with the Chiefs and helped them to two division wins and then he was drafted by the Ducks.

They kept him in Spokane for his overage season and then sent him to their farm team. Kyle spent a year and a half backing up the farm team before Panks got called up and Kyle moved into number one… After three years in the AHL the Duck’s number one retired after a bad injury and Kyle was once again called up to the NHL. It was a dream come true!

Except it sucked????????

He hated it. He hated the city, he disliked a lot of the guys on the team (A handful of them weren’t kind to him, while the other half was and the coach doubted him) and when he moved to California his long-time (four years and he had been hoping to propose soon) girlfriend decided that she couldn’t do the distance so they split. (Looking back he’s sure that everything just got heaped onto him at once, and without it he probably would have enjoyed his time with the Ducks just fine.) So when Panks had to be sat out, Snowy played.

But he wasn’t playing smart. He was angry, he was frustrated, and he was racking up penalty minutes for tripping and unsportsmanlike conduct. And those trips and shoves and angry words got him snowed more times than he could count in the next three years he spent in Anaheim. All it took was a sarcastic comment from coach about how Kyle must really miss the snow with all these guys sending it flying at his face for Panks to latch on and start calling his back up Snowy.

So he continues the season with slashes and hooks and trips and more of his guys in the penalty box on his behalf than he truly wanted, and the coach was pissed but with Panks out and Rexy letting in more shots than he saved, keeping Snowy in net was the only option. His anger won him no fans on his team.

He was angry at everything, including himself.

So the next season a few expansion teams were announced, Seattle, Las Vegas, Providence, and Snowy didn’t have his contract renewed by the Ducks and he was oddly okay with that? He met with a few teams but they weren’t looking for his playing style, and then he met with the Falcs GM and new coach who basically sat him down in the hotel bar, shoved a Sprite into his hands and said “Tell us why at your caliber you’ve been playing like a bus could drive into your net and all you’d do is try to slash it’s tires.”

So he told them everything. About how happy he was in the WHL, how much he loved his time in the AHL and how when he got permanently called up to the NHL, Sarah broke up with him and he was just constantly angry and unhappy and no one looked twice at him or believed in him, and even the coaches didn’t seem to care about how he was doing. 

“Basically,” he said, “I spent five years in the Duck’s system going systematically insane and pissing off each and every forward I could. Because I was angry and I took it out on others.”

By now he knows that wasn’t healthy at all, and he’s ashamed and embarrassed, he’s nearing 26 now, he should know better, but the coach and the GM go off and talk and come back over with an offer.

They tell him they need locker room leadership and they’ve already got Snipes, but they need someone a bit younger than 35 to step up. They need an offensive and play-minded goalie, but they need a goalie without the anger. They tell him that they’ll sign him for two years and play him at least half the games both seasons as long as he can prove he deserves it. As long as he talks to their sports therapist and sets up regular meetings, finds a constructive outlet for his anger and stops taking cheap shots on forwards and taking stupid penalties.

Snowy cries when he signs that contract because someone is giving him another chance to make things good and to chase his dreams. A chance to be the goalie he wants to be, not the dick he’s been for the past couple of years.

He packs up his dingy apartment twelve blocks from Disneyland and spends a week in a car with his dad driving to Providence. On his new salary he ends up in a really nice apartment with a guy they signed from the Islanders and a spare room for guests. He and Smithy get along great and slowly the rest of their inaugural team trickles into the city and into their locker room. Jersey designs are finalized and printed and handed out, and the guys spend weeks bonding on and off the ice.

Suddenly, Snowy’s back on a team like the ones he had in the WHL and in the AHL, a group of guys he might not love 100% of the time, but come hell, high water and Sidney Crosby’s ability to score, he’ll have their backs and they will have his. Pre-seasons rolls around and he gets snowed a couple times, and Snipes (Who has the C) tells the locker room during first intermission the story of why Snowy is Snowy. There’s laughs, but there’s also a falc in front of him to ward off opposition who wants to snow him from there on out. It’s a warning that they won’t take anyone messing with Snowy, and that message starts to spread across the league.

He’s thankful.

