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The stress in my life is sponsored by the NHL
Tuukka Rask- family day

Request:  Can you do me a Tuukka Rask one… smutty or not either way… your writing is awesome!!

Author’s note: To be honest I’ve been waiting for you to request Tuukka! I always notice your notifications. Also fun story I’ve been in love with this man for six years. My parents aren’t hockey fans but my mom will always watch a Bruins game with me if Tuukka is in net. Also I know you asked for smut but today I’m just not in the right head space for that, but how about some fluff instead?


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anonymous asked:

LOL ottawa is in the third round so you really can't hate 🤔no suprise tho, all boston fans have been and always will be salty 🤗

bruins fans may be salty, but at least they actually exist…

Just wanted to say thanks...

First to my boys, you had a great season and I love you and am so proud of you babies.

Second to hockey Tumblr, I’ve always been a huge Bruins fan and when I decided to start this blog this season I was really nervous, but I was accepted with open arms and I really hope I can continue to make some great friends.

Third to Pasta, just cause.

Anyway… When’s October?


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Happy 29th birthday, Patrice!

Happy birthday to one of my favorite players in the entire NHL! I hope your day is spent by doing the things you love while being surrounded by the people you love. I hope you continue to be the compassionate and caring person that you are today. I hope that you will never have a reason to frown because you deserve to be happy. You’re a skilled player who continues to work hard every day and never gives up. You’re a 2x Selke winner, a 2x Gold Medalist, and a Stanley Cup champ. This is only the start of your long and successful career and I cannot wait to see what your future holds for you.