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Jessica Lee Bass, was born June 27th. She is the sister to Tommy Lee. She was practically raised by Mötley Crüe. Jessica is a drummer who currently plays for Modern Day Escape.

With Modern Day Escape she released the album Under the Gun and New Life. At the moment, however, the group is in a musical break.

Jessica is also drummer in the band Open Your Eyes with which she will soon release her debut album.

Jessica and Tommy on the other hand didn’t have abusive parents. Their parents met in Greece, with the help of a translation dictionary. Their mom was Miss Greece in 1957. Their dad was born in Minnesota, therefore my dad didn’t speak a word of Greek. Jessica and Tommy’s parents met at their grandmothers house when her sister asked if she could bring an American guy along so that he could see how the Greeks celebrated their christenings. After their parents married, they lived in Greece. Exactly one month after Tommy was born, their dad decided to relocate to California. Two years later their sister Athena was born. Then sometime later Jessica was born.

Their parents were totally supportive of everything Jessica, Athena, and Tommy did. If they saw that they were interested in something, they found a way to nurture it. They were a middle class family and their dad worked very hard. Their mom sometimes worked to. Their mom would clean houses part time for a few families and was embarrassed to admit it. Their dad owned a department store in downtown LA. First Tommy learned piano and then he leaned drums.

Growing up they did everything together, even tap dancing and ballet. Tommy really only liked those classes for the girls that were in them. Tommy played baseball a little bit but eventually gave that up. They would randomly catch rides in high school from random juniors and seniors. Tommy met Vince in high school and they didn’t get along at first but eventually became buddies.

Tommy eventually dropped out of high school to do music. One night at the Starwood, Tommy saw Nikki playing bass with an old band. Tommy became interested. He approached Nikki after the show. They talked and decided to work together. They set out to look for a guitarist and singer. They looked in a newspaper one day when looking. The newspaper read, “Loud Rude Aggressive Guitar Player.” They were hooked. They called up the number and that’s how they met Mick Mars. Tommy then remembered Vince from the high school. He talked about it to Mick and Nikki. They agreed to go see one of his shows and were hooked by his singing. Now they had a singer.

In 1980 they needed up getting a record deal. Jessica was also a drummer but wasn’t as famous as her brother. One day Nikki decided to bring his sister Roxxi along while Jessica happened to be there. Jessica and Roxxi instantly clicked as best friends. Jessica, Roxxi, Tommy, and Nikki soon ended up getting an apartment together. Jess was still fairly young and was around them more than her parents. So you can say she was practically raised by Mötley Crüe.

When they first started living together the drugs and drinking got pretty bad. Tommy eventually met Ava and she changed his world for the better. Ava helped end Tommy’s addictions. Tommy eventually became more sober. Jess didn’t become as sober till later on. Jessica is single and doesn’t really have a crush on anyone at the moment.