• Chilled:I'm gonna tunnel right into Ze's ass
  • Smarty:I called it!
  • Ze:...God damn it
  • Chilled:Heeeey Ze....thanks for opening up the hole!
  • Ze:Nope, nope, go away, go away!
  • GaLm:You get to go out together, it's such a lovely thing!
  • Chilled:You wanna go out together?
  • GaLm:Your fanfics are gonna go wild!
  • Ze:HUG ME!
  • Chilled:Do you wanna go out together?
  • Ze:YES!!
  • Smarty:*singing* Aaaaand Iiiiiiiiii will alwaaaays loooove yooouuuuuu
  • (should I make this with gifs later?)

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So if they revisit KC do you think Julie will be the writer to promote them? I don't even know what she would say since the entire fanbase knows she doesn;t like KC.


SHE’D BE AAAAALL OVER IT. And not only would she be all over it, she won’t hesitate in attempting to make all of us look like the temper-tantrum throwing, unreasonable, dumbass fandom because Klaroline was ALWAAAAYS GOING TO BE REVISITED. THEY JUST HAD TO WAIT FOR THE “RIGHT MOMENT” AND KCERS ARE THE ONES WHO JUST COULDN’T WAIT AND WE’RE ALL SUPER UNGRATEFUL FOR NO REASON BC OUR SHIP WAS ALWAYS (MY ASS) THE PLAN.

Yeah, her ego is like half of why I’m so sure we’ll get at least Klaroline endgame. And lemme tell you, you best believe she’s gonna handle that entire promotion of it. She’ll play it off as her idea and she’s gonna take all the credit and peace tf out with it. There is no doubt in my mind of that.

Remember that God will never promise anything that He is not able to do. He would not have started His good work in you if He will not finish it. Your God is good and faithful. He is the very definition of consistency. You may be believing in things that you cannot see, but because this faith is anchored in Him, it will surely bear fruit, beloved.
—  Pam Carbungco, Because it is in Him

I’m pretty neutral about the situation, I mean I honestly don’t care if Kat and Joel get married or not, they’re gonna’ do what they’re gonna’ do and while they’re doing it other people like me will sit here smashing Daft Punk dolls together quietly sobbing about how our OTP will never become a reality but at least we can pretend because I mean seriously can we just

re: Lana Winters, and “Madness Ends”

Sick and tired of all the “Lana is just as evil as Thredson!!!!” nonsense, and all the “This is all her fault!!!!!” bullshit. She had a lot of ambition, sure. But what is wrong with that? She was not trying to hurt anyone. She did not rape anyone or kill someone just for pleasure. She only resorted to using a gun when she needed to for self-defense. On this being “her fault”: Goddammit no. She did not choose to suffer everything she did; she did not choose for anyone else to suffer. She only wanted to publish a freakin’ expose.

Also: I don’t think she made the whole season up? I think it was just a flashback from her first visit to Briarcliff. I think it was sort of like a foreshadowing of all the “evil” she’ll be facing. She wanted to write about the evils of Briarcliff and the evils of “Bloody Face”; she looked right at them, and they looked back. She was kept in Briarcliff, and there she met Bloody Face, and not mention the devil himself (Sister Mary Eunice). Again, though, she was not asking for any of it. 

If Ryan Murphy meant the last scene to hint that Lana made the whole thing up, I think that would be a very douchebag move. I mean, he made us watch a character go through so much shit, and rise from all that shit, and then he’ll throw that all away??? He  made a great female character, flawed but still strong as fuck. Demonizing Lana by implying the whole season was just a product of her imagination would be, um, ugh. No words. (Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan Murphy did that, with his history for awful treatment of female characters.)

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( *peeks in and waves* Hellohello! It's been a while! How are you, friend? :'D This prompt is cute and I hope you don't mind me sending it for Watari ) "I'm hot."

The words caused Watari’s head to quirk to the side. His lab is a good fifteen degrees colder than the rest of the Meifu, in hopes of keeping his equipment from overheating (According to Tatsumi it’s more cost efficient than buying all new technology). 

He slides out of his chair and crosses to where Haruka sits, his palm cupping the youth’s overly warm cheek. “My…you’re burning up.”

Not all love stories smell of roses and taste like chocolates.



I had fun last Sunday doing a couple of rounds at Circle Quezon City, i was with my cousin and Migs. Ganito ako kadesidido pumayat. :D Good thing, very supportive sila with whatever it is that pops in my head, para maaliw sarili ko. ‘twas fun actually, parang you get to see another good thing from being all so depressed and shit a few weeks ago. It’s kind of healthy, if i may just say. I wanna make lots of kwento, pero 'wag na muna siguro. I’m just too tired to yap about how am i really doing these past couple of days. It was fun to play bball again, kahit walang pustahan. 'twas great that Migs, is the sporty kind of guy. Parang bumalik naman ang adrenaline ko to play balls. The actual balls, not the ahh whatever. :D

With Shang, lalala. Kawawa, nanghiram na lang siya ng damit and shoes kasi wala daw skiyang pang-jog. Hahaha. Ang babae kasi. Haha.

Blaise & Hermione || Courtyard

Hermione was having a bad day.

It had started off fairly well - she had gone to her classes, per usual, and she had been fine. But then little things began to pile up, and Hermione found herself wishing she had deigned to stay in bed. 

Having finished her homework, she had chosen to go outside, the softly falling snow enticing in its beauty. She had gathered her knitting, intending on spending the rest of her afternoon casting stitches and pretending that she was alright. And it had worked, for a while. But she hadn’t counted on it being so bloody cold! She hadn’t noticed she was soaked to the bone until she had risen, and shivers racked her petite frame. Oh, hell. She was going to catch a cold, and it would be all her fault.

Grumbling to herself, she gathered her things, intent on returning inside where she could warm herself before developing hypothermia. In her rush, she stumbled, not looking as to where she was going and colliding with another figure. She was sputtering apologies before she could stop herself, still unaware of who she had collided with.