alumni 2014


Fetus Timothée Chalamet dancing/singing/acting/rapping:

- Clown (short film)

- Loving Leah (film)

- Rising Stars

Rising Stars or here or here
- CBS’s “live from the couch” sweet charity
- Knighted by Lil B

- Spoken Theater
- La Guardia graduation class performance
- LaGuardia graduation ‘Remember the time’
- Why you should apply to young arts
- National YoungArts Week behind the scenes
- Butcher’s hill (short film)
- Winning LaGuardia’s Alumni Award for Drama

Rising stars
- Spinners (short film)
- Worst friends clip 1 and clip 2

- Cucumber

Date unknown: 
- La Guardia vine 
- Timmy tim rapping
- Timmy tim rapping 2 
- Idk what’s he doing here 
- Dance move

If anyone has any other footage of fetus timothée please let me know and I’ll add it to this list :) 

Current, Past and Future Cast Members

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So idk if anyone knows this about me but I am a big hockey fan. My favorite team is the redwings and yesterday was the alumni game and I got to see my favorite players play again (they’ve been retired for a few years) and I was just so happy!!! I wish I could have went to the game since I’m so close to detroit! but oh well. Anyway it was just jdhfala I was so happy wow I love you Steve Yzerman