alvin and the chipmunks cartoon

Have you ever realized that Power Puff Girls and Alvin and the Chipmunks are almost the same

Male single parent

Three related children

One is smarter, one is more gentler, and one is more out going than the others. 

 Each child is related to either green, red or blue

Both trios have an opposite gender trio with the same capability

The only real difference between these two shows is that ones about super heroes and the other is about singers 

Look at this. These were the nominees of 2016 Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite Cartoon. Since 2003, SpongeBob ALWAYS wins, expect that one year when Avatar: The Last Airbender won. I don’t know why that show is still on. It’s rigged. It gives the other cartoons (expect Alvin and the Chipmunks) less of an advantage of winning since Spongebob is a NICKELODEON cartoon. I swear, Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are WAY BETTER than that yellow sponge. No disrespect on SpongeBob, that show was everything to me. Band Geeks, best SpongeBob episode ever. It’s just the stupidity of the episodes and lose of original humor is why I stop watching it. Nick doesn’t give a crap about the other nominees. Look at the Amazing World of Gumball, IT’S SPELLED WRONG. Like, why do they have this category if SpongeBob is going to win it EVERY YEAR!

Sorry if this post is long. The point is I hate Nickelodeon and the Kid’s Choice Awards.

theres a new alvin and the chipmunks cartoon but its the most jarring thing ever because none of the chipmunks actually look like chipmunks they look like very tiny people with tails. beginner furries if you will