This is why i hate HATE HATE. when fellow aluser fans love/indulge the idea that Alucard is an abusive fuckwad to Seras whenever the topic of her not drinking comes up. He even SAYS that it doesn’t bother him that much. It is so fucking out of character when you write him like that. Stoppppp. Please. If not for the integrity of the ship then do it for the fandom as a whole and stop writing Alucard as an abusive floppy dick noodle and MOVE ON.

Every Lord of the Flies Fanfic Ever™

Ralph - innocent, “the fair boy” “sea blue eyes”, literally the most dense human ever, “he couldn’t be having these feelings for jack- right???!?!?”

Jack - “the red head”,“red curls”, literally never in character, is always an asshole in the beginning but changes his ways and everyone forgives him because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, “he couldn’t like ralph!! he hated him!!”

Piggy - nowhere to be found, he’s alusive, shows up at the end of some fanfics to be all “I knew all this time that you liked Jack, Ralph”

Simon - total sweetheart, oblivious as all hell to Roger’s advances, quiet as hell, “mysterious”, either exists for Rogermon in the background or not at all

Roger - usually in highschool aus so he can be the edgy as fuck kid, secretly hates Jack and wants to overthrow him as chief, into kinky weird shit, preys on Simon and is always confused as to why he’s feeling these things for the nature boy, “threating glare”

Sam and Eric - just kind of there

Maurice - is like the background comic relief characters from movies, no one knows why he’s there or what he’s doing but he’s doing it, has no personality established, is either the down to earth funny guy or the edgy guy along with Roger, sticks up for Jack whenever someone slightly offends him

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En el capitulo de Escorpio, cuando el ducto se traga a Acuario, Capricornio dice "Lo mate,lo hice de nuevo.." se estaba refiriendo a cuando mato a todos en la mansión, a Elizabeth o se refiere a cuando se llevan a Acuario y este no puede hacer nada para impedirlo?..

Ese “Lo mate”, es mas…metaforico.

Si bien el “Lo hice de nuevo” hace alusion a cuando lo dejo ir en la mansion, el “Lo mate” es mas…interno…

Para que lo entiendan, quiero que piensen: ¿Que orden le dio el Rey a Acuario esa noche?

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HolaUuuU Soy Amamte de la Psicodelia desde que tengo memoria. Me encanta la definición de Psicodelia que no tiene nada que ver con las drogas. La Psicodelia es una expresión que va mas haya del alma ¿A ti por que te Gusta?

Muchos me han preguntado que si eh tenido experiencia con drogas psicodelicas, a lo que la respuesta es: no.
Igual que a ti, me encanta la definición de la psicodelia que no tiene que ver con las drogas a pesar de que algunas de las imágenes que eh publicado aquí en el blog hacen alusion a eso. 
“Manifestar el alma”
Me gusta por que es una forma de expresión diferente a cualquier otra que pueda existir y te da una perspectiva muy diferente de ver las cosas.
Amo todas las formas en las que se pueda manifestar: música, libros, arte, etc.
Saludos desde México♥


A visual poem I made in my school for our monthly theme project, Beauty Dictorship.

I think my intention is better told through the images than the writing. I wanted to portray Body rawly and neutraly, in the experience of a non-binary lesbian whose body is rarely allowed this treatment. As queer women, our bodies are always forced as an object of ideology, never as part of nature or our own self. So in reference to the theme, it relates through subverting the interpretation of body as a channel of beauty, instead represents body as only being.

My girlfriend Flora @idealizing was my model for this work, and I ended up dedicating it to all transgender women.

It reads:

My body is more than discourse
it is my silent voice
where my soul fills and pours out my pores
it’s my weapon to make war
and love
it’s the knot of my tie in this world
it is mine only
and it’s proof that they still haven’t taken me from here

To all trans women in Brazil, with respect. To Flora, with love.

“Alusive Body”, 2016.

Lemony Snicket challenge
  • So, this challenge will have two parts. The first one will start at January 1st and end at January 13. The second will start at January 19 and end at January 31st.
  • All the questions are about ASOUE AND ATWQ, except when told otherwise.
  • Here it is the first part:
  • Day 1: How did you discover the books?
  • Day 2: Who is you favorite character and what character you would like to be?
  • Day 3: Have you ever used a VFD codig?
  • Day 4: Some headcannons you have or like
  • Day 5: Have you ever conviced someone to read the books? Also, do you know someone who likes ASOUE as much as you do?
  • Day 6: When and how did you understand the Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler thing?
  • Day 7: What Lemony Snicket books you have already read?
  • Day 8: One character you think that should get more credit
  • Day 9: If you hadn't read the series in English, how was "VFD" translatated?
  • Day 10: In your opinion, with who the Baudelaires should live?
  • Day 11: Favorite alusion in the books
  • Day 12: Your opinion about VFD
  • Day 13: Why the series are special for you?

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I follow you because: Seriously, never thought I would like the AluSer ship so much till I started shipping with you. Love the Muse, the Mun is an amazing friend, both of y'all are great, so you are going to have to deal with me and my Seras for a good long while.

The absolute horror! I’m loved by Ev!
What a travesty!

Nah all jokes aside I stand by what I have said regarding writing with other Seras writers as few as there are l, I have found the best one to write with as well as an amazing friend.

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Hi! I'm a new Larrie and I've seen a lot of alusion about hand signs? Secret signs they do near each others. Do you have a masterpost explaining all of it!?? I need to knooow! Your blog is very helping with my new obession! you awesome!

Hi I have a tag for the sign language:

sign language:


L’s drawn plus thumbs-up: 

Is there a masterpost? I don’t think I have seen one.