alvin and the chipmunks cartoon

Have you ever realized that Power Puff Girls and Alvin and the Chipmunks are almost the same

Male single parent

Three related children

One is smarter, one is more gentler, and one is more out going than the others. 

 Each child is related to either green, red or blue

Both trios have an opposite gender trio with the same capability

The only real difference between these two shows is that ones about super heroes and the other is about singers 


I could not find a single copy above 240 but everyone needs to suffer through this with me. 

Need to catchup on Mystreet? Here’s a quick summary-

–Season One- Firemen don’t know that they’re supposed to be doing their job. Our main character has a crush on a recolor of the Arrow. Basements are scary. Arrow told Typical Female Anime Protagonist that Arrow likes Typical Female Anime Protagonist at an anime convention, with the approval of her emo dad that everybody likes. Danny Phantom and Boobery finally kissed thank god. Where does Tokyo Mew Mew get her commissions the art is actually really good

Season Two (Love~Love Paradise)- Everyone’s happy and Arrow and Typical Female Anime Protagonist are a couple but they somehow forgot an entire person at home and right when Danny is about to fully lose his sanity he pulls a “Don’t stop me now- Queen” on them now he’s there too. Ah yes what a happy season (the last three episodes) oh ok nvm. Why is British Scooby Doo getting dumber every season

Season Three (Lover’s Lane) Turns out mayors don’t know how to do their job either why is whatever city the gang lives in not at 99999 crime rate at this point. This whole season was literally just filler and all I remember is everyone wore matching sweaters because Typical Female Anime Protagonist probs threatened them idk

Season Four (The Emerald Secret) If you thought this was a cheery show about people in their late twenties having fun you were so damn wrong. Minecraft Diaries didn’t sell because people would rather watch Mystreet then watch a well-thought out story so BluJay thought “So MCD fans don’t make us admit we’re sellouts let’s make mystreet. But MCD.” It didn’t work and it turns out the Arrow is a furry h o ly

Phoenix Drop High (Season One)- Mystreet but everyone could be in Alvin and the Chipmunks. Not even the movie the bad cartoon reboot. When is Ouran High School gonna sue Phoenix Drop over the uniforms? The Arrow is edgy as ever. Vegetables and shoes are apparently hilarious, considering the fact that they draw out those jokes so much. The sad ending is that the Arrow goes to college and it’s supposed to be emotional but it’s hard for me to take it seriously when they stole the script from I Gotta Go My Own Way-

Phoenix Drop High (Season Two)- Furry love triangle.

Graduation Days- I cANt BeliEVe Dat *Insert person who likes Aaron here* SomEone WOulD ActuallY HaVe A CruSH on AARON! hE beLONGS wiTH ApHmaU! *Insert person who likes Aaron here*, KYS BISH!

Aphmau’s Year- Typical Female Anime Protagonist decides she wants to be the Arrow too so she steals her boyfriend’s stuff and bonds with him over a stupid emoji

Season Five (Starlight Wonderland)- Love~Love Paradise but the Arrow came out as a furry and everybody lies to Danny Phantom and Boobery. Why do the characters in this show think if they say “hell” they’re automatically the edgiest person on Earth? Typical Female Anime Protagonist made a bad choice and even admitted that she made a bad choice but nobody is allowed to say that she made a bad choice because half the fandom will scream at you.