Vienna, Austria based artist Martin C. Herbst embraces distortion in his paintings, spanning from flat, wavy, and convex surfaces to the rounded shapes of stainless steel spheres. In his ongoing series on folded aluminum, Herbst presents classical portraiture in a new and unconventional way. This body of work is in part inspired by Mannerism, specifically the work of Mannerist painter Parmigianino, whose style emphasized elongated proportions and highly stylized poses with no clear perspective. 

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The Artifox Standing Desk 01

“The Artifox Standing Desk 01 addresses one of the biggest gripes we’ve harbored against standing desk: aesthetics. Their handsome combination of wood, aluminum hardware, powder coated steel, leather and rare earth magnets comes together into a desk which looks befitting of front and center in any home office, complete with adjustable height and several organizational features which should appeal to those who believe hiding clutter is a necessity, not an option.”

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A cuprine rarity: Liroconite

So far this hydrated copper aluminium arsenate has only been found at one place in non microscopic sizes, and at that in the 1820’s in one mine in Cornwall (England), though the odd bit enters the market from tailings. Coloured the usual green to blue hues caused by the absorption of light of this transition metal in the crystal structure (with the colour we see being the residual wavelengths), it is very soft (2.5 on Mohs scale). It occurs in the oxidised zone of ore deposits, where the primary sulphide minerals have been replaced with secondary ones like Liroconite.

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Keyport Modular Multi-Tools

View Kickstarter Campaign (10 Hours Left)

Keyport has launched a Kickstarter campaign - for its next gen modular, everyday multi-tools - the Keyport Slide 3.0 and the all new Keyport Pivot, reaching the initial funding goal of $100K in just over three days.

Both new Keyports are made of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel, feature a low profile lanyard, and include modularity on both sides so that they can accept optional Keyport compatible add-on components.  Keyport’s modularity will allow designers, makers, and partners to develop Keyport compatible modules on this open source platform.  Add-on modules featured in the Kickstarter launch include a Bluetooth low energy locator that works with TrackR, a pocketknife designed by Glenn Klecker of Klecker Knives, and a 12 lumen mini-flashlight.

In addition, to combat the biggest worry associated with keys…losing them, Keyport has created KeyportID, an online lost and found service that uses the unique serial number engraved on each Keyport to connect owners and finders online directly and anonymously with a click.

5 things you didn’t know about…metal foams

1. Metal foams are solid materials made from metal filled with pores such that up to 95% of the volume consists of gas-filled voids.

2. They can also be prepared from powders. The powdered metal, alloy, or blends are mixed with a blowing agent and compacted.

3. The most common metal for all metal foaming processes is aluminium, used  because of its low melting point, simple processing, and favourable density for weight-sensitive applications.

4. Aluminium closed-cell foams can absorb a large amount of mechanical energy when deformed, and are applicable for impact energy absorbers on vehicles.

5. Metal foams can be used to improve fuel cell stacks in many areas, such as thermal management, flow distribution for improved mass transport, membrane support and current collection.

To find out more about the history of metal foams, read Anna Ploszajski’s Material of the Month feature in our February issue.

Dune is a minimalist design created by Hong Kong-based designer Andrea Ponti. Dune is an aluminum flatware set inspired by the concept of food design meant as experimental cuisine and molecular gastronomy: a culinary research lab that seeks to explore the technical, artistic and social aspects of cooking. In this multi-sensory conception of food every single component is essential: from cooking spaces and utensils to table ware and packaging. In Dune the experimental aspect of food design appears both in the structure of the set and in the materials. The aluminum makes this flatware ultra-light and much sleeker than steel or titanium flatware, while the anodized finishing makes it extremely durable and easy-to-clean.


Made a mini tripod for no reason in particular. The ball head (from a 20 year old security camera) was missing a few parts, so I fabbed this up. Not sturdy enough for a heavy dSLR, but more than adequate for any POS… I mean, P&S camera, or my new Rode microphone. The legs are removable and there is a ¼-20 tapped hole in the center of the base to allow the ballhead to be used on a monopod for example or mounted to my camera cage/video rig to hold various accessories.