alvarez kelly

idk how many of my OG followers remember who I am but I just wanted to post an update

my name is ava gordy and I used to be haltiamava and I also used to make YouTube videos p regularly

I was super lost in a relationship with a guy that made me feel even more lost a few years back and I stopped dancing and feeling like myself

I’m a writer and a host now of a YouTube channel called sourcefed. getting an 8-5 job was the best decision I’ve ever made

I’m a contemporary ballet dancer with a company called Kelly Alvarez and Artists, we’ve been touring and performing at festivals and I have a show on the 22nd of this month

I’m still a dance teacher. I’m training a wonderfully dedicated male ballet dancer for youth American grand prix which is one of the most competitive ballet competitions ever

I came out officially as bisexual last year and it was a bit of a mess, but I’m okay about it now.

And I’m happy in a beautiful new apartment with my supportive af boyfriend

If you don’t really care about this…. oops. I just used to share a lot of my life here and kind of miss it

I still love bee movie.