aluminume case

See some of the stunning turntables in MoMA’s design collection. Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye opens Saturday. 

[Dieter Rams. Portable Transistor Radio and Phonograph (model TP 1). 1959. Plastic casing, aluminum frame, and leather strap, 1 ¾ X 9 ¼ X 6″. Gift of the manufacturer]

the aluminum crutch, the case where you think the illustrator is murdered on-stage but actually the guy who plays the illustrator kills himself in real life 🙃

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The 2nd Imaginary Symphony, Episode 2

Augustus: Auggie Plumb here.  You are listening to part two of the PBC’s broadcast of the 2nd Imaginary Symphony.  It is, of course, Platypus Night, the night in our month-long lead up to Platypus Eve, where all Paris goes dark.  The city of lights is extinguished and one finds not a single lit electric light or candle.  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, at the strike of 8 in two hours’ time, the Parisians will gather with friends, with loved ones, with only the moonlight to light their way, and later this evening, waiting, all of us, waiting.

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Happy New Year y'all!

Roasting Chestnuts

Prompt: Suho fluff

Genre: Drabble floof

Word Count: 247

“I never quite understood those lines…”


“If you’re roasting chestnuts next to a fire, why would Jack Frost be nipping at your nose?”

Junmyeon chuckled softly and rolled to his side, propping his head up on his hand. His feet tangled with yours

“Like…I’m warm,” you added.

“If I remember correctly, the line says that the chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, meaning it’s outside. So then, Jack Frost can come-” he gave your nose a quick peck, “and start nipping at your nose.”

You smiled.

The two of you were curled up by the fireplace. You feet were kept warm by the burning log, a soft quilt was tossed over the two of you, and you both shared a pillow as you lay on a blanket spread out over the carpet. It was nice and calm, simply holding one another by the fire and enjoying each other’s presence. The two of you had spent the last hour or so talking about everything and nothing at the same time.

Junmyeon had actually bought a bag of chestnuts to roast. They were sitting in their casing of aluminum foil in the middle of the fire, slowly cooking to a golden, soft, nutty flavor and texture.

“Well Jack Frost can’t nip my nose in here then.”

“No,” he agreed as he leaned down again to briefly brush his nose against yours, “he can’t, but I can certainly kiss you, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.”


I noticed her because of the computer. She sat by the cafe’s window, a cup of coffee and an old laptop open on her table. Seeing it brought a pang of nostalgia, cut with fear.

It’s OK, I reminded myself. You’re out now. You’re allowed near them. 

“That’s quite the antique you’ve got there,” I said, taking a seat at a neighboring table.

The woman smiled. “Still does the trick,” she said, and patted its worn aluminum casing. “You a computer aficionado?” 

“I used to use computers a lot, back in my day,” I said. “Back when you could still see them. They’re just … in everything, now.”

She pushed a stray tendril of grey hair back behind her ear. “I know what you mean,” she said. “It’s taken some getting used to.” 

“Easier for some. I’ve been away for a while.”

“Away from computers? Where on Earth?”

I considered her a moment. “Ever heard of ADX Florence?”

She didn’t miss a beat. “The prison?”

“Yeah. Since 2015. I just got out.”

She gave me a long, searching look. 

I was about to apologize and leave, when she said: “You’re Yotacon, aren’t you?” 

I nodded, slowly.

“I remember you from the feeds when they caught you,” she said, then looked out the window. “They never caught the other one, though.”

“Silverside,” I said. “Yeah. I never talked. Never actually met him face to face, either.”

The woman turned back to me. Her eyes were red. “Silverside was a she,” she said. 

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This EDC covers all bases for excellent capture, edit and upload to social media.

Ghost Program - DP

This was supposed to be done for Valentines, but I’m working six days a week, twelve hours a day, and my writing time has taken a nose-dive.

I like to think that Vlad keeps perfecting the Maddie hologram until the hologram has a life of its own.  Thus, in his obsessive tinkering, accidentally creates the first ‘sentient’ computer program.


Ghost Program


The Maddie hologram couldn’t do anything about what was happening.  She couldn’t touch anything and had only a limited ability to control the house.  Beyond aggressively turning on and off the lights, slamming the electronic doors shut, or switching on the ghost shield, she could only watch angrily as the love of her life was beaten to a pulp.

