Always Beautiful

A/N: This is a Spencer x Reader request where Spencer watches the reader’s makeup routine. @coveofmemories


Pretty much every day of the week started with you getting up slightly earlier than Spencer so you could apply your makeup for the day; it was fairly simple, just concealer under the eyes and on any blemishes you had, a light shade of lipstick, usually pink or nude in color, and a bit of corresponding eye shadow, but one day of the week, usually a weekend, you’d get more in depth. On Sunday mornings, you’d get up earlier than Spencer so he wouldn’t see the face mask you used - it was pretty intense and kind of gross-looking. You wanted to keep some kind of mystery in your relationship, so you thought it best to keep him from seeing that.

As your alarm rang under your pillow, you got up, turning it off before walking into the bathroom and showering. After you got out, you wrapped a towel around yourself and started applying the volcanic face mask you’d become addicted to. You swore by the Boscia aluminizing black mask from Sephora - with one application, your pores were minimized, oil was practically non-existent and your face had a brighter glow.

It was thick and made your face feel ten times its weight, but it worked amazingly well as long as you kept it on for 30 minutes or until it was completely dry - usually between 20 and 25 minutes for you. 

You couldn’t do anything until the mask dried, so you pulled out the book you were reading and set a timer. It was nearly fifteen minutes later that you heard footsteps from down the hall. “Morning babe,” Spencer said, turning into the bathroom to see you covered in a mask. “Is that what you do every Sunday morning?”

“Uh-huh,” you replied, feeling the mask tighten as it worked its wonders. You attempted to turn away, not wanting him to see you like that.

“Are you embarrassed?” he asked surprised. 

You admitted it. “A little. I know I shouldn’t be.”

“No, you shouldn’t,” he laughed. “I think you look beautiful no matter what you wear…or don’t,” he smirked. “Can I watch the morning routine?” He came into the bathroom to sit down on the bathtub wall.

“I guess,” you said, pulling out the makeup you were going to use for the FBI formal tonight, “if you want to.”

“I’d like to see how you go from being already beautiful to differently beautiful,” he said smiling.

You blushed, pulling out a red lipstick and eyeshadow for your patented smoky eye. “You don’t think I look better with makeup?”

“Not at all,” he said, not missing a beat, “Just different, but just as beautiful.”

You felt at the mask to feel that it was dry, so you started to peel it off gently from the top of your head down to your chin.

“That’s the you I think is beautiful,” he said softly, your face completely bare of any makeup. “You don’t need anything else.” 

“Well,” you started, giving him a quick kiss, “Now you can see what goes into making me look like I do for a big party.” First, you picked up the concealer, dabbing it onto a small zit you had at the bottom of your chin. Thankfully, no other zits were to be found, so you wiped the concealer under your eyes. “This is to get rid of the bags under my eyes,” you laughed, using your finger to blend the light mixture into your skin. “I have permanent bags.”

“They’re a sign that you work your ass off,” he said, leaning over to look into the mirror with you, “so I find those beautiful too.” Then he sat down, but not before kissing the top of your head.

Gently, you smiled at him, wondering what you’d done to have the best boyfriend in the world. With the foundation done, you picked up the “Ruby Woo” color of MAC Shadescents that you’d found recently; it was the perfect shade of red for you. It was very matte, so it went well with the shinier eyeshadow you planned on doing. As Spencer looked on, genuinely curious as to how you did your makeup, you traced the outside of your lips with the tip of the lipstick, ensuring that none of it made its way onto the rest of your face. Then, with the outline done, you applied the rest, leaving you with a perfectly kissable set of lips. You puckered at Spencer, stealing a kiss before moving on to the blush. 

“Very minimal on the blush for me,” you said, turning towards Spencer with the brush in hand. You wiped the nude colored hue on your cheeks with one motion, using a dry piece of makeup wipe to blend it in. “Otherwise I feel like a clown.”

