Shall We Date?: My Sweet Prince, Alvah Walkthrough

Well one thing I can say about Prince Alvah is that he is very hyper, I don’t know how I would do with someone like him because I’m a pretty lazy person (don’t get me wrong I’m also very out going and have my hyper moments) but just reading parts of his route made me tired!

I like the child aspect of Prince Alvah though, I was a little shocked that his first CG is of him playing in the water without a shirt on! … I’m not complaining, when that CG popped up I’m pretty sure I looked like this:

THEY NEED TO MAKE MORE CG’S LIKE THAT!!! Ahem… That’s just my opinion.

Anyway, Prince Alvah is a pretty nice guy; he seems to care for you from the start and he really feels the need to protect MC (which I likie!) from his brother Jun who pretty much wants everything Alvah has cause he’s a giant green jealous monster. I think my favorite scene from Alvah’s route is when he busts through Jun’s door to save MC from his horny brother! I’m really not into Jun’s way of getting things by forcing poor MC, but I think Jun being the bad guy in Alvah’s story is what made me really like Prince Alvah. Poor Prince Jun, the only thing I like about him is his looks… Oooooooh I’m so shallow!

So now I have pretty much finished My Sweet Prince (I don’t think I am going to play Ivan, he just doesn’t interest me in anyway). I really liked it a lot more then I thought I would, I was pretty biased toward Voltage’s otome games and I didn’t really have high hopes for the Solmare games, but I was pleasantly surprised! Now to start Ninja Love, which I am really looking forward to!

Here is Prince Alvah’s walkthrough:

Chapter One

* That’s true

* So you trust them.

Chapter Two

* Let’s go!

* How charming.

Chapter Three

* Do some sports.

* What happened?

Chapter Four

* Just friends.

* I got to stop it!

Chapter Five

* Look for Alvah.

* For yesterday?

Chapter Six

* Worry for Alvah.

* Scream loudly.

Chapter Seven

* Be glad it’s him.

* He’ll protect me.

Chapter Eight

* Come on…!

* Another prince?

Chapter Nine

* Ask Alvah.

* Trust Alvah.

Chapter Ten

* Hold his hand.

* Poor Alvah.

Chapter Eleven

* It’s just envy!

* Don’t lose!

Chapter Twelve

Shall we Date : Sweet Prince (Alvah)

Finally finished Alvah’s route last night. He’s not exactly my type, to be honest, but he’s super cheerful and actually rather cute (both personality wise and appearance wise).

Anyway, Alvah is a very energetic boy and is very carefree, for the most part. He actually worries quite a lot despite first impressions. 

I didn’t cry in his route like I did for Nagit and Kasumi (Konkatsu), but Alvah’s ending was definitely “awhhh~~” worthy. It’s a cute path to test out, especially if you like the 元気character types.