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24 alum Carlos Bernard will guest-star during Season 3 of the CW series as Maggie Sawyer’s father, TVLine has learned.

Like his daughter, Bernard’s Oscar Rodas is also a cop. It was revealed last season that Maggie grew up in a very conservative family that did not approve of her being a lesbian. After she was outed, Maggie and her parents got in a big fight, which resulted in the teen getting kicked out of the house by her dad.

Will pops drop by to make peace and give his stamp of approval to a possible engagement?

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hey, if it's not too much trouble, can i ask where the pictures are of mike in what seems to be a farmer's costume? and his makeup is v v pink around his nose and cheeks and there's a blue background. that picture. do you know where it's from?


Mike was in a children musical in 2013 called Wind in the Willows at Christmas at the Two River Theater 

Our dude played Mole 

Heres some media and stuff! 




What a time to be alive 



As women’s colleges everywhere start to reconsider their policies regarding the matriculation of trans women, Mount Holyoke College still hasn’t made much progress. To raise awareness and momentum toward change, a campus organization called Open Gates walked around on Pangy Day (an MHC tradition) and took pictures of students and alums sharing why trans inclusion is so important. (via BuzzFeed

“I’m more of a fan of making it than listening to it,” Albarn said of hip-hop. “I’ve got my favorites, A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul, and I suppose that first wave really. Mind you, I love Kendrick Lamar. That sort of excited me again. Of course I love hip-hop but I’m not hip hop. It’s another aspect of the spectrum that I kind of can hear the spirit of music in.”

Dave Jolicoeur of De La Soul said Albarn’s open-mindedness has led to a great friendship.

“He’s a cool dude who just likes to have fun and create music,” Jolicoeur said of the Blur frontman. “For us, that’s been our MO ever since Day 1, goofing around, having a good time. There’s no real rules at all, but hopefully we get something out of this. That’s been the person that I’ve known, a guy who just likes to create. There are no embarrassing moments where you say, ‘You can’t do that, you can’t say that.’ Just do what you’re doing, and be free.”

—  ABC News on Damon and Gorillaz Alums joining him at the SXSW Fader gig [x
'Supergirl' Casts 'True Blood' Alum as DC Comics Villain Livewire (EXCLUSIVE)
CBS' "Supergirl" has cast "True Blood" actress Brit Morgan as DC Comics villain Livewire (also known as Leslie Willis), Variety has learned exclusively. She'll guest-star in an upcoming season one ...
By Laura Prudom

CBS’ “Supergirl” has cast “True Blood” actress Brit Morgan as DC Comics villain Livewire (also known as Leslie Willis), Variety has learned exclusively. She’ll guest-star in an upcoming season one episode.

Morgan’s Leslie is a confident, abrasive and funny shock-jock who works for CatCo Media, the conglomerate owned by Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart). When an accident makes her as dangerous and shocking as her words, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) must stop her.
'Hannibal' Alum Richard Armitage Joins Epix Spy Series 'Berlin Station'
Fresh off the heels of "Hannibal," Richard Armitage has been cast to topline "Berlin Station," the upcoming original spy series for Epix. Armitage will star as Daniel Meyer, the cerebral, newly-ano...
By Elizabeth Wagmeister

We are very happy to have found our ‘Daniel’ to join this incredible ensemble cast,” said Mark S. Greenberg, president and CEO of EPIX. “Richard is a singular talent who has the presence and attitude to bring this character and story to life.