He’s talking to Carol once a week, he takes up cross-fit for pent up energy and has Smithy teach him how to kick box. He and Smithy find a cat in the parking lot after a game and take her home and name her Robin, and Snowy starts casually dating again. He smiles a lot more, his profanity isn’t used in anger anymore, it’s just how Snowy talks.

He proves he’s worth the number one position, he helps take Canada to a Silver medal at the Olympics and when Tater joins the team fresh from Russia, Snowy takes him under his wing. He likes Tater, likes that Tater chirps him and doesn’t take his crap and gives him a hard time, and he’s just content. His saves are up, his goals against average is down and every time he steps on the ice he’s smiling and making smart decisions.

He makes the All-Star team a few years later and goes up against Crosby in the shoot-out challenge and he’s hysterically laughing in the crease at Crosby’s antics and when he goes back to center ice with tears in his eyes Crosby smacks his pads and grins at him because Crosby isn’t just a good hockey player, he’s a good captain and he knows unhappy hockey players when he sees them. He could see it and he’s pleased as fucking punch that Snowy’s smiling and loving hockey again. (Snowy is touched and they become friends and hang out in the off season and the Penguins don’t snow him anymore, and any team a Penguin is traded to stops snowing him as well.)

When Jack comes along, Snowy doesn’t quite understand what Jack went through in the Q, but he knows all about being let down by a system that isn’t designed to catch people. He’s thankful Tater takes an interest in their new kid, and he tries to keep tabs on him. When Jack tentatively brings up backing mental health in hockey on a plane ride, Snowy takes a deep breath and stands up and tells his team the story he plays close to his chest. He explains how not having that support nearly destroyed his career and that mental support is just as important as nutritional and physical support. 

(Carol casually mentions an increase in monthly visits by the team to him a few sessions later. She says it’s mostly just teaching stress techniques and listening as an impartial 3rd party, but that she thinks that someone must have stepped up and said something to fight the stigma. Once again Snowy is fucking proud to be a Falc.)

(And five seasons later when they win the Stanley Cup with Snowy only letting in one goal against the Ducks, Captain Zimmboni hands Snowy that trophy and he raises it over his head and he thanks every hockey god he knows for this shitty, convoluted path that led him to his dream come true. He passes it to Tater and skates over to the bench where families are converging and takes a little bundle from his wife. How sweet this victory is, he thinks. He has his family, his brothers and he just beat the team that didn’t believe in him to win the Stanley Cup.)

Later, at the after party, Johnson could be overheard loudly stating that Snowy only played in the WHL because the author has a connection to that league, and that his backstory was probably more tragic than it needed to be and that his longtime girlfriend and he only broke up to cause more emotional turmoil for his character, but she likes happy endings so Snowy was basically guaranteed a Stanley Cup, but then the one with the mustache smacked him and met Snowy’s eyes and went “Goalies are fucking weird, bro. Why do I get them drunk?” and Snowy just grinned and fist bumped him because yeah, goalies were fucking weird.


Brandon Sutter celebrates w/teammates after his game-winning shootout goal, 10/15/16

