Alucard/Walter Fic Recs *UPDATED*

I have lately been trying to convince my friend that this is a completely legitimate ship, and thus went back to find some of my old favourite fics of them.

  1. Jealousy: the Walter C. Dolnez Chronicles by DuchessRaven
    This story begins with Walter as a young child and over time develops his obsession with Alucard. It portrays the relationship as unhealthy and unrequited and angsty and oh my gosh it’s so good. It was unfortunately cut short by the author leaving FF.Net, but was completed, albeit abruptly.
  2. Hunting the Hunter by DreadNot
    An AU where Alucard was never captured by van Helsing. It takes place in 1950s London, and is incredibly well-written and developed. Around chapter twenty it takes an unusual turn that I wasn’t terribly fond of, but the ending is well worth struggling through that bit for. Much more gay and porny than Jealousy.
  3. Icarus by DreadNot
    Another DreadNot story, but this one is a collection of vignettes about the pair. The stories can get very dark, with mentions of rape and and graphic violence.
  4. Vocabulary Lessons by DreadNot
    Yes, another one, no, I’m not sorry. Vocabulary Lessons is far less dark than Hunting the Hunter or Icarus, but it still maintains the high quality of writing that the other two have.
  5. Coffin Nails by Thess
    A far more light-hearted read than the others. Takes place shortly after The Dawn as Alucard and Walter try to escape Poland.
  6. Death of a Teacup by Xochitl
    Not exactly A/W, but another light-hearted one-shot. It does imply a bit, though.
  7. Real Life Princesses by J Luc Pitard
    Another that is not quite A/W, but does contain implications. Involves Alucard and Walter on a mission to protect the future queen of England and her younger sister when vampires begin appearing around the Royal Lodge. (Okay, really, this fic is just too often overlooked considering how amazingly well-written and researched it is go read, I beg you.)
  8. add/drop by hesperos
    An Alucard/Walter university au where Walter is a grump prone to headaches and Alucard is a suave transfer student from Romania. Pray that hesperos writes more of it.

anonymous asked:


  • Who would be the big spoon? Depends on moods, but usually Walter prefers to curl up against the bigger form.
  • Who would wake up first? Usually Walter.
  • Do they have nicknames for each other? Walter despises pet names….He will call him ‘love’ from time to time. Or stupid vampire.
  • What happened when they met each other’s parents? Er…
  • How do they apologies after an argument? Grumpily or with kisses makeup sex is common.
  • What would they be like as parents? …Jfc I’ve never even thought of this, but technically they raised integra from 12 on so…You tell me.
  • Who is the better cook? Psh Walter. Alucard can’t cook for crap I’m sure.
  • Who is more romantic? They are both romantic in their own ways, but Walter is more 'sterotypically’ romantic, I think.
  • What sort of gifts do they get for each other? For men like them, material posessions mean little, though I do imagine them making/getting very practical things for each other. Weapons, armor, tea things, ect.
  • Who gets jealous easiest? Tis a toss up.
  • Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, ChristmasNeither.
  • Who is the most adventurous? Alucard.
  • Who is the most protective?  Alucard, probably.
  • What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts? The kind that fight and push each other into the mud.
  • *BONUS: Song to sum them up?* YOU TRY OMGFEJLSDV

 Do I ship it?

 NOTP / Crack only / AU only / Not really / Maybe a little / Well now I do/ Yes/ Of course! / OTP