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Hello! What reshade setting do you have to make it blur so much in the background? Mine doesn't seem to blur not one bit. Thank you! (Any recommendations/tips for non-gaming laptops when using reshade?)

Hello to you! I use a combination of Depth of Field and Depth Haze (specifically, I use Alverdine’s settings which you can find here). Although sometimes the blur doesn’t show up in the background, simply because the picture is not “deep” enough for the program to separate foreground from background. So even if you use those settings, you might not get the result you’re looking for without adjusting the camera. At least, that’s my understanding of how it works. I’m not an expert or anything. 

In terms of non-gaming laptops, I myself do not have a gaming laptop. I mean, I have a desktop computer that is probably as heavy-duty as gaming laptops (minus the stellar graphics card). But anyway, my best suggestion to you is, because reshade REALLY slows down the game, “save” your camera position before you choose a reshade present (in tab mode, choose ctrl + any digit 5 through 9, then press that digit to revert to the saved position). Then simply choose the present, and viola! You don’t need to fumble with a camera that is jerky and extremely slow. 

Hope this helps!

Here’s two more characters for Elora’s story :3c

Alverdine- She is a young 19 year old girl who attends the same academy as Elora but is a higher upperclassman. She is an advanced wizard. She is a mentor to both Elora and Zephyr and she gives them lessons on her free time. She is a gentle and kind woman. Sometimes she acts like their mom xD She also teaches some students in her class and she is part of the academy council. One of them is Rowena, who she personally finds very difficult to teach.

Rowena- She is a young 18 young woman who is one level higher class than Elora and Zephyr. She dreams of being the best master wizard in the whole academy and tends to brag (and laugh) a lot. She is basically a bully to Elora and teases her on who she fails every time to perform magic spells. She’s always calling her name and sometimes tripping her in the hallways. Zephyr gets extremely mad with her actions and ends up having to some fight her for Elora. Sometimes she’ll regret her actions.