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Trump Survival Tip No. 10: Thermite

Ever wanted to stop an armored vehicle stupid-easily, with something that’s legal, very safe to store and use, easy to acquire, and burns like Satan’s asshole? Molotov cocktails might look very impressive, but there’s an incendiary that does all those things and that we’ve all been overlooking: thermite.

Thermite, for the uninitiated–which, let’s be real, it’s the Internet, you’ve all heard of thermite–is a non-explosive incendiary powder made from aluminum filings and iron oxide. It is completely safe to store, since it’s basically just metal dust. Like an 80% lower (more on that right here), it’s pretty much untraceable, as both rust and aluminum filings can be manufactured at home or bought at a hardware store with zero paperwork. And when ignited, it burns at around 2500 Fahrenheit (1400 C), also known as half the temperature of the goddamn sun.

Rust can be manufactured at home pretty easily. Take steel wool, put it in a jar filled with water. Weigh the wool down with a magnet so it doesn’t float. Add 5tbs of bleach and 5tbs of vinegar. Let it sit for a day or two, then filter the resultant brown paste with a coffee filter. Alternatively, you can go to a paint store, where they sell it pretty cheap for pigment mixing, or eBay, where you can straight-up buy it.

Aluminum is also pretty easy to get. Take a grinder to something made of aluminum (cans, bike parts, whatever) and collect the sparks, and bam, aluminum filings. Machine shops will probably give you plenty in exchange for sweeping. Or, like rust, paint shops and eBay are viable options as well.

Mix your two powders at a ratio of 8 parts rust to 3 parts aluminum, by weight. Aluminum is pretty light so it’ll look about fifty-fifty. Mix evenly. Optionally, you can mix four parts thermite with one part modeling clay to get moldable thermite. You can’t light thermite with a normal match; get a magnesium sparkler or bit of magnesium ribbon and light that, and you’re good to go. Now you can melt through the engine block of an armored car like the Alien’s blood through the Nostromo.

Remember: when we fight, we win, so know how to fight!


Don’t be a Wuss (Ride a Puss) by Alex Wichman
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reasons to be happy

pens that work- paintings- good paintings- atmosphere pandora- asparagus- new paintbrushes- ice skating- holding hands- turquoise- minty gum- tranquility- filled sketchbooks- seeing people you love- chapstick- camelbak’s- comfy sweaters- photos taped on a wall- soft hair- new paint- watching shadows move moving from day to night- the change from night to day- knowing what to do- being alone, but not feeling alone- memories- introspecting other people’s sketchbooks- found sketchbooks- when wind feels good- having tape when you need it- having ibuprofen- not needing ibuprofen- new books- old, warn books- feeling the warmth of the sun- freckles- blankets- laughing- mashed potatoes- letters in the mail- warm skin- pajama pants- ice water- naps- baths- understanding colors- seeing new colors- rain- bike rides- quick-dry nail polish- moment of lift-off- new socks- blue light- listening to music in a dark room- unexpected friendships- having someone to turn to- feeling cared about- caring for someone- naps in the woods- laying in the grass- cold grass- warm grass- walking barefoot- clean hair- cold hair- falling asleep in the sun- feeling understood- being understood- paintbrush cleaner- light dancing through grass- circle leaves- painting on the floor- falling asleep on the couch- mixing a really great color- warm pavement- pasta- perforated paper- hotel pans- tall grass- making progress- maroon bells reflections- my blue snow boots- disposable cameras- purple mountains- tall aspen trees- green/yellow grass- mountain flowers- endorphins- music- listening to music in the dark- full emotions- gooey cookies- happy music- making a good dinner board- quinoa + asparagus- old songs that bring you back- memories- beautiful memories- helpful reflection- my aluminum ring- my bike to work- rollerblading to work- sitting in the dark- turquoise earrings my grandma gave me- having work in shows- painting dreams- writing forever- artist lectures- first friday- aspen thrift store- barry x ball melting wax- tapestries- comfy pillows- feeling good about yourself- watching keenan + kel- the nanny- investigation discovery- listening to people speak- listening to people’s life stories- appreciating- gaining greater understanding- the lady with the dog that came up to me while I was rollerblading- the people at work- having friends that are there for you- seeing someone’s name + being filled with happiness- sharpie in paintings- ann gale- aspen snow mass village- lunch at peach’s- driving- music while driving- writing notes- little paintings- harry stooshinoff- monkeys- finding inspiration- finding desire- filled with something to create- painting over old paintings- gesso-ing over old things- painting with gesso- t-shirts- sewing scissors- late night talks- late night phone calls- crescent moon- full moon- full moon bike rides- shrimp tempura- the chinese restaurant by my house- chinese with samantha- the goodwill by mama’s- staying with sam @ cu- 95 inca- the smell of rain- the smell of air after rain- forgetting everything- feeling okay- the desire to find a place to be one’s self- least likely of friendships- the desire to hear from someone- something simple filling you with happiness- light moving- gummy bears- ice trays- tall socks- my pizza earring- the colbert report- watching a dad hold hands with his son across the street- fried rice from thayer- chinese take-out- warm hands- holding hands- the backpack I got in the mountains- being- having headphones when you want them- my long black + white patterned dress- providence walks- walks with people you love- seeing people you love happy- hugs from people you love- calm tea- refresh tea- sun falling across skin- isolated warmth from sun- lucian freud- harry potter- harry potter computer game- pickles- good slide lectures- my flowered mug- tea before bed- having tacks- painting/drawing for yourself- not caring what others think- allowing freedom- finding freedom- finding content- flat patterns on 3-d things- allowing yourself to get close to people- hugging people- making effort to see people- my new bike- convenience of the trolley- heightened memories- new gloves- new underwear- pickle juice- thrifting- pb & j sandwiches- finished drawing hw- line drawings- minty breath- writing in this book- baby blanket- mailroom packages- care packages- letters- writing letters- warmth- spanish classical music- being happy for you- understanding- being okay- smile lines- finding happiness in painting- breathing in deeply while smiling with your mouth open- smiling at strangers- scarves- handmade scarves- printed photos- black and white photos- 

i’ve dealt with being sad for a long time.  this is a list i started once of reasons to be happy.

by s.m. barela

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Thoughts on Elon Musk? I know he's all about creating a more sustanable environment, but the guy with all due respect isn't vegan, and even those Tesla have pretty sweet electric cars, the fact is that the mining of natural earth matter like steel for the body of a car, is way less sustanable compared to the mining of earth matter like aluminum for bikes. My QUESTION is, what are ur thoughts on Elon Musk?

He gets it fucking done and is changing up the car world.

Im glad he is doing that.

Electric cars though…we just need less humans on the planet and more of us riding bicycles or electric bicycles instead. Lets treat the cause vs the symptom.

We have a majorly undercarbed society that is overtly dependent on oil to get around our daily errands vs carbing the fuck up and using our own body fat as fuel instead.