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Why do you think len has a mental illness?

I don’t mean to say he specifically does, or specifically has any particular definable mental illness. That’s part of why I worded that the way I did: “He doesn’t externalize (his) symptoms of mental illness and neurodivergence” <– putting the “his” in brackets was meant to imply that he doesn’t necessarily have mental illness or neurodivergence, but if he has either, he doesn’t externalize his symptoms in the way that Mick does.

But more generally, I do headcanon/believe he has some mental illness. I think Len struggles with (episodes of) depression, probably some form of an anxiety disorder though maybe not always at a clinical level, and has (had) PTSD from his childhood and upbringing. And I’d say that it doesn’t show that much in part from the fact that he internalizes more than he externalizes, he’s had so many years to work through some of it, and also because he has coping mechanisms (sometimes maladaptive ones) that make it manageable. It also flies under the radar on a show with so many other people with varying levels of mental illness, like Mick, or Rip with his grief and depression, or Sara with her own struggles too.

Some signs of Len’s mental illness come through in his ‘adrenaline junkie’ way of doing things, the way he seems addicted to it and to continuing to up his game, needing more of a thrill and a rush from stealing over time. I’d argue there’s self-worth problems tied up in there, throwing himself into danger, heedless of his own well-being. Addiction in most of it’s forms tends to be due to a persistent lack of reliable social connection (including in the early, like up to 18-20 parts of life) or lack of social support. Survivors of abuse also show issues with self-worth and depression and anxiety pretty commonly, though of course everyone deals with these things differently.

More evidence on the anxiety and evidence of PTSD side? There’s his strict adherence to a plan and timing things to the second, that meticulous need for order when it comes to his work. And then the fact that he literally shot a guy for wanting out without thinking twice, a sort of highly extreme hair-trigger reaction to a reasonable situation. A learned, knee-jerk reaction that came from somewhere. It fits with other signs of hyperviligance we see from him, including the fact that he always knows when Barry shows up, or else knows whenever there’s someone behind him, and often keeps something at his back in a room, even though he doesn’t always. Should also say the way he responds to his abuser (Lewis) is telling.

It’s worth noting, though not everyone will agree with him on this, that most of the positive emotions we’ve seen him express are in the form of sarcasm or sardonic wit, in the middle of a heist and then it’s more exuberance and a rush than actual joy, or else his positive emotions seem far more muted. I would argue he therefore demonstrates difficulty in experiencing at least some positive emotions, if not a larger range of them. And we know he has serious difficulty with trust.  He pulls his weapon on his best friend and other allies when he feels threatened or backed into a corner in any way. Pulling the gun on Sara on the Waverider was an act of panic. And not that it shows, but like killing anyone who wants out, it looks almost like a knee-jerk panic reaction he suppresses and deals with through violence. 


There are a lot of plausible headcanons for Len in terms of mental illness and neurodivergence. These are just some of mine. I know some people see him as maybe having obsessive-compulsive disorder, which seems possible, and is technically an anxiety disorder so fits with how I see him more broadly. Some have headcanoned different personality disorders, which I know less (but some) about and I enjoy those headcanons. 

And more frequently, I’ve also seen him described as on the autism spectrum and I can 100% see it. Stimming with throwing a ball or keeping his hands busy, wrapping his arms around himself in the way he does for physical pressure stimming when he’s overwhelmed or self-protective. His attraction to some of the things he steals could be due to special interests or stimming as well. He demonstrates a difficulty looking people in the eye or looking them in the eye for too long, and an awkwardness with certain types of social situations (but a smoothness when he’s not involved himself, when he’s following a ‘script’ of sorts like when he’s on a job?).

I’ll admit though, I know a bit about autism but people who are actually autistic can speak much better to headcanons on that, which is why it’s not something I typically discuss on this blog in too much detail. I will say though that I’ve been trying in my latest fic to write him more on the autism spectrum, but I don’t know if I’m having any success. 

Of course, everything here is a headcanon because canon never gives explicit diagnoses for any of it’s characters, we just get to conjecture.

sorry for being so salty on the internet but like that racist bullcrap from the other day has me in a bad mood!! and also i dislike feeling like i need to disclose every thing about my personal life or mental state, that’s so uncomfortable and upsetting for me, so i hope u can understand why i am a lil shook up, i think i have a little bit of a right to be upset at these things! sorry for cluttering up any dashes with all this to its back to cartoons and goofs now

I feel like I haven’t been around for a while, and I just wanted to wish everyone a great start to the new week :’) Thank you so much to everyone who sent me well wishes a few weeks back, and know that all of you are in my prayers. Ily all, and I know we can get through another week together!!