“You’d be a very sexy clown,” he laughed, picking up the eyeshadow on the counter next and handing it to you. “This next?”

You shook your head, ready to apply the hardest part of your makeup - the smokey eye; it was so hard to get correctly. “Technically, but first I need primer.”

“Primer?” he asked confused. “For your eyes?”

“Yup,” you replied, chuckling at his shocked face. “It helps the eyeshadow set and stay better.” After applying a light coating of primer, you took the palette of eyeshadow, dipping the brush into the silver color and working it into the corners of your eyes. A slightly darker, less shiny shade of silver went in the middle and then an even darker shade of gray. In between each application, you used a fluffy blending brush to get things as smooth as possible.

“It takes this much work for something like this?” Spencer asked, looking at the clock in awe. You’d been sitting there for nearly 20 minutes after having taken the face mask off. “Being a woman sucks.”

You snorted, nearly messing up your eye makeup. “Yes it does. A lot is expected of us. But I only do this for special occasions, some women feel like they have to do it all the time.” Next up was a bit of an orange-brown color in the crease of your eyes that helped to transition the color. 

“Will the orange be visible?” he asked. “I feel like orange doesn’t go with your outfit.”

“It doesn’t and it won’t be visible really, it just helps to transition the last shade.”

Getting towards the end of your eyeshadow, you blended in a near black color at the outer corner of your eye. With quick motions, you added a cream color below the eyebrow, a dark green underneath the eye on your eyelid and the dark nearly black color over it. You were going dramatic for tonight’s party. It went well with your plunging red halter dress. “Then I use this black eyeliner to make wings,” you said. That was the easiest part for you, you had steady hands - the rest was just tedious. “And finally,” you said, taking a deep breath, “some pencil on the water line to make my eyes pop.”

Once you’d finished everything, you turned towards Spencer, face finished and ready for the party in a few hours. “Complete it with a plunging red dress and you get to walk into this party with me,” you laughed.

Standing up from the bathtub, he grabbed your hand, asking if you wanted him to make you something to eat. “Absolutely, I’m starving,” you said, grabbing your stomach. The makeup had taken a bit longer than you thought. “How do I look?”

“Beautiful, as always,” replied.

The PAGEOS (PAssive Geodetic Earth Orbiting Satellite) during a test inflation in a blimp hangar at Weeksville, NC, USA, 5 August 1965. 

The satellite was a 30,5 m (100’)-diameter inflatable sphere made of 0.5-mil thick aluminized polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. As a “balloon” it carried no instrumentation, and merely served as a reflective tracking and photographic target. 

It was in a near-polar orbit with an altitude of about 2600 miles, much higher than the more familiar and similar ECHO satellites. 

It was launched in 1966, and in 1975 it broke up into many small pieces (some of these are still in orbit, and useful for observing solar radiation pressure because of their extremely light weight).

Closed Roleplay

It was an windy night, the leaf’s blew along the side walk quietly as the street lights aluminated the puddles of water left over by the last rain shower. Some noise could be heard behind as you walked by your self, the thing was if you were really alone by yourself…


Junkenstein is gonna have some seriously cool effects and details to him. All hail the power of science!!

This is Strontium Aluminate, by the way. It’s an ultraviolet powder that can glow after being exposed to direct light. You’ve probably seen those glowy stars that you can put all over your cieling? Those are made with resin combined with this cool ass powder.

I’m going to take the powder and put it in Junkenstein’s bottles and syringes so that it normal light it looks fine but in dark light it glows.

Its time to level up!

Sodium Hydroxide + aluminium + water

This gif shows a slightly sped up version of a classic chemistry experiment. When aluminium is added to a strong sodium hydroxide solution, it creates sodium aluminate and hydrogen gas. In this gif, the experiment is contained within this 2L Pepsi bottle. This means that the Hydrogen gas being produced greatly increases the pressure inside the bottle very quickly, weakening the plastic and causing it to explode.

