always a canuck


Brandon Sutter celebrates w/teammates after his game-winning shootout goal, 10/15/16

A/N: okay, I ran out of steam in the end, I’m sorry. /o\ but yay it’s finished! /scuttles away into the darkness.




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It all comes to a head during a game with the Canucks. For some reason, the Canucks always have their number, and tonight’s no different. Patrick hates losing in general, but he hates losing in front of their fans the most–he wants so badly for Chelsea Dagger to ring through the United Center. But even though Crow is playing his heart out, none of the lines are clicking. They’re trailing by three by the third period, and it’s only because of Crow that the number isn’t closer to seven. Q ends up pulling Crow and sending them out on a powerplay for the last two minutes.

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