I think the most beautiful thing about Tony is that he’s so gentle with Clay. He knows how much his friend is hurting, he’s hurt himself, yet he tries everything in his power to safe Clay from collapsing. And even when he can’t take the pain away from him he’s always there to compensate and help him through it. Tony is such a lovely, underrated character on this show, he deserves the world

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When you write Robb Stark smut while your siblings are in the room...

Them: *sitting there, playing on the Wii U*

Me: *types away* *slowly looks up upon remembering they’re there* *smirks* *thinks to myself* “I’ve been writing smut for too long. I don’t even blush and feel the flutter of embarrassment any longer.”

Them: *glances over*

Me: *eyes widen* *blushes slightly* *looks down with wide eyes at my screen* “Fuck,”


I think about you.
I dream about you.
I imagine little scenarios in my head and imagine conversations with you.
I write poetry about you.
I make up songs when I’m in the shower about you.
I am constantly checking if you’re online.
I always try to think of an excuse to message you.
I try to think of a colour for you.
I stumble upon old photographs of you.
I look through the school pictures and my eyes stay on one person for a little too long, admiring their smile, that person is you.
I go to school and look for one person in a crowd, you.

All these sentences have something in common, they all begin with I and all end with you.

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