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Sodium hydroxide is very corrosive. If you were in the vicinity of an exploding bottle of it, it would be very VERY bad for you. Here’s a list of why:

Sharp shrapnel from an exploding plastic bottle, highly corrosive liquid being thrown through the air towards your skin, this reaction is exothermic (you can see the liquid in the bottle boiling) so the corrosive is HOT, highly flammable hydrogen gas produced. This blog exists so that you don’t HAVE to try this at home. Don’t endanger your life and that of others. This GIF is for scientific demonstration purposes only.

This is the first in a series of GIFS for this Wednesday titled “Sodium Hydroxide + Things”.


Believe: a one shot for my friend Mady


[You’ve been kidnapped by hook and are on your way to never land]

“Who the fuck are you? Did someone set you up to this?” You try to move your currently tied hands, your back against a bow on what looked like a real ship. Of course you didn’t believe it was a real ship, couldn’t be. You had just been in your room and there are defiantly no oceans near bowling green. Yet here you were, the smell of sea water under your nose and the sound of waves crashing against the surface of the ship. Impossible.
You looked again at your captures, large, menacing looking men. Dirty and ugly beyond doubt, except one. Thou he seemed like the leader of the bunch, he looked the youngest. He had black hair and the stubble of an ongoing beard on his face, he was dressed in a ruffled white shirt with a dark overcoat and a sword strapped against him. A gun on his waist and black boots with brown, paper bag looking pants. He had a weird moustache but that’s not what threw you off, it was the fact that  where his left hand should be there was a silver hook.
You struggled again trying to loosen the ropes that restrained you, “might as well give it up love. You’ll never get out of that knot.” Surprised at the causal demeanour of his voice, “my names hook, Captain Hook. And this lovely vessel is my ship, the Jolly Roger.” He crouched down so that his face was almost level with yours. “And you’re going to help me kill Pan.”
Stunned, you tried to gather your thoughts. Pan, hook, the Jolly Roger. What the hell was going on? It sounded like a fairy tale, your favorite one actually. But there’s no such thing as fairy tales. You shook your head, “ok where’s the cameras?” Hook raised a questioning eyebrow, “Am I getting punked or something? Did Jackie pay you to do this?” He stood up, stretching his arms behind his back. “I have no idea what you’re talking about love.”
He bent close to you, he spoke next to your ear in a whisper. “And I’d get some rest if I were you, neverland is a long way from here.” He pointed to the sky, “second star to the right, the straight on til morning.” Your mouth gaped open ever so slightly as he walked away, “and don’t even think about trying to escape. Unless you want to take your chances with the sharks.” He laughed, a rumble from his chest. “Or the mermaids.”
“Mermaids..” Your head was spinning. None of this shit was real. Fairy tales weren’t real. Peter Pan isn’t real. You would know, you had tried to believe for so long but after a while you just kinda.. You grew up. That’s how it is, point blank period. There are no mermaids, no Captain Hook, no never..
Your train of thought was interrupted as you felt the ship begin to shake. “What the hell..” Shouts and hollers could be heard from all the men, the crew. They were cheering. One of then closer to you was drinking from a bottle, smelt like alcohol. But they all smelt vile you couldn’t tell. “Hey!” You shouted at him, he wobbled a bit but turned to face you letting out a loud burb. “What the hell do you want lassy?” His accent sounded a mix of Irish and British, his right side of his face scared and the whole of it brown coated with dirt and god knows what else.
“What’s going on? Why is the ship doing that?” He stumbled towards you and swayed while holding onto the bow you were tied to. “We’re rising above it! We’re taking to the sky!” He took another swig, sarcasm clear in his slurred words. “To bloody never-never land!” Another swig and he walked off to join a few other standing by a cannon.
You leaned your head against the bow, this was just too much. You had no idea what was going on but you were pretty sure you were dreaming. You closed your eyes, hoping that if you fell asleep maybe you’d wake up in your bed at home in your crappy room with a Peter Pan imagine on your kindle or something stupid explaining what the fuck was happening.

You awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the sound of men chatting. You felt the sun on your face, without opening your eyes you remained still just listening for a moment. “What'dya say hooks gonna do with that there beauty?” “I reckon he’s gonna use her to get to pan you dumb shank.” “Shut the hell up you two fools! We’re almost there the cap'n, will be waking her up soon.”
Your breath hitched as you felt a warm hand placed on your cheek, lightly slapping it. “Wake up lass. The cap'n wants to talk to ya.” You wearily opened your eyes to come face to face with a big nosed, ugly, pirate. That’s what they were obviously, if this was ‘Peter Pan’ based they were pirates. Pirates you could believe, pirates were real. Never land was not.
He pulled out a knife and reached behind you, you tried to push him off think he was going to hurt you. You heard a snap then he pulled away, “calm yourself lassy, we’re on strict orders not to commandeer you in any way.” He paused, “not like I wouldn’t want to thou.”
You brung your arms around in front of you, rubbing your wrists from where the rope had made them raw, then stood up. “Ok wheres he at then, where’s hook?” The pirate gesture for you to follow him, as you walked across the ship all the crew gave you looks. Some rude, some soft and worried, the majority disguarded you as if you were nothing but another piece of cargo being taken across the ship.
When you entered the the captains quarters it was surprising fancy. “Ah have a seat love, would you like something to eat or drink?” You sat in the chair Infront of his large desk and examined the room. The walls were basic wood but carved into wave like structures every now and again, the chairs and desk were a velvet red, there was a bed in the far right covered in silk pillows and blankets. In the center of the room there was a table, sprawled across it was some sort of map with a globe in the middle.
Your eyes came to focus on a picture on the far right behind the big nosed pirate, it was of two men. Both were wearing navy uniforms, one was taller and broader than the other. The other resembled a cleaner, younger version of hook. You turned your attention to hook who had cleared his throat, “water? Food? You saveying any of this? Are you thick or something.”
You dismayed his rude comment and gave him a gentle shake of the head indicating no. “Alright then, Mr. Smee leave us. The girl and I have things to discuss.” The big nosed pirate nodded at his captain and left closing the door behind him. “Now then,” hook got up from his chair and walked to the map. “Do you see this here?”
He pointed to a spot on the map, you got up and approached him timidly. He was very structured and mature, he seemed calm like he was discussing the weather. “This is where you’ll find pan.” He moved his arm around you and brought you closer to the map, “I’ll need you to earn his trust then bring him here, to Black Forest. That’s where you’ll meet us,” he contiued to move his finger as if to outline the plan with a pen. “Then we’ll kill him and I’ll take you home.”
You turned to face him and he gripped your chin with his pointer finger and thumb, lifting it harshly and forcing you to meet his eyes. “You do this love and you go home. You don’t,” he paused squeezing your chin tightly, “and I’ll slit your throat and push you off the plank for you the crocodile to eat.”
He took you out of the cabin and onto the deck, You looked out and saw an island. It looked almost…magical. But it couldn’t be! This had to be all set up, when they put you on the island you would immeaditly look for help. Maybe you’d find Jackie hiding somewhere laughing, this had to be her doing. Who else is this Peter Pan obsessed and would add so much detail.

The pirates pushed you to the edge of the plank, swords to your back. You looked back at hook how stood and bowed to you as you covered your nose and jumped into the water below.
You expected an icy chill to hit you and travel up your spine, but the water was warm. Like a bath drawn by a mother for her child, comforting and relaxing. You swam to the top steadily, feet kicking. When you reached the surface and your head popped above the water you gasped for air. You bobbed there for a moment, it felt nice.
When you made it to shore you pulled yourself onto the sand, it too was warm but yet the air had a slight breeze that felt chilly. You climbed onto land and lay on your back breathing in the sweet air. It smelt of flowers and sweetness, it was intoxicating. You rolled over and pushed yourself onto your knees, then coming to a standing position.