Because I love the 1980s so much, have some pjo 80s au stuff
  • The Seven all live in Riverdale, Bronx all in the same apartment complex 
  • Piper and Annabeth are roommates who met at Manhattan College their sophomore year and live on the top floor
  • Piper rocked the denim jacket and acid washed jeans with converses
  • Annabeth never had to do anything to her hair because it was so big and curly to begin with. 
  • She always dressed like Baby from Dirty Dancing 
  • Percy, the resident firefighter and Annabeth’s boyfriend started calling her that. 
  • Annabeth pretended to hate it for a while. But damn she loves Dirty Dancing 
  • Percy dresses like Marty McFly, his cinematic hero 
  • You can literally always hear him playing Johnny B Goode on his electric guitar at all times  
  • Hazel is the youngest of all of them, and everyone adopts her as their child
  • She rocks the laced fingerless gloves, neon clothes and always had scrunhies in her hair. Madonna is her favorite 
  • She can sing Like A Prayer so well, that the gang makes her sing it during Karaoke night at the bar 
  • Frank is the quietest of all of them. He is always wearing a Vancouer Canucks hockey jersey and jeans 
  • He is underratedly one of the best break dancers they’ve ever seen
  • Jason is the one who bails all their asses out of trouble 
  • He just wanted to graduate college in one piece. But then he met these people 
  • But he loves them. And he kind of looks like Zack Morris from Saved By the Bell 
  • When he gets drunk though, he turns into Michael Jackson   
  • Leo is the crazy mechanic who is the one they call to fix something
  • He will be the one to start stripping at the bar to have a good time 
  • “Valdez! You know how to fix the boiler right? Fix it so we can party properly for New Years!” 
  • Their landlord, who they all call Dionysus because he’s the bartender at the bar they go to, he is literally the worst 
  • He can’t do shit. But he is always down to party with them, so they deal with it 
  • They literally watch Eddie Murphy’s Delirious on the VHS every Friday night 
  • When it comes to Christmas time, you know Bruce Springsteen’s Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town will be playing 24/7 
  • These clowns basically just living life in the 80s getting through life with shitty Polaroid cameras to document it 

A/N: okay, I ran out of steam in the end, I’m sorry. /o\ but yay it’s finished! /scuttles away into the darkness.




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It all comes to a head during a game with the Canucks. For some reason, the Canucks always have their number, and tonight’s no different. Patrick hates losing in general, but he hates losing in front of their fans the most–he wants so badly for Chelsea Dagger to ring through the United Center. But even though Crow is playing his heart out, none of the lines are clicking. They’re trailing by three by the third period, and it’s only because of Crow that the number isn’t closer to seven. Q ends up pulling Crow and sending them out on a powerplay for the last two minutes.

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For @aohatsu​‘s Peekaboo Birthday Bonanza. Thanks to @whydisignuponthisgodforsakensite​ and @sailyoursea for encouragement along the way.

Set at the end of the current season. I’m sure every trope in this fic has been done a thousand times over, but y’know what, I don’t care.
All tweets are fake (obviously), but some of the twitter handles are not. I do not claim to represent Kane, Toews, the Blackhawks franchise, Deadspin, You Can Play, or any of the beat reporters herein depicted.
Most of it is at best a T rating, except for the opening passage, which is probably an M? I’m a bad judge of ratings, sorry.

K/T, est rel, mixed media, 6k
Warning for homophobic slurs.

Blackhawks stars in gay sex tape scandal!
Sunday May 29 2016

Just when we thought Twenny Cent had hit rock-bottom, there’s a new low for Deadspin darling Patrick Kane as a sex tape emerges, exposing his gay relationship with good ol’ Captain Serious himself, Jonathan Toews. The video, allegedly taken from Toews’ own cell phone, is explicitly pornographic. Details that follow are not safe for work…

The video is four minutes and eighteen seconds long. Jonny remembers exactly how it goes: the images were seared onto his memory long before he had to deal with each frame being ‘conclusive analysed’ by morons on the internet.

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~It may sound absurd, but don’t be naive. Even heroes have the right to bleed.~

Rick Rypien. He’s one of my biggest inspirations in life. Suffering with depression for years, Rick kept it secret for a long time. Eventually, he opened up, confiding in lose friend and teammate, Kevin Bieksa. Rick suffered for years with depression, and would break down. He struggled so much, and eventually, the depression got to him. On August 15, 2011, Rick was found in his home, dead. Rick had committed suicide in his Alberta home.

Rick has become an inspiration to so many people. Struggling with depression is hard, and nobody wants to go through it. Rick wanted to make sure of that, too. After his death, $50,000 was located in his name to help children who struggle with mental illness.

Rick has become an inspiration to me as well. I’ve struggled before, and it has been hard. However, when I’m sad, I look at Rypien’s name. For some reason, it keeps me going. Knowing that he doesn’t want others to struggle the way he did…it somehow turns things around. After I see it, I become happy again. I use him as my inspiration everyday to be a better person, to be happy, and to help others. 

It may sound weird to you, but to me, it makes all the sense anything ever can. 

RIP Rick Rypien.

Always A Canuck. Always In Our Hearts.