The Quarterback (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “Hey sweetie,I absolutely love your writing! Could you please write an imagine in which Ethan is the quarterback of the football team of your school? And like your father is the coach of the team and he invites ethan over for dinner or something lol ikr it’s weird ahahah , thank you! xx”
Word Count: 2,177
Warnings: None.
A/N: Listen… LISTEN. High school quarterback!ethan makes me so weak. I wanna hug you so tightly anon, for even requesting this. Ughhh. Also, THANK YOU FOR 500 FOLLOWERS!! x

You were from two completely different worlds. He was the star quarterback of the school’s football team and you were the shy, quiet girl who always hung around with your two friends. It was weird, really, how the two of you had crossed paths.

You had noticed him before, of course you had, how could you not? He was what everyone always talked about, especially on the weeks when there was a big game coming up. The girls were all fawning over him whenever he walked down the school hallways and squealed whenever he looked their way. You almost wanted to vomit at how cliché it all actually was.

But one day he had passed you when you’d been standing with your friends, looking directly at you and shooting you a beautiful smile that dimpled his cheeks. And that was when you knew that you were in trouble. Your friends had huffed, in disbelief and in jealousy before gushing over how he had actually noticed you. But you had looked away, telling them that you had to get to class and rushing off before they could spot the redness that was creeping up your neck and invading your cheeks.

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He had nothing to promote the past 15 months? And if there was a reason to thank the fans, he ALWAYS did. It was solely band stuff. He didn't thank people for liking AMM or the Dunkirk trailer. He didn't even went to any events, he had no spotlight on him created by him. we don't even know how his promo will be, cause all he did was posting white pics?! He is ALWAYS so lovely to everyone. And SC / IG stories etc, that's not him (I think he'll show more of himself once he is out & more himself)

I completely agree with you x

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How much are you worried by the global mass surveillance and the potentially malicious use of acquired big data by governments and corporations? Do you see privacy as a potentially important cause and use online privacy plugins/encryption? Did you observe a rise in paranoid symptoms since the Snowden leaks? I sometimes wonder if psychiatrists have to expand the healthy range for "being paranoid about having one's mind read" when diagnosing patients concerned about advances in surveillance.

I know everyone always makes fun of people who say “if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to hide”, but since I’m not doing anything wrong it’s at least hard for me to become really worked up about this.

I think it’s sort of that…emotions and pragmatism and fear should at least by guiding my judgment here? And since I don’t have any emotional or pragmatic issues I don’t know what to think. Like I assume the NSA reads all my emails right now. And if there’s some bill to make the NSA and the CIA read all my emails, is that a horrible assault on freedom and we should all die nobly fighting for our liberty? Or does it just mean two computer programs will be auto-scanning my emails for the phrase “Allahu akbar” instead of one, and even Edward Snowden wouldn’t really get worked up about it? I dunno.

You know, I’m very grateful about the fact the Jailey’s kiss happened.Because the kiss is what did Justin wake up and see Hailey’s true colors.The kiss killed whatever friendship they had.Reality killed Jailey.When the kiss happenned,i  had i lot of ugly meltdowns lmao,but now,looking back ,i see clearly how jailey kiss helped Jelena.

People always live with expectations,and the infamous “what if”,but reality is a bitch lol,and she  always coming for everyone. Selena right now is living in expectations.Expectations about move on from Justin,expectations about falling in love with Abel…expectations and more expectations.Well, too bad for her that reality is coming for her,sooner or later.Reality killed Jailey,and will be the same reality who will kill Abelena.

This is how i’m feeling now.I think that Abelena will be the push that Justin and Selena need to get back together.
People don’t know yet,but Abelena is making a huge favor for us.Leave Selena. She will come from Abelena and will be back to Justin’s arms knowing for sure that he’s the only one.

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Tbh, I'm really tired of seeing K-Pop fans bring up Ladies' Code when anything bad happens. It's like the work the girls do doesn't matter, and they only get brought up in conversation as symbols of tragedy.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This so much. Everyone always saying stuff like ‘omg I cry every time I see lc I can’t imagine if that happened to my bias’ or 'omg I hope xx are alright after what happened to lc I’m scared of car accidents’ ?????????? R u serious ??????? So now Ladies Code invented car accidents ????? MOVE THE FUCK ON

There’s really nothing better in life than knowing you have an amazing heart because not everyone will always know that about you. People will call your good evil. And if they persecuted Christ, how much more you. If they called Him demon possessed and out of His mind, how much more you.

Something I’ve realised working in retail is that………..ppl just don’t fucking read……

my favorite underappreciated au idea is “everyone is affected by some sort of love spell and falls in love with person A but person B’s behavior curiously doesn’t change at all”


lance has a lot of proud parents after he no-scoped that prison guard

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