aluminum beads


Custom Order Swirling Currents Elven Ear Wraps!!!

Available for Custom Order at:

Choose the Colors and Side for it to go on and the best part?

Only costs $18!!!

Meticulously and lovingly hand crafted by yours truly, these wire are crafted with lightweight aluminum wire and glass beads and pearls so as not to uncomfortably tug on the ear.

And my first sistrum is done! It’s a little wonky (you can’t see it from here, but that arch is hella crooked and I did not sand anywhere near like I should have), but it’s solid and has a good sound. Materials: ebony (I think, it was in a bag of pen blanks), aluminum, bronze, copper, wood beads (maybe coconut? I dunno, I’ve had them forever), and a screw. It may not be super finely crafted, but it’s a crap ton nicer than 99% of the tutorials out there, which involve electrical tape and a coat hanger on the better end.