You walked for a while, coming to a forest. Could this be the Black Forest? You shook your head, it’s not an actual Black Forest it’s all a game. There are no such thing as fairy tales. You walked into the Forest, pushing past vines and leaves, making your way around trees.
After walking for a while you glanced up at the clearing above you, the sun was sinking from the sky. This was getting ridiculous! How were you expected to spend a night on an island you know nothing about except that it was part of a joke being played that was getting really old really fast.
Seriously why couldn’t they just come out laughing, saying they got you and you find out this was all a set up and you were in Australia or Hawaii or something! You continued on, hoping to find shelter seeing as they wanted to take it to the extremes. You’d play along, you hated games but you sure as hell knew how to win them.
You found a cave somewhere along the way, seeing as the sun was nearly gone you quickly decided to stay there for the night. You knew how to make a fire but it helped that you had a lighter in your bra. You found a cave somewhere along the way, seeing as the sun was nearly gone you quickly decided to stay there for the night. You knew how to make a fire but it helped that you had a lighter in your bra. With a flick of the BIC a flame sparked a decent fire, aluminizing a small source of light in the darkness. The flames danced against the log you found for a starter.
You stayed just Infront of the cave so you the fire wouldn’t suffocate you with smoke. You leaned back and looked and the the stars, well star. There was only one star in the sky which baffled you since it was such a clear night.
You started to drift off to sleep when you heard a crunch. Your eyes shot open, another crunch. You sat up and grabbed a rock, “who’s there!” A boy appeared from behind a tree, he didn’t look much older than 11, maybe 12. “Where did you come from?” You say lowering your hand to drop the rock, “what’s your name?” He looked scared at first then very smug. “My name is Conner,” someone grabbed your arms holding them behind you. “And that’s Felix. We’re lost boys, and you aren’t supposed to be here.”
Felix, the one behind you, picked you up with ease and carried you over his shoulder. “We’re taking you back to camp, Pan’ll want to see you.” He was a lot taller than Conner, you hadn’t gotten a good lol at him but by his height you’d assume he was around 16. So they couldn’t be lost boys, obviously, only young children are lost boys. And lost boys may be tricky but there’s no way in hell one would be strong enough to lift you, a teenage girl, not that you were that heavy but lost boys didn’t work out.
He carried you without grunting or heaving or even moving you, just carried you over his shoulder for a long time. He didn’t seem bothered by it, chatting with Conner about some event taking place later. “No dude the fire is gonna be bigger than captain hooks ego!” You felt Felix’s shoulders move as he chuckled at Conner’s remark, “maybe chuck will play us a tune on his flute and we can sing songs about his left hand man!”
They both laughed, you could feel Felix’s muscles moving in his back and arm. Finally they rounded a corner and stopped, Felix’s sat you down against a tree and walked away. Conner stayed, “you asked my name now what’s yours?” You rolled your eyes thinking how stupid they sounded, of course you played along. “Mady, my names Mady.” He bent down beside you and smiled, he seemed a bit younger than 12 now. “Well Mady, I hate to be aggressive,” he grabbed your wrists and held them together, tying them with a rope. Another rope, you were soooo gonna kill whoever set this up. “But gotta make sure you won’t go running off.” He stood and kept you pushed against a tree with on hand and wrapped a rope around your torso and the tree.
He was a hell of a lot stronger than a 12 year old, good god. And he didn’t even look muscular, he looked scrawny. Like a kid, kinda like Aiden. “Are you thirsty?” You raised your eyebrow in confusion, “thirsty?” He stood in front of you, “yeah, you want some water? Don’t want you to die or anything.” You couldn’t deny his likeness to Aiden so you just nodded, “I’ll go get you some, don’t move.” He chuckled at his own joke, “not like you could!”
You looked around while you waited for Conner to come back, there was a bonfire in the middle of the camp. Several tents surrounded the area and one big tent led into a giant tree, that’s where Felix had disappeared to. There were many boys of different heights and presumably different ages. Some rough housing and others eating or sitting near the fire.
A few looked at you but most ignored you, you saw a few boys run by you. They looked no older than 6 or 7. You saw no girls, of course you didn’t thou. These were the “lost boys”, you scoffed to yourself. /Wonder if Peter Pan was gonna be a little boy like in the stories and movies./, you thought to yourself. And as if on cue Felix exited the tent as someone followed.
Conner came back with a cup, “here drink some.” He held it to you lips and tipped it gently back so you could sip it. Felix walked up behind him, “scat Conner, Pan wants to talk to her.” Conner sat the cup down beside you and walked away, no questions asked.
A boy almost as tall as Felix step beside him. He wore a leaf colored shirt and pants with a sword strapped across his chest, he had
short brown hair and green eyes. He crouched down Infront of you and looked into your wide eyes, “hello,” clearly a British accent. “My names Peter, Peter Pan.”
God bless this boys accent, it was like silk. It was playfully and confident. Dear god this boys accent. He laughed, standing up. “What, she doesn’t speak?”
Your eyes followed him, “she does pan, maybe she’s holding out. A spy.” Pan walked closer to you and ran his finger along the rope that restrained you, “well maybe I should make her talk.” He walked back to Felix, patting his chest. “Bring her to my tent and tell everyone to stay away.” He looked back at you, “we need to be alone.

