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Fluff request!! Alucard playing his so hair and thinking that it’s adorable watching them fall asleep under his touches


  • He may sometimes hold a bit of your hair in his hand and sniff or kiss it to entice you in
  • He’ll lightly comb his fingertips through the top parts of your hair on occasion if it’s straighter
  • Or he’ll play with the bouncy curled ends if it’s curlier, pull at them, let go, watch them recurl, twirl them between his fingers
  • If he knows you like those light scratches/rubbins in your scalp he wiLL PROVIDE (he wants to hear those totally nonsexual moans ya fEEL)
  • Caressing your cheek as you doze off at times
  • If he’s feeling Vladdy then I totally see him patting your head on the side or ‘mmmm’-ing into the top of your head with his nose and lips in your hair
  • If he’s feeling playful and you’re using the bathroom mirror, he may come up behind you and stroke your hair, lightly pull the ends to the sides so your locks fan out, like he’s presenting you (it’s a bad explanation but I hope it makes sense lol)

but I wanna tOUCH HISSS HAIR


The FULL OFFICIAL TRAILER for Castlevania Season 2 is up!!  8 episodes coming October 26th!  I hope you all like it, we’re giving it OUR ALL!!