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How would you describe hellsling to someone who hasn't watched it before?

It’s about a vampire-hunting organization headed by a badass woman named Integra Hellsing who is aided by a vampire with Lovecraftian powers known as Alucard. And then there’s they’re rival organization known as Iscariot Section XIII. Their main enforcer is Father Alexander Anderson who really likes killing vampires and really has it out for Alucard. They have a bit of a friendly rivalry as they attempt to kill each other. 

They all get mixed up in a plot by a chubby nerd only known as “the Major” heading a Nazi organization known as Millennium to start a war because… well, he just likes war, to be honest. He assembles an army of artificial vampires to fight in the battle. There’s also a Nazi cat-boy on their side (yes, you heard that right) who liberally abuses the rules of quantum mechanics. (It’ll make more sense in the end.)

And then a big-tittied Police Girl because it’s not an anime if there isn’t at least one girl with big titties. (And her name is Seras Victoria, by the way, not “Police Girl.”)

It’s very gory and bloody, but it’s a fantastic series with a lot of character development and an interesting story.

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Guts had to slay 100 men for Casca to get her to fall for him. Son, if Guts ended up slaying 100 apostles for her to trust him again that shit’d be funny yeah 😂😂😂 And kinda hot too. Idk man, Berserker Guts just fuckin presenting the dead body of one of the deadliest apostles out there at Commander Casca’s feet like Zodd or Grunbeld or some other OP or even A Godhand member and just bein like on his Alucard @ Integra shit kneeling down like a loyal dog with the body infront him with the massive carcass just like this. And its a huge foreshadowing that the two of them have the upper hand finally and Griffith is just like fucking fuck fuck fuck what am i gonna do

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“The ordeals of the first masters of the Hellsing family in the last century were much harsher than this. No matter how intelligent or how strong they are, they are still nothing but vampire rubbish! They will NOT destroy the Hellsing family! THESE MONSTERS DARE TO ENTER THIS HOUSE BUILT ON BLOOD AND HONOR, I WILL SEE THEM ROAST IN THE DEEPEST PITS OF HELL!” - Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing