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  • University classmates (Year 1): Oh my lord this feels like so much homework, how did you do all this and it's so well formatted and researched and referenced, and ... how??
  • Me: ... *stares into the distant sunset, remembering fresh memories of the IB*
I love that you can walk down the street and hear 6 different languages, and that people from all countries, races, classes, and creeds come here. People may live in different neighborhoods, but when you get on the train, everyone is together, and I think it’s a beautiful thing. I love riding the train and people watching. I see thousands of stories unfolding and being told before my eyes every day.

Josef Wladyka, Manos Sucias

Our TFF 2014 alumni tell us why they love NYC

Rasti bore
Village Harmony Alumni 2014

A Bulgarian folk song, arranged for men’s voices.

A girl was planting a pine tree.

She said, “Grow up, pine tree! Grow big and strong.

I’ll climb to your top so that I can see into the next village

to see what my first love is doing.

Is he sleeping, or is he drinking?

If he is sleeping, I will wish him pleasant dreams.

If he is drinking, I will say, ‘To your health!’

If he is drinking, do not get drunk.

If he is flirting, do not get involved in serious love.”

So idk if anyone knows this about me but I am a big hockey fan. My favorite team is the redwings and yesterday was the alumni game and I got to see my favorite players play again (they’ve been retired for a few years) and I was just so happy!!! I wish I could have went to the game since I’m so close to detroit! but oh well. Anyway it was just jdhfala I was so happy wow I love you Steve Yzerman