Not that she didn’t think he deserved it; Vlad Masters left a lot to be desired.  The man had spent twenty years obsessing over a child and forty years over a woman he couldn’t ever have, and the better part of the last five completely ignoring her.   Despite her repeated requests for him to find something else to do, he’d recently restarted his cloning experiments – which had lead to this current situation.

Despite his failings, she could see the beauty of his soul.  He loved too deeply.  He cared too much.  Sure, the things he loved and cared about fit into a pretty narrow band of interests, but those things that fell under his purview? 

Those he held close to his heart like nobody else in the world.

She loved him for those moments when he was protecting the things he cherished.  And – because she was programmed to – she loved him when he wasn’t.  The Maddie program could tell the difference between the two types of love, however.  Only one was real.

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So this is what I had in my backpack today. As you can see, black is a dominating color here. So what do you guys think? Anything I’m missing? I carry a Leatherman Wave and Victorinox Explorer in my car.

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This is what I carry any time I leave the house. The iPhone and Field Notes go inside the Waterfield Finn Wallet. I wear the Apple Watch, Eyeglasses, Paracord Bracelet and Wedding Ring and the Glock, Benchmade Barrage and Brunton Echo Pocket Scope go on my belt. Everything else is in my pockets.


Here I am again with new shiny things you can buy!

I’m still taking commissions (and will probably always be taking commissions, barring terrible calamity) for chainmaille jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. (Click on images for descriptions).

Basic price breakdowns:


  • Simple (three rows or Byzantine) in anodized aluminium: $25
  • Turkish in anodized aluminium: $30
  • Simple (three rows or Byzantine) in metal: $30
  • Turkish in metal: $35
  • Simple (three rows or Byzantine) in sterling silver: $35
  • Turkish in sterling silver: $40
  • First additional row (European weave): $5
  • Each additional row after that: $3

Cuff/Choker necklaces:

  • Simple (three rows or Byzantine) in anodized aluminium: $30
  • Turkish in anodized aluminium: $35
  • Simple (three rows or Byzantine) in metal: $35
  • Turkish in metal: $40
  • Simple (three rows or Byzantine) in sterling silver: $40
  • Turkish in sterling silver: $45
  • First additional row (European weave): $5
  • Each additional row after that: $3


  • Simple (three rows or Byzantine) in anodized aluminium: $35
  • Turkish in anodized aluminium: $40
  • Simple (three rows or Byzantine) in other metal: $40
  • Turkish in other metal: $45
  • Simple (three rows) in sterling silver: $45
  • Turkish in sterling silver: $50
  • First additional row: $8
  • Each additional row after that: $5


  • Charms: $2.50 per charm

European (the diamond-shaped ones):

  • Mid-section length 5 rings: $7.50
  • Mid-section length 6 rings: $10
  • Mid-section length 7 rings: $12.50
  • Mid-section length 8 rings: $15
  • Etc.
  • Other metal: add $5 to above costs
  • Sterling silver: add $10 to above costs

Byzantine (like the Ravenclaw bracelet, just straighter and shorter):

  • Anodized aluminium: $5 per inch
  • Other metal: $7 per inch
  • Sterling silver: $10 per inch

I can also mix aluminium with metals, metals with sterling silver, sterling silver with aluminum, etc. In those cases, the higher price will be taken (not because I’m trying to swindle you, but because switching between different types of materials and coordinating wire widths and ring diameters is more work than just using one thing or another). 

And last but not least, I’m happy to make custom character-inspired pieces, like the Captain America ones (there are also Thor, Loki, and Bucky ones in my Etsy store). Not just run-of-the-mill alternating colors, either — I’ll try to pick some object or concept that symbolizes the character, and invent a pattern based on it. 

So if you’re interested in commissioning something in particular or buying something already listed, please let me know.

Etsy: [x]
My inbox: [x]

And even if you don’t want to buy anything, please share this! My job pays very little and I could use the extra income.



