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Hey, if youre still taking requests, can you draw lo+ve8ite? Its Aranea and Porrim. I never see enough fan art of the two, and i was wondering if you could draw them in your amazing style. Btw, loved your contribution to rosemary month.

Hey thanks! Sorry it took me this long to get to this

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About Terumi, I only recall that he was in the Susanoo Unit before, but he ditched it because he doesn't like to be under the will of the Amaterasu Unit. But I kinda feel that I'm wrong so I came here to ask. Do you know?

It’s implied to have been the reason, but never fully stated IIRC.
After the battle against Hakumen in Hazama’s arcade mode in CS, he says that Hakumen is no good at all, but nothing can be done about it since the body is bound to the Master Unit after all.
Meaning the it’s the Master Unit’s fault it can not go full power, and Terumi trying to kill the Master Unit while being bound to it can’t be such a good idea.

As far as I know, it goes like:
Terumi ditches the Susanoo unit, get’s another vessel.
Meet’s with Relius and Ayatsuki so they will make Kusanagi.
Terumi is going to give Susanoo unit to Relius and Ayatsuki, but the Alucard’s intercepts it instead and seals it(Terumi believes he is never going to see it again).
The Black Beast arrives and Terumi loses his current vessel and tries to get in contact with Kazuma over about 6 years time.
Susanoo Unit is given to Jin.

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