alumni monday


It’s Alumni Monday! Today we’re showing off some of our Badass Allumni in their Halloween costumes. And since it was impossible to pick a favorite, or five, we’ll be posting throughout the day, our own “virtual Halloween” parade of Badass pups.

Finally today, we have the Grand Marshals of our virtual Badass Halloween Parade. Here you see Badass Alums Betty, Bugsy and their completely crazy, Badass parents, Gideon and Danielle. Gid and Dani are awesome volunteers and fosters who “foster failed"  (i.e. adopted) Bugsy recently. The growing family celebrated Danielle and Gideon’s engagement and their favorite holiday with one badass party last week.

Congratulations, Dani and Gid! We hope those super pups will keep your criminal ways in check.


It’s Alumni Monday! Game, set, match for Andy Roddick! Our favorite New Year’s reveler has a new home.  His new dad has decided to keep the name Andy. Though he’s still a little shy around humans outside the home, Andy loves meeting new dogs on the street.  Andy and Chad enjoy sporting matching hoodies, and taking naps together. Congratulations, boys!

Top Photo by Hilary Benas


This Alumni Monday we’ve got two guys celebrating their one year adoptiversary, and since they were such great buds in the rescue, it’s an honor to feature them together again.

Congratulations Yoda and Quincy!

Yoda’s mom reports, “One year ago today, we adopted Yoda, a timid dog that hid in the couch and under the bed. The only thing that brought him out of his hiding place was food. Some things haven’t changed; he still loves food. But today, we celebrate the happy, well adjusted dog Yoda has become (sometimes, a bit too adjusted). He’s a funny guy that sprints circles around the other dogs at the dog park, cuddles in the crook of his humans’ legs, and meets you at the door with a wagging tail and hugs o’ plenty. Thank you, Badass for our blonde family member, Yoda! He wanted me to tell you all, “bark, bark,” which is his way of thanking you too.”

Badass Kristin remembers Quincy (then Jo’s) sad shelter photo, “When I first saw his shelter picture I was so horrified - and the rescue/foster down south did such an amazing job in getting him healthy before he came north. He’s so beautiful now!”

Amanda, Yoda’s Brooklyn foster mom remembers, “In Brooklyn, Quincy was fostered by Jess Reed who lives a block away from me. The only time Yoda wasn’t scared out of his mind was when Jess brought Quincy over to my apartment. They were best buds!!! Quincy would put Yoda’s entire head in his mouth and Yoda couldn’t have been happier about it. Haha! It was the only time I saw Yoda come close to playing. At the adoption event, we couldn’t separate them.”

To celebrate the adoptiversary a reunion between Quincy and Yoda is in the works! 

Photos: Yoda and Quincy keep warm together at the adoption event last year; Quincy and his new family; Quincy today; Yoda today; Yoda and family.


It’s Alumni Monday!  Just because our Badass dogs come from down South, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the snow with some proper bundling. While some of our alumni dogs prefer to hibernate in the winter, some of our dogs love the snow (and tolerate their winter outfits.)  Here Alvin, Casey, Miles and Layla show off their polar vortex looks. So, who had the best polar vortex ever? Badass alumna Lola and sister Mango got stuck in the Midwest due to all the grounded flights. To keep from going stir crazy, Dad put them to work as impromptu sled dogs and they loved it! Fortunately they got some practice in the warmer months, pulling along Mom and Dad on their roller blades.

It’s Alumni Monday! Betsy reports that she loves reading books to both of her babies. When it’s time for storytime, Badass alum Carson (formerly Mikey) hops right up on Betsy’s lap with his human sister. Look at this cozy family! Just don’t try to match Carson’s head tilt - you may end up with vertigo.


It’s Alumni Monday! Badass Adele barely had four paws in Brooklyn before she was adopted. Now living in Jersey and going by the name “Penny”, this girl found a wonderful home. You can see she’s settled right in and her new family reports that she loves playing with the ball, making friends at the dog run and snuggling on mom’s lap. Her parents sent this update, “Penny is bringing us pure joy. We love her so!!! Thank you for making our home complete.”She’s also incredibly gentle with the grandchildren!

She truly is a lucky Penny. Congratulations!