Felix kept your hands tied as he walked you to the tent attached to the large tree. The tree looked fake it was so big. He pulled aside the entrance flaps and pushed you in. "Thank you Felix.” Pan held his hand up and the flaps closed, “now,” A purple Ora formed around the door and stretched across the entire tent. “Time to play.”
A smirk spread across his face, “no one will be bothering us, I’ve set a spell across the tent. No one can come in, see us, hear us….or leave.” He approached you, “without my say so that is.” He reached out to touch your face and stopped overing centimeters above your cheek. Then letting it fall.
“Do you wanna play a game Mady?” He walked around you slowly, he was taller than you but not too much. If you had to guess you’d say maybe 5'11 or 6’. To your small 5'6, that was tall. He stopped behind you, you could feel his body only inches from you.
“What kind of game..Pan?” He placed his hand gently on your hips and pulled you closer to him, taking one hand and gently tracing a finger up your back to your neck. He leaned into you and whispered, his  breath shockingly cold tickling your neck. His mouth nearly teasing your ear as his lips brushed lightly against it, causing a shiver to run along you spine.
“One I think you’ll like.” As suddenly as he had been there, he was gone. You turned around, “Pan?” You looked around the room searching for him and getting a good look at the place. It looked like a tree house, a place where children would hide. There was a large bed atop of a loft, you climbed up thinking maybe he had slipped up there.
Just as you were about to give up with frustration, you felt a tap on your shoulder. “Where’d you go?” You stood with your arms crossed staring at him with disapproval, “awh don’t be a spoil sport. The game has only just begun.”
With that he pushed you onto the bed, hovering over you. Literally. His entire body floated above you. “Pixie dust.” He lowered himself to where his nose was close enough to touch yours, still hovering. “This is my favorite part of the game,” his eyes searched yours and a grin on his lips. “You need to think happy thoughts to fly, you have to believe.” He took your hand in his, “do you believe Mady?”
Before you could speak he had lifted you off the bed, floated. Flying around the room. This couldn’t be real. It couldn’t. It was impossible, irrational, every fucking I word in the book. “Are you ready Mady?” You looked up at him, “fly!” He let go and you went tumbling to the ground.
“..fuck..” You mumbled under your breath rubbing your arm. Pan slowly floated down, “what happened?” You glared up at him, “you dropped me dumbass, that’s what happened.” Offering his hand, he helped you to your feet. “I was sure you would fly, didn’t you believe?” You pulled away from him, “the only thing I believe is that you’re a total asshole for playing along this long. Now of you’ll be so kind to show a lady out, I’m gonna find out who set this up and kick the living shit out of them.”
Pan grabbed your wrist as you went to walk away pulling you back to stop. “Ha, you’ve got fire Mady. I like fire.” He pulled you closer again holding your wits above you, “we’re going to play a new game.” Pan back you up to the wall, holding you against it with both of your wrist above your head. “I’m going to make you believe in magic.”
His damn smirk never faltered. “Pan let me go I want to figure out what the fuck is going on. Id hate to have to fight back.” He pulled your hips against his, “is that a threat?” He laughed, “I like the sound of that.” He let his words linger as his lips teased yours, one move and they’d connect. His had still holding your hip in place, your breath was quick now.
Without warning his lips crashed against yours. The kiss started out rough then soften, he broke it and let your wrists go. His voice was stern and full of authority, unlike that of his appearance. Although, when you looked in his eyes you saw more. There was no innocence in his eyes. You didn’t do as he said, instead you stood there.
