aluminum foil helmet

No measuring tape? No problem!

If you’re like me and keep losing your measuring tape, here’s an easy way to measure various body parts without one.

Get yourself some plastic wrap!

Wrap it around whatever you’re trying to measure. Such as your forearm~ Make it tight but not too tight.

Then, grab yourself some duct tape (or really any tape).

(shitty picture, I know) Wrap duct tape over top of the plastic wrap. I ran out of duct tape so I used clear packing tape for the portion around my wrist.

Now, cut it off! Carefully, of course. Wherever you cut it, that will be your seam so pick wisely! Now you’ve got yourself a template you can use to, say, make a bracer (such as the one I made over in this tutorial *wink-wink*).

This same method can be used for just about any limb. I know of some people who have done this to their entire torso! You can also do this for your head if you want to make a helmet. Though, I would recommend not using your actual head and, instead, using a cast of your head or even a wig head:

I’ve got a small head so a wig head is usually a good approximate of my head proportions. I did need to pad the sides a little to get the proportions exact (hence the dark duct tape). Instead of plastic wrap, I like to use aluminum foil when making helmets/masks. It’s just a preference, really.

As always, I love helping people so if you’ve got any questions, just ask! Or, if you use one of my tutorials to make something, I’d love to see it!