You May Not Be Able to Physically Hear the Creator, but He Does Speak to Us In Different Ways, Everybody’s Connection with the Creator Differs From Person to Person. We Must Not Turn Our Love for the Creator into a Competition! Maybe Your Prays aren’t Answered When You Want Them to Be, But He Always Hears You. Your Guides or the Creator May Just Have Plans for Your Wishes at Another Time! Do Not Give Up On the Creator!

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Keith and Lance discovers the secrets of the universe or how Keith come in terms with his sexuality

If anyone has read the book the comics is based on the “family meeting” scene

If Krypton still existed in the Earth 1 Universe...

When Kara crosses over into the Flash/Arrow/Legends universe she brings her Spy Beacon with her and uses it to send a message after the aliens have all been defeated. She doesn’t expect an answer, but she does it anyway because she has to know if the reason this Earth doesn’t have a Supergirl/man is because Krypton never exploded. It take three hours to get a response, but she waits and waits and then her beacon chirps and she has an answer. The messages come and go faster after that, the story spilling out from both sides, and Kara learns that in this universe, Astra and Alura worked together and were able to convince the council of the impending destruction in time to prevent it. In this universe, Astra is seen as a hero rather than a traitor. And in this universe, the survival of Krypton can be traced back to just one small action that changed everything. 

It happened when Alura used Kara to set a trap for Astra, but instead of surrendering, Astra fought back. Astra and Alura pulled weapons on each other and fired, but the Universe 1 Kara, who hadn’t left the room when she was supposed to, ran out and jumped between the blasts. Where just one hit would only have stunned her, the two simultaneous hits did enough damage to kill her. In that moment Alura and Astra were forced to watch as the person they cared about most in the world, the child they had raised and cherished and loved, died for them and because of them. 

Alura and Astra had been born together, grown together, loved each other, and when Kara had come along, both of them had loved her even more. And then they had killed her and nothing else mattered after that—not those who had died earlier in Astra’s crusade, not Alura’s desire to abide by the rules, nothing—other than finding a way to bring some meaning to her loss. And so Alura and Astra joined forces and saved the planet. 

And now they want her to stay. Kara might not be their Kara, but she is still a Kara, and they want her back. They tell Kara they’ll send a ship to bring her home, and despite everything, all her responsibilities on her own Earth, her family there, Kara wavers. 

Later, when she’s back in her own universe, she’ll wish that she could say that she declined because she chose her human family. She’ll wish that her decision was based on love, based on an ability to move past the pain and continue to see joy. It’s what she would tell people if they asked, but secretly she’ll know that it’s not true. Because the truth is that while she was strong enough to make that decision based on love once, when she was under the influence of the Black Mercy, she’s not strong enough to pick Earth over Krypton a second time for the same reason. She does love Earth, loves Alex, and Eliza, and her friends, but not enough to reject Krypton twice. Maybe if Cat had stayed, she’ll think, that might have been enough to tip the balance, but Cat had left and she still isn’t sure if she is ever coming back. 

And so the real reason Kara choses her Earth has nothing to do with love and everything to do with guilt. Because now she knows. Now Kara knows that all it would have taken to save her Krypton was her death, and the mere fact that she is alive is the reason that everyone else is dead. Kara picks Earth not because she loves, but because she can’t face each day on that Krypton seeing what could have been without her. And Kara picks Earth because being Supergirl is no longer a choice, it is the only thing she has to offer that could even begin to allow her to atone for what she has done, simply by surviving.


Supergirl 1x01 // The 100 1x01

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Allura: Lance is late.
Shiro: How did this happen? I had Coran call him at 8 o'clock this morning and pretend it was 11.
Hunk: I printed up that fake schedule for him saying we were starting at 9 instead of noon.
Pidge: I set all his watches and clocks to say PM when it’s really AM.
Shiro: Oh, boy. We may have overdone it.