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Essentials in a commercial photo studio.

anonymous asked:

I really want to see your boobs/ cleavage tbh

well I actually took a picture of my boobs last week but then my iPod immediately went missing and I still can’t find it, so I’m p. sure that in an alternate reality where I did post the picture, it took tumblr by a storm and amassed so many notes, the note count stopped working. eventually, major modeling and advertising companies petitioned for the right to use the photo, leading to a full out media war (like a 21st century Helen of Troy) that ended up crashing the economy yet again due to their frantic attempts to one-up the other company’s offers.

as the global economy crashed and the employment rate down spiraled yet again, buildings began to weather and age. grocery prices went up, salaries went down, and the middle-class began to form wolf-like packs in order to defend their territory and fight for simple materials like food, clean water, and shelter. The upper class, horrified by what the world had become, hired the best and brightest of the world’s intellectuals to create a haven for those who could afford it, a giant complex submerged in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and fiercely patrolled by shark-riding robo-cops. 

but one day, a young girl living within Atlantis II booked a submarine shuttle to escort her from her lavish home to her similarly-wealthy relatives. the submarine encountered a technological error and performed it’s emergency failsafe, thereby releasing the girl in a giant, self-contained air bubble and sending her rocketing to the surface, where the submarine’s programming instructed her to remain seated within the bubble until Atlantians could retrieve her. Of course, being an adventurous young girl, she didn’t listen.

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My first week without an Apple Watch

Like many geeks, I haven’t worn a watch since high school. Having an extra gadget on my wrist just seemed silly, given that I already carry all the standard gadgets we’ve all had forever (5″ smartphone, tablet, laptop, fitness band, white earbuds, pill box, vape pen, vape jam). However, the promise of Apple’s more-than-a-watch watch changed my mind. I confess: I stayed up until midnight on launch day so I could order an Apple Watch and get it as soon as possible (late May). So, here’s my first week without an Apple Watch.

The Case for the Watch

If there’s one thing I didn’t doubt Apple could kick the ball out of the park on, it’s the watch case. I ordered the space gray Apple Watch Sport, reasoning that this understated model would be subtly cool, easy to match with my wardrobe, and surely widely available. In photos, the case has a pleasant matte feel. Its weight is 30 g, which I imagine feels light (something like 4 ounces?)

After much debate, I went with the larger, 42 mm case. And I’m glad I did; the interface is just easier to read when I hold up my arm to a life-size image of the watch.

First time trying on a photo of the Apple Watch. Exciting!

For those wondering whether the Digital Crown is the “revolutionary” new input method Apple calls it—I can safely say it’s the most satisfying scrolling mechanism I’ve never used.

Band Aid

When choosing the band for my Space Gray Apple Watch Sport, I considered my clothes and other accessories I usually wear: my glasses, shoes, belts, etc. After careful analysis, I decided to order a brown leather strap—it would match my skin complexion and my mostly-brown-and-blue wardrobe.

That decision was then changed to “Black Sport Band”, because it’s the only option with the 42 mm black Space Gray Apple Watch Sport.

Luckily, the black fluoridelastomer band seems comfortable and easy to manufacture. This will certainly be the most popular (and thus most widely available) Apple Watch model.

The fluorolastimeer Black Sport Band looks casually elegant near my wrist

If you’re considering the floridastemer band, note that the box evidently contains two different lengths of it, for smaller and larger wrists. For reference, I’m 6′2″, medium build, and I’m not using either size because I still haven’t received my watch.

Only “Time” Will Tell

Apple Watch offers a wide selection of customizable watch faces. In fact, it’s easy to waste lots of time just going through screenshots of them and Photoshopping combinations you may like. This is, after all, Apple’s most personal (and personalizable) device—you should make your watch fit your style, whenever you get one.

The “Color” face is just one of the many options I hope to try some day

Unlike an analog watch (ask your grandma what that is, ha ha!) the Apple Watch doesn’t show time constantly—you have to wake it up to display the watch face. You do so by flicking your wrist. In my tests, a small flick was enough to make it seem like it would wake the watch up, if I had one.

Soft “wear”

In the long run, the Apple Watch software will perhaps be more important than the hardware. After all, this is Apple’s new platform: they have to get the basics right very, very early on (late May).