You stared at him, still recovering from his kiss, “come on Mady, I know you want to kiss me.” You bit your lip and shook your head. “You’re not Peter Pan and none of this is real.” His hands still on you hips he picked you up, bringing you to the bed, and layed you down. “Still don’t believe I’m Peter Pan, Mady?”
You stayed silent as he took his sword of laying it beside the bed, then removing his shirt. “I’ll just have to show you what real magic is.” He started the kiss and it was like a tingling on your lips. He tasted sweet and his lips felt soft, then his one hands began to travel under your shirt and up from your hip to your breast.
He cupped one in his hand, giving it a squeeze. Your mouth formed an o in surprise, he took this opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. With the other hand he tugged at the bottom of your shirt, breaking the kiss only for a moment. “Off.” This time you did as he said.
You quickly removed your shirt and he pushed you back to the bed, continuing the kiss. He went back to lightly playing with your left boob(XD)and his other ventured down into your pants. He teased the hem of your pantieline, breaking the kiss once again.
His mouth left kisses down your neck to your collarbone, then your chest and traveling down to the top of your pants. You bit your lip to surpress a moan, he spoke against your skin. “I want to hear you say my name, I want to hear you say Peter Pan.” He unbuttoned your pants and began to slide them down, “I don’t want you to ever doubt who am again.”
He brung your pants off and kissed up your thigh to your outline of your(I have to #sorrynotsorry) Tracing your slit on the outside of your panties with his index finger as he left his mark on your inner thigh, stopping only for a moment to outline your scars. “Did hook do these?”
Embarrassed you tried to close your legs but he forced them to stay open. “Did you do these?” He brought his hand to your cheek, “you’re tougher than I thought to have survived a war in your mind.” He kissed your lips gingerly, “you already have magic in you, you just haven’t used it.”
He made his way back down to your thighs and kissed every scar before moving to your take your panties off. He hummed as he dipped his head down and you felt the tantalizing impression of his tongue on your, lapping up and down, and then he reached the little bundle of nerves at the apex of your thighs. You moaned loudly when he started sucking and teasing your swelling clit.
His finger started to move in and out of you slowly, as his other hand moved to your back to squeeze your ass and lift you up to him. You noticed when his finger stopped moving briefly as he added a second, it hurt a little for a moment and then became irresistible as he moved them into you again. This wasn’t your first time but it sure felt like it.
They stopped inside you as he curled them just right to make you scream. Before you knew it you hit a climax moaning his name, he kissed back up your stomach without stopping pumping his fingers into you and adding another.
You squirmed under him but he used the hand he was cupping your ass with to pin you down by the hip instead. When he reached your ear he nibbled at the love a moment before whispering breathlessly, “do you believe in Peter Pan now Mady?”
He dropped his pants, of course he wasn’t wearing underwear why would he be he’s fucking Peter Pan a damn lost boy in never land. Lost boys don’t wear underwear.
He massaged his “member” for a moment while keeping a steady pace inside you with his fingers. After several moans we’re let from his own lips he positioned himself at your entrance, removing his fingers. “Hold onto me love, this is going to make you fly.”
