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maelkevejen  asked:

Hi :D I was wondering if you could tell me about Disney and Pixar and their work together? I'd like to know how it works (:

Well Pixar was founded on 1986, by Ed Catmull, Alvy Ray Smith and Steve Jobs, it was actually started as a graphic group !

skipping to Disney, in 1991 after a tough start of the year when about 30 employees in the company’s computer department had to go, which reduced the total number of employees to just 42, Pixar made a $26 million deal with Disney to produce three CGI movies

John Lasseter (who is now CCO of Disney) who had long been creating short demonstration animations, like Luxo Jr, was part of Pixar and stared a good relationship with Disney in 1994, where Disney financed 3 of their movies, the first was Toy Story.

Long story short, Disney and Pixar had disagreements after the Toy Story 2,  Originally intended as a straight-to-video release (and thus not part of Pixar’s three-picture deal), the film was eventually upgraded to a theatrical release during production. Pixar demanded that the film then be counted toward the three-picture agreement, but Disney refused.

Later on, Disagreements between Steve Jobs and then Disney Chairman and CEO Michael Eisner appeared, the 2 companies broke down completely in mid-2004, with Jobs declaring that Pixar was actively seeking partners other than Disney. but that never happened, Pixar didn’t deal or showed interests in any other companies. then in 2005 after Eisner left Disney after Jobs announced in late 2004 that Pixar won’t make any movies under the name of Disney.

But later in 2006, Disney had agreed to buy Pixar for approximately $7.4 billion in an all-stock deal.

Pixar demanded to have their staying in their movies to guarantee that the Pixar name will remain, so the agreement was that the movies will stay as Disney-Pixar starting from Cars.

Disney/Pixar moives :

  • Toy Story 1995
  • A Bug’s Life 1998
  • Toy Story 2 1999
  • Monsters. Inc 2001
  • Finding Nemo 2003
  • The Incredibles 2004
  • Cars 2006
  • Ratatouille 2007
  • Wall-E 2008
  • Up 2009
  • Toy Story 3 2010
  • Cars 2011
  • Brave 2012
  • Monster University 2013

So you see why Pixar isn’t in the Disney eras ? it’s somehow a completely different company.