hiiiiooo here are my depth of field and ambient oclsusisoson settings for reshade that some people were wondering about. as you can tell they are very similar to alverdines like i said since i used her settings and tweaked from there. they aren’t as exciting as i would like but i still wanted to show them in case they will be helpful. the photos on the left are before and taken with in-game camera and the ones on the right are using reshade and fraps. i also ran them through my ps action (i didn’t have non edited versions sorry about that) so that’s why they are extra orangey but everything else is just reshade <3

anonymous asked:

What settings do you use for reshade, if you don't mind my asking. . 😍

[Hey! I don’t mind :) I use Alverdine’s preset and sometimes use photoshop for applying that effect I want :) ]