Argh, so annoyed that I missed the match today! :(

exams are so annoying! :( thank god they’re all over next friday! :D

but I’ve just read the match reviews and it sounded like an awesome match! :D So happy that we won!

Well done to Morata for another goal! He seems to be on fire!

Well done to Isco for the goal! :D

Well done to Vaquez for the goal! So happy that he finally got to play and he scored a goal :’) absolutely gutted that I missed it though

Congrats to the whole team! They must be so happy! Good luck for the next round! I will hopefully be able to watch it!

Please tell me what you guys all thought about the match, would love to hear from you all :)

absolutely gutted that I can't watch the Spain U21 match and the Canadian Grand Prix today :(

stupid exam tomorrow. I will most definitely be catching up on highlights and probably the whole Grand Prix tomorrow.

But pretty please, keep me posted tonight? I will love you guys forever and ever! I already do but oh well