#AlumniWellness #30DayPrimer Day 4

Post a picture of someone with the body you would like to have. What features do you like about this person?

“From that moment on, I decided to take control of my life. I made up my mind to turn my body into a weapon… I made up my mind to turn my body into a weapon that would eventually set me free, or KILL anyone who sought to keep me in prison” - Denzel Washington in Hurricane

Hurricane, a movie about Rueben “Hurricane” Carter is one of my favorite movies. To top that off, when I think about my dream physique, I always think about the scene when he was released from prison the first time. Lean muscle is my goal. 

Day 4 of 30

Post a picture of someone whose body you’d like to have. What features do you like about this person?

I had a heck of a time finding one person with everything that I want in my ideal body. I decided to create a montage, instead.

  • A beautiful smile and a cute, natural hairstyle that can withstand the sweat and humidity of a Bikram classroom or a 10-mile run.
  • A big, healthy heart that can give lots of love and inspiration to those in my personal and professional circles
  • Nicely sculpted, yet feminine arms and abs (featuring @LoriCPalmer)
  • A great balance of strength and flexibility
  • A slightly chiseled back, leading to a proportional, rotund seat
  • Killer calves

I do not want to look like a body builder. I just want to look like I care. What is both encouraging and discouraging at the same time is that I have had each these at some point in my life, just not all at the same time. I can do this!

Speaking of Bikram…

This morning, I attended my studio’s first 5:30 am class and it was great! We have had 6 am classes for a few years, but some students needed to start earlier in order to get to work on time. This time actually works out better for me. There were 10 other dedicated crazies in class who were full of both energy and self-amazement.  As in most early morning classes, I was less flexible, but so glad that I attended.  I can totally make the early morning sacrifice, in order to have my evenings free. Today was also the day that I look forward to during a challenge: I could not taste the salt of the sweat that drizzled in my mouth. Detoxing NOW, more to come.     

Day 3 of 30


My earliest food memory: Fish Sticks!!! As an adult (and an occupational therapist), I have discovered that I had texture aversion issues as a child… and still do to a mild degree. I did not like anything mushy or slimy, including many fruits and vegetables. Now, I love most of them (thank goodness!), save bananas, rasins, and eggplant, but I still can’t tolerate mixed mushy textures like jams, marmalades, fruit pies, fruity cakes, etc.

Fish Sticks, dry cereal and pizza crust were staples in my childhood diet. Can’t you see the future nutrionist blooming within me? We didn’t do chips or sweet snacks, but we went through Pepsi like no tomorrow.  It’s been more than 20 years since I had a fish stick and I still don’t know where they come from.   

Day 1 of 30

Today, we began a 30 day #Bikram yoga challenge at @bikramyogadecatur and a 30 day #EatingForAbs tutorial under the guidance of @alumniwellness.

1. Post your stats: 5'2", 134 lbs, 36 years old: You got me! The abSSSSSS in this picture do not belong to me- yet. I’ll have to have an actual picture taken, so as to spare you of the “bathroom mirror” self-pic-pose.

6 am yoga proved to be less challenging than I thought after a 2 month sabbatical (my last class was on New Year’s Eve- we were in our final Savasana at midnight!) My knees feel great, my balance is good, my ankles are OK, which is better than usual, so we’ll take it.  I do this at least twice a year and since proper form and class tolerance essentially mandate that I eat clean and hydrate often, I decided to add the Eating For Abs challenge, as well. I will tell you now, that I do not typically lose weight during this time, but my skin is often “repurposed”. There should be some subtle differences in the before and after pics.  

#30dayprimer @alumniwellness day4: The body you would like to have.

This is the EXACT photo that lives in my gym journal. So EVERY single day as I flip to my days workout I see and visualize the changes I am working and eating to create.

I’m absolutely fine with my body and admire the leanness that Will achieved at this time for I Am Legend.

BTW since I’ve been focused I’ve dropped from 17%+ body fat to around 11.6%. Let’s go. #eatingforabs (Taken with instagram)

@AlumniWellness #30DayPrimer Day 2: 

Post 5 facts about you and a fun photo to match

  1. -I refuse to buy furniture until I start a family.  Home-base for me is a one bedroom condo with passed down furniture sprinkled with a few items from IKEA. I always say, if there’s a fire, all i want is my dogs, camera & Hard Drives.. Everything else can perish.
  2. -My Vacation bar was set rediculously high by a vacation to Costa Rica one year when we took ATVs an hour away through the jungle to a zipcord course. Jungle like Jungle forreal.. Howler Monkeys & Mud pools. Very exciting.
  3. -I never grew out of picking my scabs. I think scars carry a timeline with them and most of the time a story.
  4. -I have a serious addiction to chocolate. cookies, truffles, cake, you name it. That is the one thing that always sets my eating habits back. I can go months without liquor, fast food and late night snacks… chocolate though… I’m thinking about the bar in my refrigerator right now while I’m typing this. 
  5. -I have a slight case of insomnia.On most days, I cannot go to sleep earlier than 1 - 2am and I get up at 630-730am daily. 

Day 9 of 30

Post your regular exercise routine. Post a photo of any exercise you do regularly.

I am a yogini who endures running… ½ marathons… several times a year. I cross train with free weights, spinning, hiking, dancing… indoor, rock climbing, roller blading, rebounding, hula hooping… anything fun.


This is pretty much my worst challenge ever. I missed class again because of work. I was trying not to do many doubles, but I already have a few on tap. Thank goodness for those early A.M. classes.

Day 5 of 30

Post a photo of something that represents your greatest fear concerning your health.

I live a healthy lifestyle, not out of fear of anything, but because I feel good while I’m doing it. However, I can’t help but consider the possibility of doing most things “right” and still ending up with some ugly disease… also, I don’t want to be the fat ex-cheerleader/ homecoming queen. *shallow*

No yoga today, doubling up tomorrow!   

Day 2 of 30


2. Post 5 facts about yourself:

  • I am a shy and reluctant socialite
  • I am a recovering news and political junkie
  • I enjoy biographies and classic hip-hop
  • I love yoga, like strength training, and endure running
  • I collect vintage and high end Barbie dolls


Perhaps it’s because I’m not starting this challenge by trying to alleviate my headaches or rehabilitate my ankles, but this class was another great one.  I am always excited to see the tiny tweaks and huge advances in my practice during this time.  I set my intention on keeping my heels together during the spine strengthening series. I think I ALWAYS cheat in that way.

I was proud to hear that 2 of my instructors were in New York competing in the USA Yoga Asana competition.  I don’t always know how I feel about yoga and competing, but that's for another post.       

#AlumniWellness #30DayPrimer Day 3:

Post one of your earliest food memories with a photo to match:

Kind of disturbing that I came to the final conclusion that this was my first memory of food. When I was a youngin’ before my schooling career, I used to spend a lot of time over my Aunt Sarah’s house. This was my Grandfather’s sister. I remember clearly day after day, we used to sit in her livingroom in front of the TV watching “stories”. The livingroom was set up with 2 suede blue chairs on either side of a table facing the floor model TV. On that table were 2 bowls that for the life of me can’t remember EVER being empty. One was for Butterfingers and the second was for Candy Corn. As we watched the “stories” Aunt sarah used to provide funny commentary about that “ol’ slick ass Victor” while she switched digging in the bowls and crunching on the contents. 

I’m sure I tried them before, but I never liked either one of those candies and to this day, I can’t even remember consuming either one of them. The readily available candy and hours of sitting could have easily lead to my childhood obesity, but i guess i dodged that bullet. 

RIP Aunt Sarah. 


How to Cut a Bell Pepper. #EatingForAbs Real Food 101