He eased his way into you, a bit sloppy trying to create a steady rhythm. Finally, after only a few seconds, he was thrusting into you with a increasing speed. You wrapped your legs around him and put your arms around his neck, leaving long scratches along his back.
You felt like you /were/ flying. You moved with him flipping yourself ontop, your eyes shit as you rode him. His hands on your waist guiding you, “open your eyes Mady..” He moaned your name as you slowly opened them.
You looked into his eyes then past his head to see you really were flying, high above the bed. You couldn’t help but feel a bit of childish glee and throw your head back as you rode him, bouncing up and down. He moved his hand in the same motion on your waist.
Profanities left the lost boys lips as you started to send him over the edge.
He quickly got back on top of you slamming into you, his head resting in the crook of your neck. You could feel your high reaching again and as you finally hit it you screamed his name, “p-Peter Pan!” Your body was trembling as he continued slamming himself into you.
You could feel him getting sloppy as he reached his own climax. He grunted out your name as he rode it out. Eventually you felt yourself slowly lowering back down to the bed, holding onto pan and cuddling into him as you both settled into the bed.
After a few moments he propped himself up to look into your eyes, “do you believe in magic now Mady?” You nodded a small smile playing on your lips, “then I’ve won the game.” He layed you onto his chest and you scoffed. “No I believe I won, pan.”
He laughed and held you against him for a while. You remembered what hook had said. “Pan..” He opened one eye, “call me Peter..” He smiled, “Peter. Hook sent me here to bring you to him.” He was silent for a moment then you felt his chest rumbling as he chuckled, “I know that Mady, and you won’t that’s what matters.” You propped yourself up to look at his smuge face, “he can eat a codfish.”
“How did you know I he sent me to bring you to him?” He looked at you completely confident, “I’m Peter Pan, I know everything.” You sat up and laughed, “ok then what are you going to do?” He scooted you into him, the covers wrapped around you. “Well first, I’m going to make you a lost girl. And second I’m going to ignore him as usual. He can’t get me here, this is my land.”
“A lost girl?” You questioned, “yes but just remember with me you’ll never be lost.” His voice was strong despite the fact he was tired. “Now stay with me. Let’s sleep.”


Did I Stutter?

Original imagine: Imagine Sam and Dean helping you deal with your stutter by practicing difficult words and sayings with you.

Reader gender: Female

Author: Kat

Word Count: 1059

Warnings: Swearing (because having a stutter is freaking frustrating)

A/N: I dunno what the person who requested this had in mind, so I hope I did it justice. I wrote this off of my own personal experience with stuttering. I thought this would be fun to write while sick, so if there are any errors, blame it on that.

            “Repeat after me: She sells sea shells by the sea shore.”

            You narrowed your eyes at Dean. That one was harder, but you were going to try it anyway. “Sh-she… damn it, no!” you chided yourself. “She sells –she sells sea… Argh! Can we do a different one?”

            Dean shook his head. He didn’t want to be mean to you, yet this was a necessary technique. If you were going to be a hunter, part of that entailed speaking with a professional tone. Professionals didn’t stutter.

           “C’mon, baby, you can do it!” he cajoled.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Im wondering if you've come across any buildings that have been designed based on principles for the UV waveband of light rather than just the visible. Are there any guidelines or examples? Much appreciated

I don’t know of any. Below are three examples that utilize the light wavelengths for their design: 

Invisible Barn stpmj

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