Oregon Night sky


shainblumphotographyThe Alvord Desert in Oregon offers some amazing views of the Night Sky. I was lucky enough to capture the clearing of a big storm and a beautiful view of the Milky Way.

anonymous asked:

Hey Karl, Huge fan of your work and your instastories! I have plans on exploring Oregon throughout the summer but one thing I need is a good place to see the solar eclipse. I know most will flock to the coast but I am looking for flat lands, farm or meadows. Anything of that sort, facing east. Since I know you have explored the state way more than me, do you know of any location? I am driving from Portland.

Ooooohhh I’m so freaking excited for the Eclipse. I’ll be in Wyoming hopefully photographing the eclipse against the back side of the Tetons. But for Oregon, the only flat expanse of land i can think of is the Alvord desert. However i think that’s out of the path of totality. 


The Alvord Desert: Steens Mountain to the west, salt flats to the east. Beautiful landscapes as far as the eye can see!

The Alvord Desert playa, which can be either wet or dry depending on the time of year, is one of the largest playas in Oregon—six miles wide and 11 miles long. Tens of thousands of years ago, a lake almost 200 feet deep covered the Alvord Desert and extended southward into Nevada. The old shoreline forms terraces along the edge of the valley, and deep under the desert floor are the same lava flows that make up the top of Steens Mountain.

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Photos by BLM Oregon/Washington