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liquid salt water sometimes on mars??? exciting or no

VERY EXCITING! The most exciting bit is WHERE IS IT COMING FROM! It’s probably not being sucked out of the atmosphere by the (extremely water-loving) perchlorate salts because the atmosphere just doesn’t have enough water in it. So it’s likely flowing out of sub-surface pockets of water. 

It’s a lot of water…like a billion liters, and though it’s not suitably to life as we know it (perchlorate salts are corrosive and the temperatures are extremely low) it is liquid water and that means interesting chemistry. It also might mean that other areas that might have less salty water (that doesn’t persist long on the surface) are likely, which would again increase the chances of finding life.

Without regard to biology though, it’s extremely exciting geologically…to be able to observe an completely unique geology and hydrology close up. And with regard to manned missions it’s great news since water is vital not only for drinking, but for radiation shielding, farming, and maybe propellant. And those toxic perchlorate salts? Also great for propellant…aluminum perchlorate is basically rocket fuel.