Siri is a crucial part of the Apple Watch experience. After a week of not owning the watch, I find that it’s much faster to pretend to invoke Siri than to pretend to launch apps from my wrist.

Apple Pay looks like it would work as advertised, probably

One bit of bad news: the most frustrating part of not using an Apple Watch has been the very noticeable delay when performing some common actions. Glances, for instance, don’t respond for four to six weeks after ordering.

Some situations where Apple Watch could be useful

The Friends interface is a bit confusing at first. It’s also not clear why it’s a feature so important that it needs a dedicated button on the case. At least in this first week, I didn’t use it much because I don’t have many friends with an Apple Watch, nor an Apple Watch.

In “Conclusion”

The black Space Gray aluminum case looks great in pictures; the fluoromouseketeer band feels better than any other band I’ve seen and haven’t tried; the software has the usual level of polish we’ve come to expect from high-res Illustrator mockups in Apple’s promotional materials.

Is that enough, though? Do you, in the end, need an Apple Watch? To be honest, I don’t care—I just want mine shipped already.

Before getting an Apple Watch, I set a challenge for it: after one week, would I miss it if I ever took it off? Today, after spending a week without an Apple Watch, I can give a definitive answer:

I have no clue, god damn it.

felicity-smoak-is-my-goddess  asked:

Olicity prompt : Oliver and felicity as cop who are partners that oozes chemistry with each other :))

Okay, so… This one kinda turned into a smutty monster. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! I based if off my favorite CSI show couple, Danny Messer and Lindsay Monroe.

The heat of the mid-August afternoon sun was enough to fry an egg on the Starling City sidewalk as Detective Felicity Smoak tried, without much success, to stay cool. She’d come to work that morning dressed in a pair of denim capri’s and a simple light pink t-shirt, but as the day progressed and became unbearably hotter, she’d run home during her lunch hour to put on a short denim skirt that revealed a good bit of her muscular legs and a plain white tank top.

Still, the sun beat down on her as she stood at the latest crime scene that she and the rest of the SC: CSI team had been called to. A shooting had occurred inside a deli in the Glades, spilling onto the sidewalk as the gunman tried to escape, killing a pedestrian that was about to enter the store and seriously injuring the clerk behind the counter.

As she approached the crime scene, Felicity found that most of her colleagues had been dispatched and were already searching for evidence. Outside, she was greeted by Senior Detectives John Diggle and Sara Lance processing the dead body in the doorway. “Hey, guys, whatcha got?” Felicity cheerfully asked, taking off her darkly tinted sunglasses and slipping them into her case as she set it down and opened it.

Dig and Sara both turned in her direction, surprised to see her change of appearance. Felicity rarely ever wore something so revealing, especially to work, but today was an exception. Even Sara had changed into a short skirt while Dig had discarded his suit jacket and rolled up the sleeves of his azure dress shirt. “You weren’t wearing that this morning, were you?” Dig asked, still eyeing her from behind his own dark sunglasses.

“I was at home changing when I got the call. Is the skirt too short? Because I can go back and change again…” Felicity started to feel slightly insecure about her choice, it being so unprofessional of her after all, but she was quickly reassured that nothing was wrong with her outfit.

“Screw department policy,” Sara replied, glancing at the mid thigh high skirt her colleague was wearing with approval. “It’s way too hot to be wearing anything longer than what you have on right now. Besides, I think it’ll keep the boys on their toes.” She winked at the younger woman, and Felicity immediately felt better. She grinned at her friend and started to open her aluminum case to fish out a pair of latex gloves. “Why don’t ‘cha go inside? It’s cooler and I think Dig and I can handle this guy by ourselves,” Sara added, glancing over at their boss. “Right, Dig?”

“Go on,” he said, shooing Felicity away from the dead body. “Oliver needs your help more than we do. Ballistics on this case is shaping up to be a nightmare.”

“Great,” Felicity said under her breath as she closed her case and stood up. She had nothing against going inside and working with Oliver Queen, but having to do ballistics always seemed to bring out the worst in her. At least now she could put that new algorithm she’d come up with to assess bullet trajectory and speed. She grinned at the thought.

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